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I have a wonderful family ,very interested in my dieting and exercising, makes me feel very loved

Currently 49 and holding! I have struggles with weight my entire life and have losses and gained weight. I need to make permanent changes and stop the craziness of it all. I have 3 thin sisters and am tired of being the "frumpy" one. I like to have fun and keep a good sense of humor about life.

39 years old, 2 four legged babies- Maggie and Carley

I'm 46, married and have a 9 year old daughter. I'm also in my 4th year of grad school with one more year to go and I work part time. I spend so much time studying, taking care of my daughters and husbands needs its become physically apparent I put myself last. I have no energy anymore to do anything and its scary. I need to put my healthy and happiness first.

I am a Model/Actress. I love travelling and meeting new people. Horror fanatic and loves adventures.

almost 43 year old mother of 3 - Artist and entrepreneur as well as Para Educator at our High School.

I'm 51 years old and married. I have two grown children and one grandchild. I work full time.

As of this date Jan. 3, 2014, I am a 64 year young wife, mother and grandmother to 7 wonderful grandchildren. I am very young at heart and want to continue to fill this way.

Married Mother of 4 kids, Ages 9, 7, 5 and 3 Home Maker Christian

51 y/o and at that stage in life when things really slow down physically. I'm eager to switch that up and eat in a way that creates better energy and health.

Lots of success at times....but still a yo yo to some degree

I am 44, married, with a 23 year old daughter still at home. I am a full time student working on my bachelors and actively job hunting in my new career field.

Wife and mother of a 18 year old daughter and a 9 month old son (yes, you read that right!). Turning 41 this month (January) and need to get serious about losing the 75 pounds I gained during pregnancy.

I'm 39, married and mother of three wonderful children, 19, 12 and 4. I have always been thin, even after my first two children. The third one was my undoing. I gained 60 lbs and have only been able to lose about 20lbs of it. It's been 4 years now and I've had enough. Time to get serious.

I am 39.5 years old and a mother of 3 boys that are 9, 15 & 20. I am really nervous approaching 40. I feel achy and not in as good physical shape as I have been most of my life. I feel like the last 6 years have really slowed me down. They have been very stressful at times. I am determined to get into great shape again. I'm hoping that this system will teach me how to eat healthy without feeling like I'm sacrificing everything good to eat. I've also started doing pilates again. The stretching & strengthening exercises have really helped lessen the aches & pains.

I am about to turn 50....I cannot believe that! I still think I'm 30. I live in a cool loft style townhouse in Atlanta with my dog Beastie. He is a loving little Bichon who is almost totally blind now. So sad...

My name is Jana. I am 56 years old and 50 lbs. overweight. I spent my childhood and most of my adult life very thin. I struggled with severe depression around 50 and gained a lot of weight. Well, here I am today feeling better and wanting to shed those pounds for good.

needing to stay motivated to loose 100+. Have been blessed with a wonderful family and want to be able to enjoy life with all of them.

I'm a 20 year old college student with a whole life ahead of her who is not willing to be held back because she is uncomfortable in her own skin. I'm not going to let a number weigh me down and define when I'm done. I am going to change my lifestyle to be a happier and healthier me.

Mother of 3 Grandmother of 3 / Single parent for 20 yrs now children are up and running on their own. I need to reinvent myself, at the same time find my old self (if this makes sense).

55, yo-yo weight, lost 53 pounds in weight watchers but gained 10 back and I'm scared that it is going right back up.

I am 45 year old Christian, married for 24 years, 4 children(28, 22, 21, 19) , 1 daughter in law (28) and 4 grand children (5, 4, 3, 1). My19 year old daughter still lives at home with my husband and me. I work full time, and going to school part time and try to go to the gym every weekday morning. I like to kayak in fairly calm waters, hiking, travelling, and just started learning scuba diving.

I have struggled with my weight since I was very young. I have a very bad metabolism and struggle with issues with food. However, I am committed to changing the way I look at food with God's help and friends to suround me.

I am 32 and needing to make some major changes to my relationship with food. I have a tendency to eat just to eat and to continue to eat when I am full. I will take coffee breaks and food breaks just to give myself a break, not because I am hungry or need coffee. This behavior has trickled into my work life and patterns are starting to emerge there that are less than motivational, mimicking lack of discipline and follow through. I love my work, but I fight fatigue, lack of discipline and motivation. I am grumpy a lot and irritated at the smallest things. My boyfriend is a real gem and my dear love, but I find it hard to be able to fully give to him when I am having a hard time finding myself. I believe this can call be fixed if I change my relationship to food.

I am 42 years old and I live in the town that is famous for the Rose Parade. I am on the executive staff of a large military support non profit. I love to read, garden, spending time with friends.

I am 54, living in Texas. I work in the social service field. I work with teenagers and love my job. It can take a toll on me when I don't take care of myself. I guess you could say I get lost in my job and family at times and ignore my own needs. I have grown Children and a sweet little chihuahua!

I'm single mom with 4 kids at home. I own a web design business and am an introvert so I spend alot of time at home alone behind my desk. My weight has gotten out of control this past two years - I gained 30 lbs!

I am turning 50 this year. I have been overweight most of my life since childhood. In my early twenties I did a liquid protien diet and lost 50 lbs. I kept that off until I had my first child at 30. I have yo-yo's since then. I have 3 teenagers. I am a health professional. I do not get any support at home. I have helped many patients and friends lose weight but cannot help myself. It is depressing.

I am a 41 year old female, no children, career oriented looking to be 100%. It seems like all areas of my life can not go well at the same time. I need to learn how to balance my life on the positive side of the scale.

I am almost 67, an artist, soap maker and educator,grandmother of 8 and mother of 4 daughters .....

I am a wife and mother of two kiddo, ages 10 and 12. I work as an accountant. That's about as exciting as it gets.

I'm a wife, a mother of two adults, and have two dogs. I've completed studies in hypnotherapy and used the tools to quit biting my nails. Like some smokers who quit smoking, I gained 15 pounds! It's time to stop mindlessly putting things in my mouth. I see myself starting summer as slimmer and healthier person who is fit to help others fulfill their dreams.

I am an Orthopaedic Nurse

Mid-thirties, a working mom of two, rather health-conscious, petite and slim but lacking stamina; hates to see her body aging in an uncontrolable way. Little self-motivation, perhaps due to the fact that doesn't need to lose weight. Dislikes getting undresssed in public ( e.g swimming pool) - no boobs + protruding, after pregnancy belly. ;-)

Just about to start running again having gained weight slowly but surely after the last few years. Had a stent fitted in 2012, so shouldn't be as heavy as I am. Figured I should lose just over 20kgs, and was shocked when I picked up two packs of 6x1.5l bottles of water which is effectively 18kgs in total.

I'm 52, 5'9", and 325lbs. I've lost over 100 lbs and gained it back more than 5 times. When I focus on a goal, I have strong will power and can follow most any food plan. Stress in my life is usually where I falter and when I go off a plan, I go back to my old poor habits. I'm a black and white thinker- All or nothing. This hasn't worked well for me. I need to explore some middle gray and give myself a break.

I'm a weights watchers lifetime member, I have lost/gained for the last three years. No longer a self employed lawn guy, now I don't get the exercise I used to. Went back to WW, but am not getting out of what I anticipated.

I love living in the country and have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.

I'm a 44 year old mother of two teenage boys aged 15 and 16. I often find myself eating for the sake of it and having low energy levels which makes going to the gym or exercising very low priority. This is usually the case through the autumn/winter months and then I find myself, as I do at the moment, a stone or so heavier than I should be and feeling uncomfortable in myself and my clothes. It's got to the point today where I'm fed up with feeling slightly self conscious about my body shape (it's not very overweight but for my personal liking it is). Therefore I know how peertrainer and a good group can really help boost day to day efforts with eating healthy and exercising.

I'm an active 58 year old with a stubborn 10-12 pounds that seems to resist going anywhere. I love the outdoors, especially hiking, biking and interesting wines & beers and cooking which of course, may be part of the problem.

44, mom of 6 (ages 2-14), own a business and work outside the home 4 days a week. I enjoy running and reading.

I'm 49, single and not pleased when I look in the mirror. I have a quiet (too?) intellectual life

Married with a young daughter awesome wife. Sugar is my poison and the occasional binge drink.. Other than that I eat quite well but looking at looking at list maybe not as good as I thought. Especially fruit! Will keep trying I was 105kg and down to 92 but haven't moved since..

I am a creative 54 year old who has gotten stuck in some unhealthy eating habits. Having accountability is vital for me and I'm happy to have found Peertrainer. My goal is to lose 25 pounds, change my thinking about food and start consistently exercising. I juggle family responsibilities and manage a small veterinary clinic. Here's to a new beginning. Let's go for it!!!

I'm 30-year-old graduate student who wants to set up eating and exercise habits for a lifetime, especially before my husband and I start having kids in a year or two.

Married for 35 years to a great husband. A mother of 2, grandmother of 2 +1 on the way. like gardening, quilting (when they sleep my quilts are my hugs to them) cooking, making crafts, and being with family and friends

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