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Team Name: Spiritual & Physical Wellness Weightloss
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Profile: For anyone on a spiritual path, (not concerned with religions, but anyone there welcome too) who wants to incorporate whole food eating habits, meditation, yoga and feel good activities that surround your own being with physical excercise and release of stress by ingaging in them. Such as rollerskating with children. A brisk walk in a park. Time afforded to talk with an elderly person during a walk. Affirming motivational excerpts during a short bike ride that can produce a lot of blood flow and good feelings. Things in life that are important to engage in or with, in order to have a prosperous acheivement. nightbird

Last posted: Sunday, February 03, 2013, 10:42 PM

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Animal lover. I have a horse, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a man. He's the hardest to maintain. He doesn's show love like they do and his love is conditional. Oh well, I am a free spirited loving person so I keep him too. I am a spiritual thinker, I love music and writing, so I do that too. I think it's age that has slowly added weight to me, it first started in New York state when I was 35, a car accident left me with severe back problems. I am better now but not as active as I use to be. I want to incorporate yoga in my life again. I did yoga in my early teens and in my 20's. It's good stuff. Nightbird

I love yoga and walking/ running or things that are going to feed my body and soul. I am loooking to explore this more. I just moved from Texas to Toronto and have just been through a very difficult time losing a strong support in my life and I gained a few pounds in the trauma of it. I really want to be fit and even run in a marathon. I am generally pretty active yoga/ swimming/ walking/ gym but have been less active in the last few months.

Mid-30's, I have a wonderful partner and two amazing little boys (although the baby weight from #2 doesn't seem to want to leave!); I love my career; I hope to finish my doctoral degree n the next few years; I am an out lesbian, an artist, an activist, a writer, and a therapist.

31 years old, I work a lot of hours and I commute so it's hard for me to get the gym with regularity.

I am a recent college grad. Born in LA moved to NY-then NJ-now back in LA. I like being outdoors and group activites. I like walking! I hate traffic and fast-food. Good food, interesting and unique people, and cool vegetarian/vegan restaurants are hard to find here (in my area).

Artist, academic, married, workaholic, always overextended, codependent, don't have nearly enough fun. I currently weigh 175. Looks fine on me, but I had gotten down to 165 or so before I got married. I ate a lot over the stress of the wedding & crept up to 180. weigh-in 12/05 176 1/06 180 4/06 183 10/06 176 4/07 174 9/07 172

Mother, student, partner, friend, lover - and more, for sure. I write. A lot. Both online and off.

Working mom, with two beautiful daughters and a hubby.

Am 5'6"-or-7", 43-years old (5'7" w a regular yoga routine; 5'6" w/out). Gained 40+# after moving from CT to ON to live with my beloved (right after reaching my goal-weight of 131 on WW w a friend from work). <> Am working with/through emotional/"psychological" bases of weight/size gain, and peri-menopause (and/or anovulation?). <> Spiritual, wholistic-minded - on my own path. <> Recently made a big positive life-change since '05 by moving to a much more peaceful and gentle environment than my last. <>

I am alot of things most importantly a Mother, wife, daughter, sister, & a very caring friend. I work for stock brokers as a cage clerk & receptionist & am the secretary of local charity Project Umbrella Burma (www, My personal talents are light work & languages & singing & my natural ability to read people & energies. I love life, give it my all, and strive to be the best I can be,

Type 2 diabetes runs in my family. I have experienced tremendous weight gain in the past few years due to hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia (both run in my family as well). Good nutrition and exercise is critical to overcoming the hypothyroidism and pa. Type 2 diabetes is inevitable if I do not make necessary changes to my lifestyle/health.

I lost 12 kg (~26.5 lbs) in the last 3 months and would like to keep them off. :-). I'm 35 and I work as a tech editor.

Hey! I'm Emmy , a 15 year old from California , I am 5'2 and 113 , but I want to be thin.

21 year old student in my third year studying English Literature and International Relations, and would like to be fitter, healthier, and happier by the time Summer rolls up. I've never been the slim and slender type, but now it's just getting to the point where I feel I need to make a sincere effort to be happy with the way I am, whether that is through weight loss or simply changing my perspective, that change starts now.

I am 22 years old from Southern California. I have struggled with weight my entire life. I did WeightWatchers with my mother during my 3rd year in high school and went from 215 to 170. My goal weight at the time was 160. With 10lbs to go I hit a plateau that I couldn't get past no matter how long I exercised or how strictly I ate. I was on Varsity Soccer and Tennis, practicing every day for multiple hours, doing 3-4 mile runs every other day and on weekends, and nothing helped. Frustrated I slowly gave up. I realized I was giving up but no longer found the motivation to care. By my senior year of high school I gained it all back. Moving to college was another ordeal. Freshman 15? Yea, try freshman 35. Struggling with minor depression and feeling overworked I blew up to about 230lbs. Once I met my boyfriend at the end of freshman year, eating out all the time and feeling comfortable, three years later I am now at 261lbs. There is not a day that I wake up and think what if, or look in the mirror and hate the body I have trapped myself in. Now that I have graduated from college and living at home, I feel like it is the right time to make a change. I have started going to yoga 3 days a week and practice every other day on my own with YogaStudio. I have found that yoga really helps me focus on who I am on the inside rather than constantly worrying what everyone has to say about my outside. Each day I progress more and more going deeper into each pose and I become ecstatic. My next endeavor is to pick up where I left off and join a local womens soccer team.

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