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Team Name: Top of the Muffin Tops
Members: 9
Location: DC, DC 20003


Profile: For those women in their 30s who have that muffin top and just want their pants to fit right!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:54 AM

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I am 33 and just moved to DC end of july 07, have not tried to find a job yet. Got married after being engaged for a week in june 07 just in time for movers to pack up our stuff and drive it out here. Lots of changes in a short amount of time leading to some emotional eattng that has made my pants not fit. I lost 65lbs 3 years ago using weight watchers and had been good about keeping it off till I met the boy and got sucked into the beer, cheese and hot wing ring. Now we are both loosing weight for our heath, and pant situation. Having him to do it with makes it a lot easier and hopefully it will go really fast if we push each other. Because our wedding was so sudden we are going to do another more traditional wedding in Aug 08 so I have to gear up for that. As it is now I do not want to go try on dresses because this is not how I want to look, and I can not imagine ordering a dress based on this body. Can not put that dress shopping thing off forever so I hope to be ready to look over Christmas and feel a lot better about my self by then.

I am usually a hibernator and like to eat comfort food in the fall and winter but with my teams help I will be keeping those extra lbs off and losing my goal weight! Plus I would like to get in shape for ski season as well! My boyfriend is an avid skier and i would love to able to keep up with him on the slopes! :)

i'm a dancer. i've struggled with anoerxia, eating disorder NOS, and am still struggling with bulimia. i have been hospitalized for suicide and depression and am trying to find the light.

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