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Team Name: Hot for Spring Break Cleanse!
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Last posted: Thursday, April 03, 2014, 11:03 AM

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I live in Colorado where there are so many outdoor activities year round that I want to, but instead I work and go home. I have only been here a couple of years -- moved from Georgia. I haven't really made any friends outside of work, so this group is nice support.

I love God, my awesome family, financial planning, and food:-) Food has become my drug of choice whether I am stressed or wanting to relax and enjoy life. God is not pleased with this area of my life, nor am I.

Six months from my 50th birthday, hypothyroid, and needing a kickstart.

58 Retired early Hobbies: Quilting, reading and grandkids.

Newly registered nurse & in my 1st year of working. Not married but I may as well be. We've been together for 7+ yrs. Seeking to be healthy & happy.

I live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I am a health and wellness oriented person. Yet, struggling with finding consistency in diet and exercise. I have found it is super helpful to have partners of health, so excited to make new friends!

I am a paleo eating, second degree black belt, married mom to two teens and two dachshunds. Hashimoto's and too much family stress got the better of me last year and resulted in my gaining back 20 of the 70 pounds I had previously lost. I'm ready to be moving in the right direction again!

Interested in losing weight but in a healthy way. Tired of the yo-yo effect of many diets.

55 female trying to learn yoga so I can be stronger and flexible and less stress

38 year old female. I've always eaten a diet of whole foods and have vegetables in most meals and healthy fats and proteins. And I drink a ton of water. But I've also developed some bad habits, such ~2 glasses of wine a day, overeating wheat when I have it, dependence on having diary in most meals.

Mid 50s, mother of 3 kids and 3 dogs. Spend too much time at work and not enough looking after myself.

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