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Profile: We may all follow a different path, but we all have the same goal- get healthy and loose or maintain weight. Support, motivation and the occasional kick in the butt is what we offer to members.

Last posted: Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 10:44 AM

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I'm a 45 year old voice/choral/music theatre teacher and song writer. I weigh 189 lbs on a 5'1" frame. Two years ago, I weighed less than 140 lbs. For the larger part of the last 2 years, I was ill and couldn't move off of the couch. This devolved into a period of depression that I'm just coming out of and I need all the helpful cheerleaders I can get! I'm going from a completely sedentary life to needing to move, change what I eat, how I eat and how much I eat. I was very happy with my experience with PeerTrainer in 2007/08. I posted very frequently and found the groups really helpful!

I am a 57 yr old mother of 2 grown children. My weight has gone in every direction since college. I have had health issues and many years of caring for ailing family members. Now I need to focus on me; I have horses, goats, and dogs, so I am busy. I need energy-so I won't starve myself-- I need to eat right and not fast..... And I have to have a sense of humor during this challenge.......

Hi I am a 46 year old mother of a 5 year old and currently a education director for a NGO. I lost weight 3 years ago and became really fit but then broke a rib and gave up...literally gave up. I did a boot camp last year and completed it but was horrified at myselff. Now, a year later, heavier and out of shape more than ever, I went to the doctor in Feb 21012 and he prescribed 7 meds, lifelong for COPD, asma, etc. So, I chucked the meds in March 2013 and started a 30 day juice fast to kick my health back in! Goal accomplished! OH yes, and even as a Librarian and lifelong teacher, I am horrib-le typist, sorry. I get really motivated and then as soon as I start seeing results or start feeling better I tend to sabotage myself.(Point in fact, right after my blood tests and clear lungs, I stopped my juice fast..and ate EVERYTHING again!) I do well with mini goals and support AND accountability. When I was working with a trainer threee years ago and at my best physically in ten years, I used to receive daily and often hourly texts from him and it was enough to keep me going. Although guilt is my biggest motivator and I hope to get to a place where JOY replaces the guilt, Still working on the guilt and the feeling of entitlement!

Happily married, in my mid 60's w/ two grown kids and a 4 yr old grandson.

I am 32 y.o., 5'7", starting weight 323lbs and starting BMI 50.1. I am a strong vibrant woman. I am happily married to a man that I could never have dreamed of. He is wonderful and is my support and guiding light. I have 4 amazing. I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia but have been coping. I recently had some major life changing experiences that have finally spurred me to live a healthier lifestyle for the first time in my life.

I am 40and a mother of 3. I lost 50 pounds back in 2008. I was very active with peertrainer while losing but quit with my accountability after I met my goal. I'm going from working full time to now part time couple days a week. My sole goal for 2014 is to find myself again and get mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. And for peer vanity license needs renewed thus summer and I absolutely can not go from having a 148 lbs on my license to 200! So it's time to get serious again. .

I am a 34-year-old busy working mom of 2! I love to workout but it's often hard to find the time!

I am a 60+ year old, Middle School Orchestra teacher, who received an Ed D in May 2016. I have 2 "millennial" children and a husband that works in another city.

I am a teacher and do well in the school year when I have a good schedule. Summer presents a new challenge for me every year.

I'm 28. I work at a school providing music therapy services to high-risk youth. Also working on finishing my master's in music therapy.

I am 25 years old, and am finally adjusting to my not-so-recent marriage and move to a new city. My husband and I got married in October of 2012 and I moved to Waterloo, Iowa to live with him. Over the course of a year, I have gained 35 pounds! I don't necessary hate the way I look, but I'm scared by my decrease in energy--most likely due to the added weight and poor food choices. I used to be fairly physically fit through healthy eating and exercising with a personal trainer, but all that changed when my husband and I began our marriage and suffered and very bad financial situation. We've taken a while to recover and during that time I became depressed by not knowing anyone in a new town and being unemployed for a while. I turned to food and alcohol to comfort me. I am feeling much better now with a job that I love and a wonderful marriage; now it is time for me to get my mojo back and take back my health! I am very committed to this and appreciate all the help and encouragement I can get. I am a musician/liturgist by trade but in my spare time love to read, play video games, go for walks (when it's not -20 degrees), lift weights, do crafts, and cook.

From beginner runner in August 2007 coming into PEERTrainer.
+First 1/2 Marathon: September 2007
+First marathon: December 2007.
+Marathon Maniac: March 2009.
+First Back2Back Marathon weekend: October 2009
+50 State Marathon Club member: December 2010.
+Marathon Maniac Diva: May 2011.
+Half Fanatic: September 2011
+First double (back2back days): October 2011.
+First ultra distance (50K): September 2012
+50 States Marathon Club FINISHER - October 2014

+#25 Rock n Roll Arizona marathon (2011)
+#50 Outer Banks (NC) marathon (2012)
+#75 Honolulu (HI) marathon (2014)
+#100 tbd

26.2 PR: 2013 Wisconsin 6:17:50
13.1 PR: 2008 Kona 2:43.04

I am 53 years old and a mom of three great kids. I met my goal a few years ago when I first joined PT but then gained it all back and then some. I don't like how I feel and want my old clothes back so time to do it!

43 yrs old, feel 22.....runner, mother, wife.

Married Mother of 4 kids, Ages 9, 7, 5 and 3 Home Maker Christian

I'm 28 years old and live in Ontario, Canada. I've been a member of PT for 9 years, with some breaks, but I'm back, because I really missed logging.

Highest Weight: 312lbs, Dec 2012 I am currently at 272 - I have lost 40 lbs in the past 18 months and want to ramp it up!

I love boxing - I got into it 1 year ago and am so glad I joined a community of people who work hard and really strive for what they want. It's truly a little family at the club. I've decided to leave though, and join a more regular gym (alot less pricey) - and I like it there too.

I saw a naturopath about a year ago and learnt that I'm lactose intolerant and mildly intolerant to gluten. It's a challenge creating a new life around those parameters.

Looking for friends on PT to help with support!

I have yo-yo'd all my life.

I'm a mother of 2, Cole age 12, and Emilie age 9. I gained weight not because of the kids, although that would be a great excuse, but to be honest it's just my own bad eating habits. I live in Omaha, NE.

I am a 55 yr old mother of 4 grown children children are daughter 25,son23 and 2 other daughters 21 and 19. I am 54 . I just became a teacher but I don't have a perminent job yet I am a NYC Substitute for grades PK-6. I love teaching the younger ones and plan I am getting my MA in early childhood/ special education. I am happily married for 26 years. I am very blest! Christ is also the center of my life. I am catholic but I don't believe you have to be catholic to be saved. I love life but I am moody. I eat when I am sad , happy upset . I just love to eat.

38 yr old , have let work and stress affect my lifestyle for too long. Gone from home for 13 hrs a day, so need a low fuss plan. Avid dancer and knitter / fiberholic. 1/2013 had severe ankle sprain that really derailed all my regular activities...finally getting back towards normal abilities a year later

Well I'm 55 now, but being Fifty Something and Fabulous is still the goal :) But more important I want to be healthly. We have a lot of health problems in our family and the one main factor is weight, so it's time for me to do something about it. I'm happy to report....that I've been here since May 2007, and I've dropped over a 100 lbs. I'm 55 now and I'm healthier and fitter than I'm been in years. As of Aug 19, 2009, I feel my final goal weigh for myself is around 140, I'm close but still not there..........

Interested in long term change and living a healthy, whole life in every way.

48 yr old, 5'6". Happily married/Mother of Two teenagers and One Loving Lab.

Not my first time on PT. Joined a few groups over 2008/09, reached my goal weight and got super fit! Then life changed and I've been on a slow backwards slide.... I'm 29, work for a hospital in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I want to get fit and healthy again so I can get out and enjoy it!

I am a 35 year old mother of two small children (5 years old and 3). I am 5ft1 and weigh about 135 pounds. In July 2011 I weighed about 116lbs so I would like to lose these extra pounds that I have put on. I must remember that I need to make nutrient dense food choices and exercise...not an easy task with two small kids and working full time but I know I can and must do it!

I am 62 years old, a Christian, married, mother of 6 ages 37 to 22, and grandmother of 16.

I lost weight in the past with the help of Peer Trainer. I slipped into my old habits and here I am again. Since May I have lost 30+ pounds. Hoping to be at 130 by the end of December.

Am 55- the lbs gradually accumulated over the years. I lost weight and reached my goal about a year ago, and am now trying to maintain my weight.

I am a 45 year old Chrisitian SAHM. I homeschool 4 children and am married to a wonderful guy.

I am following a habit building process developed by Charles Duhigg in his book titled "The Power of Habit". You can read about this process and my progress log on the Progress, Not Perfection community tab.

50 single mom of 6 great kids aged 14-24

I am 42 years old. Before I turned 40, I wanted to lose some weight I had been gaining. I turned 40 and then said the same thing about before I turned 41. Now I AM 42 - I want to get serious about this. I am a part of the team "Progress not Perfection" and it has been great! I am starting over - so to say - as I just haven't been taking care of myself - although I have been doing well back at school.

I'm a 47 year old woman with two adorable 10 year old daughters. My husband is very supportive of my weight loss efforts and my job is very stressful! started PEERtrainer 7/3/2013 weight - 135.4

I am 45 year old Christian, married for 24 years, 4 children(28, 22, 21, 19) , 1 daughter in law (28) and 4 grand children (5, 4, 3, 1). My19 year old daughter still lives at home with my husband and me. I work full time, and going to school part time and try to go to the gym every weekday morning. I like to kayak in fairly calm waters, hiking, travelling, and just started learning scuba diving.

I'm single mom with 4 kids at home. I own a web design business and am an introvert so I spend alot of time at home alone behind my desk. My weight has gotten out of control this past two years - I gained 30 lbs!

I love living in the country and have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.

A mom in my 30's, with two young children, needing to put some focus back on my own well being.

I am a full time employee of AON, I am a triathlete-I did my first tri in June. I am a runner and have been for the last 6 years(minus a year for knee surgery), I am an avid reader and like to quilt. I am a mom of two kids(22 & 16) and I have two dogs and two cats. I have been married for 24 years.

I'm Rachel and I work in the health care industry so fitness has always been important to me. I look forward to meeting others who share a similar passion as we support each other in our journeys.

I am 35 years old. I have two toddlers and I work full-time as a therapist.

Since my late 20's I've been gaining a comfortable 5 pounds per year. 30 pounds later, I am having so much trouble losing just 1 pound and keeping it off! I think about food or look at it and I gain weight!

I am trying to lose 30 lbs I gained/lost/gained again during/after my pregnancies and probably pretty much my life ever since I was 15. Last year at this time I weighed 20lbs less than today (July 25, 2012) and only 10 lbs away from my pre-pregnacy weight. This is humiliating to say the least. The 'baby' 's now 2 years old and she sleeps through the night (on most of the nights anyway). This is a good time for me to re-start my healthy living challenge again, this time I am determined to make it sick for life. I will be tryiing to fit 1 hour of moderate exercise on most of the days and follow a vegan diet, with the goal to adopt some good habits so I can maintain healthy weight for life.

I am 54 y/o and parent of one very athletic child. I am a working professional and have to juggle family, work, church. I have backslid a lot due to injuries but now need to get back to where I was. PERSONAL MOTTO: Based on my results, how hard am I working for what I want?

I am a 41-year-old woman living in Ca, working as a speech-language pathologist for kids who are deaf and hard of hearing. I love what I do even though it does seem to get REALLY BUSY. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in the amount of work I feel I need to accomplish in the hours that I am paid for. Have an amazing fiance and quirky of origin family. Jogged my first 5K in Dec of 07 and now have a PR of 29:23.1 (Feb. 2013). I like spending time with the love of my life, friends and family, heading out to the beach, working out, swimming, reading and walking my dog.

I am 50 something, very unhappy right now with my weight. After the death of my mother, I completely lost all desire to exercise and have steadily gained back all the weight I lost and kept off for 3 years. Now I have to face the mirror again. I need plenty of help.

35 yo fem seeking to shake up the status quo.

I'm 28 yrs old and ready for something different. I am a teacher and life is pretty hectic around here. Between planning, marking and extra-curriculars, I am left with little time to myself. Is this fair? Absolutely not. I spend so much time caring for others, but never myself. This time is different and I will change.

I moved to York in August 2010 and moved into an apartment in November of that year with my boyfriend. I'm currently learning that it's much harder to lose weight when living with someone who also likes fattening food as much as I do, but won't be as motivated and dedicated to stop the habit. Sadly, I have gained back the 50 pounds I had lost, and now weigh more then I ever did at 270. I always scoffed at those people who regained so much weight...and now I've become one! *Sigh*

A healthy vegetarian looking to get a bit slimmer and more toned; currently at a decent weight of 120 lbs. thanks to ETL. Took up regular jogging on the Galloway run-walk method in 2009 and lost 25 lbs. in 20009-2010 on the ETL 6-week plan and ETL Life Plan (from Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live book).

I'm a 57 year old mom of three grown children, and I have 9 great-grandchildren, whose families I'm very involved in supporting (so the moms can stay at home). I work in a hospital lab 3-4 days a week. I also love to ride bikes, read, sew, refinish furniture, and work in the flower beds.

I'm 30 yrs old and I'm trying to figure out this crazy thing called life. I know that losing weight and getting in shape is going to help me out in a lot of ways. I'm getting so close to goal and having so much fun. I love exercising now and I'm learning things about myself that I never knew. I love my PT family and owe a lot of my success to them.

UPDATE: So I stopped using PT and started grad school. Things got out of control from there. Not enough time for exercise or meal prep. I started buying convenience foods and basically just let myself go. I'm about to graduate in a few weeks and I've recenlty ogtten myself back on track. I've lost 7.8 bs in the past 17 days and I'm feeling back to myself. Exercise is really challenging at the moment due to some injuries and the fact that I'm so overweight and out of shape. It's amazing how easy it is to slide all the way back to square one, but the difference is that this time, I KNOW I can do this because I've done it before! Excited to kick this weight to the curb for good this time. I deserve it.

Here are some of my favorite quotes that have kept me going:

- Excuses or Results. You can't have both.

- I know I can do this because I AM doing it.

- When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

- You are stronger than you think you are.

- You can feel SORE tomorrow or you can feel SORRY tomorrow. You choose.

- Is this the healthiest choice I can make right now?

- Respect yourself and others will respect you. - Confucius

- Do or do not. There is no try. - Yoda

I'm 40 and finally moving towards a vegan diet after 20 years of being vegetarian.

LINK TO MY LOG: Lost 110# finishing on April 1, 2008 Married professional male with two kids. Live on West Coast. Tend to gain wt in Oct and lose in April. Trying to break that cycle. Lost 110 pounds finishing in April 2008. Lost first 30 on Atkins then 80 on Optifast.

I am 75 and have been active and thin. But put on 35 pounds in the last few years.. Need to re-become who I was and want to be. Need support to meet my goal.

I was an avid runner until I blew my knee out a few years ago. I gained tons of weight and am having a difficult time losing it. I am married and the mother of 3 grown children, two of whom live in Germany.

I would love to find someone in my area Newnan GA!!!I am 57 and have gained 10lbs that I can not budge! I own my own business and now have the time to commit to myself! I am married and have 22 yr old daughter. I used to love exercising now I can't get started.

I am a user experience designer for mobile and web... which means a lot of time in front of the computer. I struggle to get out and about and go hiking, etc.

I'm a 23 year old college student and ready for a change. I've been overweight my whole life, it runs in my family, but I would like to break the cycle and stop having "lose weight" on my to do list. I want to make permanent good lifestyle choices that will end up in losing weight. So my current goal is to find a workout routine that I can follow and actually enjoy (which is easier said then done). I'm starting out at 226 pounds and my goal is 130 pounds.

32 yr old stay-at-home mother of 3 kids ages 7,4, and 1. I used to hate running, but now I like it. I like to read, sew, and travel. I love being outside in sunny weather.

Stay at home mom/ biz owner, motivated in everything else but weight loss is my monkey on my back! I am on herbal magic currently and it has taught me about my eating habits or my non eating habits ! 31 down so far now and looking at 20 more . My original.goal date was mid May but I travel a lot and struggle during those times away from my own kitchen.

I'm 22 years old and love learning about nutrition. I am ready to change my body and to become more connected with the foods I choose to eat.

24 year old professional/grad student. Need to lose 20lbs. Love to run and workout, but have trouble staying on track.

I am a 39-year-old single mom of a 6-year-old, working part time. This is what I wrote when I first logged into Peertrainer in May 2014: "I find it hard to get serious about this whole process because of everything else that is going on in life. But ignoring the fact of continuously putting on more weight and going out to buy new bigger clothes several times a year has not helped at all so far. ;) So here I go - let´s get started!" Well, now it is May 2015, I dropped that whole thing after a few weeks and after a hefty shock when I weighed myself today I decided to come back. Was severly shocked that I now weigh 8 to 9 kilos more than a year ago. I stopped taking a medication that I thought to cause my weight gain - stopped taking it in the end of 2014. Got a dog last summer so I am out walking the dog very regularly. And now I am here at 180 pounds? :(

44 grandmother of 1 and mother to 2 boys... married to a great man who loves at all sizes... wanting to get healthy and stay healthy for me! all kinds of issues run in my family -- heart disease, diabetes, hypertension... Been gluten free for 4 years now.. I also have hashimoto's disease from years of not being diagnosed correctly with thyroid issues...

I'm a 34 year old mother. I'm a stay at home mom to three children.

Mother, wife, mom, writer.

I'm a soon to be 39yr old working full time with an 18yr old daughter at home. Have been overweight for coming up 20 years.

48 yrs old female, 5'4" & 280 lbs. Formerly fit, but battled illness & stress. Looking to rebound!

50 something counsellor, celiac and possibly lactose intolerant too (not sure which will be harder to give up, fresh bread or milk and Greek yogurt!)

My name is Heidi and I'm a married 46 year old mother of a 20 year old son, and 17 year old daughter.

I am a 48 year old wife and mother of three grown children ages 24, 22 and 19. I am in pharmacy school so life is a little crazy and certainly challenges my eating habits.

I am a 47 year old recently divorced single mother of 3 teenage daughters. I work full time as a nurse. I have gone up and down in my weight for years. In 2011 I lost 40 lbs, doing a very low calorie restricted diet but once I got to my goal I couldn't maintain it and gained it all back and then some. I have been through a very difficult divorce and have gained weight due to stress and using food for comfort. I was depressed over the divorce but am starting to get over this. I would like to stop this cycle and get fit, healthy and happy.

Just started PeerTrainer on June 12, 2014

I'm a 35-year old, single professional who works an 8-5, M-F desk job. No matter what I've tried I still come home mentally exhausted and simply want to zone out.

I'm a 38 y/o female, 5' 6", starting weight 147; married with no human children but do have the other kind: one dog and two kitty-heads! Since being married – four years now -- I’ve gained 20+ pounds. Since then, I've had more "Tomorrow is the start of a new me" days than I can count! What has finally started working for me: Being an active member of Peer Trainer and following The Cheat System Diet. So grateful for both!

I just turned 40 and I definitely don't feel like it.... I feel at least ten years younger! Mentally that Physically I feel very uncomfortable and I want to change that. We are going to be moving to Houston in about a month and I am super excited! New place, new experiences, new life!! :) Otherwise, I'm a caring, goofy girl who loves to cook. I'm definitely a girly I'm so glad I found this site to help keep me on track :)

I'm 44 and work 3 jobs. I own my own dog agility business, work at Edward Jones part-time as a secretary, and help a CPA friend of mine do tax return collation. My husband and I are also getting into barn hunt in addition to our existing agility business. We have a slew of critter. 6 dogs, 9 ducks (with babies on the way), 1 goose and 12 rats (with 3 on the way). We stay ultra-busy which leads me to eating fast and making unhealthy choices . . . stress being my excuse.

I'm usually happy with me. Lately, I'm not. My weight is creeping up again, my exercise routines are practically nil and I sure could use some encouragement. Just approaching 60 in a few days - that kind of has me spooked.

I am a 44 year old medical professional, married, no kids. I have struggled with food issues my whole life. I lost 85 pounds and kept it off for over 2 years. Gained 25 pounds over the past year. Still need to lose 50 pounds to get to where I need to be.

I am in a very demanding program for school right now which has not allowed me much time to workout the past 9 months and I have gradually seen the scale go up. I am now getting to a point that I can work in some time to exercise, but I am having trouble finding motivation.

I'm 33 years old Métis female. I am looking to lose about 50 lbs of fat and gain muscle mass. I am a shift worker. Looking to try to reverse the years of damage I've done to my body by following the Primal Blueprint and Perfect Health Diet principles. I have epilepsy and the high fat diet allows me to feel the best possible, while grains cause me major cramping and bloating.

40 year old mother of 3 with a wonderful husband. Love to cook, love to eat, active. Black belt in karate, medical technician, avid reader and musician. Started gaining weight with pregnancy, no weight problems as a child. Diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (auto immune, arthritis type of inflammatory disease). Several food intolerances confirmed with blood tests, several foods make my inflammation flare up. Trying to lose weight for 20 years :(

I am a 41 y/o married mom of teens. My daughter goes off to college this year. I have been working out for over a year but my weight has been stuck in the low 150's. Not anymore! ( :

Feeling determined, I have done it before with Weight Watchers.. I can do it again!! For my 40th birthday in 2012 I managed to loose over 55lb, having been overweight for most of my life. Over the past 12 months, or so, I have deviated from my path... but now it's time to get back to it, and do better than I did before.... Light and blessings <3

I will soon be 60 and need to really show myself some tender loving care.

I work a lot and free time is spent either out in the yard, taking care of the house or reading for my job. I realize it needs to change and am making a conscious effort to succeed at this. I stopped smoking 7 years ago, cold turkey... but the weight has been a problem ALL my life.

I'm a full time employee, wife of 23 years and mother of two. My faith is in Jesus and I am trusting him to see me thru this journey.

I am motivated to be in losing weight mode and feeling pretty happy about that.

I just had a baby 3 months ago. I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy. I lost 30 pounds within two weeks, and since then I haven't lost anything despite eating well and working out. I'm trying to jump start my weight loss. I have used peer trainer in the past and found it to be really useful. I've been working out 4-6 times a week and trying to lose the weight, but it hasn't been going well. My hope is that my getting on PeerTrainer I can motivate myself.

59 and tired of being fat. I know eating for nutrition makes me feel great, and the weight loss is an added bonus. After dissolving a long term partnership I have spent the past year wallowing in a pity pool the size of Montana. It stops now. And I begin again.

I am 39 years old. I have been married 19 years. Together we have 6 kids with only one still at home and she is a senior. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have lost the same twenty pounds over and over.

Really want to get the right mind set that I need to live healthy now.

Highly motivated. Can take on too much resulting in lack of organization. I am a CPA; but currently at home with three kids 14, 9 and 9. Hubby 18 years. One adorable cat.

37 year old trying to get into the best shape of my life.

I am a 49 years old and I have struggled with my weight for years, and I have had success with other programs, but I have a hard time sticking with them for the long term. I did the cleanse a few years ago and I had great success, but when my work schedule became erratic, and my hubby started cooking, I put on weight. (He does not follow my eating plan) The past few years have been an emotional upheaval and I am back to my heaviest weight. I am committed to eating healthier and getting to my goal weight and staying at it. I need to stay connected to my teams for the accountability.

I am a 23 year old mother of two from Canada. I enjoy doing outdoor activities like gardening, 4x4ing, camping, boating, etc. When I had my second child, I went into a downslide and gained a lot of weight. About 28lbs. I am short so around 118 or a little less is more of the norm for me. I have had spinal surgery when I was young and added weight proves to be a challenge for my rebuilt spine. I have to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet for my own benefit and way of life, not to mention my kids and my husband. I want to be there for them in every sense possible.

I am a 59 year old female, retired nurse Adjusting too an active retired life. I have a lap band and have lost 30 lbs in the last 3 years but now my weight is stuck at 195 lbs. Have health issues including, 2 partial Knee replacements ,and Chronic osteoarthritis Allergic to gluten and dairy but still have challenges being tempted by these food items.....

I'm in my forties, very happily married and have two great daughters. I love reading, jazz, coffee (!) and I'm still making peace with my new treadmill. After seven years of over the road truck driving, I'm fat, out of shape and tire far too easily. It stops today.

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