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Team Name: "The Secret" to Weightloss
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Goals: Using "The Secret" and "Law of Attraction" for a healthier you! This team is to motivate your efforts in a postive and life altering way.

Profile: Do you know about "The Secret"? THEN THIS IS THE TEAM FOR YOU! This is for anyone who would like to use this approach to weightloss. This team is to motivate your efforts in a positve way only.

Last posted: Thursday, October 18, 2012, 8:30 AM

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Pretty much a vegetarian ...because veggies taste the best to me. Occasionally, hunger presents itself for a steak, fish, or chicken....and I oblige. Happily married grandmother of 7. Mother of 2. Step Mom of 3. Doctorate in Education. Early Childhood Specialist in DISD school system. True Texan, live in Dallas w/hubby, 3 dogs: 2 little shizs and 1 Irish Terrier and a beautiful long haired Cabbit Manx Cat. Avid knitter, reader, and author of mystery stories and love to grow exotic orchids and other beautiful flowers!

I am a fulltime college student who works part time. I love sports and working out or at least used to I need to get back in it.

I'm 22,   I moved to Dubai from the UK 8 months ago.  I was already in pretty bad shape,  but the life style out here has caused me to put on an additional 14 pounds since I've been here.  Once i get into a habit of working out i really enjoy it.  I like dancing, going out with friends, and generally having a good time.

Early 20's newly wed.

34 year old Married ,Mother of 3 girls I got pregnant at 16 and just cant seem to shake the weight today

I'm a certified welder by trade, and an artist at heart, a single, never married free spirit!

Animal lover. I have a horse, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a man. He's the hardest to maintain. He doesn's show love like they do and his love is conditional. Oh well, I am a free spirited loving person so I keep him too. I am a spiritual thinker, I love music and writing, so I do that too. I think it's age that has slowly added weight to me, it first started in New York state when I was 35, a car accident left me with severe back problems. I am better now but not as active as I use to be. I want to incorporate yoga in my life again. I did yoga in my early teens and in my 20's. It's good stuff. Nightbird

51-year-old, married with a 21-year-old Stepdaughter. Work 2 jobs - both sedentary. Ex-jock. Husband eats whatever and stays trim.

Over 50 (barely :-), spent a good bit of my adult life in shape. Gained 100 lbs in 1 year 15 years ago and it's been downhill ever since. I am now committed to working diligently toward becoming healthy again and enjoying the next 50 years.

I'm 32 and a full time student. I planned this return to school for my Master's. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue a new career, and am still getting used to the crazy transition.

I'm a 35 year old attorney who is being healed from PCOS, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, and CFS. I have had hormonal issues in the past that caused me to gain lots of weight, but I am currently undergoing a holistic-based approach to heal my body completely and the weight is melting off as my body seeks to reach its perfect weight. I now have the energy to work out every day, have little or no pain, and feel amazing!! (I'm calling things that are not as though they are. I try to live by that)

I raise quarter horses on a small ranch in the Bitterroot Valley. I have cats and dogs also. I love to cook and bake and stay active. I read, do yoga, hiking and work out with my 23 year old daughter. I am a double Capricorn and usually achive my goals once they are set!

I suffer from depression, tiredness, and some days it's a struggle to get out of bed/dressed. I don't want to go back on any medication, I would like to have a healthy lifestyle instead.

I live in Montreal with my boyfriend. I work in schools with children with special needs. I am doing a bachelors degree in education to teach English as a second language.

I am 57 years old and I work full time. I want to get rid of the CPap machine and breath freely again at night.

I am a 41 yr old RN and mother of 4, ages 7-18. My downfall is not food but that horrible diet killer PEPSI. I love it unconditionally. Well not that unconditionally! I must have it very cold with little ice pellets. I know every restaurant who serves it! NOT that other COKE stuff! A terrible affliction! and unfortunately I HATE diet drinks of any kind! Tried it all before!

I'm a 27 year old commercial real estate accountant who sits down too often and loves ice cream and cupcakes. I finally have a job where I have time to get to the gym, so I have no excuse to not take advantage of it!

29 years old. marrried for 4 years no kids. I love dogs I have 2 schnauzers female: Bolita and the boy: Bolo. I totally love them as they bring me peace and always a smile on my face. I am 5'8" I weight 180lbs. I love to eat rice, potatoes. I don't really like sweets. I am going to loose weight. I want to look good.

I love yoga and walking/ running or things that are going to feed my body and soul. I am loooking to explore this more. I just moved from Texas to Toronto and have just been through a very difficult time losing a strong support in my life and I gained a few pounds in the trauma of it. I really want to be fit and even run in a marathon. I am generally pretty active yoga/ swimming/ walking/ gym but have been less active in the last few months.

I am a mother of two, engaged to a wonderful man. I have a great supportive family and am an avid, worker, volunteer and also work in suicide prevention in teens. I love to help others, and usually put everyone else before me. I am working on that though. I am also a poet, a writer, and a great shopper :)

I have gone on and off a vegetarian lifestyle since the 80's.I've put on weight and now I am back with the help of Fuhrman's Eat To Live. I have struggled with my weight since childhood and have been up to 220 and have never been able to get below 165 for many different reasons mostly because I start feeling good and then break to the Wisconsin summer BBQ's. There is so much more info and cookbooks out there I am once more inspired. I do bodywork and live in WI and am the caregiver of my mother who is still living on her own at the age of 82.

I'm a full-time student, but work from 8 to 5 m-f. I have an active social life, i.e. dancing, dinners, movies, etc.

Im a 5 11 330 lbs I was in the army Ive been married for 18 yrs and have a daughter and a son.

I am 18 , 5'7, and disgustingly overweight...I used to be very atheletic , I ran atleast 6+ miles each day for the past 3 years and worked out. I love the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, etc But for this year, Ive become extremeley lazy and do not run at all or work out. Ive gained atleast 15 pounds or more and I cant bare to look at my body anymore. I do yoga now, and watch what I eat, all organic, but its not working. I have job at a summer camp, and I will die if I let all of my friends see me like this. I am also going to Israel next year and want to be healthy for it. Please encourage me!

working, 29, mother of 1, and married. I am a pretty active mommy with my child. we do lots of fun things and in my down town I make things for my website Check it out if you can. :) thanks

I am 37 years old and happier than I have ever been about everything except my weight. I am at my heaviest - 208 pounds. Part of my weight is due to treatment I had for cancer two years ago. (I've battled cancer for 12 years, but it's not an aggressive kind. Life is good.) I refuse to use that as an excuse. Five years ago, I was in great shape and now not so much. My motto this time around is NME - No More Excuses. One of my biggest excuses is "I'm tired." I'm always tired. The type of cancer I deal with makes me tired, being overweight makes me tired, eating all day to stay awake makes me tired. If I start exercising and stop putting food in my mouth, my energy will return. I do know that, but I just don't internalize it.

I am 60 pounds overweight and ready to change that! I am 48 years old and I have been married for 27 years to a great guy - he's still the love of my life and my greatest support. We have 4 kids: 3 girls and a boy. 3 of them are married now, two with kids. We have 3 grandchildren. I am an animal lover and have 5 horses and 5 dogs. I feel terribly sorry for my horse when I get on her back - so for her sake and mine, I need to get this blubber off! I want to have the energy to run around after my grandkids, run with my dogs, and enter my 50's being fit and full of energy.

46 years old. Married for 22 years, Mom of three wonderful kids, one of which has autism, full time job and crazy/busy life.

I'm 37 and have steadily gained 30 pounds over the last 7 years. Ever since I hit 30. I've always been very active. I run, do yoga, walk, go to boot camp classes. My problem. I like to eat. I was a performer and now work in an office 9-6. Ever since I stopped performing, I've just not cared as much about my weight. I'm here to change that once and for all!!!

I am 36 married female. I work as a regional manager for a cosmetics company. I have 2 beauitful children, 1 and almost 9.

I am 20 years old...and desperately trying to lose weight..and ALOT of it!

8yr old son, married 12 yrs, originally from New Orleans, Just moved to California July of 06

I'm 41 and a mother of 2.

In Fall 2004, I began my weight loss journey at 197lbs. With clean eating and running, I whittled myself to 138 lbs by Summer 2005. I started a new job in Fall 2005 and I gained weight. My current weight is about 160 lbs. I've run 2 marathons (Toronto Waterfront - 2005 and Chicago - 2006). I've also run a 1/2 marathon (in 2005).

I am soon to be 30 years old and have at least 60 pounds to lose but 75 would be awesome. I teach 6th grade language arts and social studies. I love teaching! I got married a year ago and have 2 dogs.

I am a 45 year old single mother of an 11 year old boy, I had gained 100lbs when I was pregnant and have never really been able to get back down. Although I'm not getting on the scale until tomorrow am I'm sure I'm hovering around 200lbs, I'm 5'9 and am tired of carrying around this weight.

I'm 47 years old. I have three children. One is in college and living on his own. I have a 13 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. I've been remarried now for 2-1/2 years. I just feel like I can't get going on losing weight. In my 20's and 30's if I gained a few pounds, I would cut back awhile and it would melt away. Now I feel so defeated because I feel overwhelmed. I like the idea of group support

I live alone and so turn to eating for emotional support and out of boredom some times. Love to read, decorate, paint, walk my dog, play on-line poker.

I am an actor-producer who also writes and creates humanitarian media campaigns.

I recently moved to Arizona, so I have not made a lot of friends here. I work part time in a ceramics studio and take care of my home, kids and plethora of pets. I like to spin, read and garden.

I'm married and I have two boys. I gained my weight during my first pregnancy I gained 60 pounds and my second pregnancy I gained 30 pounds I have not lost any weight. I currently weigh 230 pounds. I want to weigh any where from 130 to 140.

I am a married 41year old mother of 2 daughters-ages 6 and 9. I work 2 days a week as a medical secretary.

I am 22 years old and have let myself go as far as weight. I work in Hollywood and it bugs me that I can't go shopping at just any store.

50 ish, I'm not counting anymore. Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 3. Married over 30 years to the greatest guy! I was a furniture designer for many years. I have studied the principles of the secret as long as I can remember (I don't think it's a Secret) and love to do Astrology.

I'm a 46 year female who internalizes stress and likes junk food. How's that for a dangerous combination? BTW: those reports about stress and belly fat -- definitely true!

In need of getting this weight under control. New goal 165 to start. 4/28/08 182 yuck 3/24.08 183 4/13/08 181.5 10/1/07 171.5 10/22/07 172.5 9/4/07 172.5 9/17/07 173 (TOM) 8/6/07 172.0 :( 8/20/07 173 (TOM) 7/24/07 173.0 (TOM) 7/30/07 171.0 7/02/07 170.0 7/16/07 170.5 6/18/07 170.0 6/26/07 172.5 (TOM) 6/4/07 170.0 6/11/07 173.0 5/21/07 171.5 5/29/07 171.5 (TOM) 5/7/07 172.5 5/14/07 172.5 4/24/07 171.5 4/30/07 170.5 3.25.07 171.5 4/3/07 172 3/12/07 173 3/19/07 172!! 2/20/07 176 2/26/07 173.5 :) 2/5/07 175 2/12/07 177 1/22/07 177 1/30/07 175.5 1/8/07 178 1/16/07 177 12/18/06 179 (Yippee) 1/2/07 178.5 (This must be a present from Santa!) 12/4/06 181 12/11/06 181.5 11/20/06 183.5 11/27/06 181.5 SW 11/6/06 : 182.5 11/13/06: 180.5

I love movies, photography, writing, genealogy, scrapbooking and so many other things that it would be too long to write ! I've gained those 30 pounds in about 2 years.

I'm going back to school to study health information management/billing and coding. when i am finished, i will work at home 2-3 days a week. oh yes, i'm 68 years now.

I'm a 37 year old working Mom, with little time to workout. I still manage to do it at least 1 hr, 5 days a week. I'm a very short person 5 feet tall and any extra pounds I get show very quickly. All my life have always been thing, but for the past 3 to 4 years it seems like even water makes me gain weight. Need help and support.


I'm a mother of 3 that work with kids fulltime. I'm from the south but move to the north 5 years ago.

I'm a 40-year-old stay-at-home mom and business owner. Balancing the two is a major endeavor. I feel like I have to stop doing one thing to focus on another, for example, put my business on hold to focus on fitness and weight loss. I don't think it needs to be that way, but that's how it seems to be.

34, divorced, no kids...just the furry kid in the pic above. Just starting back up with PT, had great success in '07 with this method of support. Unfortunately due to the stresses of remodeling/selling a house I relapsed and gained many pounds back. I feel semi-motivated now, just think PT may be the extra push I need to stay on course.

Motor-cycle riding Grandma.....I could light up a room it would be nice just not to take up too much room in one. I want to run with my grandbaby....I can accept Mom's arms....just don't want my middle....I believe in I can do this....just need help.

I am 33 years old. I have an 11 year old son. I am getting married in October. I like to walk, read, and sit by the ocean.

I'm a 22 yr old female from aus, i have been travelling for the last year or so. Currently in Whistler, moving home for a while and then coming back over here. Im mad about snowboarding. I snowboard at least 3 or 4 times a week. I try to exercise but nothing seems to work. I love going to the gym but its hard to get into a routine when your always travelling. I currently weigh 78 kgs and am 165 cm tall.

I am a 34 year old mother (and wife) of 3. I am a teacher. I am a fitness fanatic and have been since I was a teenager, although my mind, body and soul have gone on "vacation" during certain periods of my life! I want to feel good, look good and be positive from here on in. Wasn't convinced about joining peertrainer, so I am out on a limb, here! Hope to learn from all group members new ways of positive thinking and workout Ideas. I run, kickbox, lift weights....I'll do almost anything to lose weight and look leaner.

I have been overweight all my life. Just recently though I have been losing weight. I started dieting in september and since then I have already lost 56lbs. and would like to continue to los weight, but I find myself less focused right now. So I decided to join this website to help me out.

I am new to peertrainer and also a mother of two. i heard about this website on good morning america and thought maybe it was finally time to do something. i didn't have a weight problem growing up but now that i am getting older i find myself not wanting to take pictures and definitely dread shopping for the cutest outfits that just don't fit right.

I am 41 year old mother of three. I own my own business and am working on my PhD. I have struggled with my weight since being an adolescent. I want to find a permanent solution to help me reach my goal and stay there. I don't want to live my live feeling obsessed about food or obsessed about my body. I would like to lose 25 pounds.

love music, animals, reading, summertime

I am a college student with a job and an internship which means I am extremely busy. I always find time to workout because I love being active, however, I also always find time to snack as well!

I am 38 years old, married, have 7 kids, ages 22-3 years old. I am a stay at home mom right now and like it that way. I help out with my husband's auto shop and I like to read (my diet downfall--reading and eating!), make fairy dolls and keepsake boxes.

I am 40. I've lost twenty pounds and intend to lose twenty more. I want to be healthy and lean.

I'm 20 years old, and it's about time I start looking it. I have never been thin, but that doesn't mean that I won't be. I am about 180lbs, and my goal is to be 120lbs. I know it seems a lot, but I am really motivated to make this change

Just turned 45 and I'm fed up with being overweight. I'm active but the weight is making that more difficult. I have 4 boys between the ages of 14 and 21 and I currently work an overnight shift in the television industry.

I am a 26 y/o mother of two kids boy and girl ages 4 and 2. I was born with congenital hypothyroidism and I've really struggled with my weight all my life and I would like to lose weight to feel better about me. And I would love to have energy to play with my kids more than 10mins at a time. And also wear the clothes that I like.

I am a 40 year old mother of 3 (11, 9, 3). I own my own photography studio and am very, very busy. Ihave not always been overweight. I was very thin in high school and college. THen the wieght began to creep on. But now, I have a compulsive, addictive type eating issue. I binge quite frequently (but I don't purge). I am quite frankly, miserable.

I am 36 yrs. old a mom to a 6 and a 4 year old. I stay at home right now. I would like to be lean again!! I'm not used to this!!! Help!!

I'm a self employed fiber artist and also work part time with a veterinarian. I have lots of animals on my farm and I'm active but can't lose weight because of binging and emotional eating. I need help! I'm about a size 18 now. The slimmest I've ever been was a size 10. I looked great then but thought I was fat. I just want to be healthy and happy with my body.

I'm cresting mid 40s (yikes!) and really need to get my weight down NOW.I am a professor and writer who travels a lot. Married with bonus kids and a very loveable doggie.

I am a married woman, 25 years old. I have an 8 month old daughter. I gained 37 pds while pregnant, and I have lost almost all of it now. 8 pounds to go! I was overweight before I got pregnant at 140, for my 5'1 frame. I need to get in between 120-130.

Looove to travel...going to school to get a Ph.D. in Geology

I am a stay at home mom of five girls 9, 6 year old twins and 1 year old twins. Yes it is a handful and I feel like I am running all day and I have 25 more pounds of that baby weight to lose. I feel like I eat pretty good and am mostly active but something is not working because I struggle to lose the weight.

I am only 20yrs old and have had a problem with my weight since i was younger. I have lost weight before but not in a healthy way and that may be why i keep gaining it all back. My main problem is that i love to eat. I don't like many vegetables or fruits, i do not like fish or seafood, etc,i am very picky. So, i find it hard to eat healthy with the limited amount of things i do like.

I've worked in the supplement/sports nutrition industry for the past 2 and a half years, I am graduating from massage therapy training in a few months.

I am 43 but my mind still feels 20. I have 3 children and i am married.

I'm a recovering alcoholic, recently married (a year ago) with no kids. I'm 39 years old looking at 40 in two months. I've been overweight pretty much most of my life and want to use what I've learned in AA to lose my weight. I want to learn new ways of dealing with life without using food.

I'm 22. I officially weigh the most i have ever weighed. 142 pounds.

48 y/o nurse with 1 husband, 2 sons, big old house, 2 dogs, elderly parents and not alot of time

i am a combo of high-energy and introspective, wackadoodle, executive at non-profit in new york city. i'm 31 years old, from atlanta and travel internationally quite a bit. lost my spiritual path somewhere along the way and trying to find it again. my eating habits are a part of the issue as this has supplanted other pieces of my life so i want to get it under control. love the support of peertrainer!

I have successfully lost 65 lbs I currently weight 203 now, my height hides it (I‘m 5‘9). I would like to get down to 180 because I just want to get to a healthy weight not a materialist weigh that people feel pressured to be in. I currently exercise 30 minutes of cardio and strength train with weights, I have been doing this not even 2 months yet so I have to see what the results behold because they say wait 2 months to really see results. In college it’s hard to keep from temptation from the food but I know my limits when I eat school because my college has a buffet so they are different variety of foods, so I try to eat protein and carbs more than anything. This is only November 2nd,2009 so I’ll see what I’m talking bout around Christmas.

My name is Amber and I've struggled with my weight since I was very young. I was kicked out of the Navy over a year ago because I had reached about 240lbs. At that time my husband of 2 years had decided he didn't want to be with me and kicked me out of my house. I moved to AZ on my own from WA and had to rebuild my life from then on. The past year has been hard but I've managed to lose about 30lbs and am having a hard time losing the rest. I still feel unhealthy but I'm learning to love myself and get in touch with who I really am.

I'm a resident going into my last year of training. I just had a baby (he's almost 4 months old) I gained A LOT of weight during my pregnancy and am really struggling to get it off. My life is really busy, but I try to make a point to workout at least a little bit everyday. I know I can improve my diet but seem to have no willpower to do so.

31 years old sinlge mother of one!!!! Love to excercise

I'm a single working mom. I'm the proud mommy to a beautiful 10 year old daughter. I work in the television industry. I love to dance, watch movies and tv, listen to music or see it live, read, and write.

32/f, I am working in education, and working towards a higher degree. I love travelling, reading, spending time w/friends family, and would love to spend more time at the beach. I gained weight after college when I lost motivation to be as active as I was. My other weakness is that I love all kinds of different foods.. and am spoiled living in an area where you can get nearly any kind of cuisine.

I am 25 years old. I live in a townhouse I just bought with my BF of several years and our Boston terrier. I work at a marketing firm and I spend a lot of time sitting, so it's important for me to be active on my "off" time.

I am very proud of logging over 100 workout hours this summer:

Im just trying to stay healthy !

Mom of 3 incredible kids, married

42 years old. Mother of a four-year-old boy. Married 10 years. Left really great corporate job to start my own company two years ago in another field. Still work with and travel with clients from former company. LOVE to travel for work or pleasure. Could stand to lose 15 to 20 pounds.

I'm a 31 year old woman, recently married, and have gained 10 lbs over the last year. I'm very petite, 4'10"/ 99 lbs. I gain most of my weight in my stomach area, always have. I work from home and am in front of the computer a lot. I need to get into the exercise habit but lack motivation and am out of shape so get hurt easily.

I'm 17 yrs old. I currently got my GED and I've been overweight since I was in 5th grade (right after my parents got a divorce). The most I've weighed is 189 and once I hit that I lost 30 lbs by only eating when I was hungry. Now I weigh around 170. I would like to get to a healthy weight and get more energy so I can feel confident about my self.

I'm a 51 year old American woman but have lived more than half my life in Germany. I married a great German guy and love living here . I also love getting back to the US to visit family and shop till I drop. I'm a strategic business development manager in a mid-sized company and work primarily with American and British key customers of my company. I don't have any children but I have an adorable White West highland Terrier named Barkley.

I'm a 25 year old grad student. I am active and health-conscious, but I also just love good food, and have a hard time resisting good things. About 4 years ago I somehow got the courage and will power to finanlly change my lifestyle - I started really watching what I ate and working out about 4-5 times a week - and I lost about 40 pounds. I've felt like a different person ever since.

i want to lose about 10-15 pounds.

I'm married with 3 daughters (16, 13, 81/2), I've worked full time for the last 4 years and have steadily been gaining weight. I am at the heaviest I've ever weighed and feel dowdy, nothing fits! I've become a couch potato and enjoy alot of the reality TV shows. I am tired all the time and love to nap. I have diabetic tendencies (insulin resistance) and know I need to get control of my weight. My oldest is on the autism spectrum and is driving me to! It's very exhausting. Can't seem to find time to workout.

Intend to be energetic and look "hot" and fit in my fifties and beyond.

I am a proud mother of three great kids 12,10,3. I have lost almost 20 LBS since joining here. I have been a bit absent. I recently started working about 50 miles away from my home, and its been hard to work out. I have to get up at 3:30 am to work out and be able to leave the house by 6:15 am. but i have been faithfull to my work outs. so lets see what else happens:)

Hi I am 21 years old living in Arizona. I work at the hospital as a nurses aid and am going to college for nursing. Weight has been a struggle all my life... I have a horrible sweet tooth and emotional eating problem. When stress comes along I look for the chocolate. Well that is ending.. I put my foot down and got some help at the gym and then I found this place. It seems that it is all coming together. I am ready for a life change.

i am 19 years old and i am searching for satisfaction. before my freshmen year in high school i went from being a 5'10" girl at 180lbs to 136lbs, but i was the most insecure i had ever been. by the end of high school i was more confident, yet weighed 151lbs. now, after finishing my first year in college i've lost all my good eating and exercising habits and have gained weight. so i want to get healthy and get to a point where i am HAPPY. i like to put things off. i like to start my newest diet TOMORROW. and so, therefore i am starting today. i completely believe in "the secret" and i plan to let it be my strength.

I am going through a lot of stress in my life and career goals right now. It has been a very traumatic few years. I lost weight fast and put it on suddenly and it won't come off now.

I am a 51-year old mother of 2 beautiful daugters, 19 & 22-yrs. old. Married 4 yrs. to the best guy in the world. Always a healthy, fit Size 4 or 6 until this menopause kicked in and I don't know who is looking back at me in the mirror anymore! I have read The Secret, and several Hicks books and am trying to keep the faith in their message.

I am 56 and ready to get to work again on weight loss for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Personal info includes: Happily married, 2 grown children 30 and 33 , work in education, love to dance, read, garden, and learn.

I am a 35 year old wife, mother, student and full-time employee. I'm a glutton for punishment and slightly OCD, but its me, and I like it...Sometimes I get overwhelmed, but its then that I realized that I've put on weight and I've slowed down. The extra baggage I'm carrying has got to go!

I am 40 years old and am a great student of Abraham/Hicks and truly believe I attracted this today. I have 3 boys and a husband and live in Australia in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast which I am so grateful after living all around the world.

I'm 21 years old working full time trying to get my ass back to school!! My work schedule is crazy and quite honestly I HATE my job and am looking to start anew completely. Part of that is making over myself with a new healthy lifestyle. It's all about Weight Watchers for me! I love movies, learning, the arts, travel, comedy tv shows, horror films, my amazing family and my wonderful boyfriend. :P

I guess I am 1/2 of the DINK: Dual Income No Kids. I am 36, work full time for the governement as an IT Project Manager. I live right outside Washington, DC. I have been married for 3 years to my husband, Dave. I weigh 146 I am 5'5" BMI is 31%

I am 48 yrs old, married and have 2 children, 19 and 16 years of age. I work fulltime and I have a part=time picture framing business. I like to stay busy and I am goal oriented. The goal of losing weight however is one that has been so difficult to achieve but I will not give up.

I have always been a disordered eater and I don't have a healthy relationship with food. I am looking to focus on health.

I'm 35 yo, piano and yoga teacher, artist, musician, student (third time around!) and single mom to a 12 year-old boy. I broke my ankle in May 2007 from skating with the local women's roller derby team. I've been active for most of my life, up until my ankle break. I've been a runner and a soccer player. I love yoga, swimming, hiking, walking, going to the gym, etc. etc.

Registered Dietitians sometimes need help too! I'm a 34 yr old woman. Married, no kids. I was thin, muscular and healthy my entire life until I was divorced when I was 28. The stress of the divorce and a new job, the re-marriage to an "unfit" man and a thyroid disorder has wrecked my body. I've gained 30 pounds in 5 years. (maybe more - i never actually weighed myself back then). I want to rediscover my previous healthy habits and lose this weight before I'm 35 (11 months).

I'm 31 years old, I've been overweight my whole life even in high school when I participated in every sport possible. I go through phases of really working out and trying to watch what I eat and then other times not caring and eating everything in sight, a cycle I need to break!!! I live in Germany, love to travel but am originally from Texas. I find that in winter I do really well keeping up with workouts and usually lose weight only to put it back on in the summer when I stop going to the gym and yes I'm still active playing softball and hiking but I also love the beer gartens in summer! I'm very active I just eat TOO much!

I am 23 years old, I have gained at least 10 pounds since I graduated from college in May 2007. That is a lot of weight in such a short period of time (Well, actually I guess that's only 2 pounds a month, funny how weight sneaks up on you). I have always felt kind too big, and it ends up being a source of insecurity. I am going to get a handle on this weight issue because I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and feel comfortable in their own skin. I do not want to spend my life insecure or overly concerned about my weight. I want to be able to pick up and go to the beach when ever I want or pick something out of my closet to wear and not have to ask myself... "do I look fat?" I have never been that big, although I have felt that way ( mostly because I have big hips and a butt... think beyonce. *lol* As I've gotten older I have grown to love my curves, I just want to reduce my size overall) Oh and I love running and the rest of the time I'm studying... I'm a first year medical student. [change] I am a SECOND year medical student I ran a half-marathon in 2005 a Marathon 26.2 miles in 2006 another half-marathon in 2007 (So I must say, this is why I feel guilty constantly complaining about my body. My body has done some amazing things and I want to be proud of my shape. This is the reason, I am going to change my life style and lose weight for good! I deserve it... and you do too!

53 retired full time business woman and grandmother to four little ones under 8.

Almost 20 and half way through University. I have always needed to lose weight but felt ashamed to try at home, these years away are my chance! I want to go back to Colorado/California and live the life i always dreamed, without the extra weight.

Petite 30-something professional eager to lose 25 lbs, establish a more consistent workout routine and learn techniques to stave off emotional overeating.

i am 28 yrs old ... female .. i have strugled with weight all my life .. now for sure before i want to start a family .. i really want to get in shape ... ..i have been on and off putting and reducing the extra amount of weight.. iam not huge .. medium frame .. carrying 75kgs .. height 5' 4". and need to loss in excess of 15 kgs

I am a single mom. I work full-time in the accounting department of a natural gas company. So I set at my desk all day long. I am in college full-time as well. In a little over a year I will have a Bachelor in Human Resource Management.

I'm 28, married 3 years, about to begin a six month internship in music therapy with the VA system (for which I'll have to be away from my hubby, family and friends for 6 months, M-F!!!). I'll be living with someone who's successfully been using the weight watchers program since January, and plan to cook meals for her-I'm in the process of collecting good recipes to share : )

i guess im at a pretty normal weight 130. but id like to lose 10lbs ESPECIALLY on my stomach. i run about 4 miles everyday, but im still not happy with my body and especially my midsection.

I'm 48 and have 2 boys and a husband. I'm pretty active, but less than I used to be when I was in better shape. I want to normalize my eating and working out habits.

I'm married and have three children, two in college and one a senior in high school. Believe it or not, I am a registered dietitian and yes dietitians are human even if we know what to eat we may not always eat the right things. I know alot of overweight dietitians.

i'm 31 years old and an administrative assistant for a nonprofit organization. i discarded about thirty pounds before moving to tucson about three years ago but allowed them to accumulate again. now i'm ready to shed the weight again and keep it off!

20 year old college student. Need some motivation to get back into shape and stay in shape.

I need to lose weight, I have problems walking as I have knee joint pain which most likely agrevated by this extra weigh. I think it is hard on my heart and lungs as well.

Im 21 years old, finishing up my RN degree and working 2 full time jobs! I am an elementary school mon - thursday, and am a home health nurse fri - sun, 12 hr night shifts! I am also pretty involved with my church, and have had a hard time sticking with my diet and excercise due to my busy schedule. I would like to lose at least 30 lbs, but my goal is to lose 40 and to be able to run a 5K and just to eat more healthy and learn healthy recipes for my family.

30ish. 2 children. I work at a desk all day.

34/F, 5'2", currently 129 lbs. Iinterested in integrating fitness, holistic nutrition, and mindful living more into my daily life.

I'm a 27 year old woman who, among working 2 jobs and having just bought a house, is finding it hard to muster the time and the energy to get out and exercise.

I have been on the heavy side all my life and I am sick of it. I am a stronger person than this and I am going to make this happen.

I'm a 50-year-old single female with 2 grown children. I am a stress eater. You can always tell by my weight whether I'm happy or sad. 2008 has been a difficult year. *sigh*

I currently live with my boyfriend of 7 years and the cutest Boston terrier in the world. I work in marketing mainly getting materials print ready. In my free time I like to read, scrapbook, and go out with my friends. Going out to eat is almost a hobby of mine, but I think I'll be scaling that back. I lost thirty pounds through diet and exercise about 4 years ago, and so far I've been able to keep most of it off. For the past two years I will get within 5 lbs of my goal weight and then I gain 5 lbs. Then I'll lose that 5 lbs so I'll be 5 lbs away again, and then I'll gain the 5 back. It's really a stupid cycle I'm hoping to finally break.

I'm 20 years old I have recently lost about 7-8 lbs I would LOVE to be 120 lbs, meaning only 7 more to go, and just looking for something that will help shed those lbs

I am a Pagan who also studies Law of Attraction. I am a computer tech, I am married and have 2 four-legged kids (2 cats whom I ador!).

Executive working mom. Always too busy and too tired to work out. Have trouble eating enough fruits and veggies, or drinking enough water.

I am 24 years old and my life has been a constant battle of the weight. I have a great boyfriend, and great family and 2 gorgez kittens. I have recently purchased a treadmill so i dont have to work out in the cold but the motivation isn't quite there.

:)I am almost 35 years old.I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband, daughter, family, and friends!

I am a stay at home house wife. I like to paint different things from walls to crafts. I help take care of my disable aunt.

>>I'm a 25 year old graphic designer. I commute daily from the city to the suburbs, so any free time I have I treasure. I enjoy art and lots of cultural activities. I have 1 cat named Josephine Joy (Jo Jo for short) who is my "kid." Summer and autumn are of course my favorite seasons since I also love any kind of outdoor activity (as long as it's not too humid outside!!) >>I lost about 40 pounds on Weight Watchers about 2 years ago. It took me only 6 months since I can't stand waiting around for things to happen. I was very committed to losing weight, so I lost the weight first, then started exercising after I reached my goal. >>Although I have maintained my healthy weight, and have exercised regularly, I have not reached the goal of fitness that I would like. I feel as though I'm at a plateau. >>I still enjoy eating out on occasion, and find it difficult to work out 6 days a week. Lately I've been averaging about 3 days in the gym per week, but would like to amp it up to 5 days.

I'm 18 and a college student going into nursing. I'm usually anti-social and stay isolated in my bedroom due to not having friends because I'm too shy and self conscious to make any. I cry too many times because I don't know how to change, because the way I live is all I've known. I'm currently at 210 and a size 18. And the thing that hurt the most is when I mentioned something to my mom about being overweight, and her telling me that her boyfriend asked her if I was pregnant. I'm here to try to finally do something about it and lose the weight I've gone way too long wanting it.

I am a42 yr old mother of 3, (24,15,12) looking to get back to that look i used to have .been married to my husband for 19.5 years. I am an Educational Assistant in our public school system at a high school gr.9-12. My kids eat more than i do and at the moment i am very frustratesd. I see a naturpathic on a monthly regualr basis.

29 yrs old, single, career driven, likes to work, hang out with friends, check FB, making my house a home and just trying to make the world a prettier place.

I am a busy executive, work way too many hours/married for 25 years to a wonderful man/we have a beautiful, intelligent daughter about to leave home to go to university/meditate sporadically/Reiki practitioner/Akashic consultant I have clearly neglected the Body side of the BMS connection in the past five years. Feeling a need for a stronger connection to Spirit as well.

I work in the wine industry (selling at the wholesale level) and am around customers all day, every day who want to feed me (and it's never low cal stuff!). Am also around wine every day too, obviously! Ha, tempations abound!

56, single, two semi-adult sons live with me (18 and 23). I work full time at a job I love but I sit all day. I generally eat healthy and bring my breakfast, lunch, and snacks to work almost every day. I tend to go off track in the evenings and on the weekends. I ride my exercise bike most mornings for 30 minutes but that is only enough activity to keep me the same, not to help me lose more. I do not have knee surgery scheduled but I do have constant problems with my knees aching and a bone spur in one heel that keeps me uncomfortable when walking. If they fix my heel, then my knees start hurting more; feels like I can't win!

i am 57yrs young. Married 32yrs. 3 grown children, 5 grandchildren. work in grocery store

Hey Im Celine and Im 19! Im in unversity and I want to tone up and lost some weight so I can be confident and happy on nights out!

24 year old graphic designer. Been struggling with my weight my entire life. Right now I'm at 170, but would eventually like to be down to 130. I Had lost around 35-40lbs a couple of years ago, but have gained a majority of it back. Would like to keep it off for good!

I am 21 years old and a SAHM. My little boy is 1 year old, and as you can probably guess my activity level throughout the day has plummeted since I quit working. I need to exercise more and find an activity besides eating to keep myself busy.

I'm in my early 30's and this has been the healthiest year of my life. I started running (well, jogging) in July with the Couch to 5K program and have completed Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I've found that I do best when I have some sort of peer group to share challenges and success with - especially when we share common goals.

I'm 41 years old and have a great life, even though I'm jobless. In 2004 I lost 45lbs and then joined my son's cycling team. I was in top form for a year, but then I put cycling off after I bought my motorcycle. And with a new boyfriend (who used to be a chef) I've gained 35lbs in the last year on top of my 150! I'd just like to be happy with my body again and stop feeling so old with this extra weight.

Mom of 3-- 2 boys and baby girl

I have been married one year and it has not been the easiest of roads. I need to take time to focus on myself and being the best me.

I'm a 23-yr-old in her last year of college. Had always been pretty active (grew up as a dancer, worked out religiously & ate like a health nazi) up until I went through some crazy stuff this last year that resulted in a manic episode, and now experiencing some depression and bulimia (which resulted in some major weight gain 20+lbs). Basically, I went from a free-spirited crazy happy go-go dancer / sorority college girl with a fit body to a sad self-loathing average BMI girl. Determined to recover and gain my health and happiness back! Let's do this! :D

Hi all :o) I'm 25 years old and recently married... I don't have any kids but a dog named Cocoa who definitely keeps me on my toes! I work in accounts for a large supermarket chain and as cheesy as it sounds "I love my job". My other joys in life are my friends, my 3 year old nephew (he's so cute) and I also have a "thing" for baking especially desserts - however not helpful when you're trying to loose weight!!

My name is Vee and I am a recent H.S. graduate and just turned 18. I'm very outgoing and sometime carefree. I love having fun and making people laugh. Right now I am going to a community college and taking up fashion design.

42 divorced female. Became a healthy eater about 8 years ago and then sort of lost the plot a bit in the last couple of years and have become a bit of an emotional eater. I work in an office job all day, but ride horses once or twice a day. This sport is very demanding and I cross train (run, spin, yoga, swim, etc) for it, so I am very disciplined about working out. However, my recent eating behavior seems to be wasting this work. I crave sugar and flour foods.

I'm 24 years old, graduate student. I'm looking to lose the last 10 lbs healthily and permanently. I am a small girl and people often say, "you don't need to lose weight." But my goal is to achieve a certain kind of body I like, to look in the mirror and feel great, to feel more confident in my clothes. I'm not only looking to make change physically but also to grow more mature mentally and spiritually.

i am a budding massage therapist, love to play the guitar, love music. love anthropological studies! the world is very interesting!

I've been a NICU nurse for 28 years. I have 2 daughters in college; I'm a single mom, and have been for almost 15 years. I love animals--have 2 dogs, 3 cats. At one point in my life, I was in excellent shape. After some down times and major changes in my life, that fitness slipped away from me (I know it was my fault). I'm back! I have a fit man in my life and he is an excellent source of inspiration and encouragement. So. . . . I begin the journey of my life!

im 5'6 and i weigh 176.5 im 16 years old and very self concisous of myself

I am 26 years old. Two years ago I was in a car accident, and my outlook has been totally scewed. I don't have the energy, or strength anymore to do the things i use to do. Gotta get this under control. Yoga was always one way i could do that. I must get back into it. With sometimes a little motivation along the way!

I am a 33 year old happily married mother of two sweet young boys and currently working two jobs in the field of Athletic Training. I am a medical/health buff who didn't take her own advise! I have since started to change that and have lost 70 pounds since Oct 2009. I went through stall point while we went on vacations and I started the task of changing jobs. I am still trying to finish my journey and am looking for some help in doing so.

I'm a 40something female artist who's married to my best friend. And I have struggled with weight for most of my life. I grew up in a very "dieting environmnet"- Mom and Grandma were always on some kind of diet. I remember starting to diet in 5th grade. Exercise was never emphasized and I really hated gym class... I gained the most weight ever after I got married. It was just so fun to eat! Looking back, I probably really despised dieting too, having grown up with it. I started losing weight last year and have lost 51 lbs so far, but would really like to lose at least another 40 so I'm like halfway there. But I've lost my motivation to keep going and I don't really know why, which is how I stumbled onto this site.

student, boutique sales associate, extremely active- tennis, roller blading, biking, pilates, yoga. Generally I'm extremely healthy eater, but I over eat. I want to become slim fitted, and loose a size.

Newly retired, out of shape and slightly overweight.. I want to enjoy my garden, dogs, and the great southwwest without getting so tired I can't move!

I'm a mother and a homebody. My comfort food is pasta.

25, very busy Full time work and school. Preparing for Law school. Trying to fit health and fitness in between!

I've struggled with losing weight since I entered my teenaged years. I'm 18 right now and I want to change my habits. I want to lose 15-20 pounds.

I am a 61 yr. old male who has been yo-yo dieting for over 40 yrs. I like to eat many foods that are not healthy for me. Since hearing about Peertrainer, I have been motivated to lose weight yet once again. I have lost some weight already in the first few weeks but I need constant motivation to stay on the right path. I am giving myself a goal of losing 50 lbs. by Christmas. Most of the members appear to be female and motivated as I am.

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