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Team Name: Serious About Fitness
Members: 10
Location: Venice, CA 90291


Profile: For people who take their fitness seriously.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:59 AM

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Im the wife of a US Sailor! the mother of a beautiful baby girl && the stop mother of a little recruit in training. Im studying to be a nutritionist && working pt time. my husband is being deployed this may, so i want to look && feel my absolute best when he comes back!

i'm an 18 year old female living in california. i do enjoy fitness (i'm having personal training sessions twice a week and i go to martial arts class 2-3 times a week) and i eat pretty healthy food, but even so, i've gained a few pounds as a freshman in college :( i want to do some damage control and reverse this and go back to my pre-college weight... plus, i've had sports injuries (knees) before so losing a few pounds would put less impact on my knees.

51 yrs. old. Body changed when I hit 50, gained about 10 lbs, even though I've always had a fairly healthy diet, and exercise every day. Since starting Peertrainer, my diet has become really clean, all the junk is out, and feel sooo much better. But still no weight loss. Keep telling myself to just be patient, change will come...

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