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Goals: Motivational quotes = fuel for the soul.

Profile: Daily motivational quotes and stories, shared by all!

Last posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012, 11:58 PM

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Im a 19 year old, I have been over most of my life. I have tried many different diets before, but it was hard for me to stick to them because of the kind of work i was doing. Tomorrow I will be starting the Fat Smash Diet. I have confidence in myself that I can achieve my goal.

A SAHM dealing with PCOS and the problems it brings.

I am a 40 year old female. My highest weight was 210 pounds in 1990. I lost over 70 pounds and the highest that I've crept since then was 150 something. I have had difficulty maintaining my goal weight of 125, I gain, lose, gain, lose, gain, lose. I always seem to be gaining or losing or barely maintaining a weight that I don't want to be, such as 135. I now weigh 130. I'm on weight watchers and plan to stick with it to get to my goal weight and to maintain my goal weight.

I'm 22,   I moved to Dubai from the UK 8 months ago.  I was already in pretty bad shape,  but the life style out here has caused me to put on an additional 14 pounds since I've been here.  Once i get into a habit of working out i really enjoy it.  I like dancing, going out with friends, and generally having a good time.

Living in the Great Wet North, attempting to heal my gut, get active and gain healthy weight. Knitter/spinner/weaver, eclectically religious, Abe-Hicks fan, "Flybaby," wannabe gourmet nutritarian, fitbit user, mildly cat obsessed, recovering sugar addict & screen addict... I am new and still trying to figure out how this works!

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