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Single mom of two teenagers. Very active, speech pathologist, starting gaining weight in my 40s :(

Recreational athlete - like to participate in competitions but goal is to finish and not come in last. My road bike is my friend when it comes to activity!

I am a working mother of 2 boys (3 and 5).

I am a therapist and life coach, a wannabe vegan, but a funtioning pescatarian. I like being active but I have a natural lazy streak that gets the best of me. I also have a sweet tooth and a "good wine tooth". I eat when I'm happy and when I'm sad and when I'm bored. Food just equals fun for me, so I need to work on my enthusiasm!

38-year old with the not-kind-on-the-waistline desk job and waaaaay too many social activities that revolve around going out to dinner. I want to reach 40 (14 months away) in my best health ever and not ever turn back!

I'm 47 and single with a full-time job and a serious boyfriend whom I only see on weekends. I've always been an athlete, and always, somehow, on the heavy side.

When I hit 40, I was at 185 and doing well. Then I got an ear infection and did OK but 6 months after getting better and having stopped exercising, the weight started coming on. 4 years later, I am now 50lbs OVER the heaviest I've ever been and discouraged, though still self-confident.

I have a loving boyfriend, but he's a meat-and-potatoes guy. We'd like to start talking about marriage and family, but he's questioning my long-term health if I keep up this lifestyle. He has not yet been witness of what I can do when I put my mind to it!! However, he is behind me 100% and it makes it much easier being able to talk to him about it as well as having to be accountable for my choices in front of him. He has some things he's working on himself, so we're in this together. I am learning to blend our dinners ... we have chicken or burgers and then I make him corn and potatoes and I have a salad and another green veggie.

Lifelong dieter who has gained and lost the same 30 pounds many times! 50-something, married w/ 2 daughters in college! Work full-time for a HealthCare company Serve as president for Philadelphia Children's Alliance- a child-advocacy nonprofit supporting sexually abused kids Love to travel and eat! Love the beach and want to fit into my 2-piece again!

I'm in my forties, work full-time in a desk job, and have four small(ish) children. Normal weight and very athletic, but bordering on overweight in summer 2013. I am pretty even-keeled and not an emotional eater. But my husband travels a lot, my kids are intense, and there are lots of them :)), so fatigue is an issue. I pretty much have to be in peak form every day to get through everything that needs to be done. This year, I have been sick too often, and I want to try and reset to optimal health, starting with the fall cleanse. Losing weight is a fantastic additional motivator, but health is really the most important.

Real Estate Broker running small office, running 90 to nothing every day, all day long. I go home exhausted everyday and eat on the run too often. I will be 56 (yikes!) this September and I am determined to lose this weight and get healthy!v I realize that I'm now at the age thatle my age are dying of so called natural causes and I don't want to be a statistic. Hearth health is important to me and this cancer epidemic scares the bejeezis out of me!

I have been working out and thoughtfully eating for 5 years, but never any change. My body is in shape, just not the ultimate shape I think it should be with all that I do.

I am a Christian. I love God, my family, & my country! I am happily married 17 years. I have 2 children & 2 grandchildren (who I am absolutely in LOVE with).

I am 67 and still married to Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome. We have 5 grandchildren and are active in our community.

I'm a graphic designer and mom of two teenage girls. Over the last year I've gained all the weight back that I'd worked so hard to loose and I can say without a doubt that I'm addicted to sugar/carbs. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I am disabled and am unable to work out (even walking is limited), so it makes it a lot more difficult to lose weight. I take several medications that cause weight gain that I hope that I can get off by losing weight.

I am a 46-year-old software engineer, and mom to two mostly grown kids (17 and 20). I'm a practicing Buddhist, and find myself alternating between curiosity about and extreme frustration with the patterns of self-sabotage that show up in my eating habits. I'm hoping to transform my relationship with my body.

I am a wife and mother of two young children (aged 8 and 5). I work fulltime. I've had eating and weight issues ever since I can remember. I've lost weight numerous times but always put it back on. I am looking for way to lose the weight and keep it off for good!

I am a busy mom, spouse and daughter who finds it tough to take time out for myself. I have had a weight challenge my whole life (ups/downs). I'm not at my highest weight, and don't want to get there...trying to make a change.

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