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Team Name: spuds to studs - couch to 5k
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Goals: Drop 20 pounds by March 1

Profile: For all men & women who always had dreams of being one of those people that can just jog without having to stop for air. Commit! No taters here!

Last posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 8:50 PM

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37, 5'6" Started at 172 & goal 140.

I'm a 42 year old single mom of 1 teenage daughter.

I will be turning 55 in 2 weeks and have never been this FAT in my life. I moved to CA 12 years ago and thought that I could really get in great shape with the weather always nice. (almost) I discovered REAL mexican food and avacados. What a disaster. I gain and lost several times about 20 pounds. Then I hit 50 yrs and I started gaining more and more every year. What confuses me is that I eat vegitarian and very healthy and I also excercise about 5 days a weeks. All the things you are suppose to do I WAS ALREADY DOING!! What do I do now? I blamed menopause. In any case I decided that I would just learn to love the FAT me and get over it. I threw out my scale and just accepted my fate. In the last few months we had to file BK and lost our house. The stress found relief in beer (which I've always hated) and I drank away my pain. Only to find a new pain of 191 pounds!! Feel so depressed and sick that I will never regain my health and fit body that I am turning into a skeptic instead of the optimist I've always been. I feel like "what's the use? It doesn't matter anymore-" so I eat and eat and eat. It's a vicious cycle that I must get out of. I hope PT works.

I'm 25 years old and went from being a collegiate competitive athlete to a desk jockey.

Lawyer Just getting back into working out

I'm 31, married, mom of 2. I own my own business. I'd like to get into better shape and lose about 10-15 pounds and tone up.

I am a mom of three kids. Full-Time Computer Programmer. Just need to re-focus me and my family on healthy choices and healthy activities.

23 years old, married, graduated college in December 2007 and have been working full time. I've slowly been gaining weight since starting college. I am about 30 pounds heavier than I was when I started college. I'd like to lose about 45 pounds.

Married 5 years,Age- 37, no kids (but I do have a very needy cat) Heaviest weight 280 lbs. Current Weight 250 (9/08) My main goal is to get to One-derland - That is any weight that begins with a 1XX!

I am over 40 and need to lose approximately 40 lbs. I live and work in Richmond, VA. I have successfully lost about 60 lbs but have gained about 15 lbs back. I work two jobs and have to eat on the run which of course is not good. I am a chocolaholic and love bread especially Bob Evans rolls and deserts. I need to lose the weight and get into better shape for health reasons (diabetic, high cholesterol and possible HTN). I also need major support in not binging and cheating on this diet and doing the exercise.

Mother to a 10 month old.

I am a 25 year old stay at home mom to a beautiful 5 month old baby boy. I have currently lost 25 lbs. However, the doc says I need to lose more and I would love to be the size I was just a few years ago. With getting "comfortable"with my marriage and having the baby, I just seem to be packing on the pounds. I am looking for workouts I can do at home and maybe some encouragement.

36 year old family man. Two young children and a wonderful wife. Own my own business and work long irregular hours. I dont get enough sleep and I dont put aside any time or energy to take care of myself.

Bearing down on 40 in November. I've noticed the past 3-4 years it is much easier to gain the weight than to lose it. I've been athletic most of my life, though not very consistently. My kids are both competitive athletes (good genes?!).

I'm 35, might as well say 36 and in absolutely the worst shape of my life. I want to get back to feeling great, looking great, and sleeping great.

I'm in my mid 20's and teach at a middle school. I used to be active in high school and my first couple years of college, but once I moved back home and starting working crazy hours I found it more difficult to find time for myself to do anything. I am 5'1 and weigh about 185lbs (which is big for someone my height), so it's time to turn it around!

I am a new mom of a handsome little boy who is currently 9 weeks old. I am currently two weeks away from returning to work in a metro ER and awaiting for my husband to return from Iraq as an independent contractor. I really want to get into a health routine as well as try to make healthy meal choices and avoid stress eating!

38 Year old mother and nurse with 3 children 7, 5, 2.

45 year old business owner with too much seat time required to keep the balls in the air. My petite frame does not hold extra pounds well. I'd like lose about 20 lbs to get back to the weight where I feel best and have the most energy.

I'm a fairly quiet person with an interest in art, reading and music. I enjoy spending time with animals, especially dogs.

My Name is Bryce, Male, Married, Three kids 1girl 2 boys, work in a office and commute 3 hours a day. Not a lot of time for exercise but thats just an excuse. Have been overweight my whole life but decided that I had to loose the weight before I turn 35 for two reasons to prove to myself that it can be done and so I can be around for my kids.

I am 37 years old. I am a stay at home mom of three girls my oldest is graduating this year. My youngest is in fifth grade. I started my journey seven years ago when I turned 30. It took me two years of working out every day and being diligent about measuring and weighing my food. I logged every calorie, fat gram etc. In that two year period I went from 197 lbs to 150. I stalled out there for about six months and then it took another two years to get to my goal of 135 lbs. I was there for about 24 hours and then gradually over the next two years gained it all back. I am so angry with myself because I know how hard it was to lose it all the first time around and now I am here again. I am working very hard, bought a bodybugg that the contestants of Biggest Loser wear so I also know how many calories I am burning at any given minute of the day. I am logging food again and I am struggling with only losing 1-1 1/2 a week. It is very frustrating knowing how hard I have to work at it and I am looking for others that are as commited and give there all like I do and still have a hard time losing. I am looking forward to a Weight Watchers meeting that is supposed to start in my community so I am hoping to find more support there. I know how difficult this is but I also know what kind of reward is at the other end of it. Please contact me so we can support each other because the only people who know how hard this is are the ones who have been down this road before. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!!!

22-- aspiring nutritarian.

Hi everyone! My name is Cierra. Im 21 years old and Im a sailor in the United States Navy. Im currently on my second deployment. After last deployment I had gotten up to 163 lbs and wasnt very happy with myself so I joined weight watchers and I love it. Im back on deployment again and Im hoping to keep my weight down this time. With weight watchers I lost about 27 lbs. Im trying to stick with a new and healthy life style. If anyone wants to know anything else just let me know.

I'm a 61 year old male. Teacher - counsellor - therapist. I'm interested in making friends and encouraging others.

I'm 31. I'm married and I have two sons - one who turned 5 last October and one who was just born last November. I work part-time as a writer for a nonprofit organization.

I'm 33 and have been overweight almost my entire life. I feel like all my weight loss failures have all been teaching lessons. This year, something finally clicked with me -- I have to change my inside FIRST, and then the outside will come. It's getting easier to make healthier choices, but I still struggle and occasionally have slip ups, especially in social situations. I started a couch to 5k running program -- which is so out of my realm of normal behavior -- I usually hate running -- but I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone to shake my life up and break some bad behaviors.

Have gone through several cycles of great shape to completely sedentary, depending upon what is going on in my life. It never fails that when the stress eases up and it's time to get back into shape it's not so easy to jump back in. Looking for help and motivation...

44 years old and turning into my mother! I get a shock every time I look in the mirror!.... Happily married mother of 3 (15, 13 & 10), Primary school substitute teacher, 5'8" tall (though I think I'm shrinking...) Always been the skinny chick with no curves but now I have curves but only because I seem to be melting into a pile of flabby flesh...

I am a 34 year old mother of two wonderful children. I was thin growing up until I entered motherhood and put oh quite a bit of weight. I recently (6/15/10) underwent RNY gastric bypass surgery and have dropped 95.5 lbs since then. I have always wanted to be a runner but did not think it was in my cards. I believe that I have the determination to succeed in this endeavor. I think this team will help me reach my goals and to tone up my body and continue to lose weight and to get down to my ultimate weight goal of between 120-130 lbs! I am currently weighing in at 168.5, so 38.5 lbs to go!

Just a zany Aussie who has decided to jump ship on the weight loss merry go round

I am a 47 year old single mom who needs some changes in my life. I have a great life but somehow it has become pretty sedentary and I don't like that aspect of it. I'm recently single so I currently have a high motivation and opportunity to change some things about my life. I want to get outdoors more. I have a very fat dog (she's hoping we're successful in this adventure as well).

I'm 23, single and live with my parents. I go to school full-time and work 27hrs on nightshift in the ER. I try to spend most of my time studying (I'm going to school for practical nursing), but the rest of time, I try to relax. I know all that time I spend not studying (other than sleeping), I could be at the gym or running with my dogs (two labs, they're my girls). I was athletic in high school, and let's just say, I gained a little more than the "freshman 15." Ha. About 40lbs. I'm 5'11" and around 200lbs. I just know if I keep eating the way I do and not being more physically active, it's going to be a rough life down the road. I'd love some moral support.

I am 42 but look 32. (so I am told...must be the Organic foods) Actress and Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. I am married. I have a 2 year old daughter. I ruptured my achilles at the gym so am learning to live life in a slower lane. I am spiritual and believe the Universe provides what you need if you ask and put in the effort to get it. I live in Los Angeles. Moved from NYC 5years ago ... again learning to slow down... but I do miss the energy of NYC! I really miss the food and the walking everywhere... no one walks in L.A. !

Three day a week dental hygienist, mom, wife, cook, maid, taxi.

I'm 43 and really ready to get back in shape! I teach creative movement classes to preschoolers. I love the beach! I enjoy kicking back with family and friends!

I am a single mom of two great kids. They have both graduated from high school and are now busy with their own lives. I am ready to get mine back.

I'm 48 :-( and live in Texas. I desperately need motivation to exercise and stick with a good eating plan for more than 3 weeks

Let me start this by saying that I dont want to be a model I just want to be healthy. I am a 35yr mother of 4 (15, 13, 12, 5), I always strugle with my weight all of my life but it really got out of control after my first daughter....I was 140lbs when I got pregnant and I when I gave birth I was 230lbs. After having her I lost a few lbs, I remember going down to 180lbs and then by the next time a got in that scale (6-12 months) I was 245lbs. With my last baby I stayed at 245 for the whole pregnancy, but did not loose anything. Well almost 2yrs ago I started eating better and I lost 40lbs, but I am going back to my old eating habits, I need support and help. I have not gained anything back yet but I know I will if I keep eating like I am. I have been working out, but as of three weeks I have a hip injury that is holding me back. Thanks for the support I think this is going to be a great place for me.

I have been married for 5 years and live in Indiana. I have a very hyper and adorable German Shepard named Cadence , a yellow lab named Anna and two cats who are brother and sister, Tiller and Cheese. I work at a community mental health center as a Residential Coordinator. We are in process of buying a house (pending pending pending...) and want to have kids in a few years. I am a Jazzercise instructor and love it! I am so glad I found Jazzercise, without it I know I would be so much unhealthier. I was bartender for many years in a micro-brewery in Louisville, and I do love some good beer. So it's a good thing I also love Jazzercise!

Mother of 2 with a full time job which is very stressful. Over the last couple of years I have allowed myself to get lost in the everyday things. I am in the habit of putting things off until tomorrow....

I am an average 37 yr old male. I am extremely interested in portion control, wish I could run, but can't because of 2 back surgeries. Usually active or at least I used to be before I bought a 2nd house that is new. Remodel/renovated my other house, so it kept me relatively busy. I have a problem with salt, I like it too much. Don’t really crave sweets, so I don’t eat enough fruits.

I'm 42 and I have a wonderful 14 year old son. Enjoy gardening and spending time with my family.

A teacher (1st and 2nd grade). In my early forties with no kids but a very sweet new husband that LOVES to eat and is slowly changing his junk food habits because he also wants to lose weight. He can eat more and tests my resolve...

I am 25, lost a little over 30 lbs in the last year. Would like to maintain that and also lose more fat/gain more muscle. I want to be healthier in all aspects.

I am 41 years old, married and a mom of a 13 yr old son. Have been chubby my whole life. Want to be healthy and active.

im a college student major is Literature, and teacher certification; Over the course of one year i had lost 15 lbs for my wedding, but since our vows, i have put all the weight and then some on(so now im 23, 5'5', 163)...really depressing because i had worked so hard to get it off, but i need to do better this time and stick with it! thats why i would like to run a 5k, so that i still have a reason

I am a 28 year old law student and have struggled with binge eating ever since I can remember. I exercise regularly and that helps a lot, but I never seem to improve noticably.

40 something physician and mother of 3; not alot of spare time for time consuming workouts

I am 32 years old. I've been struggling with my weight since I was 14 years old (mind you, I was 5' 4" and 120 pounds then, what I would do to be that weight again!). I've always struggled with 20 pounds, losing and gaining, year after year. However, the past 3-4 years, it has been a steady increase, and now 20 pounds has become 50 pounds. I need to break the cycle and find something that will stick.

29 years old, married 2+ yrs, mother of two pet birds (a parakeet and a sun conure). Just got my esthetician's license! I love everything about skin care and makeup, especially cosmetics made from natural products. Live in Dallas, Texas.

Athlete, mother of three, gym junkie (took a hiatus because of personal commitments and nagging injury). Getting back on track.

I'm a fairly active lady who will be 50 this year and really would like to be fit and healthy. I have an inactive spouse who I hope will start traveling this road with me but I am not waiting for him and am doing what I can for myself.

I am a 36 year old teacher and mother of two (15 & 11) who remarried 2 years ago. I have an awesome teaching job. I teach in a program where we focus on science, math, engineering and technology. It is VERY hands on! I also coach middle school volleyball.

I'm 27 years old. From Mississippi, USA. I'm married with no kids unless you count my 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pups. I work on airplane electronics, and enjoy playing Video games.

I'm 21 years old, married for about 7 months and I work at a desk all day. I also am a Volunteer FF/EMT. I'd really like to get into better shape for good so I don't stress over it so much.

I am 24 years old and have been active through high school and for the first three years of college. Looking to get back to that body again. I enjoy running and hiking.

I am 43, married with a beautiful 13 year old daughter. I used to inline skate quite a bit in my 30's. Over the last few years I've gained weight and as a result am no on blood pressure medicine. I want to get into better shape and resume skating again. I also want to use running as a means of achieving those goals and to maintain better overall health.

I'm a college student, Vegetarian, and really motivated to lose weight!

I recently turned 24 & I feel like a frump. My current weight is 174 lbs & I'd like to go down to 150. I'm a registered nurse so I'm on my feet most of the day, but that just makes me want to eat very unhealthy things.

Mother of 5, have a full-time teaching job and very busy.

I am in my mid fifties. Very active lifestyle. Self employed in health care.

I'm 26 and have been working from home as a freelance writer for the past 18 months. In this time my body has changed significantly; because I work from home and don't move around much I have put on a stone of pure fat and have very bad cellulite ony my glutes, upper legs and arms. I have always been naturally slim and never worked out much but have now realised I can't get away with it anymore!

I am a 27 year old woman. I played volleyball in college and then coached for a couple years after so I always had a reason to be in shape. Over the past few years I have let my workouts and eating habits slip. I want to get back into a heathly routine and would like to get back to my collegue weight. My husband and I are also thinking about starting a family. I would really like to be at a healthier weight before becoming pregnant.

I am in my fifties and a recent empty nester. My husband and I have gone off the deep end enjoying ourselves, eating out not exercising since we have our new found freedom. I own my own business and it is booming but that brings certain stresses and long hours which are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

46 year old working married mom have a desk job find it hard to get motivated to excerise and eat healthy

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Between anorexia, trying vegetarianism the wrong way, and intense high school track workouts, my weight yo-yoed constantly during my adolescence. When I went to college, things got worse. Instead of the scale going up and down, it just kept going up as I traded running for smoking, drinking, eating, and partying with my new found bohemian friends. However, I quit smoking about a year ago and have been steadily increasing my physical activity and nutrition. I am determined to end for once and all my unhealthy relationship with my body and settle into a lifelong pattern of good health that works for me.

I'm a 29 year old researcher.

I'm 25 years old and currently weigh in around 190lbs. This is down from my original weight of 220lbs so I'm kinda happy with my progress so far. I'm a student and hardly have time/energy to keep on trekking the way I have been, so I'm signing up here to help me get the focus needed to keep getting fit.

20 year old college student, nursing maor...gained weight since starting college, just dont feel attractive with this pot belly

39 wife and mother of two (21 & 12). I am the heaviest I have ever been including pregnancies. I also feel worse than I ever have. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and feel I am ready to make a lifestyle change.

I am a 39 year old educator who is also in graduate school. I am kind of quiet and used to cycle for hours on the weekends. Now that I live in Oregon, I would like to join a hiking club and start hiking more. Learn how to camp with friends, etc. I also used to play folk music on the recorder and would like to get back into that as well. Just looking to have a more fulfilling positive life and to make fitness and good health a part of that journey. I weigh 187 to 189 depending on the day and am 5'11". I need to lose about 20 pounds. I am very relieved this website is here.

I am a 41yo mother of 3 boys, a Labor and Delivery Nurse and a Real Estate agent. Seperated after 19 years of marriage, and am wondering if my future will include working in the Peace Corp or hoarding animals in place of having a meaningful relationship (no offense to the Peace Corp) I strongly feel that people don't look at prospective mates and say "well, she is fat, but I bet she has a TERRIFIC personality, let me go and see" So I feel like my obeisity will hamper my ability to have a decent social life. I don't think that I am sexually attractive, so why would anyone else?

I'm a 16 year old girl, 5' 3'', and started at 224 lbs. I play volleyball and draw in my spare time.

I am a 49-yr -old mom who homeschools.

Mother of two, grandmother of two, married, work for Kentucky State Police. I love my job and watching the officers stay in shape has inspired me!

I am turning 35 years old this year and I want to live a more active life, physically, socially, spiritually and mentally. I want to feel truly alive and connected at all times.

I am a full-time employee and a married mom in my mid-20s.

I am a 21 year old university student. I have a hard time motivating myself to get to the gm. I have major depression which makes it hard (not impossible) but hard to motivate myself.

I am a type A personality, able to do anything i set my mind to except this weight. my new year resolution was set for me ...i spent the first 2weeks in jan in an hospital bed . then make up mind no iam logging in everyday

I'm a 29 year old massage therapist who wants to gain control over her foods choices so she doesn't end up like her parents; Unhealthy and unhappy.

Professional. Long-term relationship. Moved from sunny LA where I played beach volleyball to rainy London where I spend more time in museums and traveling.

I am 22, weighing in at 270 lbs and I am 5' 10". I am a full-time undergrad student. 4.0 GPA I am a wife, and mother to a 1 year old daughter

Ok, so it happened again. I actually workout and used peer trainer for awhile back in 2008-2009. But then I went on vacation met a bloke, got married and started catering to everything in my life except for mysef. I was completely neglecting the one person that should matter most. ME! So 2013, I sit sloth like at 170 pounds, fed up. I have no excuses I just need the support to keep me going. My plan? Treadmill 5x a week for 40 min and weights twice a week. Eating? 1200 calories of clean healthy food. Cheating? Once a week. It's Not going to be easy. But hopefully with the help of peertrainer we I can get there.

I am 45 yrs old, Married to a wonderful man, I have 2 daughters ages 9 and 4. I work 30 hrs a week and take care of the home.

I am turning 44 this year and I have gained so much weight over the last 5 years I can't stand it and it stops me from being me because I am self concious of myself. I would love to do alot of things and don't because I'm not comfortable in my own skin.

I was a member of peerTrainer dating back to 2006 with the username phatty. My weightloss adventure started at around 390 pounds and at my lightest I was 255 pounds. A great deal has happened in my life over the last four years including a divorce and remarriage. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am back up to 370.8 pounds ... for now. I know how to lose it and have every intention to do so! UPDATE: 5/5/12 - Right now my weight is down to around 330 and I am setting the goal of being in the mid 200's by the end of the year.

I'm 35 years old, married wirth 3 kids ages 11,9 and 7. I don't feel I am over weight but wish I could change one part of my body my "middle". As a family we eat a balanced diet, my children play every sport available to them but I don't seem to take time for myself. We are from a small town where we do not have a fitness faciities. I need the motivation to keep myself going. I would love to learn to run(not marathons!),but need to do something for me. We spend a lot of time at the lake in the summer and would love to feel confident in a bathing suit.

I am joining because I saw how this website helped a woman in a magazine, with staying on her diet... (I need that type of motivation-I am addicted to sweets.) I am 20 years old and am working 2 jobs and going to school. I don't plan much time for working out or eating healthy and I want that to change. I want to be in shape, say good-bye to my cellulite on my legs, and have a healthy lifestyle.

I am a single 40+ mom. I work 12-14 days. I used to run every day. Over the past 20yrs the weight just kept creaping up on me. I work to much, stress, and I haven't taken care of myself the way I should have.

I am a 31 year old single mom of a 7 year old girlie girl. I am trying to get myself used to a healthier lifestyle so I have more energy to keep up with her. While I do have a goal weight, I am not as concerned about my actual weight as I am about just being healthy. I have some medical/health problems and am hoping that if I start exercising and eating better I can work through them without the help of medication.

I am a 44 working mom to a very active 3 1/2 yr old boy. I like to think of myself has having fitness as a hobby.

I'm in my mid twenties and since college have continuously gained weight. I'm pretty short so every pound counts, there's no hiding it! Please help keep me motivated to lose it!

I'm 54, a mom, wife and daughter. I have a wonderful job as an admissions officer in a business school and my husband and I are starting to think about downsizing.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Pete for the last 7 years of my life. I've always been in this weight range since our wedding date. We have 2 wonderful boys, a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I am a stay at home mom for my kids and I have an in-home daycare center where I care for additional 4 children.

I have gained a lot of physical strength over the last year, now it is time to loose the fat.

Im a 27 years old dog groomer (hence the name) from NJ. I want go lose 25 lbs but I know it will take time and a lot of work.

Im 15 And Very Outgoing Also A Funny Person But I Also Just Came To This Site To Have Motivation To Change Myself To Change The Way I Look Cause Im Not Happy How I Look And I Want TO Be Happy.

I am a work-at-home mom of two incredible kids, ages 11 and 8. Grew up very active, playing sports with my older brother and now I have a job that is long hours at the computer! Love to swim, hike, scooter with my kids. Love to encourage each other to excel at whatever we are doing.

Since my late 20's I've been gaining a comfortable 5 pounds per year. 30 pounds later, I am having so much trouble losing just 1 pound and keeping it off! I think about food or look at it and I gain weight!

I am following a habit building process developed by Charles Duhigg in his book titled "The Power of Habit". You can read about this process and my progress log on the Progress, Not Perfection community tab.

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