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I'm a 54 year old married female, with two sons ages 23 and 15. I love to paint, weave, walk, hike, and read.

I am 38 i dont have a life im over weight

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Fashion-forward, full-time employee, mom and wife!

I have 2 adorable kitties. I love singing. I am a Christian. I love my family and my friends.

I work in public health research, but applying what I know to my own life is the challenge! I'm 48, have 3 children, and at 120 kgs the situation felt dire. Saw my doctor and feltl very ready to make the necessary changes. My plan is pretty straightforward - cut out the crap food, eat healthy meals, and do a daily achievable exercise session.

I am a nurse working in an infusion center. I recently moved out of my parents house and have had a hard time adjusting to this freedom. With all this new freedom I have completley let go of control of my diet and exercise. I am ready to take back control.

I work three (very long) days/week as a medical professional and small business owner, tutor, and take care of my tough little toddler the rest of the time. Sometimes, I like to sleep.

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