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Retired educator - back working 4 days a week as a high school administrator.

Two years ago I was in the best shape I have ever been. I was fit and I was happy and confident in my skin for the first time ever. I walked daily, did spin classes a couple a days a week and did body pump 2 to 3 days a week and then I went back to work and all of that came to an end. I also have back problems that seemed to get worse after stopping exercise and as they got worse my doctor suggested epidural injections to help cope with the pain. At this point I was exercising again, running and going to the gym but the weight just kept coming. I would get so frustrated I would quit even though I enjoyed working out. This has been the pattern for the last year. I get so frustrated I can't stand it. I also have hypothyroidism which my doctor says is under control. I had issues with my vitamin D levels being low and then it was my iron that was low. I am tired all of the time and have very little energy after going to the gym in the morning. It is crazy. The final straw for me was doing a fitness challenge recentlyand not losing a single pound or inch in 10 weeks. At this point I know there is something wrong so I am excited to start this cleanse to see if it makes a difference.

I'm 31 years old- workaholic - mom to 3 Chihuahuas, Patron, Gigi and Kahlua :) - i have 2 speeds: non-stop working/going & almost dead- and I seriously need to learn to balance it all out!

I am the product of a "clean your plate" upbringing and have struggled with weight my entire life. I have tried numerous diets over the years, basically all of them I think, before I realized I needed to really alter my lifestyle. I have lost 50 pounds since June 2012 but have hit a plateau and would like to not only lose 40 more pounds, but optimize my health in the process.

I am 28 and have had an issue with my weight since I was 13. When I was 16 I was anorexic, then bulimic and now an over eater. I am excited to be in a program that will help me overcome the past, look to future, and help tackle my current issues.

I'm an artist although I haven't been painting lately. I'm 60 years old. I used to be a gym rat and would like to be one again. I've been very addicted to sweets and want to stop. I'm also a Fibro patient with hypothyroidism. I notice a big change in the pain when I eat badly. I'm on pain meds until I can get my strength back by moving through the pain. I'm already stronger but have a ways to go. I'm thinking this cleanse will help me right out! :)

41 year old grant manager at wonderful little community college in the DC area; 3 busy boys (15, 12 and 10) and wonderful, supportive but works alot husband; unhappy with body for a long time...have a good 50 pounds to lose

41 year old married female about to change her lifestyle!!!

59 yr old! Laid off from work 2 years ago! I was already 40lbs over weight, in my mind! I have gained an additional 12lbs since being at home and starting my home-based business! My exercise is now restricted because of OA in one of my hips.

I'm in my early 50s, married, no kids. I'm lucky enough to have the time to make some positive changes now.

I'm a 56 y/o high school teacher. Married 30 years. I teach Family and Consumer Sciences (aka home ec), specifically foods and nutrition classes. It's a challenge being around food all day.


I'm 34 and I've pretty much been over weight my entire life. At 240, I felt sick all the time. Being tired and run down all the time was awful. I have an awesome husband and beautiful daughter. Both have horrible eating habits which I've been chipping away at for 8 months now!

I am 44 years old and trying to lose 20 pounds. I want to learn to control my eating habits.

53 years old, part time administrative assistant. Married for 28 years with no children. I'd like to increase my energy so I can work full time and not be too tired to also do fun things with my family and friends! I work at a church owned gym, but am at least 20 lbs. overweight so would love to get out of the overweight BMI category, but I want to do it naturally with Spirit-led gentle changes so I can give the glory to God rather than some extreme diet filled with rules and regulations!

I'm 64, married, and gained about 35lbs over the past 3 years. If I don't do anything right now, I never will. I want to spend the last part of my life healthy and active.

I am 25 and just had my first baby about seven months ago. My husband is currently deployed to Afganistan, so I am living the life of a single mom at the moment and am being kept very busy! When my hubby returns from deployment I plan on going to school full time.

i am 33 and desire to have a child but believe my weight is a hinder! im positive,outgoing,helpful and spiritual definetly a believer and in myself just need to become very discipline;i am married n have step children that. i love dearly but like hanna in the bible desire to have one of her own to dedicate to the lord! im praying n workin hard to achieve my goals! i invite the average who want to overcome our weight n challenges to join my team! lets push hard, pray more and work happy!!!

I'm 55 years old , 56 in may. I lost 30 pounds 2 years ago and kept it off till two months ago. I gained 10 back . My body is not responding to the work , I am lacking motivation. I am now post meapausal which I'm sure doesn't help. I am single with no children's, I'm a singer and I own a film and video production company. You would think I'd have a better photo

I am 5'9" tall, 54 years old and a personal trainer at a fitness club. Over the last 15 years years I have lost 25#, going from 185 to 160 I lost the first 15-18# by implementing small permanent changes, then a year ago I found Take Shape for Life and lost 10 # fast. I of course went out and bought several pair of size 8 pants and even a pair of 6s. I just can't seem to stay under 160. I keep bouncing back up to 165 or so. I've stopped weighing myself because I get so stressed about my weight. I weighed 164 when I went to the doctor in early March

I'm a registered dental hygienist and certified nutritionist. I am trying this cleanse because I want to learn more about it and trust JJ. I did try a cleanse with good results but I learned from JJ the importance of the amino acids during a cleanse, so I am putting myself through hers for 14 days. I also want to be able to speak with my own clients about this from good experience.

Mom of 4, full-time student, enjoy running and yoga

33 yrs, blessed with 2 princess and awesome husband. Nurse Practitioner by trade and now ready to make MY health a priority! :)

Long-time runner but I'm hauling around extra weight. Would love to streamline.

I turn 50 this month. I am an artist, photographer, graphic designer - all freelance. I am feeling a bit drab and old. I need a reboot - hence this program. I have 5 children (2 of them are step) and six grandchildren that I want energy to run around with.

I am a single mother to a 101year child with aspergers and adhd. The past few years have been devoted on getting him help and into the right schooling. He is in a good place and life is not nearly as stressful anymore. Time for me.

I'm 55, grandmother of three, mother, realtor, workaholic, and live with a dog-- really. He's a golden doodle and wonderful. I moved a few years ago to a new neighborhood. The first night out walking my dog we were attacked by a pitbull mix. I was bit and now terrified to walk the area. That was the beginning of my weight gain.

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