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I have a 3 yr old and have recently switched jobs from an always up and moving to a desk job. I have gained 10 lbs since I started in March and have lost a lot of energy. I have trouble getting motivated to exercise.

retired naval submariner...56 years old

I am a working mom (three boys) and turning 45 this year. I am 5'7 and now weighing 138 lbs. I have gained 10 pounds in the last 1.5 years and a pound keeps sneaking up on me. I tend to eat very healthy for periods of time and then fall of the wagon. When exercising daily I eat healthier...but it's always all or nothing. I start and after three weeks feel great and then...I STOP completely.

I have three kids two in which are identicle girls and recently a year ago my boy..not feeling good tired and just need to get the wait off..

I'm a 47 year old woman with two adorable 10 year old daughters. My husband is very supportive of my weight loss efforts and my job is very stressful! started PEERtrainer 7/3/2013 weight - 135.4

Age 59, elementary teacher, nana to 15 grandkids, fairly active, love gardening, reading, traveling

I'm married to my husband Paul for 14 years. I have grown children. 7 grandchildren. 3 boys 4 girls ages 5 to 3 no multiple births. I am on disability retirement. I love to knit and crochet but most of all spend time with my family.

I am 25 years old and have had self esteem issues (all weight and body related) ever since I can remember. I go through yo-yo cycles of losing and gaining between 10-12 kg. I have done this now 5-6 times, where I have fluctuated so greatly in size (as I am only 5"1 in height). I am deeply depressed about the way a look and have been for over 10 years. The thoughts on how I look consume me. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't stop and look in the mirror and have obsessively negative thought about myself. As a teenager I remember crying myself to sleep every night because I felt so ugly, I would get out of sports day and all PE lessons because I was so embarrassed. As I have quit smoking (to become healthier) I have gained more than 5kg and feel so awful about it. I feel that I have replaced my smoking addiction with an eating addiction. This is what I have been afraid of for so long, this is why I put off quitting. I have so many memories if feeling like my old self where I am becoming more and more reserved and lacking in confidence. I want to enjoy life and become happy. This is why I have decided that this is it! I am changing my life and breaking this cycle. I'm finally going to set myself free and be the person that I want to be!

Works 40+ hours a week and commutes 2 hours each day

I am a 36 year old woman with a husband, an 8 year old daughter, and a 4 year old son. I work full time at a desk job and have been in a rut for the past 8 years since giving birth to my daughter...hmmm, can you call it a "rut" if it's been 8 years? LOL. Before getting pregnant, I was in grad school full time and working full time. I drank lots of beer with friends...and along with it, fried foods. I won't lie. I loved it. That's the problem, I still do! :) I now weigh 60 pounds more than when I got married. I've never been skinny. Never. I've always been very muscular, I don't know: thick, maybe?!? :) I'm only 5'4" and since becoming an adult, I've never been less than 145 lbs. I'm not trying to use that as an excuse, but I've always struggled with those "Healthy Weight" guidelines. Before getting married at 24, I struggled with weight loss. I finally lost 36 pounds about 2 years before my wedding and managed to keep it off until grad school...I put that 36 pounds back on plus an additional 21 pounds. I am mortified that I weigh over 200 pounds. I enjoy how exercise makes me feel, but can't seem to make myself get out the door to do it. And I HATE (H.A.T.E.!) workout videos. I saw a picture of myself last night from 2000, one year before my wedding, and I did't even recognize myself! That is why I am here today. It begins. I am very goal-oriented and am an emotional eater. I stuggle with depression and exercise helps this immensely. I love to laugh and find humor in situations to help me "cope." I think that's pretty much all I can think of right now. :) Thanks for letting me be a part of this group - I hope this is the key to motivating me and sustaining weight loss.

I am a 53 year old divorced woman with 4 grown children. I have been recovering from alcoholism since '89 and I have been free of cigarettes since '90. Since I was a little girl, I have struggled with sugar. Just had to have it!! I had been slender until my 40s hit and have been struggling with my weight since then.

Im a 27 years old dog groomer (hence the name) from NJ. I want go lose 25 lbs but I know it will take time and a lot of work.

45 year old mother of 2, love to run, bike, walk, play tennis

Teacher, mother, wife.

Graduate student and substitute teacher

I am a 23 year old mother of two from Canada. I enjoy doing outdoor activities like gardening, 4x4ing, camping, boating, etc. When I had my second child, I went into a downslide and gained a lot of weight. About 28lbs. I am short so around 118 or a little less is more of the norm for me. I have had spinal surgery when I was young and added weight proves to be a challenge for my rebuilt spine. I have to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet for my own benefit and way of life, not to mention my kids and my husband. I want to be there for them in every sense possible.

I'm a 25 year old student. I follow a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons and am planning on becoming a health coach!

Married - 2 kids - working 9h/day - love food

I am a 33 year old working mom of 2 girls 3 years and 6 months

Fun, outgoing, great sense of humor, love to shoot pool an sing at karoake

I am separated and have 2 children, 1 boy who is 15 yrs old & 1 girl who is 2 yrs old.

I'm a physician in Hamilton Ontario, my kids are almost out of the house (the oldest is in 3rd year, youngest in grade 12).

I married, work full-time in healthcare, love to read and training for my first half marathon in April 2014

Milestone birthday next year. Want to enter next decade excited without the extra pounds. Passion is downhill skiing. No exercise last 5 months due to injury, so more weight gain.

51 years old, happily married for almost 24 years to overworked husband, who eats when stressed or bored. I am prone to the same behavior. I work long hours, never sure when I'll be done at work, which should be 8-4, but sometimes I'm not home til 7p, leaving family to fend for themselves for dinner. This is bad for all of our health & family relationships . We have two daughters, 17 & almost 13, who are good kids & high achievers. Our oldest is an avid swimmer, fitness & healthy eating fanatic, and inspiration to me. Youngest has narrow food interests, would eat pasta, mac&cheese, grilled cheese every day if she could & is not involved in any regular sports/physical activity. I'm concerned for her health. We have aging parents & extended family who are dealing with serious health challenges related to obesity, Type2 DM, heart & renal disease in their late 40s/early 50s... too young!!!

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I am a 43 year old mother of 5 aged 22 down to 8. I was very thin growing up but gained after my first child and have struggled ever since. In 2008 I lost 50 pounds with Slim-4-Life but put it all back on after 2 years and getting plantar fasciaitis while running. I have worked on and off when needed but no career. I love to read, be outside and laugh with my kids!

I'm a single mom of two (22 and 12). I'm 5'9" 49 yrs old and I currently weigh 236lbs.

I am 49 yrs old and have battled with my weight my whole life. I am 5' 10" and weigh 230lbs. I am hoping to lose 50 lbs before my 50th birthday.

Iam 69,retired, fought weight 99 percent of my life--want to get it off--ONCE AND FOR ALL

24 yrs old, mom of 3 under 6. Started this weight loss journey about a year ago, have lost 15lbs. Having trouble with being consistant with my workouts! I'm just in need of support and motivation.

I've been a yo-yo dieter for 30 years. Ready to get this extra weight off and keep it off!!

38 Chinese male, 6ft 3in tall and currently 270-280lbs

I am 50 years old. I am 5' 3" and I weigh 241 lbs. I've been at this weight for 17 years, but now I want to be healthy. I can't wait to detox!!

I can't seen to upload a photo from my phone so when i get in a computer i will! My name is Stacy i gained allot if weight over the last 4 years i need to lose this weight !i feel so uncomfortable in my own skin! Where it honestly makes me want to give up sometimes! But i keep pushing i found this website because i was looking up how to get motivated .I'm hoping this site will give me some good feed back

artist, single, 63 years old, legally separated, no kids by choice. friendly, open , intuitive

I am 18 years old and going off to college this fall! I am 4'11 and 115 pounds. I want to get in better shape before I move away! Hopefully with good exercise and eating habits I wont gain that awful freshman 15!

28 year old stay at home mom of 3, ages almost 7, 5, almost 4.

I'm a 45 year old Health & Safety Consultant that travels way too much for work. Been with a great guy for the past 20 years and we lead a very active lifestyle. We workout regularly and scuba dive during the summer and during winter vacation. Since becoming a consultant 3 years ago, I have noticed fluctuations in weight and having problems maintaining it. Have also always had problems with regular bowel movements

I am going to be 45 years old this year and I am 220 lbs i have 6 children ( 3 are still at home) I work fulltime and have been a fast food eater for the last 15 years due to not planning ahead and work and children activities it was easy just to "grab and go"

I am a very fun loving person. I am not whatsoever confident about my body. I hope to lose all my weight and feel better about myself.

I'm 40, and happily married for 4 years. I enjoy travel, reading, researching my family tree,

I'm 53 years old, a Marketing Executive BF is very supportive of me working out and staying healthy

I am a former fat girl who started a professional speaking business called Weightless LLC last year. My goal is to help busy professional women lose weight and live great. I am a working mother of 2 daughters, love food with flavor, and discovering new ways to move.

Age 54 ,married, work in daycare. Have two children that are on their own.

Woman in my 50's that gained a large tummy over a two week period (5" gain) about 3 years ago. Medical people cannot explain it, and a whole bunch of tests found nothing. I think it is due to allergy/sensitivity issues, but have not narrowed it down yet. Now, the joint pain has me highly motivated to find the problem and make it stop

i m36 years lady, doctor in profession. have one kid

I am 58 years old and have been battling with the excess weight since 1993. Up to this date....I was always at an ideal weight for my height. After 93, I quit smoking and was forced to change jobs at which time my new desk job kept me from moving like I had been at my prior employment...this is where it all started....5, 10, 20, 30 45 lbs later....I have constantly been battling this...trying this and that....succeeding at the loss...but putting in all back on shortly after and always at a cost for the programs.

I am 40 yr old woman and never really had a weight issue until I got pg. I have a hard time sticking to a workout plan and when I feel like I screwed up I spiral this is the habit I want to stop.

Survivor but battling the aftermath of trauma Looking to reconnect with my body and life, and enjoy being me again

My name is Brian. I'm a 29 year-old male, married to Sarah, and father to Luca (1 1/2 years old). I recently joined the 90 challenge to lose some body fat and gain lean muscle, with hopes that my cholesterol will also be lower as a result. I've been on the challenge for only a week and already feel a difference. I have more energy, already lost a couple of pounds of fat, and am looking for some support to keep me going! Would love to talk to and/or meet any of you.

49 year old wife and mother

I am 35. I got married last April. I have 1 daughter, she is 7. We are in the middle of a move. I work full time and go to school part time for paralegal technology. I enjoy helping others, and I am active in my church.

Wife, mother of 3 grown children and grandma to 5 wonderful grandchildren all under the age of 7!

I am a 54 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 who loves spending time with the whole gang! I also enjoy doing crafts of all kinds (especially to give as gifts), planting container planters, shopping with my girls or girlfriends at the mall, and being at the ocean whenever possible. I work full time at a job that I love, I don't like to cook, have a dog that the best doggy in the whole world, and have a cat that is a complete nutcase (I still love her tho).

I am a 46 year young Grandma who lives in Sunny, CA

Well, I'm very new to this, I found this through Google, I was looking for a support group because I just can't stand my weight anymore, and I'm a vegetarian, so this is where my research led me. I'm 6ft3 and I'd like to get a surfer kind of body, I'm not very cute, my hair is fuzy, my teeth are all out of place, and a fat body doesn't help my confidence at all... I'm 21 and have been single for my entire life, so yeah, I want things to change, and so I decided to lose weight, at least that'll be one thing done, before taking care of the teeth and the hair... Getting my teeth done, my hair lazered and my hair fixed needs a lot of money, at least getting a diet won't cost me a thing. Now you know a lot about me, these were some of the thing I never talk about, and barely admit to myself.

I am 41 and a grandmother of two beautiful babies (Tyler 4 months and Phoebe 1 month). I am not a very active person but want to be. I want to be the grandma that is out there running and playing with the grandkids.

I have always struggled with weight since childhood. I have reached an all time high... 235 pounds! :( I have been an awesome yo-yo dieter, but something happened to my body last year & it refuses to lose weight now..... I was on the verge of giving up hope, but am giving myself one last chance to rev up my metabolism and get healthy! :) I feel miserable at his point, so something's gotta change! I'm going to give it my all!!

I am 49 years old, I have an awesome 18 year marriage, to my hubbie Guy, I have 2 wonderful daughters, Maddie and Monique, my M & M's. I am a singer/rhythm guitar player in a band called Siren, and an acoustic duet also called Siren.

I am 36 years old, married mother of two. Have a full time job outside the home.

Oh. Ooops. I put all this stuff in the box above-not exactly the simplest site to use. I'm a super loner so it's hard for me to go to places where socializing is expected, however I'm also quite true to my word and if i make an appointment with someone, I'll show up (unless dead).

52 year old mom. Been a runner/cyclist/you name it for 30+ years. Looking for ways to maintain my fitness and adjust what it takes in my diet to be as fit and strong as I can be while the years TRY to take over! :) The biggest change lately has been my waist line so that's what interested me in the performance plan.

42 year old Mother of three. I have been an Rn for 20 years however have not practiced for the last five due to injuries sustained in a car accident. I am finding new me, working through chronic pain and depression. I love reading riding bikes, yoga, Pilates, spin! Most exercise. I am an avid crafter and have opened my own on line store. My goal this moth is to offer kits and online classes. Just trying to lov eme again

Married 27 years, one adult son, one four legged son. Have been physically active all of adult life, though slowing down considerably and have become very inconsistent . I used to be able to eat poorly and keep my weight in check with excersise and though I've been fairly healthy my cholesterol numbers are high and I'm usually stiff & sore, have stomach/digestion issues, and struggle with low energy and Idepression. I enjoy puttering around my home, reading, walking, yoga, travel, time with family and friends when I have the energy to do any of it. And I'm still optimistic that w/ a healthy lifestyle I'll be a much less cranky little od lady.

52 , F, 200 pds. I have got to lose 50 pounds.

I am a working mother of 2 boys (3 and 5).

I'm 34 years & 9 months old I have one daughter and I'm single I go on dates but don't get calls back because in the last year I have gained 50 lbs. I'm unhealthy and miserable & I will defeat this!!

I have been over weight my entire life. I have been trying various Fad diets since I was 15. Nothing has worked long term because I inevitably get discouraged and revert to my old food loving sedintary lifestyle. I was always able to maintain my weight (heavy as it was) but I have gained 30 lbs in the last year, not acceptible.

I'm 27, married for almost 2 years, physiotherapist who works ~50 hours a week on a normal week, 2 small dogs, busy busy!

Recreational athlete - like to participate in competitions but goal is to finish and not come in last. My road bike is my friend when it comes to activity!

Hi, I am a wife of 27 years, a mother of 2 beautiful daughters . I have 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson.

been heavy my adult life, the last 2 years have spent allot of money and effort on losing the weight to no avail.

I'm a 43 y/o female, mother of 3 adult children and I have 3 beautiful grandchildren. Have always been active as a child but find that in the past few months I've been living a sedentary lifestyle, the stressors of life have taken away my motivation to exercise.

45 year old single mom

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