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I have been dieting all my life and now have a lap band. I had lost 30k but with a sickness end of last year put on 16k. I have now lost 6k and wanting to lost the next 10k again.

age 53, height 4ft 11 in

56 year old mother of 4.

Weigh 113 and am 5'7

I live in Colorado where there are so many outdoor activities year round that I want to, but instead I work and go home. I have only been here a couple of years -- moved from Georgia. I haven't really made any friends outside of work, so this group is nice support.

I was pretty active and didn't have a weight problem until after my second child was born--but that was 30 years ago! Now, I'm 61, have three sons plus 3 step children (all grown and out of the house), teach elementary school, and am married to a healthy, active man who works to keep himself very thin. He's super-careful about what he eats--no butter, cheese, red meat, or sweets. It's a second marriage for both of us and we have been married for 10 years. Since we got married, I have gained about 35 lbs! My husband is so disciplined but it's like I've turned into "Bad Baby"! His diet is too strict for me and I find myself sneaking treats! The Peertrainer diet plan appealed to me for that reason. I need to be able to make the choices and "cheat" when I feel the need. I'm very creative and love to make jewelry, do ceramics, and sew. I am also a voracious reader. I do yoga but not much else at the gym. My knees have been bothering me, I'm sure because I'm carrying so much extra weight, but I'd like to get back into walking and hiking. My youngest son is a director in New York City and my husband and I met through the theater. We go to lots of plays!

I'm a 60 year old school librarian--married and two grown daughters. I have two little mutts who are substituting for the grandchildren I don't yet have. :) I spend my time reading and playing on my iPad and my iPod. I also watch a little TV. In warm weather I like to hike and bike and garden. I hope to retire in a few years and become more politically active.

I am 60 years old. I enjoy gardening, hiking and bicycling. I work full time but make sure I exercise every day

I am a 46, recently divorced mother of two great kids, who are 21 and 17 years old. I work 2 jobs for a total of 70 hours to make ends meet

I am a RN live in beautiful Park City love reading,yoga and cooking

55 years old. 5 foot 5. 145 pounds. always battling with the last 5 to 10 pounds. my heaviest 188 pounds. very active, especially when weather cooperates. love being outside. love to walk. doing 21 flights of stairs a day, different weights/kettleball. I never liked people that only had a few pounds to lose, but let me tell you, you can make yourself miserable with those last pounds. I wake up everyday and try to be positive/good.

I am a 43 year old, stay at home mom. I am 9 months postpardom with twin boys. I also have two daughters ages 8 and 5. I enjoy running, cycling, and being active with my children. My husband and I are trying to figure out our new routine after doubling our family!

58 years on this earth. At one time I weighed in at 297 lbs! Then I began eating better and exercising, worked at this for a few years until I finally landed at 140 lbs. I've recently gained to 149 and must, MUST, lose it before it goes any further!

I a 55 year old single woman who has spent the last 13 years raising too very special adopted daughters. My physical health went on the back burner as their mental health became my priority. I work half-time and homeschool my youngest daughter the other half.

I am a 56 woman. In 2006 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Having had my left kidney removed, I feel blessed to have eight more years.

I've been overweight my whole life and I've never been happy with it. I'm very anxious and I think I let my emotions get in the way of my success. I'm working on changing that.

Little heavier than I'd like to be and more addicted to sugar than I want. Need more exercise and a healthy meal plan that keeps me going.


32 years old, married 2 years, have gained 20 pounds in the last two years and need help getting it off...i know what to do and how to do it, simply unable to motivate myself

36 year old with two kids, 10 and 12. We love doing fun things outdoors. My favorite is swimming. I have lots of animals and I also home-school- so life is busy but fun.

Six months from my 50th birthday, hypothyroid, and needing a kickstart.

I'm 41 years old. I have three kids and 3 step kids. ages 8 to 24. I run my own cleaning business. I am the only employee. I like what I do but it is hard work. I have done it for 16 years.

Love the out doors, music, art, cooking, dancing, eating, spending time with family and friends, animals, gardening, crafts. Love people!

Im a wife & mum of 3. I have a great family who love me for who I am and all my flaws :-) Im a music NUT! Im also a social bee & adore music's best friends... alcohol & great company! Im into all things spiritual... Cards, Angels, Reiki, Runes, books blah blah!

Stopped playing team sports, hard transition. Trying to ref but it's not enough, gaining weight, so less active and no get up.

I sometimes have sugar cravings, especially around my period.

I am 63 - soon to be 64- I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren- I've had a career and a husband of 40 years- My husband passed away 2 years old after a 3 year battle with cancer - Six months after he passed away I was diagnosed with cancer which I have beaten- I seem to have gotten into a very lazy pattern where I don't feel like doing anything- I am trying to beat that - I have started a program in which I have a smoothie for breakfast which includes greens plus powder- I have seen an improvement in the short time I have been taking it- Prior to that I never ate breakfast - My worst time is after the sun sets it seems to trigger this craving to devour everything in site be it sweet or salty- Recently I have been buying sugar free candy and I freeze grapes for snacking on at night- I was overweight when I retired in 2001 and gained weight then- I quit drinking and gained weight - I quit smoking and gained more weight - I know what I should be eating and doing - I am just having trouble getting motivated to get there - Just this week I have given up diet coke because my kids have been worried about aspartime- I LOVE diet coke and was drinking at least a dozen cans a day for years and years- This story quite maudlin but I am not a negative person- just trying to paint a realistic picture- I want to re-join the human race - I want to lose weight and be around a long time for my children and grandchildren whom I love so very much-

I am 5'3' and a grad student working towards my doctorate in physical therapy. I am super busy, but want to be in the best shape of my life.

I am 60+ living in NY with my husband. We both still work full time and likely will until 70 considering the world market these days! I have been thin and fat and thin definitely wins hands down!

36 this year mum of 2 (6y,4y),finally got rid of baby weight ,my son will be 4 now,it was about 7 kg,last year,stuck on 66 kg ,fighting to loose last 6 kg....hope this year will go as good as last

I approach my 80th birthday with amazement. A retired librarian, massage therapist and a B.and B owner. I love retirement, but the days go by so very quickly...

Mid 50s, mother of 3 kids and 3 dogs. Spend too much time at work and not enough looking after myself.

I am 44 yrs old, mother of 2 active girls, ages 5 & 8. I had a full hysterectomy March 2013, due to fibroids and endometrosis, had another surgery in December due to rare re-occurence of endometriosis. Finally feeling better with more energy, less pain...unfortunately extra 15 lbs of weight gain since 1st surgery. Ready to make changes and lose the weight!

Business owner and grandmother of 4. Turning 60 in August and want to enter this new era in great health.

Age 72 03 Jan 1942. Retired after a 50 year career as a stockbroker.

I'll be 61 this year. I have two grown children, both married. My husband and I are really enjoying the grandchildren, like traveling, kayaking. I'm still working as a court reporter, but work has dropped off so it's a good time to concentrate on health and wellness. A friend introduced me to watercolor painting and that's been something new to explore that's fun.

I've yo yo'd a lot. Lost & gained. Dealt with hypothyroidism since 1998, and just now woke up and made an appointment for a specialist.

I used to be so naturally athletic and skinny. I could eat whatever I wanted and was a twig. One I had a fast metabolism and two I did sports year round. Now I am in college and have gained a lot of weight because I never learned how to watch my weight. I never had too. I've been working out and eating healthy and working out at least 5 days a week for the last month and have seen no results in scale or measurements. I need some major motivation to keep me going.

I am 60 yrs old and am an RN

46 yr old full time worker, menopausal weight gain, caring for parents. I am constantly on the go for volunteer work or other responsibilities. I eat 70% good but can't seem to lose the weight. Frustrated and want a change

My drug of choice is food and I am desperate to break my habit. I have made it into my 50’s and have started to feel the burden of the extra weight I am walking around with. It is not if I will get sick from weight related issues it is when. I feel like I am a deer in the headlights not knowing where to trun. I would like to lose 80 pounds and I just don’t know where to start so I am starting here. I live in NYC and am active in the animal rescue world. Now if I can only rescue myself.

I'm recently widowed, mother of 2 grown kids, have lost the weight before but as we get older it gets harder. Don't want to 'diet' want to learn a better way of eating that can be permanent.

I'm a single mother of two grown boys. I'm 45 years old and I'm a full-time college student. I have been an ambassador selling Plexus slim for the last three months and I just want to take my weight loss to the next level.

49 y/o, married with two daughters and three grandchildren.

51 yrs old. Struggling with weight since having kids, yo-yo dieting for 35yrs. Lost 112#s slowly gaining it back.

Wife, mom (and step-mom), gramma, CPA, soprano

Turn 40 this year (wow), kid is out of the house, need to work on me.

I'm a 31 year old happily married mom of a beautiful 12 year old daughter. I work full time as a Sr. Cost Analyst at a medical life care plan company. I live in FL and love doing outdoor activities. The beach, hiking, biking, traveling, reading and movies/TV are among some of my favorite things.

I am 58 years old and single. I amuse myself by watching TV and EATING, no exercise. I plan on changing all this and getting in shape by summer.

i like play flash games at or

47 year old women in Green Bay Wisconsin. stuck losing those last few pounds, for three years now.... CSD and 2015 is the ticket, I'm certain...

53 years old, married, mom of 4 - have always been active but currently battling painful sciatica issues that I'm hoping to have resolved so I can return to karate and kickboxing.

50 year old woman, yo yo dieter - just bought the book and am ready to do this, my doc said I have to lose 25-30 lbs in next 6 months

retired secretary, wife, mother to 3 adult children, grandmother of 5

gramma of 6 and great gramma of 4

32 yr old stay-at-home mother of 3 kids ages 7,4, and 1. I used to hate running, but now I like it. I like to read, sew, and travel. I love being outside in sunny weather.

In my early 50's. Happily married, two wonderful boys.

Work full time, take care of two kids

71 year-old mother of two boys and 3 grandchildren.

I am in mid-thirties and have one teenage daughter. I work full time at a college and love my job. I also love reading, hiking, yoga, and searching for new workout videos.

53, maybe married, maybe not - hard to tell at the moment. We've been separated for a year and a 1/2. Not sure if we're getting back together or not - highly stressful - gained back 35 lbs. last year - deeply sad over all of that. But! Doing much inner work and healing... including nutrition. My hair has stopped falling out! : )

I am 54 years. Busy and looking for a weight loss strategy I can maintain.

I am 33 and am overweight

I am a 60+ woman still working full-time with 2 great sons and their family, plus 3 of the most handsome grandsons one can have. I hope to retire soon.

I am in my mid-50s and have kept off about 15 lbs for 3-4 years but want to lose another 10.

Retired landscape designer. Avid horsewoman, I really enjoy camping with the horses.

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