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Team Name: Sexy over 40!
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Location: San Francisco, CA 94133

Goals: To work individually, to the best of our ability and beliefs, to be the healthiest each of us can accomplish with pride and dignity.

Profile: Tone up, slim down and slip into something totally hot! WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Last posted: Monday, June 03, 2013, 1:14 PM

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I'm 46, divorced, unemployed, single, not miserable but not very happy either.

I work for a local school system as a deaf ed. interpreter. I'm off this summer and am enjoying my time off. I'm taking this time to work on ME. To tone down and look good.

46 year old grandmother. 2nd grandchild is expected soon! Would love to drop the 25 pounds I've gained over the past 1-2 years. Have high cholesterol and really need to lose the extra weight.

41 years old married 20 years to a wonderful supportive man. mother of 2 (18 daughter 14 son also very supportive) In 2000 had a total hysterectomy and started to gain weight. In 2006 I lost 41lbs on weight watchers. Over the last year I've gained back 10 lbs and it seems like I cant get back on track. This year I've joined the gym and now excerise 5 times a week for about 1 hour at a time. My goal is to get back into my size 9-10's. I also teach dance at our church and my husband and I our the Youth Pastors of our church so we both need to be able to keep up with them.

* early 40's * former athlete * 3 kids * ex-gym rat * total soccer mom * disciplined but frustrated about middle section

Mother of 2, 3yr old and 9 yr old. Age 42. I am a freelance designer and owner of a coffee shop. Yes, donuts muffins and pasteries. I see it daily. After hitting the big 40 I was sick of the yo-yo dieting cycle I went through every winter. Gaining all the weight back every year. The older I got the harder it was to get the weight off. I was miserable and taking it out on my husband and kids. So finally my husband found an online trainer who is amazing. I gave myself a goal to stay focused and to have no excuse trying to get out of training. So I signed up for a NPC figure competition. (You don't have to get big like the body builders do!) And after 6 months I got to this point, from a size 10 to 2-4, with a six pack (not bad after 2 c-sections!) I want all the women who are 40 and over to know that you CAN DO THIS, IT WILL HAPPEN. You just have to want it badly.

I'm 46, 47 in two weeks. I live in Toronto. I am self employed, in a very stressful yet creative industry. I am married. I have two dogs, and a cat. I am passionate about gardening. I am a people studier. My business is very people intense - so I guess that works. I notice details that most people don't. I wish I didn't. I love nature more than anything.

I'm 42 years old and am celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary today! (7-29-07). And I guess you can tell by my nickname that I'm a HUGE Spurs fan!!

I am a 42 yr. old old mom of 3 and grandchildren of 3. I am a professional mom working in the tourism field in Wash DC.

I am 46. I remember a time when I felt sexy. Now, i feel nothing only weight creeping up. I am an artist. I also work for a fab company to meet expenses.

I am a Londoner, and in my mid 40's. I enjoy cooking in the evenings and LOVE good food and wine and that is the problem! I actually love the taste of fabulous food and despite my best intentions I sometimes over indulge. I promise myself to BURN off the calories later but LIFE gets in the way and I neglect how much time & energy I need to compensate for the pleasure that I take from fabulous food.

I am nearly 46, single. Have tried diets umpteen diets with no success. I am 50lbs overweight and I feel it in every bone in my body and every activity I attempt to do. Born and bred in England but lived in US for nearly half of my life. Looking to change my life in next year by moving from AZ to Chicago to be closer to brother. Looking for career change as well.

I'm a 45 year old mother of twin 19 year old boys and work for a government department which involves a lot of sitting at my computer in my little cubicle. I gained 10 pounds just about every decade as an adult and went from 135 in my 20s to 179 in my early 40s during a bad marriage break up. I lost 40 pounds but gained 26 pounds back DOH! so now I'm back to eating healthy and hitting the gym. I have read a lot of books on fitness/healthy eating, and belonged to eDiets which was very helpful. I feel confident, based on past success, that I have all the tools in my weight-loss tool kit, that I need in order to loose the weight and keep it off.

I am 51,married for 32 years.Have 3 great children who are pretty much out on their own. Having a great time starting to travel some and enjoy a little freedom with my husband now that we have some time to enjoy each other more since the kids are older now. But on the downside of that,we love to eat when we are out and about and it catching up with me fast!

I'm 47. This is the first year I've not been able to wear the clothes from years past. It's my middle - it's got middle age spread.

I'm a 46 yr old mom of one (he's 16). I work full time in the health field. My husband has his own business. I love to read, knit, hang out with friends chatting over a good cup of coffee..........

I am 56 yrs old woman, work as a computer business analyst and lead a sedentary life. Had joined a gym but too lazy to get in to work out so a strained ankle gave me a good excuse to skip for over 3 months. Have decided to come back to running and watching what I eat.

I had a severe brain disorder two years ago, and have finally been cleared medically, Over this time I have gained 40 pounds-ouch-it is time to get to work.

I am a 46 year old healthcare professional, married 25 years, two kids ages 12 and 14.

I am a US born 42 yr old woman living in Central America for the past 15+ yrs. I have three "older" kids from 1st marriage: 18, 15 and 12, three stepsons: 14, 11, 8 and an 18 month-old who is still a breastfeeding maniac. I am a human rights activist and a habitual ignorer of my own needs until its urgent and then only attend to them in the most basic way type person who needs accountability to break out of that. Began practicing yoga a few years ago as a part of plan to re-do my lifestyle and body to be more in keeping with my ideals. I loved it and I stopped it.

I'm a single woman, 40 years old.

I'm 46, working two jobs and have an adult child still at home.

Age 48. Married 26 years. Mom to 3 boys: 21, 17, 14. Work part-time as an SAT-test prep tutor (odd, variable hours). Live in Maine.

43 y/o mom and teacher who wishes (and has never stopped wishing) to lose weight. I have lost 50 lbs and found some of it again. My motivation has dropped and I need to find the will power to lose 25 more lbs.

I'm married have 2 son's (18 single in college and 24 married with 1 child) I am 43, 5' tall and weigh 182. I am very involved in my church.

46 year old happily married (24 years) three children 18,16 & 12. Maintained size 10 for last ten years and suddenly found myself maxing out a size 12.

I am a 47 year old single mom to a beautiful 18 year old daughter. I was thin in my youth but I was a smoker then and have become over weight since I stopped smoking approx. 15 years ago. At 47, I now have 60 extra pounds super glued to my tummy, behind, thighs, and breasts. The only good thing I can say is that my weight does distribute evenly on my body. I have an administrative job in middle management for the Federal Government. I donated a kidney to my brother approximately 5 years ago. He had diabetes for 30+ years which resulted in kidney failure. One year later he received a pancreas. I now worry about my weight with having only one kidney, and me possibly developing diabetes myself. I do geneology. I love animals. I have 4 dogs but in my lifetime I've had many dogs, 1 cat, a rabbit, a chipmunk, and many fish. I love comedies, romances, and some adventure films. I'm a southerner at heart but like all types of music. I was overweight when I donated my kidney but now I've added 15 more pounds. I'm hoping that this venue will give me the motivation, selfesteem and comrodery to help me become the me I used to be.

I'm 40 and at a great stage in life. I went through a divorce in 2005, probably the most stressful time in my life. Three years later, I am really happy with a great boyfriend and raising my 11 yr old daughter. I had lost weight during the divorce, but have gained it back in the last year. I have had some health issues that have limited my ability to exercise, and impacted my weight. I'm 5'10 and weigh 190

I am 44 years old with a 18 years old son. I had a total hysterectomy on 15 Jan, came home 18 Jan, took a long look at myself in the mirror I love it that I am alive, but disappointed what I did to God's body. Presently I can't exercise, but I can lose a few pounds with my food intake. I will not starve myself, I will just eat healthy. Meaning protion size is very important. I am a prime believer in the body needs all food, but is how much. So yes I believe in the food pyramid.

I am 39, have two grown boys ages 24 and 18. I am currently a pre-nursing student working part-time at a gas station up the road from where I live. I really need to lose weight because I am feeling very self-conscious about the way I look, and I just want to feel good about myself again. I recently quit smoking (using Chantix) and I feel a lot better that way, now I just want to lose the weight so I can get my groove back. I have a very outgoing personality, but find that lately I pull back from people because I don't want them to examine me too closely because they might be as disgusted by me as I am.

I am almost 55 years old and happily married for 32 years to my dh. We have four great children, three are married. Our first granddaughter arrived in September 07 and our second granddaughter arrived on Nov 15th 08 (one year to the day I lost my mom). I've been making healthy lifestyle choices for most of my life, but I love red wine and so I have to workout!

I'm a working-at-home mom, age 44, married 18 years, 3 children ages 9, 12 and 14

Avid reader, great cook, mother/wife/daughter extraordinaire.

Hi! A friend told me about PEERtrainer so I signed up' ummm....that was in September of 2007. I had a really good start, then got busy with life so.....anyways, I am back and still working towards that goal (not that I ever stopped, I just wasn't logging) of getting to a healthy weight and establishing overall healthy habits for the rest of my life.

I am a married woman with 3 children, two young men 22 & 21 yrs old; one in college and the other one is in the US Airforce. One 8 yrs old daughter. I am in college working on my master degree in Social Work. I goes to school and do intern 3 days a wk and work the other 2 days.

I am a 43year old mother of two beautiful girls (5 & 8) from Canada. I have been married for 10 years. I have always struggled with weight loss. I start exercising, then after a couple months, it is not a priority anymore. Especially if I dont see any changes on the scale.

I am a 47 yrs. old I love the outdoors hike,bike,fish,even enjoy yard work. I have 2 grown sons,one in the Air Force in N.M. one just got out of A.F. working on a base in S.C. 26 & 20.I love going to AZ.& plan to move back there one day.

42 yr old w/2.5 yr old twin girls. lost most of the baby weight and want to reach lose the last 10 pounds. need motivation to exercise.

I am married (2nd marriage) and my son is 20. He doesnt live near us and that is a situation that stresses me to eat. When I am stressed I eat....I have a sweet tooth...I have 2 dachshunds, Malcom and Frankie that are my kids and I spoil them!

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