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Very career oriented and have a super hectic schedule. This makes it more difficult to fit in time to workout.

I am a 47 year old christian woman. I have been married 22 years to a wonderful man and we have 7 children ranging in age from 2 to 21 years. I have tried Peer Trainer a couple of times in the past - I love the daily log for tracking my food intake and activity. I need the support, motivation and encouragement of others and so I'm back :-)

I'm 41, diabetic, & been overweight most of my life. I've had a little success recently, and am striving to continue to make this trend to a lifestyle choice.

I'm a wife and a momma to a beautiful 1 year old. I like to run, backpack, and martial arts. I'm ready to be fit again and not feel so self conscious in clothing anymore. I want to be a HOT momma!

Retired educator - back working 4 days a week as a high school administrator.

Long-time runner but I'm hauling around extra weight. Would love to streamline.

Our Mission: To motivate, challenge, build confidence, instruct, educate, and provide the highest quality of personal training and nutritional services in New York City that will get you results!

33 years old.. The weight has slowly crept up on me the last 2 years. I am active but poor eating choices and drinking has caused me to gain. I live in Denver which I Love.. Just the place to motivate me to get in better more fit.

I am a stay at home mom. I have three girls who keeps me very busy because that's just how girls are and they are homeschoolers so the ideas they come up with is always flowing between them.

I am 23 years old. I used to be very active, run miles and miles every day, but I have been fairly sedentary for the last few years and have gained more weight than I care to carry (though it could be worse).

Single mom with two teenagers, full-time job, former exerciser but havent done anything in almost 4 years.

I am a single mother to a 101year child with aspergers and adhd. The past few years have been devoted on getting him help and into the right schooling. He is in a good place and life is not nearly as stressful anymore. Time for me.

I am 62, semi retired, have a hubby who puts up with me, a wonderful daughter & son-in-law. I love gardening and writing.

I'm 55, grandmother of three, mother, realtor, workaholic, and live with a dog-- really. He's a golden doodle and wonderful. I moved a few years ago to a new neighborhood. The first night out walking my dog we were attacked by a pitbull mix. I was bit and now terrified to walk the area. That was the beginning of my weight gain.

I love to read and write. Family is the single most important thing in my life. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by loving family and friends. .

I am a very "healthy" German/Filipino. Translate that to I am more German than Filipino : ) I have never been good at dieting - I love food too much. This year I have finally felt comfortable going to the gym and working out in public and look forward too it.

I´m a journalist and online editor. love my job. also love read, write, hike, crochet, cats... i´m married with the best husband and in my first year of marriage I neglected a bit with my figure, so i´m trying to get back to the old days when my body was overwhelming.

Mom of 4, full-time student, enjoy running and yoga

I'm 56, mother of two young adults, teacher. Need to loose 50 lbs and I'm happy to have found this site for motivation.

I'm 5"7 currently 176 lbs and not happy about it

i m a mother of 3 boys and i need to to loose alot of weight

I'm 54, a mom, wife and daughter. I have a wonderful job as an admissions officer in a business school and my husband and I are starting to think about downsizing.

38 year old SAHM, active social calendar, kids. Slow gain over period of time has finally made me say stop!!

I am a single mom and I have put on more weight after having my baby. Before my son, I weighed about 115 pounds. I weigh 160. I know it's not a lot to some but I'm overweight for my size and I hate that I continue to gain weight. I have always been small and today is the day I put a stop to it.

Career mom of two kids, married.

I turn 50 this month. I am an artist, photographer, graphic designer - all freelance. I am feeling a bit drab and old. I need a reboot - hence this program. I have 5 children (2 of them are step) and six grandchildren that I want energy to run around with.

Nurse Practitioner

I am 54yr female. I once was a aerobic instructor. I have gone through many life trauma events in the last 4 yrs. While I lost weight in the beginning, I now have gain that back a couple of times.

Hypo thyroid formerly skinny girl got fat and lazy

46, single, no kids, cyclist and intermittent p90xer, I am a natural athlete physically but mentally I'm a couch potato. It's frustrating!!

28yrs old, living in Brooklyn, working in Midtown. College grad, no kids but still lives at home with mother and two brothers. Love cycling and lift weights. Love sweets and carbs.

Happily married mother of 3 who is just looking to lose 15 pounds

46-year-old female

I am married women with 3 lovly boy's. Plus I have alot of nice pets.

I am a 52 year old woman. I am looking to get to a healthy weight for the last time in my life

I'm 37 years old, married , mother to three beautiful children.

I am from the England but currently live in Dubai. Dubai has lots of fast food places, American restaurants etc so it can be hard to eat healthily if I'm tired or going out with friends. I spend a far amount of time on the beach and would love to feel comfortable when wearing a bikini.

I'm a 45 year old mother of 4 boys. I enjoy running, weight lifting, and my latest obsession Bikram Yoga

I am currently a college student, constantly busy with studying and what not. Freshman year I put on 13 pounds, and ever since then i can never stick to going to the gym. I'll go for a week straight and then get out of the routine. Sometimes when i go, i feel fatigue afterwards which doesnt help because i need to focus on my studying. It's very frustrating. My problem is not eating healthy, its portion. I eat healthy but i eat until i feel full and i know that is not a good choice.

21 going on 22, single, no kids. Recovering "fat kid". (5'4" and 240 lbs at fifteen, my heaviest. I am now down to 150!) Hoping to discover the hottie in me, and get the amazing body I never had as a teeneager.

I am 50. I have an 11 year old son. I haven't exercised in so long. I walk by a mirror or window and wonder who the fat woman is. Then I realize it's me. I was always the skinny one but not anymore. I work a lot of hours with my job but am looking forward to bringing exercise back into my life. I have started reading JJ Virgin's book and definitely think I have some food intolerances that are keeping me from losing weight. I just ordered her 30 day kit to help me get started.

I am 39 years old. Married to an amazing man with 5 beautiful children ranging from 2 - 11.

Married female, 51 years young, living in exciting Milwaukee. 176 lbs and work at computer all day. Two children, boy (11) and girl (18), cat/dog/fence. It's hard to find time to exercise consistently and I settle down to eat late most evenings. I'm a couch tv news potato. Was told i'm a little too pudgy around the middle and found for health reasons it would be best to move it or lose it.

I have a very busy career, with long hours, a long commute and a lot of traveling. I love to read, cook (which I rarely do anymore). I'm a single woman of 4 grown sons and 6 grandchildren. Shopping is another passion, particularly shoes (cause no matter what size you are, you can always get new shoes!).

Yoyo dieter. Just getting started with PEERtrainer.

I'm a 43 yr old proud mom of 2 amazing boys aged 11 & 8. I have a loving, supportive hubs of nearly 13 yrs and a very happy, full and BUSY life. My career is broadcast TV advertising sales which I LUV, but sometimes the fast pace makes me feel so rushed that I can become overwhelmed....and then find myself on my sofa after dinner wondering who ate the entire box of low-carb ice cream bars ha! I have around 30 lbs that I'm determined to lose and KEEP OFF by re-introducing a healthy diet & exercise routine as top priorities.

I've struggled with weight and have been trying to lose it since I went over 170 now I weigh 244 and its just horrible

I'm Rauri. I'm 25 years old and I am tired of being fat. I'm married to my best friend and have a beautiful daughter. I am doing this for them not just me.

I'm 50 years old and tired of being overweight! Last year I lost around 40 lbs., but gained about 10 back during the Christmas holidays. I started a fitness program with a personal trainer in January and gained another 10 lbs... I have been maintaining for the past month and feel that even though I have to really push myself to workout (I don't get those promised endorphins!!) I am in a really good routine and can now focus on the food side of things. I am currently following the PT Cheat System and have joined the Point of No Return Program..... and with the help of everyone here at PEERtrainer I aim to reach my goal and stay there!!

41 years old. I work a lot. The past couple of years I have traveled a lot for work. Making committing to a workout and eating plan difficult. I now work locally, so I've committed to myself to get back to working out and being in shape. I love to cook!

49yo single parent of a 22 yo son, dealing with weight issues all my life, want to weigh less and be fit at 50!

Just turned 39...want to get serious about physical fitness.

I am a 47 year old registered nurse at a psychiatric hospital. I have a natural daughter who is 22 and an adopted daughter who is 16 months old. Staying thin has been a lifelong struggle for me, but i was successful until i hit my 40's. Then i started gaining and i can't seem to get it back off. i lack motivation and energy, I am 50 lbs overweight, tired all the time, and i have problems with my knees and hypertension.

work fulltime and attend college fulltime. Mother of 2 boys and a dog.

Stay at home unschooling momma of three awesome boys. Sadly, this lifestyle doesn't leave much time for taking care or one's self. The "Baby weight" excuse isn't cutting it anymore as the "baby" is 4 1/2 I'm super tired and would love to feel good and get to a healthy weight before my 35th birthday in December.

I am 24 and am ready to be healthier and happy with how I look!

57 years old, very active, we (dh and myself) bicycle 150 miles a week in the summer, last year achieved an all time high of 6186 miles. Back roads, touring type riding, not racing. I also enjoy gardening, and I make a living as a software engineer.

I'm a 55yo Aussie mother, grandmother, wife, vegetarian, accountant....oh and mum to a beautiful pug named Poppy. :) I am a professional weight yoyoer and have spent my life losing, gaining, losing, gaining etc etc the same 20lbs. All up I must have lost and gained over 1,000lbs (ok maybe slightly exaggerated but you get the picture). I'm tired and for the first time in my life seem to have lost all motovation. I need help to to be able to cut the string to the yoyo once and for all.

I am 40 years old and a mother of two young children. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and am now cancer free. My body has gone thru many changes and I am trying to get it back in shape and become more healthy.

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. The heaviest I've been was after the birth of my second child. I hit 180 pounds. She is now 8 years old and I am still overweight. I've lost the weight before and felt really great but after a bout of depression, I just let myself go with excuses after excuses. It's gotten so bad that my husband is having a really hard time sleeping with me. I'm afraid that if I don't change soon, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I am 46, a wife, mother to four kids ages 23/20/14/8, a surgical nurse and am addicted to chocolate covered raisins and Carmel corn! I love movies, reading, watching my daughter play softball, sitting on my front porch listening to the birds and the wind blow through the trees and hanging out with my family. I have been steadily gaining weight over the last 5 years and I need to figure out how to stop it. I have never really had to diet or work hard to remove a few added pounds in the past, so this is really hard for me. I just want to feel good about myself again and feel good in my clothes again.

I am 42 years old and have a sedentary job. I love to dance and try to go to gym 3-4 times per week. I am single and don't have any children. I am ready to lose the weight for good!

stuck with a husband who probably I don't love anymore, and who doesn't ever seem to be interested in me as a woman, 2 young children, and I want to go and live abroad. Not working (impossible to find a job, whatever your competences and background).

I am 32 years old I have 3 children. I have just recently finished school. So I have put myself on the back burner. It is now time to focus on my health as I am not getting any younger.

I am 57 and have 5 grown children. I have been married for 40 years and he is still the love of my life. I love knitting and especially with others. I am a licensed pastor and my faith is the most important component to my everyday life. I believe that we are all here to love God and to be loved by Him so that we can also love others. By love, I mean it as a verb.

I am a 21yr old female studying Industrial Engineering. I have always been overweight but I have finally decided to form the habit of exercising and eating properly to get some confidence and hopefully start balancing a good lifestyle with professional life:)

I am a mother of two grown children. One son and one daughter that are both in their twenties. I am married to my husband for twenty seven years in marital bliss(lol!). I was a radiation therapist for 28 years which was a very rewarding occupation . Now in life I am a full time housewife and I quilt when my back allows me to!

I'm 44, work full time, married with 2 older daughters and 2 elementary aged boys that live with us part-time. I recently lost 30 pounds working out with a friend in the mornings 3 days a week and really watching what I was eating. She stopped coming over and I've pretty much stopped working out and watching what I was eating. I've gained 5 pounds back and I don't want to keep heading down that path again. I just need accountability. I want to partner with someone(s) that I can keep in contact with and let them know how I'm eating and exercising and visa/versa.

50 something single mom working 3 jobs and getting ready to make some very big changes so I can live barefoot.

I am a PT night newborn nurse. I love my job but my knee is bad and losing weight will help me stay in this career. I like nights but will eventually transfer to days when I can but I like PT better :)

Military wife of 10 years with a precious 14.5 year old black lab and 1.5 year old black lab. I love to read, quilt, sew, workout, and fish with the hubby.

I am 55 years old, have a husband, step son 20 and a nine year old granddaughter who live with me. I have health issues, spinal stenosis and arthritis, leg and foot pain, stress and anxiety from having a family member who I take care of who has bipolar disorder. I work full-time for government agency, am able to telework 3 days a week due my disability. I have two other adult sons. I think pain from disability also makes me eat and drink too much and my stress is out of control with my daughter who has bipolar disorder, (I know I need to meditate daily, now to find the motivation do commit and do so) Want to always make my emotional and physical pain be eliminated or suppressed with food and drink rather than find alternative coping mechanisms. I am learnimg more through reading about counseling methods that can help with alternative coping methods and plan to begin counseling sessions.

Married, 2 grown children, 2 grandchildren(not in same state-bummer!) Love animals (have a dog and a cat) Enjoy gardening, cooking, some crafts, trying unique recipes for savory foods, photography and traveling when it's affordable.

I'm a very lively, 'young at heart' 56 year old teacher living in the UK. I'm desperate to lose weight and have tried every single diet possible. It's the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

I am 53 and have been yo yoing on so many diets and I feel I am on information overload. It is very difficult to work out I have RA. I am also an emotional eater.

I am in high school and a girl.

Married. I work in a high pressure health care administration job though i am only in the lowest level of management

Age 42 and single lady professional living in Austin, Texas.. I need to lose 35 pounds through patience and persistence. There's a lot to enjoy in life and we need to get out there and make it happen. 163.8

54 yrs old, under 5ft. most diets restrict calories to 1200.

I've lived in Boston for a few years. This has been a big change for me after living on the West Coast and being in a relationship for 9 years. I've had trouble with consistency in the past.

i am a busy mom off 6 kids yes 6. i am angry at nothing working for me. I have literally tried good and bad stuff to loose weight. i even contemplated vomiting every meal. i knew then i was in need of help. if this 3 month diet doesn't start the weight loss i am opting for the stomach sleeve surgery.

July 2011 was the start of the downward spiral of health and the increase in weight. I was approx 75kg and weight has fluctuated. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chrons and CFS. I feel terrible and am annoyed that I'm putting on weight.

I'm a mom of two amazing little men. F is almost 3 and E is almost 3 months. They keep me busy! I had weight issues before having children but I need to loose some of the extra weight to be able to keep up with these two little guys. I'm definitely not athletic and never have been though I love to walk. I enjoy reading and spending time with my family.

I am 32 I weight about 185lbs give or take a pound. I work out five days a week and am semi active on my off days taking dogs for walks along with other activities on the nicer days especially in summer time.

I am 60 over 230lbs out of shape and would like to get back to enjoying life

15, 10th grader, love swimming, cycling, singing and dancing. friendly and funny...determined to reach my goal this time.

53 years old, female, married

I am 44, sit way too much at work. I have lost 24 pounds since August following JJs plan and HCG drops off and on. I have once again hit a plateau, so thought this cleanse could help me move forward.

My name is Maja (31), I live in Prague, in Czech republic, where I teach English. I have always been bigger than the others and I always wanted to be slimmer, that was my dream. Two years ago I managed through a determind healthy diet lose 12 kg, but I managed to gain 25 kg back and I felt devastated, I have developed a food addiction issues, which has stabilized over last 4 months, so I feel ready to start doing about it again, but I need to be very carefull this time, so please if you see me doing something too obsessivly or you thing something is being weird, please point that out, just to be aware of it, as I can't sometimes see the extremes I am putting myself into.

Married, mother of 3, 37 years old!

I am a premed student about to take my MCATS in the spring of 2014, but I have always felt inferior due to my weight, now that I am married I find my weight especially troubling as it can affect the way I feel in my marriage as well as my academic performance. So I have decided to put life on hold just a little bit and attend to myself for once.

Wife, working mother of twins. I love God, my family, my sweet dog and the Texas Rangers!

Hello! My name is Kanda. I am 32 married with one son. I am trying to eat clean and get really healthy. I want to meet others local or anywhere just to have that friendship and support. I love music, movies, games, being outdoors or just hanging out in general. I've lost 72 pounds in alittle over a year and now I just really want to get to my goal for the first time ever.

I wear a lot of hats but first and foremost am a mum I have a sweet tooth and love desserts,

I enjoy my family and my life

I am 35 and I have 8 children and loving husband and we have been together since 1994. I weight 325 and am 5' 3" and need to lose this weight before it fully takes over my life.

I'm an RN, working nights in the emergency room. I'm also a single mother to an amazing 14 yr old, who keeps me pretty busy. Since changing to nightshift I have slowly gained 35 pounds. Due to a work related injury and a car accident, I recently had my second back surgery. I used to be an avid martial artist and loved a good workout more than just about anything. Unfortunately, I will probably never be able to exercise that vigorously again. I'm now struggling with my weight, and all my old tricks just don't work anymore.

i'm 16 years old and i want to be skinny :D

I tend to think of negative and sad events in my life.

I am 42 years old, am 5'2" tall and weigh 205 lbs. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and my medication has caused me to gain an awful lot of weight. I want to be healthy and my doctor says I need to get moving to do that.

Mother of two beautiful girls, 17 and 8. The baby is authistic. The last 5 years it's been pretty intense but rewarding taking care of the little one. Now I have more time to take care of myself and begin exercise again.

I am a 46 year old. I am a mom to a 14 year old boy and 12 year old girl. Happily my whole family loves to run. I get encouragement from my husband and kids. I've always stuggled with losing that 15 to 20 lbs. I just joined peer trainer and am excited to make some changes once and for all.

I am not fat in my own mind. The before picture slapped me right in the face and I am not going to stand for this physical shape any longer. I am 42 years old and have two children. My daughter is 20 and my son is 13. I have been divorced twice and haven't had a relationship in over 5 years. I have packed on these pounds to protect my heart and all it has done is damage my body. I have a desk job but I work right next to a walk path near a river and it's beautiful. Great setting for heading out the door and walking. My friends are very active and inspire me to get outside and exercise. I have recently discontinued my medication for depression and have substituted exercise. So far so good, one month in. I am really looking for support on this site as well as giving support to others.

Mother of 2 little ones, one 4 year old and one 9 months old.

I'm a 24yr old female. I have a a 2yr old son. I'm also fat

Im a 17 years old teen and I love arts, photography and the like. Some people say that I can go into modeling career IF I was thin. I dream of becoming one.

I have an office job now and sitting most of the day. It is time to get control over my food choices and begin exercising again!

I'm a 33-year-old translator. I gained ~30 lbs in 2012 probably because of some medication I was taking then (and not paying much attention to my diet or exercises). I've been trying to follow what a dietitian recommended into my diet and incorporate more physical activities into my daily life. It's been tough... I feel stuck. Not only do I want to lose the 30 lbs I gained recently, but I'd love to get rid of an extra 10-15 lb (which were already bugging me last year). I've been treating a back/hip condition since 2011, and it disrupted the somewhat active routine I had incorporated into my lifestyle then. I need to restore that, but avoiding activities that might worsen my condition. My major motivation right now: I'm getting married in Jan. 2014 and I'd feel terrible if I hated all of my wedding pics. =/

I have been married to my wonderful husband Pete for the last 7 years of my life. I've always been in this weight range since our wedding date. We have 2 wonderful boys, a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I am a stay at home mom for my kids and I have an in-home daycare center where I care for additional 4 children.

I am 36 years old, a school teacher, with no children. I used to bike everywhere, but when i bought my first car-the weight came on. I am getting married this summer in my backyard. I have a dog and two cats that are my cuddle buddies. I am a curvy lady and I hide my weigh well, but I feel sluggish and defeated when I see that the only clothing in my wardrobe i can wear is knit.

Very active mountain girl, but can't seem to shake this weight. Need to work on healthy, regular eating and exercise rather than on again/off again healthy eating and fitness habits. I want to do this for life, not for a few days at a time. Tired of starting over!

I am 40 years old, single and a workaholic. I love fast-foods especially desserts from Sonics and Red Lobster. I am 5'5" tall weighing 257 lbs. I suffer with arthritis in my knees, doctors say that I am bone on bone, but I too young to have the surgery. I am more determined than ever to get this weight off for good.

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