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Team Name: 40+ Babes .
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Location: Toronto 10021


Profile: This is the team for 40+ Babes who are not ready to put away their sexy clothes forever!

Last posted: Friday, August 23, 2013, 1:31 PM

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I'm 46, 47 in two weeks. I live in Toronto. I am self employed, in a very stressful yet creative industry. I am married. I have two dogs, and a cat. I am passionate about gardening. I am a people studier. My business is very people intense - so I guess that works. I notice details that most people don't. I wish I didn't. I love nature more than anything.

Moderately fit weekend athlete. Swimmer, slow distance runner.

I am 45 and have struggled with my weight since jr High. I've been married 3 years. I have no kids of my own (stepchildren 2.) I enjoy dog training, sewing, quilting, applique, and reading. I struggle to exercise and love sweets.

I'm 45 plus years old. A mother of four children all over 21 years old and out on their own. I workout serveral times a week. Just finish my 3rd Full Marathon on 11/30/08.

I am a 49 year old, married, mother of two, a 21 year old son and a 19 year old daughter. I work full time and am self employed. My business is people and I am in sales. It is a highly stressful job and I have times where I am completely consumed by my work. I try to eat healthy most days but always end up breaking down and eating some junk. Sometimes it's by virtue of it being brought into my house (kids order pizza or buy chips) and other times it's me being lazy or having a craving. My biggest issue is late night snacking. I watch tv at night and out come the snacks....

Turned 40 this January. A mother of 2. 17 and 8. A busy professional. Looking to lose weight to start dating again.

43 yr old, mother of 3 (2, 9 and 13). Work FT. Commute into work.

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