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Profile: Need help with emotional eating at night.

Last posted: Sunday, March 18, 2012, 11:14 AM

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26 year old female. I am not quite overweight, but I would really like to look a little more slim and toned, and be more comfortable with my body. I haven't been wearing a bikini to the beach for probably twelve years, and I think it's time I do it this summer.

A young 57 - Most think i am mid 40's. Weighing in at 170 lbs. Naturally thin until age 42 and it's been all uphill since then.I'm a financial adviser and mortgage broker. Recently moved to Arizona from California.

I'm a happily married, very busy mom of 2. I work full time and desperately need to lose this weight so I can keep up with my life! : )

I'm 26 yrs.old Stay@Home Mommy!! Jersey born n raised. Relocated to Florida Dec.06 Been Married for 3 1/2 years. I have 2 daughters, D'Yanni 2 and Ava~Lynne 3 months. About myself, hmmm...When pregnant with D'Yanni i develpoed Preeclampsyia causing an uncontrolable weight gain, Resulted in a Preemature birth an about 80lbs. EXTRA baggage...Lost 44lbs. First week, then finally dropped 30. Then i slowly started putting the lbs. back on......May 06" I'm Pregnant putting 26lbs. on throughout the Pregnancy i lost all of it within 2 wks. after Ava's birth. So right now I'm basically stuck @ 200lbs. and wearing a not Happy with myself....I am determined to lose n keep off all the weight this time! I've been down this road once before, I~myself must burn 3500 cal. awk. in order to lose 2-3 lbs. awk....Only downfall i have is the childcare @the gym only watch 6months + .....In a couple of months i'll be able to bring both kids to the GYM..!!!! That's really sucky but as long as i stick with Weight Watchers (the right way 2eat) i should be alright...

I'm a pediatrician and pediatric dentist (way too much time in school...) who is the founder and managing general partner of a group practice and who teaches part time @ Stanford Medical School. My work schedule tends to be very hectic which results in "stream-of-consciousness" eating habits. Over the years my lifestyle has been extremely athletic, unfortunately I fractured two vertebrae in a bike race 8 years ago which ended my cycling as well as the ability to run. More unfortunately although my lifestyle changed, my eating habits did not. Ever since high school I've had the destructive habit of "night time eating," - after going to bed I get up several times each night and go into the kitchen and eat - usually whatever is sweet. This night time eating habit is such a craving that I literally can't go to sleep unless I eat something.

I am a 34 year old paralegal living in Orlando Florida. I was married last year to the love of my life. He is so supportive of me and I know how lucky I am. I am a overweight diabetic who recently went on an insulin pump. I guess that is when I realized "enough is enough". I can do something about this situation. I need to quit blaming the medical problems and take responsibility. That is what I am trying to do now.

i'm a personal trainer as well as real estate agent in miami. divorced after 23 yrs with 3 kids jason 28, ryan 25 & kristi 19

I am 40. I am married with one daughter, 8 years old. I have my own business, in the health field. I feel like I have been 20 lbs overweight for most of my life. I find when I run regularly I can keep the weight down. I feel like I am too "big" and "amazon" like. I want to get to the right weight for me and stay there!

I'm a single 30-yr. old female who lives and works in D.C. I like sports and used to be super-athetic but have had a hard time lately getting motivated to exercise. College and other stressful things led to my downfall. A history of diabetes in my family and doing well in my part-time grad program are 2 main motivating factors. I'm looking to shed the 25 lbs. I've re-gained since losing it last year and also rekindle that love for exercise.

I am 53 and have struggle with my weight most of my life. I have taken it off and put it back on countless time. Last year I lost about 28 pounds, I have regained all but 4 or 5 pounds. I want the weight off permanently for several reasons. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I work full-time and am very active with my family and my church. Until six months ago I went to the gym 3-5/weekly for about 2 hrs of cardio/weights. Now I do 30 mins of cardio at home two to three times/week. At the end of last year I was diagnsoed wi th high cholestrol. In short, I need help in getting started and staying motivated. I have tried numerous diets - I am not sure what my plan of action will be, other than reaching out for help right now and encouragement. Historically, once I get the ball rolling, I stay focus, especially if I have to check in with someone. I am hoping to make connections with folks who are wiling to endure the journey and process to permanent weight loss.

Total computer geek. Love to sit staring at a monitor. I can eat while doing almost everything I enjoy. Must be an oral fixation.

I have been on a diet what seems like forever. I can do great in the day time but at night look out. I can eat everything in site.

I am an educator, artist, single, no birth children but have many community children that I help ,several god children, and a crazy cat.

I love being active... Tennis, running, swimming, kickboxing, and yoga are my favorites. I go to the gym at least 3 times per week.. on most weeks more like 5 to 6. It seems like I've been on a diet for my entire life. It's tiring. I've returned to College to become a Dietician/Nutritionist, and feel like I've got to be in super shape in order to follow my career path. In my teens I was 60 pounds overweight. It's been up and down for most of my life. Now I'm within 10 to 15 pounds of my goal, but am starting to lose control with snacking and binge eating. I exercise soooo much and have gained a ton of muscle.. so I feel hungry a lot. The problem is, once I start eating it's hard for me to stop. Also, if I eat one bad thing my whole day is shot, and I'll keep eating crappy for the rest of the day.

I'm a 42 year old divorced mother of two fantastic sons, 12 and 15, and I am a prosecutor here in VA. We are active in our church. My free time (what little there is!) is spent watching my sons play baseball and football, as well as being their taxi.

I am a 27 yr old married female with no kids but own a loveable 2 yr old Boxer dog. I go to the gym 4 days a week to cycling class with a little strength training.

I am 55 and have been thin all my life because I've starved for most of it. Deprivation has been my constant companion. It didn't bother me before but now it does. I also have fibromyalgia and was taking pills which have added weight plus the age and I am 17 lbs over my ideal weight. In the past year I have developed a nasty habit of stuffing myself at night. Sometimes I don't remember doing it until I see the evidence. I don't understand why it happens, I'm not hungry, it's like an irresistible urge and I feel like I'm sleepwalking almost.

I'm 5'9 1/2", almost 21 years old, and a college student in Nashville, TN. I love to exercise, run and do hot yoga, but I need to improve my motivation "muscles" and just DO IT before I find an excuse. I used to be 138 pounds and am now 164 pounds. Technically I'm not overweight, but my emotional eating habits have prevented me from losing the weight.

I'm a 16 year old with type 1 diabetes.....bingeing has been consouming my life and I'm tired of hating my body! I'm ready to get to a healthy weight and control my diabetes. I'm also in the process of becoming vegan (vegetarian 3+ years).


I am an emotional eater trying to lose about 5 lbs, but I tend to binge often enough to sabotage my efforts. I am off sugar for 3 weeks to see if that might help. I work as a chef developing plant-based recipes, I love reading, herbs and hiking.

I'm 5'11" and I've always been able to eat whatever I wanted and still get away with being considered "skinny". That's not the point, though. I want to be toned and feel good. I want to put an effort into being healthy and see what I am capable of. No more junk food and snacking all day. I want to be healthy and happy for me.

married, no kids, studying (2 course) & working 2 jobs

I am extremely active--triathlete and marathons--so I tend to think I can eat anything. And I do.

I'm a 37 year old IT professional. I've lost 30+ pounds in the last year and a half (starting at about 205 with a few ups and downs). I'm looking to get healthy and slim once and for all!

I'm a young adult who has struggled in the past with anorexia. I now see a dietitian (who I hate and hates me :K) to make sure I maintain my weight and I have a specific meal plan to follow that tells me what to eat and how much so that I can maintain my weight. I'm also not allowed to know my weight as well. I have daily struggles and some things I still need to work on, and while I struggled with restricting before, I also struggle with bingeing. I have limited exercise restrictions as well, although I wish I didn't, because it feels so good :) On another note, I want to become a psychologist. I love helping people with problems and talking to others. So if you ever have something you want to talk about, or a problem, or anything about anything, I'd love to help.

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