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I am 20 year old mexican girl who loves life :) im currently out of school but planning on going back in the fall. I love reading, eating, cuddling, tv, and naps :)

I am quite healthy and good at workouts. But have never kept the concept of good weight appropriate for age. I was always overweight, lost, succeeded, gained and the viscous circle goes on. Now I am 30, and this it. I want to put a stop to everything. I want a final fix and stick to it this time, no matter what.

I am very passionate about nutrition and health. I want the best quality of life possible and will do anything I can to make sure I have it. Some people say I'm obsesssed by it LOL

Mom of 6. Work at a middle school. Very busy. 42 years old. Been heavy since 1st child at 27. Have lost 50 pounds and have 30 more to go.

I am a bubbly 5ft -50 year old with a great family. I am active and enjoy keeping on the go. I can stress out at times, not always shown but it's there.

Very active. Run, bike, swim, hike regularly. 55 years - mother (children out of home), grandmother of 2, professional in medical field.

I've lost 15 pounds so far this year but this last 10 has been a really hard struggle. In the past I've always ended up giving up but I'm not going to this time. I'm currently a stay at home mom with two smalls boys. I quit a vice president position at a prestigious investment management company to be home with my boys for awhile and it's been the best decision I've ever made.

I am 44 years old. The mother of 4 kids ages 11-19. I work part time as an accountant and have been studying day trading over the last year or so and hope to go full time with it in the next year. I love to read and learn.

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I have been trying to lose weight since I was 12. I've done things that have worked and things that have not. I've lost significant amounts of weight, but have not yet managed to keep it off. In January 2011, I traveled to Mexico to study for four months. While I was there, I lost 50 pounds by eating mostly non-processed foods (which was so easy there with all the delicious produce!) and exercising A LOT! I felt and looked incredible! While I was in Mexico, I met the love of my life, and we got married in the U.S. in July of 2012. Being in a happy, comfortable marriage, along with going through the stress of planning a wedding in two months, immigration, changing to a new job and city only to get fired one day short of 6 months.. I put back on that 50 pounds that I lost in Mexico. I'm ready to get it off for good! I've found a new job that I love and am very happy at, I have an amazing husband who now has his green card, and I'm ready to put myself and my health first for good. I've been doing the cleanse (eliminating the 7 foods) for about two and a half weeks now, and I am so excited at how manageable this is. I think I finally found something that I can stick to and maintain as a permanent lifestyle change!

I am a 21 year old female who has struggled with weight all my life. I have always felt fat and have been concerned I may end up alone if I dont lose as much weight as possible. I know this sounds crazy but I look at pictures of people with eating disorders and to me they all look beautiful and I would do anythng to look the same way. I have talked to a therapist about this and I dont see why its a problem when its my body and I can look however I want to look. Bikini season is around the corner and I cant even shop for ne until I get down to at least 90lbs if not smaller.

Happily married for 34 years, work full time and love my job, kids are launched but no grandkids yet!

I have gained a lot of physical strength over the last year, now it is time to loose the fat.

I am recovering from a dislocated and shattered ankle. I am a single mom of two very active boys, who cannot wait until I am fully healed and able to run around with them again.

I'm training for my first Sprint Triathlon next month June 2013. I am "addicted" to the training components: swimm, bike, run. I am a clinician working in a clinic.

I am happily married (for almost 30 years!!) I will turn 50 this year - my husband and I have 2 grown boys. I have never really struggled with my weight until the past few years and am finding no matter what I try - it's just a struggle!! Hoping to create some new healthy habits to carry me into the other 1/2 of my life!!

I am a relatively new mom of a 12 month old daughter. I have been trying to motivate myself to get back into shape, but have struggled with post-partum depression. The depression along with a new marriage has greatly impacted my motivation and confidence in getting back to my pre-baby weight.

I stepped on the scale this morning and scared myself. I have been a dieter since I was a teen and have tried almost everything. Diets don't work! I have gained almost 60 pounds in the last five years, most of it on some diet or another. Now, 42, it's time to make a lifestyle change that will last!

I am 30 and work in education. I have recently lost 40 lbs, but have gained 10 back after a medication change. I'm ready to connect and get on track!

I think I was born with an eating problem!!!!

I am a wife and mother of 3, grandmother of 6 amd have retired from teaching. I am enjoying life with my husband who has his own issues with his health.

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I am a 63 year old grandmother who is a retired school librarian. Now i do a lot of babysitting! I had an accident that left me with surgical pins in both my feet but I love swimming. I hope to lose at least 40 lbs.

My name is Markettem. I’m 24, 172 lbs and I love to travel. I am working with online store as a manager for a long time. I like to look perfect and smart with great muscles and good body shape. I take steroids like liothyronine and Primobolan injection sometimes before lifting the weight. If you want to know more, get in touch with me.

5'6" Trying to do paleo, but give in too frequently. Frequent CrossFitter and former runner getting ready to start back up.

Formerly 290 lbs, lost 123 lbs. want to lose 27 more to get to goal

Interested in a healthy and active lifestyle.

IMy name is Jen and I am 40. I fell into the position of CEO of a small non-profit. I am a mom of 2 boys 16 and 12. I also have a 25 yo stepson. Around 5 years ago, I lost so much weight, actually trained and ran for my first 1/2 mara. Since that time, life has changed and I gained back every ounce of what Ilost. I have had hit or miss efforts and am done with that. I am ready to be consistent, accountable, and what I have been desperately looking for is someone to share the journey with becasue my job has somewhat isolated me. The thing that has happened to me since becoming ceo is 1. massive schedule change (oh and these aren't excuses, just really changes I have yet been able to navigate and am hoping to do so here with support) 2. oddly enough, lack of friendship and support. This is due to the feeling of always having to be "on." Privately, I haven't felt on and it's hard to motivate yourself by yourself. Not impossible, but willing to admit here and now I need support for this. 3. Due to the amout of stress and change, I have had gall bladder issues taht the Dr.s have all but ignored. So, in response, I have to handle those issues on y own.Thus, detoxing seems like a great plan. This site found me in just the right timing. I wanted to begin just one thing and stick to it. I wanted personal support, and to get healthy for good. I'm done being fat, done being sick, done being done, done being angry and sad, done feeling hopeless, I am beginning taking back control, sticking to rebuilding the real Jen.

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Married for 40 years and I'm in outside sales to the Beauty Industry. Started training 9 weeks ago and I've lost 20 but want to lose more!! The FreshStart Cleanse sounds like a good program!!

I am 5'7, 149 pounds, and engaged to a marine! I'm preparing to live at the beach and to stun the love of my life when he gets out of boot camp! He claims I'm beautiful but I need to feel confident and beautiful for myself too.

I am married and have 3 beatiful kids.

I'm 41, 5'7". I'm single, never married (came close once!) and was a healthy, active athlete until I finished grad school and started moving around (academics can be nomads!).

Just moved 'home' after 20 yrs in GA so I'm running into friends since elementary school on a daily bases. Turning 40 on Super Bowl Sunday (always dislike sharing my birthday with a football game I care nothing about;) Lots of reasons to be motivated. Let's do this!

I'm 27 years old and I weigh 245lbs. I'v been over weight my whole life and I really want to do something about it. I dont want to keep gaining weight or be like this for the rest of my life. I want to change!

I am a hospice caregiver. I am on my job sometimes for 36+ hours straight. That means I have to prepare my foods at home and take with me when I go to work this can be very difficult at times

36, F. Currently unemployed but should be starting a job next week! Woo! Have a dog and cat.

46, married 10 years. Mother of a 5 and 6 year old boys. I teach full time. After birthing, could not lose the 40 lbs I gained and seem more tired and less focused.

I'm 40. Married and mother of two boys. 16 and 12. I'm CEO of a small non profit. In 2005, I trained amd ran my first and only thus far 1/2 marathon. When I entered my new work position, I allowed the demands of work and being a good mom and wife overshadow the healthy habits I developed. Since that time, I have gained 25 pounds. This is totally uncomfortable and I'm over it. That weight has contributed to some health issues and and overall "un jen like" demeanor. I know I am capable of doing whatever is necessary to get back on track, but have always benefitted most within some network of support. Work always has me "on," so I rarely share my struggles with anyone. I am excited to be a motivator and encouragement to others and get a little support for me too.

I need to lose about 35 lbs. I want to look and feel as good as I can in my golden years. I have always looked younger than my years until lately - gained 20 lbs out of nowhere! Oh, did I say good health is most important?

I am 40 years old, single and a workaholic. I love fast-foods especially desserts from Sonics and Red Lobster. I am 5'5" tall weighing 257 lbs. I suffer with arthritis in my knees, doctors say that I am bone on bone, but I too young to have the surgery. I am more determined than ever to get this weight off for good.

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. I love to create things. I crochet, quilt, cross stitch, and I love to paint on canvas. I do have some health problems. One is the fact that I have a very bad back. I have already had one back surgery and the doctors are talking about another one. I will do anything to avoid another back surgery!

I teach Humanities at the local community college and love anything about art and history. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and it is quite frustrating! Last year I had a hysterectomy and have gained 15 pounds since the operation.

I've struggled with my weight ever since I first became aware that I was fat in Kindergarten. That's 44 years now. I'd like the struggle to be over.

I live in the mountains of Colorado and am an empty nester which has proven harder than I ever would of imagined. I work on not being lonely and happy, and am looking for the friends here on PT to be part of my journey!

I currently weigh 170. This is too much weight for my body. I am 5' 7". I feel more inflammation now and do not like the feeling. Makes me very lazy. I am a court reporter, so I do a lot of sitting. In my 50s. Need to stop snacking.

47 yr old mom of: 9 yr old boy, 20 & 22 yr old step sons, 3 yr old rottie! Homemaker, living in Panama, b the beach, enjoying the good life.

25 year old female trying to get back in shape.

I am 42 years old and a mother of two children.

I am a 37y.o. woman, married with one 4y.o. lovely daughter. I have struggled for as long as I can remember with a negative body image. Like so many people I have tried MANY different diet ideas, swearing that this was it, I was going to lose the weight this time. And twice I have lost 50 pounds but have been unable to maintain it. I just want the struggle to be over. I mind and spirit are tired of being overweight and unhealthy and my body is tired from being overweight and unhealthy.

University student who is trying to change her lifestyle of overeating, binge eating, and not being able to control her cravings. University is definitely a gateway to bad eating habits and laziness. I'm ready to be healthy and active and lose this bad weight that I've gained!

I'm and over the road truck driver with my husband. I need to get healthy due to my work.

I am a 40 something self-employed baker. Stress of being self employed, expectations of customers and constant presence of sweets makes longterm succes difficult. I am married and have two dogs.

I am a part-time community college English instructor. I like baseball, travel, reading, writing. I am single, I own cats, yes, I know how that sounds. I am part-time mommy to my two nieces and nephew and I take care of my parents full-time.

I am a single mom of a 12 year old boy and a busy professional.I recently relocated to a new city and I think I am eating more and more out of a lonliness I have never felt before.

T2 diabetic, Grew up half of each year here in the Berkshires and half of each year in NYC. Have also lived in Cleveland OH and various places in Israel. Over the years I have seen most of the USA, quite a bit of Canada and Germany which is where my parents were from originally. Other questions? Ask me and I will tell you.

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I am a 40 something that wants to get healthier than I was at 30 something.

I have 2 kids. the youngest is only 9 months and I just can't seem to loose the baby weight.

I have been working out and thoughtfully eating for 5 years, but never any change. My body is in shape, just not the ultimate shape I think it should be with all that I do.

I started my "Day ONe" Journey on 5/28/13.

All of my life I've never been active or healthy. But I've just recently took interest in a healthy lifestyle and fitness, and now can't imagine my life without it! I'm a soon to be college student hoping to one day become a nutritionist and hope to one day run a full marathon

I am 30 years old. I have been on my weight loss journey pretty much my whole life. Most presently have lost 80lbs...

I am turning 40, re-entering the work force as a librarian's assistant after a seven year hiatus to have our family. I've been married for 15 years and we have three of the most gorgeous kids that we enjoy so much.

I am 28 years old. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years. I was always really active and involved in sports until i graduated high school. Since high school i have slowly gotten less motivated to stay in shape. Since i got married i have managed to gain about 10lbs/ year which is about 40lbs now. I am not looking to lose all of the weight necessarily but i would really like to tone up and feel good about my body again and be healthy. I definitely have a problem with binge eating and i constantly crave carbs. I really need to eat more fruit and veggies like i used to.

I am a cartoonist and youth worker in her mid-twenties who is tired of having evening binge eating control my self-perception and life. I am extremely healthy during the day, then completely lose track during evenings.

I like to keep busy. I really like lifting weights, & have also started using our total gym. I ride my stationary bike almost every day after my doc. advised it due to my very high cholesterol.

Born and raised dairy farmer transitioned to a small animal vet hospital (hence the weight gain) Professional Beauty Consultant :) Love making other women feel important and great about themselves. It is so easy to forget my needs and how to properly take care of myself and I want to be that example for other women.

I started woking out at the beginning of 2013 but my weight loss has been very sluggish. I would like to lose 80 lbs.

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