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I am a working mom of the very active boys

I'm married and the mother of a beautiful 16 year old daughter. I'm 36 years old and work as a substitute teacher, which I love!

I am 17 years old. I want to feel good about myself. I havent felt good about myself since i was 13. I want to live a healthier, happier, and fullier life.

I am an art teacher at a public elementary school. My life is great in that it is full of loving and satisfying relationships, but there have been many, MANY stresses over the years that have taken their toll. I am a vegetarian and I don't drink, don't smoke, don't keep junk food around. But boy, do I use food as an emotional go to! I so much want to get back to 'me' again---the "me" that was very fit and felt good about myself. I don't want to lose that person because I LIKED HER!

Used to be a private voice (singing) teacher, have MS, want to make the most of my physical abilities.

I am a creative type - a musician and a poet. There are other ways I express my creativity as well. I enjoy being around a lot of people as well as being with just one or two friends and having substantial, meaningful conversations. I love animals and feel blessed to be the mom of three beautiful Japanese Chin boys. I am happily married as well.

I gained weight due to pcos and shitty diet. I am currently here looking for support.

Although I'm overweight, I exercise regularly, eat quite healthy. However, I have chronic IBS, chronic back pain due to a childhood injury, and am post menopausal. These things contribute to my difficulty with losing weight, as well as poor sleep habits. My goal is to make a major shift in these areas. I work full-time, go to the gym about 4 to 5 times a week, blog, and paint. I keep pretty busy most days. I'm happily married to a very fit 51-year old man, and have a handsome, healthy, intelligent honors college student (son), studying to be a bio-chemist. Good health is important to us, so I'm concerned about finally ridding myself of this excess weight once and for all!

I play roller derby and I am currently going to school for my BSc in biology.

i love to work out. i used to teach zumba and loved it but my kids have crazy schedules and it no longer works out. i want to get back to the great shape i was in back then.

I am a 40 something mom, wife & grandma a.k.a. Tanna. I'm also someone who struggles with a disability making weight loss difficult. I have something called Charcot Marie tooth disease which is similar to a mix between muscular dystrophy and MS. & I've been in a wheelchair since I was 14 years old.

Howdy! I am 49yo woman. Never been skinny.

I'm 64 and overweight and not feeling good. I want both to change.

I'm 47 years old, have a great husband, 2 grown boys and 1 grand-daughter. I follow a gluten-free diet because I have celiac disease, and more recently was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis that has turned my life upside down.

I am a Operator at a chemical plant in Houston I have Three Wonderfull kids they are my life. Three years ago I had some devastating personal issues and i gained 75 lbs in one year. Naturally I have been suffuring from depression pre diabetic conditions and high blood pressure. The worst part is I dont even remember how I got how I am. But Two weeks ago I had enough.

I 've already lose 23 kg. 5 yers ago I was 90 kg, 43 age and my cholesterol was high. I just wanted to be alive. That was my main reason why I started to eat health balanced food, many fruit&veg. My weight was decrease for 3 months. And I still am 67-68 kgs. And I met my husband and moved to NZ. Thanks, my new body and new skills!

I am 32 years old, have 3 beautiful children and am married to a handsome cowboy. last year was very stressful, and my body's response to that was to put on 30 lbs:/ I also was recently diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Which basically means I must avoid certain foods or suffer a lot of bladder discomfort. (like having a UTI without having a UTI) I am crazy for Jesus! I teach a weekly bible study and adore my friendships.

Early 60s married, works in the health care field

Newly registered nurse & in my 1st year of working. Not married but I may as well be. We've been together for 7+ yrs. Seeking to be healthy & happy.

66 years old. Retired special education paraprofessional. 1 son, 2 grandsons.

An 18 year old college student looking to lose weight.

I recently started graduate school (online), and I am working on my Masters Degree. I "lost" my job in Nov of 2013 and I have been looking, but there is nothing around my area, especially dealing with my degree. So I stay at home most of my time with no motivation to actually start working out.

I am a foodie that loves to cook and eat. Happy or sad food was my drug of choice but I am working to SHIFT my focus to eat to sustain my bodies needs and work out my feelings by exercise and other activities.

I am a working 36 year old mother of 5 who can't blame my pregnancies for my weight gain because I lost weight through all of my pregnancies, weighing less after my pregnancies than before. There is a comment I have heard several times from friends and family members that know me well, " All you have to do to lose weight is to get pregnant". I would rather lose it the way that you should, through proper diet and exercise. guys know me...I so don't fit into a little The Before pic was taken for Thanksgiving 2013 (ugh!)

Mom of two

Single mom with 8-year old daughter and orange cat. I'm currently training for a half marathon and think I could run a lot better with less weight to lug around.

59, accountant, 4 grown children, 3 grandchildren, fanatical reader and gardener, have been evolving my lifestyle for the past 6 years

27, had bariatric surgery in december 2013

I am 50. My husband and I have been caretakers for the past 3 years and are transitioning into the next phase of our lives. Our children are grown and the youngest is moving out soon. I have not taken care of myself during the last 10 years. I could say that I just have been too busy taking care of others, but that is too simple. I have truly let myself fall apart.

i'm 56 and so overweight,i have a thyroid problem,which don't blood pressure is high,and i have no energy.i have to lose this weight for my health

45 years old no thyroid problems. I lost 15 pounds last year, but I've stalled since and I have about 30 more to go.

39 years old, Mother of a toddler, and I've always 'battled' with my weight, in spite of diet after diet/food plan after food plan (everything from pre-packed plans to raw foods and juicing). I have also struggled with poor digestion for my entire life. I'm looking for something that I can do to feel better, help shed the extra weight, and hopefully will also work for my family, since I'm the one who does 95% of the food shopping and cooking. I also teach yoga in addition to my 9-5.

I have about 60 lbs to lose. I have been yoyo dieting for years. Ended up with a sensitivity to soy, among other things. I am doing JJ virgins clease (started yesterday). I did 21 days just before Christmas and felt awesome. Took a break during the holidays and my daughters wedding; can't wait to get back on.

40 year old endurance athlete. Struggling to balance a busy professional life with training...and trying to fit in some fun in between!

I'm a 32 year old married stay-at-home mom of a toddler. I work as a dental hygienist a few days a month.

38, married with 1 beautiful daughter

I turned 50 a couple of months ago and recently became a grandmother!

I'm a PCA (patient care assistant) at one of the major hospitals in our city. I work 12/hour shifts (7p-7a) and have zip for energy when I get home. I have started the Couch to 5k running program today. I know this works because I used it a few years ago and got up to 3 miles/3 times a week. Because of health issues, I had to put it back on the back burner and have had trouble getting back into it. Now with our Disney vacation coming in September, I have the perfect motivation. I am going back to Disney World in September and I need to get more fit and have more stamina.

55 years old and married for 35 years with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.

I'm a 67-year old retired business education teacher with 30+years experience. I am married to the most loving and supportive husband. I have 2 wonderful and intelligent children and 4 handsome grandsons, who are going to change the world and break some hearts.

Hey ya'll. I am a 24 year old that is currently struggling with weight loss. I am looking to get healthy and fit for 2014 and would love to be looking fabulous by my 25th birthday.

49 years old and retiring next year after 30 years of being a police officer. I have great husband and 12 year old son.

I'm Sarah, a freshmen in high school. I've always eaten crap and never thought about being healthy. But I started to gain weight and decided that something needed to change. -I'm Officially sugar free as of 02/10/14

53 yo very busy mother and carer of my 17 yo son and 84 yo mother in law. Also have 19 yo son and a husband who plays sport like a 21 yo and keeps getting injured!

I will be 61 in 4 days and I think my age is finally beginning to show even though I still feel 19 on the inside. I've lived on sweets, (not entirely) all of my life and I think it has caught up with me. The only time I weighed 149 lbs was when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I am only 5'4" so I want to get back to 125 or maybe 120 lbs, work out to regain my strength and get control of my health. I've gotten lazy when it comes to proper exercise. I need to take control of my lifestyle, and improve my health before it's too late to reverse the ill effects of my bad habits.

I just turned 61. I have been married for 40 years, have two children and two grandchildren. I am very healthy and want to stay this way for a long, long time.

I try and try, have had success with different approaches. I get close to my goal and start sliding. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep trying things.

I am a 53-year old retired teacher who is volunteering 5 mornings a week at my neighbourhood school and local hospital.

I'm 67. Retired. I want a happy, healthy, fit retirement

I'm a 71 year old active retiree. I have a wonderful 39-year old son who has lost 60 pounds over a one year period and want to develop the discipline he embraced to reach his goal. I participated in the very first Cleanse and know I need to detox and get on the wagon again. Looking forward to this.

I am a 23 year old mother of one. I am a full time student and my husband is a Jr. High teacher.

31 year old mother of 2 girls. Ive always been a sz 2-4 weighing 118-120 at 5'3". However, I gained 15-20 lbs in tge last year, and i feel aweful!

I am a 48 year old mom of two young men. I have been overweight since I gave birth to my oldest son; 26 years ago! I have no thyroid so it makes it that much harder for me to lose weight! But, I think by eating clean and livinga healthy lifestyle, I will be able to lose the weight without killing myself with hard core exercise. I am looking forward to getting healthy along with everyone else.

A mom in my 30's, with two young children, needing to put some focus back on my own well being.

I'm 60 plus married have 2 dogs...I have been dieting forever.

I have been overweight since I can remember. Did my first figure competition last year, went from 220lbs to 166lbs, now back up to 210lbs. Dr and coach both have said my metabolism is shot due to doing a long stint of low carb dieting.

Love books, movies and my family :)

I am 25 years old, almost 5'2" and I am a stay at home mother of 3 beautiful children. I married my childhood sweetheart in 2010, and I love getting to stay home and watch my children blossom. I have a 2 boys and 1 daughter. My daughter is my middle child. My youngest son has a lot of health problems, so we are always on our toes with him. I have some health issues as well, many of which affect my life daily. I am bipolar, which is literally a constant struggle from minute to minute. I also have endometriosis, which is a very painful condition that affects the female reproductive system, and literally has me laid up on the couch at least 5 days a month. I also suffer from really bad stomach problems as a result of having my gall bladder removed. I could literally live off pizza and ice cream, and chocolate is my best friend. I have struggled with my weight for years now. I am usually one extreme or the other; but mostly just heavy. My self esteem has always been crappy, and I am always "down" on myself. I am really great at starting exercise programs and diets, but terrible at actually following through with them.

Just a rebel to the world with no place to go, 14 years old here I enjoy things that spite those whose vision gets clouded by my darkened skintone. I Love camping, hiking, and fire building (I promise I'm not a sociopath) don't have favorites though I do prefer old school hip hop and Canon in D.

33 married mom of 2 wonderful kids.Very active but strong chocolate and dairy lover.So good at achieving professional goals and fighting to get back to the beautiful shaped I had about 2 years ago.

I am 51, married for 26 years, live in the awesome state of Florida and started riding a motorcycle at the age of 50 (this was a lifelong interest of mine and I finally did it!) I am not happy with myself these days and really need some help in getting out of this slump. May be hormones at this stage in my life and will look into this as well, but I know I have to start eating healthier for my future.

I am 60+ living in NY with my husband. We both still work full time and likely will until 70 considering the world market these days! I have been thin and fat and thin definitely wins hands down!

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