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I'm 64 and overweight and not feeling good. I want both to change.

I'm 49 and my goal is to feel healthy and fit.. I struggle with motivation to exercise. My thyroid fights me contantly so I am trying to figure out the best eating plan that works for my body. I love all vegtables and generally eat healthy. Occasional over do it on chocolate and sweets if within reach. Moderation is not a stregnth. Work in progress...

70, married, work out of my home. As a result of Fresh Start Cleanse and all the tools I've learned decided to get my Real Estate License. I'm excited and energized. Will take my state exam within a month or so.

I am 63. Married, mother of 4 adult children, grandmother to 3 with a baby girl coming soon. Own 3 Aussies and one cat. We found the Aussies, the cat found us.

Married 51 yo mom of two, educator, consultant, volunteer optimizing my health, fitness, and well being.

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53 years old, female, married

I am a hospice caregiver. I am on my job sometimes for 36+ hours straight. That means I have to prepare my foods at home and take with me when I go to work this can be very difficult at times

Recovering endurance athlete looking for a different way to feel healthy and present in my body.

30s, scientist, two kids - 5 years and 9 months. I gained during grad school, and then pregnancy. Various issues reacting to certain foods started cropping up after my first pregnancy. I swear, I used to be an athlete. I miss that so much.

Married with 2 college students, an Airedale and two cats.

31, lawyer, busy work and active social schedule. Fighting those last 5ish pounds and ready to fully get there, be toned and strong and extremely healthy. I live with my fiancee and my dog, and spend a lot of time out and with friends (which can be a downfall). I've been a pescatarian since high school and try to stay gluten free.

I am 56, nd work as a Nurse Anesthetist, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have two sons, one 28 and living in Philly and one 26 and living in Boston. I was a single mom for 15 years, and then remarried October 2006. My husband is awesome, but never watches his weight, although I have always been obsessed about trying to maintain mine. and I exercise everyday. I think the reason I have had so much trouble keeping my weight off is stress, not getting enough sleep and recently going through menopause.

In my 50s, retired, lots of family and travel, doing pretty well with workouts but need to get better with eating.

A year ago I was doing really well - getting up early to work out, following the Cheat System and doing a cleanse every few months. In the past 9 months I have completely stopped working out, eaten poorly and have gained back all my previous weight (60 lbs). I can't go on like this - I need to stop beating myself up and just get back on track!!

I am a 54yo woman who is out of control with toxic foods. I let my weight get out of control starting in 2004 when I had an accident that has left me with a spinal cord injury. Since then, my weight has gone up from 130-135 to where I am today. I used to have it all under control because it took me 2 yrs to get from 285 down to 135ish. And then I kept it off for over 6 yrs. and then the accident put me in the hospital and rehab. I lost another 10 lbs of muscle in the hospital because I was so focused on getting back. But when I got home and had to start living again, I started killing myself with the food. So here I am. Wanting to get back to my "fighting weight". Care to help me and let me help you?

I'm 50 years old and tired of being overweight! Last year I lost around 40 lbs., but gained about 10 back during the Christmas holidays. I started a fitness program with a personal trainer in January and gained another 10 lbs... I have been maintaining for the past month and feel that even though I have to really push myself to workout (I don't get those promised endorphins!!) I am in a really good routine and can now focus on the food side of things. I am currently following the PT Cheat System and have joined the Point of No Return Program..... and with the help of everyone here at PEERtrainer I aim to reach my goal and stay there!!

I have been married to my wonderful husband Pete for the last 7 years of my life. I've always been in this weight range since our wedding date. We have 2 wonderful boys, a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I am a stay at home mom for my kids and I have an in-home daycare center where I care for additional 4 children.

45 year old mother of 2, love to run, bike, walk, play tennis

Driven, successful, a little goofy, scuba diving, hiker and lover of traveling the world... Need to lose a few pounds. Already have good workout plan that enjoy it, also follow a healthy diet. Just need to eat a little less, watch portions and most importantly, mindfully!

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