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Team Name: Single and Kid-free
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Location: Portland, OR 97213


Profile: I was a part of a group called "Single and Kid-less" several years ago. There were many people in that slice of the population on this site. Are there still? Come on and join!

Last posted: Monday, August 20, 2018, 9:41 AM

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I wrote this back in 2012... still true: I think part of my lack of motivation is a lack of confidence in the dating world. I can't seem to find the match that suits my taste and that works in the world. This attitude of pessimism paired with the stresses of life give me a feeling of apathy. BUT I want to feel attractive despite it all. I want to have some modicum of a positive attitude and not just sink into the sad mire of middle-aging. I'm (in 2016 56) though I appear a little younger. I do however need to work on myself. I think that letting myself go a bit is making me look older. I've never felt like I am old. But the more you tell people your age the more they want to keep reminding you that you are old. I'm through telling people. Being vibrant, hot, and fun can last much longer than society stereotypically insists on.Yuck the middle-aged stereotype is so depressing.

I'm a young adult black female who let myself go over time. I use to weigh 155 but through stress, unhelathy eating habits, and the death of my mother I've gained 40 pounds... I can't wear ANY of my clothes. I use to love modeling, shopping, and going out; but due to the rapid and recent weight gain, I have been unable to fufill my goals and live up to my potential. I am ready to live!!!

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