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I'm 28 years old, I work in health insurance marketing and live just outside of Seattle, WA with my husband and adorable dogs.

Ok, so I'm turning 34 next month, & I can't at all believe it. I spent my twenties chunky too. A few years ago, I lost 35lbs. on Weight Watchers & was running 3 miles 4 times per week. Well, something happened & I stopped running & stopped being serious with WW. I have continued to play at WW for a couple years on & off. So, now I'M READY! I am serious about WW & working out. I am a teacher, & I want to be a runner again.

I am a 31 yr. old woman with two kids. I am raising them on my own with the support of my friends and family. I have struggled with my weight most of my life, but it has only been in the last few years that it has really bothered me. I don't want to be stopped by my weight, and I am tired of having small physical aliments.

I am 30 years old and have been up and down with my weight since I was about 20. I am married with 19 kids - I'm a school teacher. I know what I should eat and can follow the plan, but then loss interest quickly if the support is not there.

I am 35 and claiming my life as my own for the first time. I have always done everything to please other people and stuffed my feelings inside but now I am focusing on what pleases me. Getting the weight off and getting fit is a step in that direction.

I am a singer and teacher. I gained my weight when I went to graduate school and I ate myself through it. I lost 132 lbs on a liquid diet about 10 years ago and gained it all back. I am now taking time for me now. I am 36 and I WILL NOT be fat at 40. I just can't. I have been heavy all my life and I am not going to live the second half fat. Genetics are against me, but I am not letting that get to me. My goal is to lose this slow and steady.

I am 47-years-old. I have two podcasts--I never thought that I would ever get people to listen to me but it's really fun and I am getting more listeners all the time, who'd a thunk? I also have mad Photoshop skills and work in a photo lab. I have two beautiful and brilliant daughters--one in college and one in middle school and a sweetheart of a husband who is the perfect man for me. I also perform in a local Rocky Horror cast as Dr. Frank-n-furter, Riff Raff or Magenta (our cast obviously isn't screen-accurate).

I'm 25, work in an office (45-55hrs per week), am engaged to be married on 6/20/2009. I want to get back in shape to feel better about myself, have more energy, and look my best for my wedding.

30-year-old married court reporter with two kids ages 8 and 2. I love to shop for clothes, shoes, and handbags, spend time with my family and have fun :)

Full time Mom, part time 911/police/ems/fire dispatcher (with sometimes more than full time hours),divorced but happily involved in long term relationship

I am 42 years old, happily married and have three adorible kids. A boy three and twin girls 9 months. I suffer from post partum depression and have gained over 100 pounds after the first child was born. (weighed less right after he was born and then just ballooned {380lb}) I want to get healthy so I can enjoy my kids, play with them, walk with them and have them proud of mom taking them to school. I dread the first day when all the kids are going to tell my son his mommy is fat.

I work in the stockmarket as an institutional equities trader. I'm a Los Angeles native still enjoying my hometown. I'm looking forward to being a member of a motivated weight loss group with lots of communication and support.

I'm a film student who is, for some reason, working for an internet company.

I a perpetual professional student.....but I still work too.

I am seventeen years old. Playing select fastpitch softball year around kept me in great shape for someone weighing 165 pounds, but since I quit, I've put on nearly twenty pounds and lost all of my muscle. I need to get back into shape and be healthy again, because I refuse to be like this for the rest of my life.

I am 29 yrs old. Live in Florida. Married for almost 9 yrs.No kids just my wonderful blk lab Trent.i have about 10 to 15 lbs to lose. I just can't seem to keep a steady workout schedule and keep my eating habots on track.

I'm Kim. I'm twenty one years old and currently living in a small town in Pennsylvania where I go to college. I'm a psychology major with a minor in philosophy and I'm finishing up my second year. I'm originally from Pittsburgh and I absolutely love any metropolitan area, although Philly and NYC are my favorites. I love to just wander around and see what I find. I spend most of my time reading(memoirs mostly), listening to music(kindof pop-punkish and alternative, I guess), hanging out with friends, shopping, and learning things I'll never need to know.

Trying to commit to eating healthy and working out. Want to shape up for my upcoming wedding so I look my best, and also want to continue that till well after the honeymoon phase! I'm 24, and looking to lose about 20 pounds. I log in often, post a lot, and probably overuse smileys :).

I am a 33 year old single mother of 3 children. I recently just started fostering kids. I have taken in a girl age 14,. She is a insulin dependent diabetic. My foster child has helped me to realize how important your diet is. I work full time and go to school full-time. I live a pretty hectic life. I am trying to find that balance so that everything will flow in order. :)

Okay, I am doing all kind of research on diets. I've followed every diet ever made, almost. I've gained, I've lost, I've been stuck and I'm tired of it all. I am going to loose weight. I have to loose weight. I just hit 30 years old. I don't want to spend my 30's fat like I did my 20's. And besides, I want to wear hot clothes. You can't wear hot clothes after your 30's. I mean you can, but you have to do it tastefully. I want to be tacky ! SO weight loss HERE I COME!! :)

I'm 27 years old, got married a little over 4 years ago, and have since gained 20 pounds. I'm a pharmacist with a busy schedule, but once I get on track with working out, I can do it. Overeating tends to be my weakest point. I recently just found out I was pregnant, and still haven't lost those 20 lbs! So the goal during pregnancy is not to go crazy and gain too much weight...

I'm 30 years old. Just graduated from nursing school on May 19th. I've been married since 2001. No kiddies yet, just a spoiled rotten dog named Finnigan. We're planning on trying for kids this fall after I've worked for a while. I've been in school since Fall 2005 and feel like I've finally gotten my life back. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to be a nurse. However, I love not having some test or skills evaluation hanging over my head. Well, except for my licensure exam on June 22nd.

31-year old social worker with a somewhat stressful job. I consider myself an emotional eater and am currently working toward changing that.

20 years old. Attending Suffolk University Looking to lose weight before a trip to India in December 2007. Been overweight about half my life, and I just don't think this was the skin I was supposed to live in. I want to stay excited when I shop, instead of gettin down in the dumps after trying on somehting I love and it not fitting! Ive tried a couple of things that have only left me in extreme debt since the age of18. : (. Trying to do this without telling anybody I know, so I don't have anyone making me feel like I failed, and because I want to surprise everyone with this change. I don't know how to go about doing this so ANY tips will be happily accepted!

I am 35-years-old and feel as though I have been struggling with my weight my whole life. Truth is...I was always rail thin and in shape growing up...eating anything I wanted and never having to intentionally exercise. The older I get, the more the pounds keep creeping on...and the harder it is to get them off. My overall goal is to eat healthy and exercise regularly...maintain a healthy lifestyle. However...I can't lie...I'm also trying to get down from 170 to approximately 145 so I can feel good about myself and look better in clothes. It's been hard and I'm just looking for some support...someplace where I can hold myself accountable while also staying focused and motivated.

I am a retail manager, and a video game nerd. I'm tired of never having any energy and NOT looking forward to my vacation! I want to be excited to hit the beach!

My name is Carrie. I'm 38 and have a 4 year old daughter. Before I had my daughter I was a size 8 (my goal size). During the pregnancy I gained 75 pounds! I lost some right after her birth, but the last 20-30 I can't seem to shake. After college I had gained 30 pounds and lost it, so I know it can be done. I just need the same determination again.

I'm 31, I've lived in Cali most of my life, I'm single, female. I love to cook; I actually want to be a chef.

I'm a 33-year old social worker determined to lose the 35 pounds I've gained in the past 2 years.

College professor; working on my doctorate (stress causes me to gain weight--lucky me). Have a husband, two girls (ages 6 and 9), two dogs, and two cats.

I am a 20 year old small town girl. I like sports, fashion, gossip, and the beach. I am in a very committed relationship for almost 3 years. I work nonstop!!!

I am currently a student so trying to juggle working out, school, being healthy, money, social life and everything else is hard. I have been trying and trying and trying! I am ready. I love adventures, running, yoga, cooking and learning new things!

I'm 30 yrs old, live in NYC. Now that I've hit 30, I've decided to get into the best shape of my life. Part of that means getting rid of all the little self-sabotaging things I do: emotionally eating, getting too stressed out by work, not sticking to regular eating and sleeping and exercising schedules. In short, not being the best I can be!

I'm a single 24 y/o who is super super busy. I work two part time jobs which ends up equalling more that one full time job. I work as a Research Assistant and also as a Substance Abuse Counselor working with teenagers. I am also a full time Grad Student. I have a bad habit of going out on the weekends and canceling out all the hard working out and dieting I do during the week with cocktails and eating out. I had thyroid cancer when I was about 17 which I think is why I was a pretty chubby teenager. I think my highest weight was about 165 (at 5'1'). After dealing with the thyroid issue I lost about 10 lbs per year while in college and have been "stuck" for the past couple years. I seem to gain and lose the same 8 pounds all the time. I'm down to 125 but I would really like to lose 10-15 lbs more.

currently working three jobs at 60+ hours a week {versus the 80+ i was working, so that's a bonus!} and feeling the stress of social and employer demands. the work thing makes it really hard to eat at home i've noticed, so i need to make a better effort on that front. my best friend cleaned my bathroom today. it was maybe the nicest and most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me. i feel like i can function again. clutter and dust make me antsy. right now, i am calm. this is a bonus.

I am newly 45, married 13 years, no children and work full-time outsided of the home. I love being with my husband, outdoor activities and working my home-based business.

I am a married, 37-year-old mother of an adorable red-headed boy. I would like to free myself of the burden of weight, so that I can be a better mother, a better wife, and a happier person.

i'm a 7th grade math teacher. looking forward to summer vacation!

I'm 23 and getting married in the fall. In addition to wanting to fit into my dream dress I desperately want to improve my energy levels. I have a hard time being productive without coffee and I feel far older than my years. I'm currently on LAWL, but the staff can be dismissive if you've already forked over your money and refuse to buy all their bars, so I'm looking for some support and someone to be accountable to!

I'm 21 and taking a year off from school to straighten out my life. Things are falling back into place, and I want to get rid of the weight that represents that negative period in my life. So far, I've been able to take off 15 pounds, which I'm extremely proud of, but I still have about 15 more before I reach my ideal weight. I'm an avid reader and writer, and I love to bike and and cook-primarily for others, I love throwing dinner parties :). When I was better shape, I ran every morning, and I really enjoyed it. Once I get further along I'd like to restart that habit. I like to party once in a while, but more than two or three times a month is draining. I also love a good adventure :).

I am a 22 year old univesity student. I am working on 2 degrees at once whilst havig 2 jobs. This leaves me with little time to make myself a healthy meal which means i usually pick something up to eat. Not good...not good at all. I have done many diets, and i have failed many times. I bought treadmill, which hopefully will give me time to workout since i dont have to travel to the gym. Let's see where this journey will take me.

hi! im julie and im turning 22 this july. i am a college student taking up marketing. i'm already a mom but a very cool one! i want to be healthy and fit for my 2year old daughter,my hubby and especially for myself!

I'm in my mid-thirty's and want to lose the weight the only way I know exercise and food reduction. I eat healthier than most over weight people but don't get enough exercise due to having severe migraines. I'm trying to workout a little everyday to create a good habit (21 days to create a habit). I purchases a treadmill a year ago and love it. The only problem is that I don't use it as often as I would wish. I am determined to lose this weight because it is hard to do girly things that I like to do such as paint my toes or wear the latest fashions with cute shoes. Right now I wear sweats and flat shoes due to the pain I feel. I have lost most of my friends and family because I guess I really didn't have valued friendships and I am very sad about this. Only one friend called me out of province every month. I now realize just how shallow people can be when your going through rough times. I feel a lot of distrust towards people because I have been so mistreated by friends and family, that I don't know who to trust.

I'm a regional AR coodinator for the Northeast Region of Orkin Pest Control ~ I am also an artist in my spare time (whats that?) and I am engaged and happily living with my fiance in our first house together and putting that together is a full time job in itself. I love to cycle and mountain bike, but have found my spare time is allowing less and less of these in my daily routine along with my apparently halting metabolism!

I'm a junior at Wayne State University, in Michigan, and I just turned 21. I'm majoring in psychology and I plan to get a Masters in Social Work. I gained at least 25 lbs my first year of college after being really thin my entire life. I hate it!!!!

5'3, 28, live in southern california, dont much like working out at the gym!!!

I am 35, married with two kids 6 & 8. I have always been overweight and enough is enough. I am ready to make a change. I also would like to try new and different things.

I am 31, 5,07, photographer and I have been overweight most my life. Since my teens. I have tried to lose weight but never kept it off. I have lost 50 lbs before in my early 20's. I am now mentally ready to actually achieve my goal. Not an easy path but I am trying. I just need support and motivation from anywhere and anyone who have been in my shoes. I love cooking and I love making meals specially healthy one's. But sometimes, we don't have the desire to cook and just go to the fast food is right around the corner.

I live in SoCal, have 2 kids and 2 dogs and 70 extra pounds. There's a diabetes risk in my family, and I don't feel good at this weight. But I work as a teacher, constantly grade papers or plan classes, and also write--both things that stick me in a chair. And then came menopause.

I am a 32 year old, mother of 2. My husband is completing his education and I work as a retail manager. I enjoy reading, movies, and watching TV (all sedentary activities.) I have 2 dogs: a pug and a pit bull. My father was obese his entire adult life despite being trim and athletic in high school. He died at a relatively young age and I don't want to follow in his footsteps.

See above.

I am 5'5 and the last time I weighed myself I was at 240. My heaviest was about 255 but since then I have been trying to cut back. I love to watch comedians and swim. I'm a happy fat person but I know that I would be alot happier if I was at a healthy size.

I am a 29 yo pharmacist and I work from home as a consultant (for the last 3 months....which is actually kind of lonely and not as fun as I originally thought!!) who would love to lose 15-20 pounds. I am slightly bipolar with my workouts (I will do fabulous for 2 weeks, then do nothing, then be a superstar again, then do nothing!) I started working with a personal trainer about 10 weeks ago and the transformation in terms of strength and muscle tone is amazing (apparently I had NO muscle before).....but I have not lost any weight! Now I need to add in Cardio/Some Diet/ and learn to workout on my own to burn off the fat and continue to keep the muscle!

35 yrs old. Mom of two boys. Homeschooler. Happily Married. work from home. interested in community projects, organic foods, simple living and outdoor fun.

I'm single, 40, and I have a demanding job that I love. I have alot of freedom but also alot of pressure. Bad combo for staying on track with eating and working out.

I'm almost 43 and feel like I'm 20 years younger, but it recently occured to me that I spent the entire decade of my 30's over weight and I can't fix that. I can keep my 40's from being the same, though and thats why I'm here. I have this weird affliction that causes me to think I am still fit and look great... until I see myself in a picture, or go shopping and try to squeeze myself into something 5 sizes to small or OMG realize that fat lady in the window reflection is me.

I am a full time student looking to make a lifestyle change. I am 5'5 and 210. The highest I have ever been was about 235, 2 years ago. July 1: 210 July 10: 205 July 17: 207 :(

I am currently in college, been horribly overweight for over a year now, I MUST go back to how I was before, the more I stay like this, the more depressed I get. Anyone who is in the same boat is welcomed to be partners with me, so we can help each other to keep track of everything. :-)

I have four beautiful kids and a man that I have loved for more that 17years.

Well, I'm 30...5' 2"...married for almost 13 years....I have a wonderful son who is almost 4 and I really don't want to be the fattest mom taking my son to school.

I am seeking new directions. So far I'm lost. But PEERtrainer is giving me hope. I am a performing artist who doesn't perform. Very bad. My weight and other issues keep me off the scene. I have a masters degree and a resume of experience in managerial/supervisory government work. But I turned my back on the security of government work to become an artist. I am married to a performer who is very active in his work. He wishes I were too. And of course he is a nut about weight. He is thin, but flabby. Eats very little. Doesn't exercise. I exercise more than he does. My husband is totally anti junk food so it is easy to keep the right food in the house. I just gotta learn to eat less of it.

Hi I'm a 39 yr old wife of one 8 yr old daughter. I am a business professional in management. I currently weigh 210 and am 5'8 and this is the MOST I have ever weighed in my entire life. I'm tired, fat, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and want to make 40 one of my best years ever! I have no energy to do anything and hope someone can give me the motivation that I used to have...

I am almost 40 have a 4.5yr old daughter and a 2.5 year old son. I am an ex lawyer turned documentary filmmaker who works part time from home and out of an office. I am an "apple." I love my job, I love my kids, I love (mostly) my husband, I love my life -- except I'm not crazy about my floppy tummy, my back bulges under my bra and my arms in a tank top. I look "fine" but I want to look great. I'm coming up on forty and if not now, when?

My name is Jacki. I'm twenty-five and seriously have a great life. I'm very involved with my church, love my job, have wonderful friends, am dating a wonderful man, and love my family. I'm a generally happy gal.

I'm 34, married, an American living in France. My son (first child) was born in March 2007, and my husband and I are having fun (downgraded from 'the time of our lives' due to teething and no sleep...) being parents. I have a desk job at a big corporation, and although I'm grateful for the perks (and the employment in this market), it doesn't do anything for my body.

Soon to be 48 y/o RN, married mother of two very teenage girls. I have come to the realization that just because you "iron" your scrubs, they do not and should not constitute an "outfit". That is how close the the bottom I have come. Anyone in the same boat???

I'm from San Francisco but living in the UK for another year with my Brit husband. I have been a vegetarian for almost a year and I cook all my own food. I want to get rid of my extra pounds I put on over the last 2 years! I want to feel better about myself and fit into my size 6's again. I want to stick with working out instead of falling off track again.

I used to work 7 days a week and have finally become comfortable in my new 5 day work week. I tend to put work first, sacrificing my social life and health. I have been trying to make positive changes in my life on my own but seem to be stuck.

*** BACK FROM SURGERY AND READY TO ROLL... or rather... lose the rolls!*** I'm 22 and newley married to the love of my life Sean. I am a below the knee amputee due to congenital birth defects but that has never held me back. I was very active growing up, I played soccer, and ran track, however, as I've grow my activity level has dropped to practically non-existant.

I'm an almost 24 yr old starting my first year of medical school. I've always been an overachiever, and have used food most of my life to deal with stress. I struggled with anorexia as a teenager, and now, ironically, I'm battling compulsive binging/overeating. Although I'm a science nerd, I am also in love with literature, philosophy, learning of all kinds. I think that the world is a fascinating place, with so many amazing people, and I feel that I have so much more to offer it than I currently am giving. Lots of people throughout my life have told me that I'm "smart", but rarely have I ever heard that I'm beautiful or even pretty. Feeling ugly lead me to eat self-destructively. I feel that part of my weight loss journey will simply be to find some self-respect.

I'm a 20 year old college student and ever since going away to school I have not been able to stay committed to losing wieght. In high school I lost about 20 lbs and since going away to school ive gained that back and about 50 additional lbs. The reason I need to lose this weight is bc its starting to effect my life in ways that I do not want it to. I use to love going out but since gaining weight I have to be dragged off my couch to go anywhere. I want to be the life of the party again!

20-year-old studying to become a pharmacist at UF - GO GATORS!!!

.....I'm not very concerned with writing about myself. I don't appear fat to others because I'm only a little out of the range. but I like to go online, and I love to read, so I sit around a lot. I have very thin arms and legs, but I need to loose in my stomach. I can still look nice in clothes but I can't put on the bikini. My bmi is normal but it wouldn't hurt for me to lose 20 pounds.

I am a stay at home mom I have a Daughter who was born may 6th of this year, and a son that is 5. I have had trouble with my weight since I gained over a hundred pounds with my son, So when I found out I was pregnant, I started eating better and working out. I need to start taking it up a notch to see some real results

I'm a 61 year old business woman with a desk job. I eat the wrong things and don't exercise regularily. However, I recently began biking to work (about 2 miles each way). That's a start.

I'm a 20 year old college student at Nebraska. I've been chubby since grade school and i finally want to buckle down and lose the extra weight. I really want to be healthier and of course look good in cute clothes! I've been on numerous diets, but can never quite stick to it. I hope here I can get the encouragement I need to finally reach my goals.

I am 19 and attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. I love to act, dance, and sing and I am very friendly, but not very social. I am very hard on myself and I usually do not reward myself for my accomplishments. I love being active and eating healthy, but I get distracted from this fact because I also love to stress eat. I need to work on my relationship with food.

I'm a usabilty designer working at a small design firm in San Francisco (so I'm a pixel pusher). I'm 28 living with my boyfriend and our two cats. Currently I'm working full time and attending graduate school full time (only 1 year to go!).

I'm just looking to get fit.

Happily married with 4 children. HATE to sweat which makes exercising difficult even when I find the time. I am a very happy upbeat person and need to cheer on others as much as I need to hear encouragement.

I'm fat

I am a 23-year-old student who works (and eats) too much and studies too little. I live with my boyfriend of four years (now fiancee!), my cat, and soon a puppy (yay)! I love animals, being creative, singing (badly), cuddling the boy, and just generally having a good time.

Married mom of 2 children whom I homeschool. Work full time as houseparent to 13 teenagers. Love my job being a "full-time mom". But as a mom, it is difficult to stay healthy. There always seems to be a good reason to not find me time to exercise....and eating healthy is a challenge....This is something I need to do for me...and really be committed to.

Love cheese, love chocolate. Hate dieting, hate exercise. Looking to restart my brain so I can reverse these descriptions.

I'm 24 years old, about 5ft 6 and as a result of illness recently gained a lot of weight. I've managed to lose about half of it now but am really struggling with this last little bit. I'm fairly active but find it hard not to eat the same food as my (skinny) partner which probably doesn't do me any favours. Oh, I live in the UK :)

I just turn 30 and want to beat my weight problem once and for all. I wanna be healthy, live well and have lots of energy. I feel like my outside does not match the person I am inside. A lot of my eating is emotional, and I am working on not relying on food anymore.

I am a 24 year old college graduate who went no where with my initial career search. So I am a full-time nanny for a bunch of families in addtion to an occassional waitress gig. When I was younger I was considered underweight and had to drink those nasty Ensure shakes. THe transition to high school was hard and I ended up gaining weight throughout it, even while still being somewhat active. In college my bad eating skills and laziness continued. The waitressing jobs caused me to eat whatever was at work, and not watch my weight. Last year I became very sick, and have had an up and down battle with my health ever since. I have gained and lost weight over that time, but have never felt good. I would like to lose an additional 50 pounds, and eventually 70 pounds.

Female, 27 years old, full-time library science master's student, half-time receptionist at Dr.'s office. Stuck in front of a computer most of the day. Thanks ONLY to good genes I'm technically not overweight according to my BMI, but my ratio of fat-to-muscle is way off...and I'm just not in shape. My clothes and my knees say I could stand to lose 15 lbs. or so. Doesn't sound like much, but I've never had to think about what I eat before, EVER, so this is a brand-new experience for me. My diet is alright (probably a little butter-heavy; I love to cook), but NEED to exercise to deal with stress, depression and inactivity.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyagia over a decade ago. I gained over 70 lbs and haven’t really worked out since due to pain. My biggest problem is my difficulty with organizational skills and remembers to work out after work.

I'm a SAHM and massage therapist.

I am 40. Succesful at getting pregnant not succesful at staying pregnant. I am a very positve person. I am a career counselor. I am Catholic. I have always been a healthy person and very active. THe last two years I have put on 50 lbs and am quite unpleased by my appearance. I woudl like to get healthier before we try again. Currently 213 lbs would liek to be ideally 140 but will go for 170 first! Started this phase Feb 19

I am 23 years old, I have gained at least 10 pounds since I graduated from college in May 2007. That is a lot of weight in such a short period of time (Well, actually I guess that's only 2 pounds a month, funny how weight sneaks up on you). I have always felt kind too big, and it ends up being a source of insecurity. I am going to get a handle on this weight issue because I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and feel comfortable in their own skin. I do not want to spend my life insecure or overly concerned about my weight. I want to be able to pick up and go to the beach when ever I want or pick something out of my closet to wear and not have to ask myself... "do I look fat?" I have never been that big, although I have felt that way ( mostly because I have big hips and a butt... think beyonce. *lol* As I've gotten older I have grown to love my curves, I just want to reduce my size overall) Oh and I love running and the rest of the time I'm studying... I'm a first year medical student. [change] I am a SECOND year medical student I ran a half-marathon in 2005 a Marathon 26.2 miles in 2006 another half-marathon in 2007 (So I must say, this is why I feel guilty constantly complaining about my body. My body has done some amazing things and I want to be proud of my shape. This is the reason, I am going to change my life style and lose weight for good! I deserve it... and you do too!

I am 38 and live in Los Angeles. I recently completed my Master's in psychology, on my way to a doctorate in Clinical Psych. Before I started school I was in pretty good shape and ran 3 miles a day, 3 days a week. Now I have a very sedentary lifestyle and have hit my highest weight ever!! This last 15 lbs. seemed to come out of no where. I am shocked and horrified at how quickly I am gaining and need to get control of my eating and exercising ASAP.

I'm a 23-yr-old in her last year of college. Had always been pretty active (grew up as a dancer, worked out religiously & ate like a health nazi) up until I went through some crazy stuff this last year that resulted in a manic episode, and now experiencing some depression and bulimia (which resulted in some major weight gain 20+lbs). Basically, I went from a free-spirited crazy happy go-go dancer / sorority college girl with a fit body to a sad self-loathing average BMI girl. Determined to recover and gain my health and happiness back! Let's do this! :D

I'm 31. I've gone through some dieting ups and downs over the years and I finally want to journey to weight loss by changing one habit at a time. I work for full-time in ministry. It is a busy job that I really enjoy. This takes up a full work day, plus lots of volunteer time as well. This leads me to eat food on the run and rush from one activity to another. I realized that by allowing life to dictate my time I'm not truly taking control and using my time as wisely as I'd like. In addition to weight loss, I'd also like to work on planning and managing my time better.

Running a company and being a family man hasn't left a lot of time for me to dedicate to fitness. I live in New York City and walk to work everyday but that's about all the exercise I get besides carrying around my 9 month old baby boy. But exercise is critical for physical and mental health and I am ready to get back into it!

I'm 41 years old and enjoy being with my 12 year old daughter. She's very active and keep us busy with her activities. I'm an Art Director for Kansas State University. Enjoy living in Manhattan, Kansas. I also enjoy working on my Mac.

18 year old girl who is prediabeic who needs help with handling insulin resitance and hip bursitis

I am married with a 4-year old daughter. I struggle with depression and emotional eating. I want to eat healthier and exercise to be the best me I can be, for myself and my family.

Hi, I'm 27 years old, single, and I live in Seattle. Sort of. I'm a human performance consultant who travels about 98% of the time for work. I think I spend as much time on planes as many flight attendants! I love what I do for work, and I enjoy traveling to new places and taking scenic photos as well. I enjoy music, reading short stories, home organization / decor and SLEEPING! I am ashamed to admit how much I've let the travel schedule, long work hours and constant eating out pile on the pounds. I have gained 60+ pounds over the past 18 months and can no longer even squeeze into my jeans or comfortably button many dress shirts.

I got married in Apri of '07 and it was beautiful, except for one thing. I looked HUGE. I work midnights so it is kind of hard to find stuff that is catered to the third shift schedule. Ask any night worker, we are all a little odd and it takes a lot to keep going at times.

I am 21 yrs old and i have been dating my fiance for 6yrs now. I am currently the care taker of my 12 yr sister and 16 brother. As you know life is a bit hectic, and making time for exercise is crucial.

I am 23 years old and just moved back to PA from Boston. I have always struggled with my weight, and my family has not always been supportive of this. I can't tell you how many times that my father tried to bribe me into losing weight and the comments he would make. My family is, on a whole, big as well, but no one seems to want to do anything about it. My weight has always fluctuated and I am tired of it. I want to learn to eat healthier and stick to it. All my friends are thin and though they claim to understand, they have no idea. I want to be happier and healthier and prove to myself (and everyone else) that I can do this.

I am 17 years old, am overweight, and may be depressive. My whole life has been bad events bridged together by good events, but in the past year, everything seems to have gone down hill. From age 8 to 13, I was anorexic. I got help for it after 8th grade. My freshman year in highschool was shaky, but since then, after all the required stays and everything, I gained weight steadily, which was good at first. But now I'm going to college in the fall- I don't know where yet still- and the stress of everything is causing me to put on even more weight. I want to be healthy when I start college, because there, I won't have the comfort of friends who already know where I've been and what I've been through.

I am very outgoing and active in my community. I love movies...too much...I like reading especially health books and cook books. I love to cook and entertain. Cutting wine is a bid deal for me as I like to have it once a week with a good meal. I am hoping to get back to a non-meat diet with only seafood and veggies...I like yoga but haven't done it for years... I need a change...I would like to start the detox March 1st...anybody game? Does require some supplements that I haven't ordered yet as I woudl like a detox partner so I can wait on the March 1st if necessary but don't want to start later than March 5...would like to detox in March as I am on a timeline...April my plan is to get off detox slowly...May eat well..june continue and Jully be close to there with new habits and a new me.:)

I am 58 years old. Was a teacher for 18 years, and now I stay at home with my 2 and 1/2 year old granddaughter Hailey. She is the love of my life and I want to be around for her, and not dead from an obestiy related illness.

I have struggled with weight most of my life. At my highest weight, I was 260 pounds. I had a modified version of standard weight loss surgery. The modification is that the surgery only changed my stomach size and nothing to do with my digestive track. I have lost a great deal of weight, but I am still not at goal and won't get there without addressing food and fitness.

I am 19 years old and very busy with school, being a nanny and life, but have been very discouraged to live my life to the fullest lately because of my weight. This is where I know I need to stop and change some things. If i dont get this under control I dont know what will happen to my goals in a general sense, but I know if i get through this...I will be on top of the world and feel so much better.

I'm a 26 yr. old student and former dancer. I stopped seriously dancing when I was 21, gained a lot of weight, lost 20 lbs 3 yrs. ago, and over the last yr. have gained it all back. I know I just need to really get motivated about working out again & stop eating emotionally. I have a tough time sticking to any diets or work out plans so here's hoping this time I stick with it.

I am 24 and working in the fitness industry. I recently lost my mother to cancer which was followed by my husband leaving me after being in a relationship for 6 years (married for 2). These two heartbreaking events led me to emotionally eat, drink and devasted my self esteem. I now have a great and supportive boyfriend, like my job and have moved into a new apartment, but still do not have a handle over eating issues and body dismorphia. I am so ready for a positive change!

I'm 23yo student of 5'5" tall and 135lbs. My goal is to lose 10kgs and become lean and slender.

I am a teacher AND a graduate student and am busy busy busy from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day of the week. I also have some issues with seasonal depression and often get very fatigued and down. This makes it hard to stay active--even though staying active helps me stay in good spirits.

I'm 22,   I moved to Dubai from the UK 8 months ago.  I was already in pretty bad shape,  but the life style out here has caused me to put on an additional 14 pounds since I've been here.  Once i get into a habit of working out i really enjoy it.  I like dancing, going out with friends, and generally having a good time.

I am a mum of three and need to loose 42llbs. been trying for ages.I am a writer/comedian/actor and want to feel better and more confident than i do especially in my line of work

My job requires me to spend several hours a day behind a desk, and lack of sufficient exercise is a horrible thing for those of us who'd like to be in shape. It's also a no-good atmosphere for that sort of mindless snacking. Too easy.

25 year old married mom of 2, currently unemployed (by choice!!). I spend my days taking care of the kids, house, and animals (a dog and a fish) running errands...thankful for a minute to myself to log my foods...

I am 33 years old and I have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful girls!! I have been overweight for most of my years. The last time I was under 200 (198 to be exact) was at the delivery of my first child which was 15 years ago. Since then I have continued to gain weight. I can not wait to be under 200 again!!

I am a 38 yo, divorced, heathen (germanic traditions) woman in Citrus Heights, CA. I live in a multi-generational household with my Grandparents, whom I help care for, my Mother and my college-age son. My sister also lives between here and a boyfriend's house, so there's a lot of us to work around when I'm dieting. I'm the cook, you see! No need to start a family revolt, but I do find my present appearance to be somewhat - revolting. I need to change it by losing the weight I've gained. Curves are sexy, but bulges are not! Death to the bulges!

Hi everyone-I am 31 and I am still getting used to the idea that I cannot eat what I want, drink like a fish and still be 128 lbs, like I used to be 3.5 years ago. . I am 5"7 in height. The thing is, I lack discipline, love to eat and drink alcohol and really dont want to be so stringent that I dont enjoy my life. I am a lawyer and was in school for 7 years until 2003. Up to that point, I could eat or drink whatever I wanted and stay the same size. Since 2004-I began working as a lawyer and have been living a very decadent lifestyle of eating out a LOT and drinking a LOT-for 3 years I had a boyfriend (now an ex) who did not like to work out-so needless to say-my body slowly changed to a point where I weighed 138 lbs. I weighed myself a couple of days ago and now weigh 148 lbs!!! IMy alcohol intake has increased drastically in the last two months due to my job requiring me to go out for drinks with clients and co-workers. I am very not used to watching what I eat or exercising regularly etc...but I really want to lose 10-15 lbs and maintain it. So here I am.


30 yrs old, gained about 10 lbs since moving to NY in September, and over it! Ready to get back in control of my bod!

I have been experiencing a lot of life changes and establishing a rountine is hard. I need to lose 20 pounds and I want to lose more. I am 33 years old and a grad student as well as a teacher. I live my with boyfriend and that makes dieting hard because he eats anything and everything. I am really looking for some support to help me stay on track.

25 y/o makeup artist living in Orlando, FL.

I am a young Christian student trying to lose weight after 5 years of struggling. I have always eaten to fill the void that should be filled with God. I get easily confused, easily tempted, easily frustrated, and easily depressed. But I will not give up. I LOVE to knit, read Jane Austen, and play piano.

I have always been a rather active person and an avid runner back in the day. Age has caught up with me and my divorce got the better of me as I watched myself baloon up to 255lbs. I am 43 years old and have recently joined the 24 hour fitness club on 3/28/08. So far to date I have lost 23 pounds. I've seemed to hit a stopping point and need all the motivational help I can get.

i am 37 and have gained and lost more times than i can remember i have been struggling with my weight since i was 9 i have recently gained the most ever after a semi serious accident at work and a very severe case of blahs. i weigh what i did pregnant... and my son is now 9... akkkk i am now a stay at home domestic servant/crafter...

42 yr old female reprioritizing my life goals and journey. Big Kevin Trudeau fan. I enjoy reading Laws of Attraction and positive success books. I love spending time with family and friends that believe in my highest purpose. I 'm at a critical change point in my life and getting fit is top priority.

I take care of my three kids and husband and everyone else's needs are my excuse for not taking better care of myself. The thing is, I like exercise...I feel great when I am weight training and walking, doing yoga, biking, dancing, etc. But I get SAD and quit in the fall/winter months...using my light box this year will hopefully I need to work on being consistent.

I'm 29 years old, 5'9" (although sometimes I'm more like 5'10"). I'm married to a wonderful guy, and have 3 kitties. I enjoy going out, watching cartoons (I'm a kid at heart), and working out. I do suffer from depression, and working out, eating healthy, and losing weight really help me overcome it. That's why it's so important for me to succeed.

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