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Team Name: Iron Mamas
Members: 2
Location: anywhere 00000

Goals: Support, Inspiration and sharing!

Profile: This team caters to an elite group of girrrrrls who eat well, lift, and have kids. We are known as Iron Mamas and it takes a lot of organization to pull this off! So let's support each other. Let's give each other the tools, advice and support we need to be sexy, healthy, smart, strong and nurturing to our families.. Who says you cant have it all?

Last posted: Wednesday, January 09, 2013, 6:44 PM

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8-13-08: Updated: Busy busy with my 3 kiddies. Im in a band and recording our 4th CD, adorable husband and best daddy in the work. I have everything I could want except - oh yea.. money ;).Kids now 8 ,4 and 5 mo. 4-08: Mom of 3 (7, 4 and 6 weeks). Work from home but its still really a struggle to balance everything. Im also in a band and trying so hard to keep that going as well. Can anyone say coffee? Original prepreg weight before #1 was 115. Pre preg wieght with #2 was 118, Prepreg weight with #3 was 120. I just had #3 6 weeks ago. I am at 133 ( was 155 when I delivered. so I have about 13 lbs to go BUT, I want to get lean and look smaller/tighter than before #1~

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