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51 years old, happily married for almost 24 years to overworked husband, who eats when stressed or bored. I am prone to the same behavior. I work long hours, never sure when I'll be done at work, which should be 8-4, but sometimes I'm not home til 7p, leaving family to fend for themselves for dinner. This is bad for all of our health & family relationships . We have two daughters, 17 & almost 13, who are good kids & high achievers. Our oldest is an avid swimmer, fitness & healthy eating fanatic, and inspiration to me. Youngest has narrow food interests, would eat pasta, mac&cheese, grilled cheese every day if she could & is not involved in any regular sports/physical activity. I'm concerned for her health. We have aging parents & extended family who are dealing with serious health challenges related to obesity, Type2 DM, heart & renal disease in their late 40s/early 50s... too young!!!

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