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I'm an emotional eater, anytime I get stressed at work I come home and have a binge. In college I ballooned from 155 up to 183 lbs at my heaviest, I started weight watchers and got down to 143 lbs in 2010 at my lowest but since starting an office job the weight has slowly crept back on. I want to change my life style for good and be able to be proud of my body.

School teacher, 61 years old, single

I love food and have been interested in nutrition since I graduated high school. Exercise has always been hard for me to do, just because it's not always the most exciting or motivating feeling while I'm doing it.

I'm currently attending massage school and have been interested in health and wellness for most of my life. I am looking for a positive support system to inspire wellness and help each other be in great shape!

Busy working mom of 3 girls.

I'm a senior citizen (84 years old), live alone, love computers & digital scrapbooking, and have never been big on exercise. It has finally caught up to me, and now I need to strengthen my body if I want to continue to be able to live alone.

I am a senior at a university. I have never weighed less than 200lbs since the beginning of high school. I am engaged and our wedding is about a year away. However I have always struggled with losing weight, and keeping myself accountable. I will motivated and tell myself to get up in the morning and then sleep in.

I'm a sophomore (10), I am what you call very bless down here in the south. I wear a DDD in bra size and a medium in underwear. I just feel like my boobs make me look fat. So hopefully I can lose them.

I was an athlete all the way until college. Around the time I stopped playing sports, is the time I started gaining weight. Throughout my early 20s I haven't seemed to figure out the balance between working, eating healthy, and working out. I still love sports and being active but these days I'm more embarrassed about it.

Lost 40 pounds before have gained 30 back since my marriage need helpstaying motivated

* Reason for Losing My Weight: My doctor has recommended that I need to lose weight as I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and hypertension. I have also survived colorectal cancer 20 years ago and need to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. * Born in Germany and immigrated to Canada when I was 2.5 years old * Grew up in Southern Ontario south of Toronto * Married and moved to British Columbia; and have lived there for 30 years. Five years ago moved to Edmonton Alberta for better job opportunities * Have had weight issues for most of my life; and currently dealing with menopausal hormone fluctuations which has made weight loss extremely difficult. * Have been an administrative assistant for over 20 years in various intermediate and senior levels in several business environments. I also spent 13 years owning & operating a bed & breakfast/spa business in the Okanagan Valley.

I am 20 years old and have basically got comfortable in my relationship, but I aren't comfortable in my body. I want to get fit and loose some serious weight. Time to get cracking!

I'm a stay at hone mom struggling to make time for myself to work out/eat right and find my motivation to exercise/eat right when I'm tired and worn out.

I really enjoying the feeling I get after working out each evening but am very frustrated with not seeing results. I have done different exercises six days a week for two years and barely lose a pound. I eat healthy but of course love desserts so so times I do cheat and eat one or two bad things a week.

I'm a 45 year old mom and small business owner. I live with my husband and daughter in rural Tennessee. I've been a chronic yo yo dieter since I was 20. I would like to break this cycle!

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend. I love playing the piano and I am an active member of the church in which my husband is the pastor.

I'm Rachel and I work in the health care industry so fitness has always been important to me. I look forward to meeting others who share a similar passion as we support each other in our journeys.

28 year old 5'5'' 145 lbs, fighting against the inevitable ebb and flow of the scale!

5'2" 65kg 37 yr

I'm 5'1" and currently 136lbs and my goal weight is to be back down to 125 or less .

120 pounds, 5'5. Goal is to lift, tone, and stop eating sandwiches.

32 years YOUNG. Currently 174 lbs, down from 235lbs 2.5 years ago- Ideally like to be around 160 but will be happy with 165.

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