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Goals: to get motivated and motivate team members, to share ideas of fitness and healthy life style changes. To workout, try new workout plans, always be ready to do more and try different things.

Profile: Certified Personal Trainer looking to Give Back, like Oprah says, give big! Join this team and we will all work together and get results.

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I will soon be 27, and I wasn't happy with where I was heading physically. I have been on this site for almost a two years and have lost almost 100lbs, and gained about 20lbs back, but still working on my discipline, and focus on a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE change that I can keep with, because lets face it, if I can't do it for a week, how can I do it for the rest of my life. This site, with the resources, and the people has really helped me, and I wouldn't have been where I am today without it.

I am a very active person who loves being outdoors. My main problem is I'm a junk food addict and am a meal skipper. I suffered a back injury in college which gave me chronic back pain when I exercised or did any of my favorite activities. When i work out now, I pay with back pain.

I am a beautiful and talented woman. I have a lot going for me in life I just need to be healthy. I am currently looking for a band and I just enjoy every day that is given to me. I am down to earth and out going. I love to make people laugh.

40+ mom of 3. I am currently back in grad school.

I'm a 46-year old professional. I lost around 35#'s a couple of years ago with a "biggest loser" competition at my office. Since then, I've gained about 15#'s back, and I don't want to get back to where I was. I work out around 2-3 times per week, but know I need to do more.

I am 17 and have a resteraunt job that allows a lot of free and discounted unhealthy foods, as would naturally follow I have had a rapid weight gain that is obviously concerning me. I have never been over weight, I have maybe even been under weight but am concerned as to the rapid weight gain. I am a student in high school and of course summer is huge for us, I had my belly button pierced back about two years ago but have gained weight since then and am not comfortable exactly with showing my stomach, what I mainly don't like is my thighs or my 'cottage cheese thighs' and would therefore like to drop weight on those and tone : )

I am sahm with a loving hubby and one extremely active son. I am one project away from my master in computer science, and one of these day, I am going to finish it. My son has been diagnosed with mild Asperger, so my days have been spent on trying to help my son be confident with himself. Through this, I find myself interested in creating educational programs and systems to help other kids to learn to love learning as well. Most days my time is spent creating and tweaking software game and program, to make sure that it not only increases children attention but also their retention rate.

25 y/o makeup artist living in Orlando, FL.

well im 23 years old i have 2 children and after having my daughter i have struggled with my weight. i have been dieting going on 2 months, but ineed some help.

20 yrs. old, looking to lose 15-20 lbs. quickly and healthfully!

My name is Jennifer and I am a mother of 3, I work full time, and go to school. I am just starting today 6/20/08 at 188 pounds.

age 60. married happily. retired in 2003.

I'm a Ph.D. student trying to complete my dissertation. So that means very limited time and a lot of stress, but since I have had back issues in the past I really need to lose the weight. I love being active-walking and bike riding.

I am a 33 year old single lawyer. i work hard and play hard. i love to run however, i am currently overweight and need to shed some pounds. i am committed to running at least 3 miles a day, 4 days a week but often i run more than that. i want to lose 50 lbs by the end of the year. i train with a personal trainer who helps push me. Nutrition is an issue for me and i'm working to eat better. i'm currently running 3 miles in less than 34 minutes, so i still have a ways to go.

I am a stay-at-home mom. When I'm off track, I tend to snack alot. I get lazy at times and eat fast food several days in a row. I also eat when my daughter eats even though I'm not hungry. Sweets and carbs are difficult to resist. When I'm on-track, well it's tough to stay there. It's just finally time to start using more willpower. PERIOD!

I am 38 and live in Los Angeles. I recently completed my Master's in psychology, on my way to a doctorate in Clinical Psych. Before I started school I was in pretty good shape and ran 3 miles a day, 3 days a week. Now I have a very sedentary lifestyle and have hit my highest weight ever!! This last 15 lbs. seemed to come out of no where. I am shocked and horrified at how quickly I am gaining and need to get control of my eating and exercising ASAP.

I am 34, married and I have a thirteen year old daughter.i am half vietnamese, half caucasian. My mother is Vietnamese, father American. They met and fell in love during the war, awww, how romantic. He brought her home and the rest is history. Full time wife and mother. I work part time in the service industry. I use to workout A lOT, but have been really lazy this last year or two. SInce I hit my 30's I have noticed that I will put on weight if I don't workout.

I'm a 48 year old single, working woman. I enjoy life, food and people and have carried all of the above on my body. Over the years, I've gained enough weight to feel uncomfortable. I'm a former athlete, so I enjoy pushing my body and seeing the results. I need to learn how to be active with the limitations of a changing/aging body.

I am 45 years old, married for 23 years, six children and going back to college this fall.

I'm a teenager who has been struggling with weight for a very long time. I have never been morbidly obese and want to keep it that way. I have been overweight for a very long time (4th grade is when I started gaining the weight, I think.) I really miss that I used to be a pretty athletic kid, seriously. I lost a lot of weight before, but did it in an unhealthy way and I've gained it all back. =[ I just checked my BMI, and unfortunately, I'm very close to being obese!!

My Name is Bryce, Male, Married, Three kids 1girl 2 boys, work in a office and commute 3 hours a day. Not a lot of time for exercise but thats just an excuse. Have been overweight my whole life but decided that I had to loose the weight before I turn 35 for two reasons to prove to myself that it can be done and so I can be around for my kids.

I am 27 years old. Live in Rarotonga, Cook Islands with two daughters.

25 y/o wanting to look like If i actually was in the prime of my life :)

I am a high school junior and would like to be able to lose a few inches while my skin is still 'elastic' and could find clothes that fit easier. I also have no althletic ability whatsoever and i hate exercising, so losing weight has never been easy for me. My BMI is 23.6, but I'd still like to see it lower.

Hi, I'm Rosie, I'm a college (junior) student and I want to lose weight. Since being in college Ive gained 30 pounds...actually that happened in half a year...I got into an extremely bad relationship and began eating my emotions away. Now it been hard to kick this habit. I'm trying to stop this downward spiral but I need support. Tough Love. This is kind of hard for me(this website) because I've never been one to ask for help. I'm stubbornly independent, but I want and need a change in my life. Random stuff: I love animals (I want to be a vet) Major: Bio, Minor: Chem I'm a nerd, goofball, helpless romantic When I want to do something, I do it. period.


I'm a 34 year old working mother of a three year old in Brooklyn, NY, 5' 3" and 174 lbs. 've always struggled with my weight, but successfully lost 50 lbs with Weight Watchers before my son was born. I have since gained 30 of those pounds back, and want to get back to that pre-baby weight. Update - 7/18/08 - Down to 170.5 - 3.5 lbs lost

I'm a 47 year old married (for 27 years!) mother of two daughters, ages 17 & 23. I am anxioulsy awaiting the birth of my first grandchild in November.

I;m a happily married mom of 4 children

i'm 19 years old, i've finally realized that being as heavy as i am isn't how i want to live my life. i'm so young and i have so much to live for, being heavy isn't the way i want to live. i'm not saying i want to be skin and bones, but i'd like to make it down to atleast 170.

Hey, I'm Victoria & I'm 15, but I'm old for my age. Yeah, I am a little overweight, not that overweight, but I don't want to reach the obesity level. Basically I want to loose at least 30 pounds a month, if I can. If not, I'll go for whatever's possible. Basically I'm just trying to perfect my body image as best as I can. I hope to loose AT LEAST 5 pounds a week. I've kind of let myself go a little bit, and it's a secret desire of mine to be a model, so I'd like to get a HEALTHY routine going & lose about 80 pounds by the end of September or mid October. Celebrity Body Idol= Keira Knightley! I know a lot of people think that she's anorexic, but she's definetly not! She has a great body. She is rather thin, yes, but she has abs & a lot of definition to her body. Overall, she is my rolemodel in just about all areas. The epitomy of what I want to be & what I want to do with my life. & I just really want to be confident in myself like her. Support is greatly valued. :)

I'm in my mid-30s, self-employed and work at home (so I have a lot of flexibility to work out). Single, no kids.

I am an sign language interpreter who is still finishing up school and working right under full time hours. I love to wakeboard and be active, just recently with the weight gain it is hard to keep it all up because I feel "gross". So making me not do the things I love, which utimately is retarded, I know.

Married, mother of two, who has dropped 50 lbs in the past year. YAAA!

I love to camp with my family. I also love to travel with family and friends. I enjoy reading, cooking, spending time with my dog and hanging with my kids. We are big outdoor enthusiatists and do lots of hiking, fishing, biking, etc..

I am 2o years old and will be 21 in March. I have a year old which has made it difficult losing the weight since I am a stay home mom and for the most part I stay in which in turn makes me bored and I turn to food. I did lose the baby weight right after the pregnancy but just gained it back for my lack of working out.I did gain weight a lot of weight before becoming pregnant as a result of weekends filled with chinese food!

Married, 2 children: my son is 11 and my daughter is 8. I'm the co-founder of PT and I rarely have a free moment with being a wife, mother, running a business and everything that comes with it. I am focused on energy and health at this point after losing over 60 pounds; it's everything!

Life first, and food second. Have to remember to keep them in that order!

Have gone through several cycles of great shape to completely sedentary, depending upon what is going on in my life. It never fails that when the stress eases up and it's time to get back into shape it's not so easy to jump back in. Looking for help and motivation...

I'm a 24 year old IT Project Manager... and I spend 80% of my time in front of the computer at work and at home (catching up on my gossips!). I enjoy it but it's taking a toll on my body! Recently enrolled in a gym and hope to change all that - preferably before the next vacay :) I have a personal trainer, but only have 3 sessions left (once a week).

I just had a baby 3 months ago. I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy. I lost 30 pounds within two weeks, and since then I haven't lost anything despite eating well and working out. I'm trying to jump start my weight loss. I have used peer trainer in the past and found it to be really useful. I've been working out 4-6 times a week and trying to lose the weight, but it hasn't been going well. My hope is that my getting on PeerTrainer I can motivate myself.

Married. Vegan. In school to become a pastry chef. (I know...makes no sense) Former fat kid. Nerd.

Born and raised in jersey, been chubby my whole a career woman...and just want to nip this thing in the bud....

I am a 18 year old sophomore attending college who has gradually gained 15 pounds in the past year. I am currently 135 at 5' 4" and would like to get rid of the jiggle and get back down to 120. More than anything I want to become a fitter healthier person who adopts healthy sustainable habits that can carry me through the rest of my life. At college I am studying art and psychology and hope to one day become a therapist. I LOVE to cook.

i am a 32 year old, separated mother of 3 girls, ages 8, 6 & 2.

my name is albert and live in new zealand. my ethnicity though is Greek and yes what you saw in my big fat greek wedding is true...all of it - especially the obsession we as a people have with food! anyways time for old dogs (33) to learn new tricks. been reading mckennas book, i can make you thin and must say for the first time i actually feel empowered to do what i have been promising myself ever since i was 22. the goal post seems alot further away than back then and with some 25 kgs to lose before summer (approximately 5 months away) i not only give permission, but beg you to kick my butt anytime you deem neccessary if i get lazy or start losing the plot! please add me to your friends(or whatever is possible on this site) and lets buddy up and help get "there" together..

I am a 30-something mother of 5 and have a great labradoodle. I live in Washington and run my own business.

I'm 46, married with 3 kids and one dog. I am nanny for 3 more girls in my home. Love to cook.

i buld myself up to do great then take a big fall

Hi I'm 33 & a married mum of 2, Albert was the one who put me onto this - he & his beautiful wife are great friends of ours. I have been struggling with my weight since the birth of my first child. I am Maori & like the Greeks we love our food, infact our lives revolve around food - we use it to celebrate commisarate & socialise - my favorite saying is if you dont eat my food your insulting me :0) - so now I am wanting to change that for my health - my weight is having a significant impact on my health & I want to be around to enjoy my grandkids & be able to actually get around with them.

i'm 18 and a freshman in college. i love working out and eating healthy with a little indulgence every now and again. i lost 15 pound when i started school and i have a goal to lost at least 10 more. i'm a motivating individual who loves to encourage others. :)

I am one of those creative artise types. Interior Designer by trade, forced to work in Corporate America for a pay check. I am 39 years old, married with one 15 year old daughter.

I'm a University of Wisconsin--Madison art-journalism major. Wrestling was a big sport for me in high school, but since a career ending back injury and wallet that allowed for snacking, I've gained a good 15 (17?!) pounds of unwanted lard that must remove itself.

I am 32years old, my weight go's up and down. At the min it is up and I need it to go back down again :-)

I'm going to be a junior in high school, and I'm looking to lose weight and get in shape before school starts which is in 3 weeks.. my goal will be tough to accomplish in that short of time but I'm going to try and if I work hard enough I might be able to do it.

I'm 41, married for 12 years and mom of 2 kids, ages 6 and 1. A tax accountant by trade, at the moment I'm a stay-at-home mom. When the baby gets into school I'd like to return to work part time. I've been a fitness instructor for 17 years and have been fit and within my ideal weight range up until 2003 when our first child was a year old. Being in the "sandwich generation" is rough. I allowed myself to get stretched too thin, working full-time, caring for a baby and worrying over ailing parents. My needs came last and rarely got met. I started stress-eating and was out of the gym a lot when my mom was dying. My weight is significantly affected by my stress level. In the last 4 years my life has been a rollercoaster and I've gained and lost the same 20 pounds three or four times. I need to lose the last 20 pounds of baby weight and need to break the cycle of using food to meet other needs.

I'm 26 and have always been able to maintain my weight until the past year. I have to change my eating habits, b/c my body is definitely changing, the problem is that I love food! I actively work out, but it hasn't done much to keep my weight off. I know that I need to change what I eat and my portions. I just need the motivation to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

Im 20 yrs old, my weight is always going up and down, at the moment it is up, which isnt pleasing me as it is my 21st in 2months and i want to look my best. I am 5'2 and a small-ish build, for me i feel i need to lose a stone or so and tone up!!!!!

I am a country girl and have lived in NC all my life, I love the beaches here. I am attending college working on obtaining my bachelors degree in Business. I'm currently looking for work, so I have plenty of time to dedicate to pt and working out when I'm not doing online courses.

I am a newly wed of 1 & 1/2 years. My friends warned me that in the first year of marriage that I would gain 20lbs. I did not believe them because it was my goal to loose weight. I married on March 29, 2009. And today I weigh 15 lbs heavier. I need help, and that is why I am here. I need some accountability, encouragement and comradery. I will be here for you as well.

My name is Karly, I love love love to dance and have been a dancer since I was 3 years old, I just recently graduated from highschool and currently have a fulltime job as a receptionist (which means sitting on my a** all day) not good!

I just turned 35 and I am in the worst shape of my life!

I used to be involved in every sport imaginable. I was a competitive gymnast for 7 years and competed in state championships 4 times. Pre-Injury I was an avid runner. December 2006- Severely injured knee while snowboarding. August 2007- I married my husband and its been a wonderful yet challenging year. February 2008- I had reconstructive knee surgery I am now ready/able to drop the weight which I have gained. Finding it difficult after so long of inactivity to get back in the groove.

I am 25 and have been married for 2 years. I have always striggled with my weight. I lost 35 pounds before my wedding to get down to 132, now I am 150 (seriously!!) the first few pounds was from the pill but then I just started eating husband sized portions...and not ever telling myself no... I am a Christian a photographer and a lover of the outdoors

I am 31 years old. I have been married for 8 years and I have two children ages 9 and 7. I need to get motivated and start doing something about the last 10 lbs. I need to lose. I currently weight 125lbs.

I am 49 years old and trying to find that beautiful woman inside me. Its here, under all this fat.. I could post my before picture of 300 pounds, but yuck! who wants to see that.. I am on my last 30 pounds and its been tough. I am currently starting the couch to 5 k program at and I am GONNA to it.. Please join my group 5K run in 2009!

I'm 18 going on 19 soon, Height: 5'0'' Weight: 136. In my first year of college with 4 classes (full time student). Currently holding up 2 jobs (Bath and Body Works and Keg restaurant, bar and steakhouse.) I have a gym membership at lifetime fitness. I try to go to the gym when my homework load is light with the addition of a day off. If I have enough energy I may be able to fit in a workout even on a day I work. Also I use my Wii Fit everyday for 30 mins a day, it really does help.

I enjoy working out, playing with my puppy, and I am a full time college student.

I'm a 47 year old mom of two girls, 7 & 10. I'm extremely frustrated with myself because I have gained 20 lbs over the last 18 months or so. I'm having a hard time putting my health and well-being first because I'm so busy taking care of the family, house, etc. But I feel so lethargic and depressed, that I don't feel like I'm doing anything well...I've come to terms with the fact that none of this is going to change without focus and intention from me, so here we go...

Married 5 years,Age- 37, no kids (but I do have a very needy cat) Heaviest weight 280 lbs. Current Weight 250 (9/08) My main goal is to get to One-derland - That is any weight that begins with a 1XX!

I'm 23 and desperate to get back into shape.

I am a cancer surviver and my intial goal is to get physically fit and to lose weight. My ultimate goal is to attain a weight of 200lbs by December of this year 2012. This has been my goal for the past three years and so far I have not been able to make it. I am currently 250lbs would love to reach my goal this year.

I'm 22, 5'2", and 187 lbs. I had lost 20lbs and when I started dating my boyfriend and moved in with him I went from living in a podunk little town that had no fast food for 30 miles to living in a small city, I gained it back and then some. I want to get down to around 130-140 lbs. I think for my height it is realistic.

I am a single working mother of 2 boys. My weight tends to flip flop depending on what is going on in my life. I was on track with my weight for a while. I weighed 175 lbs and I am 5'9". That was 2 years ago. In two years I have gotten up to 240lbs. Here is where it gets difficult for me. I have panic disorder. The meds tha tI take for it make me very lathargic. By the time I get home from work and get done taking care of my motherly duties... I am tired and have no extra energy to work out. Well, I know that I have to take this medicine and I refuse to continue to just get bigger and bigger. I am determined to get back to 180 and I don't expect it to take overnight. I am hoping to get that extra support which is why I joined!

I am 25 years old and am sick of wasting my 20s being overweight. I don't want to look back when I'm older thinking how good I could have looked in my youth. I lost 2stone last year and looked great and was the happiest I have been with myself ever, but as usual I let the weight creep back on so now I'm back where I started. My aim is to loose the weight I put back on and go into a new year looking and feeling fab again!!!

I am 49 and want to enter the second half PHYSICALLY fit. Ive always been active as a mother of 4. My oldest daughter has run marathons. My oldest son plays college football in Illinois and I just want to stay active and enjoy doing great things with them to stay YOUNG! Ive been divorced for 5 years and dating has been marginally enjoyable. Id like to focus on my fitness INSTEAD!

I'm 29 years old and about to start graduate school this fall. I would like to have better eating and exercising habits before school starts so it will already be a part of my routine. Last year I lost almost 40 lbs.!! But, I'm watching it slowly creep back on! Must take action!

I'm awesome.... true story

My name is Tiffany and I am 24 in a long distance relationship. Thank God I have no kids. I am a program coordinator for a mental health facility (very stressful). Eventually, I want to go to grad school but have no clue what for just yet. I have hypothyroidism and with that I gained alot of weight after my sugery.

At this moment, I am 45 years old. I have battled with my weight all my life. I have been heavier than I am today, and I have weighed less than I do today. My goal is to lose weight and be healthy for myself, my son and my parents, and my Marine. I am the proud mother of a 19 year old son who is a full-time college student and works for Grimaldi's, and I must be here for him. My parents are elderly and depend on me, and I must be here for them. My Marine, who is 12 years my junior, and whom I have been with the past 2 years, is my toughest critic, and I know he tells it like it is, no matter what. When I told him the other day that I was unhappy with my weight, he asked me, "You really think you're fat??? You gotta be kidding!!! You are beautiful!!!" I want to be here for him. A year ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Sure enough, a year later, I've gained 27 pounds due to the medication. I was told that I might gain weight, but I didn't think it would hit me like this. I am determined to lose the weight I've gained, plus more, and get healthy again!!!

I'm a college student who is still trying to figure everything which I'm not sure i ever will and i guess that's ok. But at times it tends to stress me out and lately I've become more of an emotional eatiing , and i just start eating junk and can't stop and i really want to get control of that. I think I have a lot of difficultly with that because my family doesn't always eat the greatest and neither does my boyfriend but he has the fastest metabolism ever... so i'm surrounded by bad choices a lot but just need more will power and control to say no.

I am 38 yrs old, married and have an 8 yo son and 6 yo daughter. I slowly started gaining weight around 25 yrs old. We have very busy lives and I don't take the time I need for me to work out like I should.

I am a 30 something year old teacher. I am trying to overcome my physical limitations and continue to recover after physical therapy. I need to get to the gym regularly to build up my stregth and flexibility so I can do the things I love to without being in pain or hurting myself. I want to make healthy activities I love to do habits like walking and biking along with going to the gym. My weakness is sweet foods which I crave. I believe in eating a well balanced diet allowing the body to get all the vitamins, mineral, and nutrients it needs to function properly. Hopefully I will learn to control the portions to lose some weight and cut down on sweets significantly.

I have run for over 25years, many of those racing for college teams on athletic scholarship for long distance running. I am the owner of Blonde Runner Health, LLC ( in Utah and love to promote health. I am a certified personal trainer and running and triathlete coach. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. It can happen even when you have four little children that keep you hoppin'. 5K PR: 18:06.17

I'm 46 and i have gained about 20 pounds due to the begining of menapause.. Six years ago i weighed 220. My lowest weight was 118 in 2009 with Weight Watchers. I am now at 142. I'm 5'2 so i'd love to be around 126. I love to garden,read,play games and take care of my 14 year of baby chihuahua.

I currently weigh 191 pounds, 5' 3" .

I am 26 years old. Two years ago I was in a car accident, and my outlook has been totally scewed. I don't have the energy, or strength anymore to do the things i use to do. Gotta get this under control. Yoga was always one way i could do that. I must get back into it. With sometimes a little motivation along the way!

I am a stay-at-home mom and I find now that I have more free time and I need to use it to better myself and my family. I have a 14 yr old son in 9th grade, and a 7 month old son. I have been married for 3 yrs (June 25th).

I am single with 2 grown boys, 26 and 18. I have a bad addiction to Carbs that I have been struggling with for a long time.

55, married, one daughter in high school, one in college, full-time career in the oil industry. My weight has always been a challenge, but my main goal now is to be healthy, active, and lose the belly fat.

Hi, my name is Teresa. I am a 29 year old medical student who loves life! However, I feel that I haven't put 100% into weight loss like I have with my education. I lost 35 lbs two summers ago, doing the buddy system of motivation, and got to the healthiest weight I've ever been at, but ironically gained it all back (and then some) when I started med school. How can I bring a patient to health when I'm not healthy for myself? Help me keep on track! MY MOTTO: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

I'm 25, and had a hell of a year in 2009! Two knee surgeries, unemployment, moving, and other health issues. Things are looking better for 2010; I'm engaged, my knee is doing better and I'm ready to be my happy self again and comfortable in my own skin. In this crazy year I put on 25lb, I'm no longer 140lb, but I've lost weight before and I'll do it again. I'm very aware of the self control it takes, but after awhile it's not that hard. I have to work around my knee issues, but I have to stop moping about all the things I can't do, and do the things I can 3000%. And slowly I will return to my old self... well I guess I don't want to be my old self, I'm ready for new me. And of course I want to look better than before for my wedding day! (3 years ago) I'm 22, and I need some help losing the last 30lbs. Being a student and working 25 hours a week keeps me busy. I do try to watch what I eat but I love to snack while at work. My weight has been up and down my whole life; I've lost and gained around 200lbs. This time I want to make it the last time! (well so much for the last time, but I did end up losing all the weight)

I am married and have 2 children. I love to read and am trying to teach myself how to quilt. .

I'm 61 and can't look at myself in a mirror. Somehow (like someone else put the food in my mouth) I've gotten FAT. I weigh 170

I am 41 147lbs. I love to be outside. I am a network engineer. Which I love but can stress me big time. I have a boy 16 track star and soccer and girl 14 amazing cheerleader, dancer, gymnastics. Great Husband of 18 years.

I am 36 yrs old. I have no kids, but I do have a dog that is like a child to me. I work in a office setting in HR.

I'm a 21 year old female. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I work in a healthcare office, and love working with people. In my spare time I love to hang out with my friends, see live music, tend to my garden. In terms of fitness, I'm 5'8'' and approximately 145-150 pounds. I am an average build. I wouldn't say I am overweight, but I defintely feel that I have gotten pudgy lately due to my change of career. I used to be on my feet for 8-12 hours a day, but now work a desk job. I really need motivation to get in shape, and I'm hoping that PeerTrainer can help me!

Married, 1 son (10)

I am a 27 year old wife, college student and pharmacy technician. My husband is am amazingly supportive man who I love dearly! I want to lose weight, get healthy and fight off the stress that always seems to haunt me.

I'm a SAHM of 2. Currently I'm studying to be a fitness instructor. I enjoy races. So far I've completed a 5k and 10k. I have my first half marathon in september and plan to register for the rock n roll san Diego marathon next year.

I am a 32 year old full time RN and full time graduate student. I had never struggled with my weight until this past year. I have gained 15 pounds suddenly and have become sedentary. I want to increase my activity level and build better eating habits.

i am 23 yr and have 2 cuty kids ...have a very busy mom routine hardly any time..if i go to gym i have to take the kids with me ..yeh its hard....i so want to go back to looking good here i am ..i just have hard time staying motivated for i hope this works

Hi =] My name is Angelica. I'm a 22 yr old full time student. My major is pharmacy. I work as a bartender on the weekends. I have a puppy named Capri who is the love of my life. I'm a vegetarian. I love to read, go to the beach, jet ski, sky dive, and play with Capri. I am here to meet people who have the same goals as me and to give and recieve positive feedback, questions and advice.

I'm a 22 year old, recently married, college graduate. I too have spent the last four years studying, going to class, and hanging out with my husband and friends too much on the weekends. Although I'm not overweight, I have been steadily putting on pounds since high school. I want to tone my muscles so that I can feel confident in my body. If I loose weight, that's an extra bonus!

Hard working guy who is in an office job. I find it hard to cook for 1 person. I just started with a personal trainer 3 weeks ago and feel fantastic.

I'm a 32 year old male living in the Kansas City Missouri metro area working as a network administrator for a law firm. I spend most of my day sitting behind a computer. I'm not married and don't have any kids. I'm primarily looking to lose weight for the health benefits. Taking care of myself now will ensure I'll get to see my grand kids grow up later. However I must admit that part of me wants to look better as well. I'm not the clubbing type and I have no interest in showing off my abs at the beach, but I would like to look better in my clothes and feel more confident in my appearance.

I am a 21 yr. old senior at Boston University. I am extremely busy, and while I used to play multiple sports in high school I no longer do and am finding it hard to get to the gym 4 times a week.

I am at the cross road trying to become the me I know I am. But frist of I am a mom of a 15mths old girl. I am a happy creative person would loves to grow but my self confance and faith in my self has taked a blow so I have let my body and mind go. I am working very hard to get it back. to get me back. I am turning my life around and that is the best feeling in the world. I am holding on to that for dear life right now.

I'm 23. About 155 lbs currently. Living in Utah.

I am a recently married 33 year old black professional woman. I have a almost 5 year old son. I relocated 4 years ago from NYC. I was slim most of life. I gained this much weight 8 years ago and I lost it all and kept it off for 4 years. But regained after some major life changes.

Moderately fit weekend athlete. Swimmer, slow distance runner.

I'm 30yrs old, married. I work for The Home Depot in Supply Chain Management.

I'm a college student. I've never been thin; I've always had a little extra padding for as long as I can remember. My entire family has weight problems, so that is probably where I picked it up and learned my bad habits. I ran a 5k 2 years ago, but have slacked off since then. I'd like to run another soon and work towards a half marathon if things go well. I'm graduating in May 2009. I will be moving to a new city and would love to start there with the confidence a fit body can give.

I have always been a "big girl" but I lost 50 lbs for my wedding last summer on the Jenny Craig diet. I have gained about 15 lbs back and need to loose 60 lbs to get to a healthy weight range.

I am a 39 y/o unemployed teacher. I had basically wanted a year off to get my life in order. I have been off work for 6 months and am now READY to BEGIN getting myself together.

My name is Leslie. I work at a doctor's office doing billing, so I'm at a computer all day. Plus, it doesn't help that the nurse I work with (I love her like my mother), brings amazing food all the time. Lol. I have a boyfriend who is amazing and extremely supportive. He was overweight earlier last year, and used his Bowflex and a diet change to slim down. So he is very supportive of what I am doing and wants to help as much as possible. I just really want to adjust my lifestyle to be healthier, and slim myself down. It's about more than losing the weight to me though, I want to be toned, and I want to feel great about myself when I look in the mirror. I want to feel sexy again.

What really gets me is the food!! I love carbs and large portions. =) Love pita chips, the bread basket, rice, noodles, etc.!

I am a young professional and in college I was very fit, but now working it has been very difficult to keep to an active lifestyle and eating healthy

In a relationship...sort of. Im not really happy in it and at 17 im too young to be unhappy with someone, its not a life long commitment at this age i guess. Getting a body im happy with will give me the confidence in my self to not get treat like rubbish and know i deserve better.

I am 24 and determined to win the weight battle once and for all. I work full-time at a university, helping students enhance their time management and gain confidence in their approaches to academics. In my spare time, I try to keep up with learning Spanish and self-teaching guitar. I also enjoy reading. I love to sing and have been doing so since 2nd grade. I am a soprano on my church's worship team, and I love it. I have been married for 2 1/2 years.

I am a 38 y/o female that wants to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Three years ago I was in the best shape of my life. During that time, I ran two marathons and ate very healty. Since then, I've divorced and went back to work full time, using this as an excuse that I don't have time to exercise. It is a bad excuse. I've gained 25 pounds and want desperately to lose this weight.

I am in my 50's and about 3 years moved the North Carolina with my husband and our little pup Bogey. I lived in Ca. all my life unil the move, my life was much more attive in Ca. than here in NC. so I have gain more than 20's and I am only 5'3" plus being in my 50's the system is slower than it used to be :) It is time to lose the weight and get back to what I used to me, I am doing this site because I need the support! My husband also need to lose about 20 lbs and get back to his workouts. I had friends back home that helped with support but here I don't have that so here I am and ready to go~

I am a recent DePaul University graduate currently looking for my perfect career job and also exploring grad school options. The search has been much more complicated than I was expecting. I'm being patient though, and I know my time will come.

I'm 26, married to Adam, enjoy spending time with friends and our two dogs, Baxter and Linus.

I'm a 47 y/o wife of 26 years, mother of a 20 year-old girl, high school science teacher. I've been overweight all my life and had the mindset that I will always be overweight to some degree. I have decided that I don't have to live that way and 2 years ago entered my first half-marathon with the goal of simply finishing, which I did barely; this past year I shaved 30 minutes off my half-marathon time but still finish in over 3 hours. I want to 'kick it up a notch"!

I'm 52 years old, with 3 fantastic daughters. Married 27 years to a good man, but we're not a good fit anymore. Maybe we never were and it's just becoming more apparent. I'm in the typical siuation of many married people...wanting to stay, yet wanting the freedom to be me and start a new life...and be happy. I joined PeerTrainer last year, with the goal of maintaining a 30-lb weightloss. I was unsuccessful and have gained the 30 lbs back, using food for all the wrong reasons. I work 4 days/week -- very long days and tend to snack at desk when stressed and overwhelmed. I'm back and wanting to try again. I am challenged in that I've hurt my knees and need some minor surgery to repair torn meniscus, so my usual workouts are severely curtailed.

As a child and teenager I was always thin I am 5'10". In my mid 20's having medical problems and other things going on I weighed in at 200 a far cry form my high school weight of 135. I went on weight watchers and was able to get back to 140. Up untill now it has been relatively easy for me to maintain or lose weight, but something has changed. I am struggling with trying to loose 25lbs.

I am a 53 young women with 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. I work full time and am in a long term wonderful relationship and have a wonderful life. So wonderful that it caused me to gain 25lbs in just few years. I feel like a stranger in my own skin. I have tried everything. I am a yo yo gym goer.. I know how to work out. I even use to be a step instructor and was AFTA certifed. My life consists of going out to nice restaurants and drinking good wine.. I can't imagine giving that up because it is my life.. But I have to figure a way to live my life and lose weight and get healthy.. I am at my wits end. I need daily personal motivation..

I am 23 years old and working in Southern California at a contract pharmaceutical research company. I live with my parents, for the time being, and I would really like to be more active. Most of my friends have moved out of the area and so it's hard to get out and do things with people. Staying fit would be a bit easier if I could go out and run around playing soccer or frisbee with friends instead of forcing myself to go to the gym. I'm not severely overweight--I'm actually probably just average size--but my body fat is a little on the high side and I would really like to lower it to a healthier level and lose some of the belly fat!

I am a 24 year old high school counselor. It's my first year on the job (if you can call it that.. i love it!) and I am in my last semester of my Master's degree program. I tend to eat when I'm stressed and have gained 10 pounds in 8 months from school and work. I am 5'10" and weighed 150 lbs. through high school (mostly lean muscle from playing basketball). I was diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies a few years ago and dropped to 126 lbs. in 3 months.. I miss it there!

30 yrs old male. Married with 2 kids, 5 and 8. Badly needing a life change. Growing "soft" in current line of work. I want to get back to my fit, energetic self.

Got the cardio down, but need to focus on target areas and eating right.

38 year old office worker, wishing I could do more physical activity during day.

I'm a 58 yr. old mother of 4 grown sons. I have 7 grandchildren and have been married for 38 years. We are self employed with a small business and I am not growing old gracefully. I lost my best friend unexpectedly 7 months ago and I'm still struggling with that. We were each others motivation.

I am 56 years old, married, 3 children and 6 grandchildren. My job requires me to sit at a computer a good part of the day.

I'm 22, just started a new job as a restaurant manager and things are hectic! I'm trying to save up and go to school while working 60+ hours a week. Have gotten by on fast food for the past 6 months to a year and am now 40 lbs over my preferred weight. Need to get back into the gym and back on track with eating healthy.

I'm a 19 year old college kid attending the University of Washington who enjoys raving, partying, reading, and political theory. I'd describe my personal style as being youthful and I dabble in 'scene' trends (though I was wearing that kind of stuff before it was mainstream :P), but I also clean up quite well and enjoy going to the opera with my boyfriend.

46 years old.female, finally lost 10 pounds went off diet and excersise at christmas gained 3 pounds back finally back on track at gym need to lose 12 to 15 pounds and stay there

I am a 33 year old mother of two. I am only 5'2" and to much extra baggage...have tried many diets. Yeah I am a Yo Yo diet

I'am a 31 year old woman who is sick of being over weight & tired all the time.I hate that I can only shop @ plus size clothing stores...and I know right now is the time for me to step up to the plate & do something about it.I love life & enjoy spending time with family & friends...and I know that I could do more with my life ,if I lost weight & felt good about myself...This time,i'm in it for the long haul:)

I'm 5'0", 33 years old, and will be approaching my 34th birthday in May. On somebody my size 1 pound tends to look like 2 pounds. I have 3 daughters and am a stay at home mom. My girls ages are 8, 6, and 4. I love softball and working out, but a year ago I injured my shoulder, and have been in physical therapy since 11/08 and since summer of '08 was lazy, but also unable to do most exercises because of my shoulder. I started getting back into my fitness routine 3/1/09, and am bound and determined to get my body thinner, leaner, and more tone. I'm still unable to do all the things I once could, but am working my way up to it. I used to be 128 pounds in high school, and worked hard to get down to 106. I'm currently 116, but was 121 in the beginning of my journey on 3/1/09. I want to be thin, and lean for me, but at the same time, who wouldn't want somebody coming up to them saying "Wow, you had 3 kids?"

Single mother of one bright eyed, fun 8 year-old. Busy schedule taking care of my daghter, running a small business, and finishing up a degree in Information Technology Management.

I'm 5'9 and I am about to be a Senior at Spelman College in Atlanta,GA. I am from California and my boyfriend (soon-to-be fiance) is in the army so I don't have a lot of support right now. I am very serious about losing weight because I think it is keeping me from enjoying life like a 20 year old should.

I am 39 years old with 3 young kids (7,5,2). I teach 5th grade and have lost "me" somewhere in the last ten years. I love to bike, walk, and in hang out outside. I have gained an average of 20 pounds per kid and have not dedicated the time to take care of myself like I should.

I am a 53 year old professional with a very sedentary job. I want to lose about 50 pounds, but would settle for 30. I am tired of being fat.. none of my nice clothes fit anymore. I am an emotional eater, with stress trigger. the problem is that I am understress daily... yuk....

I am a college student, working full time with a 2 year old son. I have a wonderful supportive fiancee.

25 y/o, female, 5'9-10, goal weight: 150-160, starting weight: 307

I'm 18 and a college student going into nursing. I'm usually anti-social and stay isolated in my bedroom due to not having friends because I'm too shy and self conscious to make any. I cry too many times because I don't know how to change, because the way I live is all I've known. I'm currently at 210 and a size 18. And the thing that hurt the most is when I mentioned something to my mom about being overweight, and her telling me that her boyfriend asked her if I was pregnant. I'm here to try to finally do something about it and lose the weight I've gone way too long wanting it.

I am married 46 year old mother of two boys, 23 & 20. I sit most of the day between a desk job and commute to work that sometime drives me crazy. I workout in the morning before work because by nightfall I am too exhausted. I'm not overweight right now but been there many times in my life starting as a child. My relationship with food has always been a struggle.

I am 21 year old college student. I lost about 40 lbs, which I am so proud of. Now, I just have to lose the last 10 lbs. I've been pretty busy with school and work, and I don't know how to cook. I think that's my major problem because I want to be able to eat more healthy, but I don't know how to cook at all. Only the basics, but no dish. I am a very outgoing and friendly person, I love the outdoors.

I'm 21 years old, I'm a senior in college and desperatly trying to loose weight, hopefully before I graduate. Right now I am living with my boyfriend and his mom, which sort of inhibits my dieting. It seems that since I started becoming serious with my boyfriend the weight just kept increasing.

24 and currently in college

I am about to be 28 and I am married also I have a 10yr old son. I was always very small or I guess better term skinny and than I developed depression when I moved from NY to NC and it just seemed continuesly I gained weight over the last 3 years I have gained 3 dress sizes, which seems to just make the depression greater. I am doing good now and I am going to be sure to get back on track this time. I completed a course for Pilates instruction, and Personal Trainng and that seems to not have really motivated me at all!

I'm a 28 year-old woman, pulling my life back together after some Very Hard Times. Things are starting to look up, in spite of a non-ideal living situation and a job I never wanted to have again. I have recently gotten a preliminary diagnosis of PCOS, a disease that isn't really life-threatening, but is wildly inconvenient if you want to have clear skin, a nice body, and children someday. I've gained, let's say, a lot of weight. My doctor said to lose it if I wanna have kids, which I do, and I'm not getting any younger. So here I am.

I'm a stay at home mom with 4 kids. 8 year old and 22mos. old triplets. I have been sitting at about 210 for a while. Got to 200lbs. a few months ago but I just can't seem to get below the 200 level.

I am a mom of a 6 year old as well as a newborn. I love music, the outdoors and anything "creative".

19 years, want to lose weight by cutting calories, drinking water and walking.

im a 26 yo female, i live in tampa, im currently working and taking classes.

I am 25 years old and recently got married! I am getting my Masters at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I love food but I also love being active and feeling great in my clothes! I want to make sure I am at my absolute healthiest so I can live a long wonderful life with my husband!

I'm a 27 year old former Marine that fell out of shape pretty quick when I got out. I've lost over 30 lbs in the last year but I've been stuck in a rut and could use the motivation. I run in Vibram Five Fingers and I LOVE it.

I am a working from home mother of 2 who works out daily, but got stuck. I lost over 40 lbs this summer, but then gained back nearly 20 during holidays and family crises. I got rid of all my large clothes and have no motivation to buy new ones except b/c I want them and not b/c I outgrew them. I have had 2 c-sections and have lots of issues with my self conscienceness about my clothes and want to learn to love myself as I am, but also get into shape for good.

I am a 29 year old mother of 3 ( 12, 9, and 3months). I am a supervisor at target and a artest of many trades. I love to keep busy moving and creating. I had some pretty serious health problems during the end of the year and it really made me realize that I need to take better care if myself. We only have one body. I am about 4ft 10 (im short :) and I weigh about 96 pounds. I dont need to loose alot. just about 5 pounds but I really need to tone up and be healthy. I want to be proud of my post baby body.

32 Years old. Business owner. 2 girls, married. Have never had to diet before, but now age and two pregnancies is catching up. Need help cutting junk and motivation to work out regularly.

51 year old into making my body younger, happily married 2 grown children, 1 grandchild. I work full time in an office. I'm an office/accouting manager. I have struggled with my weight forever. It is all around my belly right now, my legs and arms are firm from the gym. I have to burn the fat!!!

I'm a 31-year old MBA student from North Carolina. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. As much as I never wanted to be that woman who lost and gained the same 20 or so lbs. that's what I have become. So now I finally have to admit to myself that I cannot eat what I want, I cannot drink what I want, and to have the body I want takes work, discipline, and dedication. A lot is different now. I'm in my last semester of business school, have a great job lined up, in an amazing relationship, and am happy with my life except for my weight. So let's just do what I know works and re-dedicate myself everyday.

I'm 51now, 6 years ago had a hyst. that has placed 80 pounds on me. I didn't use HRT, just like my body adapt. Now, for health reasons this weight must get off.

I am a mommy to two boys and a wife to one big boy. I am 36 years old. I own a balloon decorating company (how fun is that, right?) I love life and live every day fully. I am afraid of nothing.

i'm a 22 yrs old female, i recently compleated my Ba. i am the second of three childrens however i am the largest in size.(mind you that my older sister who had a child is atleast 32 lbs lighter than me)

I'm 21 years old. I was blessed with a baby boy just this April. I have a great husband and family. I am insecure about my weight and decided I am gonna do something about it. I'm taking control.

I am 30 year old girl who lives in austin tx. I work downtown at a bar. i need to establish better eating habits for sure and make myself get out of bed before noon every day. i'm not overweight but definately not tone any more, I definately can tell that in the last few years every few lbs i put on the less and less dates i've been getting. I just don't feel good inside or out. help

Im a 21 year old student. I have recently been trying to lose some weight again. I started out my weight loss at 194lbs and with weight watchers managed to lose about 44 lbs. I am currently at 157, up about 7 pounds from my lowest weight and would like to lose those last few again and hopefully a few more to try be in the best shape Ive ever been! Ive had enough of weight watchers at this point and am just trying to eat more healthy! I desperately need some support to keep me going! and would love to give some to others!

single active

I'm a 23-yr-old in her last year of college. Had always been pretty active (grew up as a dancer, worked out religiously & ate like a health nazi) up until I went through some crazy stuff this last year that resulted in a manic episode, and now experiencing some depression and bulimia (which resulted in some major weight gain 20+lbs). Basically, I went from a free-spirited crazy happy go-go dancer / sorority college girl with a fit body to a sad self-loathing average BMI girl. Determined to recover and gain my health and happiness back! Let's do this! :D

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