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Team Name: Kiwi Chicks
Members: 2
Location: palmerston north 44100

Goals: lose 1.9 lbs per month or in Kiwi measurements .8 of a kilo.

Profile: New Zealander - Palmerston North. 52 years old, outgoing and positive attitude. First goal is to relieve fibromyalgia and tummy fat by eating more veges and less far so good. We cant get the peertrainer products in NZ but i think we might have found some that are good quality in the local health food shop. I have set my goals very low so that i KNOW i can achieve them every single month. It is about getting to where you are going in a good way rather than getting there in a rush and then going backwards just as quickly!!

Last posted: Saturday, July 20, 2013, 5:39 PM

Other Info: Retired at 52 but renovating our house. Husband who is busy busy busy with running a company and racing motorbikes, an adult daughter who lives away from home and two dogs and two cats. I LOVE quilting and painting and mosaiicing and embroidery and sewing and knitting and i THOUGHT thats what i was retiring to get on with HAHA maybe when i finish the renovations. i have bought a new bike but to be honest i just cant be bothered after climbing up and down ladders all day :)

Members profiles:

I am 5'5". I currently weigh 184 pounds. i sabotage myself constantly and i dont know why. I love myself immensely. I struggle to make time for exercise because i alway feel i ought to be doing the 'jobs' i have to do around here. I am not a 'fixator' but i have stamina and so I KNOW i will get to my goal of 134 lbs. I figure it will take me nineteen months more or less to achieve this.

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