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Menopausal Fitness Pro (yikes) Has been really tough to keep my weight down - my old tricks don't work anymore. I'd like to ditch the dairy to see if my allergies & joint pain this always makes me feel virtuous!

I am a 37y.o. woman, married with one 4y.o. lovely daughter. I have struggled for as long as I can remember with a negative body image. Like so many people I have tried MANY different diet ideas, swearing that this was it, I was going to lose the weight this time. And twice I have lost 50 pounds but have been unable to maintain it. I just want the struggle to be over. I mind and spirit are tired of being overweight and unhealthy and my body is tired from being overweight and unhealthy.

I am 44, sit way too much at work. I have lost 24 pounds since August following JJs plan and HCG drops off and on. I have once again hit a plateau, so thought this cleanse could help me move forward.

I am a 40 something self-employed baker. Stress of being self employed, expectations of customers and constant presence of sweets makes longterm succes difficult. I am married and have two dogs.

I have been working out and thoughtfully eating for 5 years, but never any change. My body is in shape, just not the ultimate shape I think it should be with all that I do.

I'm 49 and my goal is to feel healthy and fit.. I struggle with motivation to exercise. My thyroid fights me contantly so I am trying to figure out the best eating plan that works for my body. I love all vegtables and generally eat healthy. Occasional over do it on chocolate and sweets if within reach. Moderation is not a stregnth. Work in progress...

I'm a 50 year old engineer with autoimmune thyroid disease. Dear Hubby loves to cook. 30 pounds later, I'm saying no and taking responsibility for my health. Lost half the weight so far!

Former HR Professional, now coach women to become the best version of themselves by standing in their greatness, speaking their truth and transforming the daily process of living into a joyful experience

Lifelong dieter who has gained and lost the same 30 pounds many times! 50-something, married w/ 2 daughters in college! Work full-time for a HealthCare company Serve as president for Philadelphia Children's Alliance- a child-advocacy nonprofit supporting sexually abused kids Love to travel and eat! Love the beach and want to fit into my 2-piece again!

33, mama of a 3 and 5 year old! Here's my mantra: I thrive and feel alive at 135! (Goal weight: 135)

52 yr old with 11 & 9 yr old boys struggling to make time to improve my health.

44. Married and mother of 11 year old boy. I am 5'3" and 137 pounds.

I am a 64 years old active person. I have one daughter who just graduated from college. I ski all winter, play golf and tennis and train for triathlons in the summer.

I'm 62 years old, have 1 son who is a chef (he doesn't cook for me -- I still cook for him) and a boyfriend who likes to eat out a lot. I am looking forward to the cleanse these next two weeks. I like the structure and the discipline involved in the program.

I'm a 38yr old stay at home mom. I have gone up and down in weight since my last child. 5yrs ago I found out I have hypothyroidism and it is a battle just to maintain. I hate having to watch everything I eat and just back slid 10 months ago from the first significant progress I had been making.

I am a 60 year old with a busy schedule. I work out 4-6 times a week- I need to improve the quality of the food I eat

I tend to think of negative and sad events in my life.

T2 diabetic, Grew up half of each year here in the Berkshires and half of each year in NYC. Have also lived in Cleveland OH and various places in Israel. Over the years I have seen most of the USA, quite a bit of Canada and Germany which is where my parents were from originally. Other questions? Ask me and I will tell you.

Born and raised dairy farmer transitioned to a small animal vet hospital (hence the weight gain) Professional Beauty Consultant :) Love making other women feel important and great about themselves. It is so easy to forget my needs and how to properly take care of myself and I want to be that example for other women.

I'm a happily married mom of a beautiful 16 1/2 month old boy.

I am 51, mother of two grown sons, a beautiful bonus daughter and grandson! I am a technical college instructor for a medical laboratory medicine program, my second (or third or fourth) career and I love it! I am married to a retired travel manager who loves to indulge on planning trips for us! Teaching fits into most of his travel plans.

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