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Team Name: Swim the Atlantic
Members: 19
Location: anywhere

Goals: swim from America to England- virtually

Profile: Looking for motivation to swim laps? Well, now you have it! Join me in virtually swimming across the Atlantic! Whether you swim 2 laps a week or 200, join us to accomplish our goal. We'll be swimming 3130 miles from Plymouth, Mass to Plymouth, Englad.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:24 AM

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I am a widow with two young children, working to redesign my life. This is one of the reasons I am on this site.

I'm 42 and fabulous and ready to lose a lot of weight. I am hoping to meet like-minded people who are READY to lose their weight. Work has always been really satisfying to me, and has had a sneaky way of taking over my play -- as well as a convenient excuse for not eating well or exercising.

I am a stay at home mom of three. I'm 35 yrs old. My children range from 8 yrs to 16 months old. I enjoy spending time with my husband and kiddos. Also love to spend time with my girlfriends - which is rare these days. I really enjoy music - all genres! ***UPDATE**** as of Jan 4, 2012 - I am now 39 years old. Mother of three, ages 12, 7, & 5. Time flies. Gotta get this weight off BEFORE I turn the BIG 4-0!!!!!!

I am a 29 year old single woman. I live alone in a centertown appartment. I try to lead an active life and hope that peer trainer will encurage me to keep at it! I work at a group home with adults with developmental disabilities.

I'm a 50-year old single professional woman and love my career as a healthcare analyst. I turned 50 last summer, and made a commitment to get into shape. After training to (successfully!) walk a half-marathon, I started swimming again. I've been in the gym this winter; will head back to the pool when it starts to warm up again!

snowboarder, swimmer, horseback rider.... Usually try to be active at school, but I have a weakness for desserts :( I have previous back injuries so I need to strengthen my back and core

I am 5'5 and now weigh 186 which is 10lbs below the worst I have ever gotten. My goal weight is around 140 but the closest I have ever gotten was 155 and I was freaking hot. Needless to say I need to find my way back to being 155!!!! I am 23 and live in Addison, TX. I just graduated with my undergrad in May and now have some serious weight to lose that was accumulated throughout college! I enjoy exercise when I do but my motivation BLOWS!!!! I like to cycle and walk (running isn't my forte but I do that occasionally too.) I have been dieting all my life so now I just need to loose the weight and keep it off!!!! Oh did I mention I have a food problem. I binge eat... then eat really healthy for a while and then go crazy!

I'm a 46 yo student, almost done, and quit my 2.5 pack smoking habit about a month ago, which is great, but my weight is now a big problem. love the goal of swiimiming the atlantic!

I am 36 living in SE Connecticut. Swim coach, applications developer (which means I'm sitting for 8-10 hours a day).
5'6", 180lbs want to drop to 130-135lbs. NOT looking to be thin, looking to be athletic and healthy and muscular again whatever weight that ends up being.

I am 25 and work at a PR agency. I am training for my second season of triathlons.

I love to exercise and hate to diet. I am 5'2"" and weigh 135 and need to loose 10 lbs so I can scull as a light weight. I am 50 years old and started rowing about a year ago and sculling about 6 months ago. I lost 7 lbs when I started rowing but now have been at the same weight for some time and need to figure out how to loose 10 lbs. I have 2 active teenagers so there is a lot of food in the house and I have to cook. My husband is not very active and needs to loose weight but isn't ready yet. I work - internet in front of a computer - and find myself eating a lot at work.

Graduating senior in a communications degree at an Upper Peninsula of Michigan university.

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