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i'm almost 44. that's a midlife palindrome.

love to kayak, paddle board, camp. stressful job. mother lives w me. Married. hope to retire within a year. want to PLAY!!!

As a teacher I spend hours and hours juggling the many responsibilities that are part of my job. Although I love teaching I want to have a better balance in my life.

I am a glass artist; I sculpt, cast, and blow glass. One of the worst things about gaining weight is that I feel much less comfortable in the shop because its somewhat like a performance being in front of everyone working. I am also a photographer.

I am a mom of 5 and a preschool music teacher.

Single mom who puts everyone before herself.

53 yr old woman. I've been 10-20lbs heavier than i'd like my whole life. I recently hit a weight I was shocked by. So I lost 10lbs by changing my diet to include pea protein veggie shakes for breakfast,a large salad (with protein) for lunch, and a normal dinner with my family (meat, veggies, simple and complex carbs.) I've also reduced dairy in my diet as I now drink almond milk in my tea/coffee. On weekends, I watch my carbs but eat normally.

I live in Key West, FL but am looking at relocating to Boulder, CO. I enjoy yoga, SCUBA, reading and relaxing. I travel often for work, sometimes 3-4 weeks per month. I have not eaten red meat or pork in over 12 years and my husband is completely unsupportive in healthy eating habits.

I have been overweight all my life. 13 years ago I had gastric bypass and lost 125 pds. About 3 years ago i started gaining it back do to stress and personal problems. I plan on getting back to the size I was after surgery.

My 4th child is 7 months old. I am ready to lose the weight I have gained from making poor choices during pregnancy (and before...and since). I want to lose weight to have more energy to keep up with my kids and be the best mom I can be.

I'm turning 47 this month. I'm a wife, mother to an 18 yr old daughter, and a 23 yr old daughter who is married, and just had our first grandchild. My husband and I work together in our own insurance agency, which is very stressful. He is our youth director at church, which is great, but keeps us very busy.

Stay at home mom of 3.

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I'm 31, married, and have 2 kids. I worked full-time in a desk job for 14 years...and all the sitting caught up with me! I am now unemployed (enjoying it!) and have more time on my hands to eat the way I want and be more active. We are an active family and I'd love to be able to run around with my 6 year olds without being so easily winded and tired out. I love yoga, reading, crafting, and spending time with my family.

Overweight my entire life. I have fluctuated from chubby, to chunky, to fat, to obese, back down to just fat, even back down to just chunky. I could go on because I have never stayed the same weight more than a few months. From March 2013 - October 2013, I lost 47 lbs. Then I went through a breakup and packed on 12 lbs in 3 weeks and I need to gain control again. I need more motivation so thought I would create this account. I have done PT twice in the past. I really enjoyed it and found it helpful.


Currently a size 8-10 who is much happier as a 4-6. Don't have a ton to lose but am disappointed in myself for really losing focus of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I have kept my size in an 8 but have increased to a size 10 due to lack of food journaling and eating late it he night and days without exercise.

I'm 5'7.5", I wear about a size 12. I'm not a big eater, but I am a snacker, especially when I'm up late at night sewing. I'm a fun bubbly person. I'm a starter, but not always a finisher, especially in fitness matters.

wife,mom,student,graphic designer

55, 147 pounds, active sporadically. Let work get in the way of fitness sometimes.

I'm almost 50 with two adult children. I love food!

Easy going, never take things too seriously.

Working 45+ year old Mom of 2. Long commute to work so between the commute and work I seem to have limited time and energy. I really seem to get tired easily and think my problem is lack of exercise.

I am a 35 year old single mom, of an amazing but busy 12 year old boy. I work a great day job, I love. But I sit all day!! And I also am trying to start my own business on the side through another company so that is full time as well. BEtween those three things, I have no time for me. I go from 6 am to 9 pm non stop some days. It is really taking it's toll. I have always worked this hard, I am not sure I know how to be different. :) This part of life needs to change though, because I need to be setting a better example for my boy, and I really need to be taking better csare of myself.

Lost over 67 pounds about 7 years ago. In the last year have gained 15 so I now am 30 pounds from my goal weight.

I am 49 yrs old, married with 2 daughters.Since my first pregnancy, I have gained and lost weight. My heaviest, without being pregnant, was 208lbs. I dropped 20 lbs. from that and held steady there for 5 yrs. Then I joined WW online and lost 40lbs. in about 4-5 months. I was fit. When I hit my goal weight, I started running and soon discovered that I loved running long. I ran in the Charlottesville 10 Miler (my home town) in March of 2012. I was maintaining my weight and feeling great. I was training for my first 1/2 marathon. All of that changed in October 2012. I was diagnosed with anal cancer and had to undergo 2 4-day-courses of chemotherapy and 5-day-a-week radiation for 6 weeks. I went from feeling great to death-on-a-cracker. I maintained my weight (didn't lose) during treatment. But I felt awful. I finally started feeling myself again around March 2013. But I had no motivation to exercise. I was eating whatever I wanted. And the pounds started coming back over the summer. So, here I sit, cancer-free!!, back on WW (I don't do meetings). But I am finding it hard to get back in shape.

I am 26 and weigh 190lbs. I work a desk day job - for the most part. I am a gym member but rarely go. I work full time and am also a part time student - life is busy!

21 years old Likes: Running Reading Girly things Disney movies Wine Fire places Coffee Dislike: BEING COLD Dirty Dishes Staying up late

I am a 41 year old mother of two and high school science teacher.

I enjoy being fit. I have gotten out of shape, and I have never been very skinny...I am curious what it is like on the other side of the BMI scale.

45 yo, enjoy being active but carrying an extra 10 lbs. which is not so fun. I am 5'2" and 10 pounds makes a size or two difference.

I just turned 57, went for a doctor's appointment on Friday 11/22 and learned I had gained 13lbs since my last visit six months ago. Health challenges inhibit my ability to lose weight primarily hypothyroidism (impaired metabolism) and ulcerative colitis (limited food choices). I've tried so many diet's and exercise programs that have rarely yielded any results. Like jazzercise, Personal Trainer, Walking and Running. I at 174lbs, never weighed over 130 before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism 12 years ago. Is there any help or hope for me?

I am a physical educator at Sunny High. I am 23 years old. I am 5'5, and weight 145 lbs. I enjoy games of all kinds including physical, video, and mind.

I am single. I have a dog, Jasper, a Boston Terrier. I recently joined a gym (01/01/14) and hired a trainer for 6 months.

Newly empty nester. Have been home raising kids past 20 years. Having fun with hubby like before we had kids.

20 year old with a passion for being lazy who wishes to change that into a passion for life

I'm in outside sales. The most exercise I get through the day is just walking from my car to the door. I have four kids I would like to be around for.

Same old story - stressful life, eating on the go, and ignoring my body's signals left me overweight, over-tired, and under-nourished

Very busy person, full time job plus seems like full time volunteer work, very important to me to be a positive difference in the world

My husband and i run a post office in Sydney's beautiful northern beaches. We work long hours. We have two adult kids, boy 26 and daughter 20. Active in our church - Grace City Church in Dee Why.

73 yrs old. Play pickleball and teach jazz dance. I also sing and perform. Married 53 years to the same man. I have been on every diet. Always lose and always put back on

I lost 25 libs on an old weight watchers program, but have gained half of it back. . I am very active (walking, biking, elliptical trainer, Pilates, weights) and would be interested in meeting others near King of Prussia.PA who are or want to be active.

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