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I'm 60, fairly healthy. I work very early morning hours

I am happily married, have 3 children (24,20,18), almost an empty nester! We have a 1 yo granddaughter who brings us much joy. We live in the mountains near Yosemite. I love outdoor activities. I also love to cook.

I am a 48 year old mother of 6 year old twins. I have been married to a wonderful man for 10 years. I work full time as a software engineer. I have also have an essential oil business. I just want to get healthy so I can keep up with my girls.

I am happily married, have 3 wonderful boys and work full time in our family business.

I am a writer and a teacher, mother of 3 kids ages 7, 11, and 13. I have gained 40 pounds in the past six years! I am finally ready to change my eating habits for good, but I know I need support.

32 years old. Husband, 1 child, two dogs and two cats. Going to school full time, working full time and have an extra 30 pounds from my first child I keep trying to lose.... Trying for baby number two soon and I need to get my body to work with me!!!!!

I'm 47 and single with a full-time job and a serious boyfriend whom I only see on weekends. I've always been an athlete, and always, somehow, on the heavy side.

When I hit 40, I was at 185 and doing well. Then I got an ear infection and did OK but 6 months after getting better and having stopped exercising, the weight started coming on. 4 years later, I am now 50lbs OVER the heaviest I've ever been and discouraged, though still self-confident.

I have a loving boyfriend, but he's a meat-and-potatoes guy. We'd like to start talking about marriage and family, but he's questioning my long-term health if I keep up this lifestyle. He has not yet been witness of what I can do when I put my mind to it!! However, he is behind me 100% and it makes it much easier being able to talk to him about it as well as having to be accountable for my choices in front of him. He has some things he's working on himself, so we're in this together. I am learning to blend our dinners ... we have chicken or burgers and then I make him corn and potatoes and I have a salad and another green veggie.

I'm an artist, working on my own - so have to be completely self motivated - a life long adventure in self discipline which never carried over to my eating habits until I lost weight in 2008. Peertrainer helped me get it off, and I kept it off for two years, then the combination of a death in the family, too much time traveling to exotic places with delicious food, and an injury which precluded any exercise involving my right foot I gradually put on 10 lbs in the last 2 years. I can now do some walking again, and am ready to closely monitor my eating as well again. JANUARY 1, 2008: 154 lbs, waist 31, belly button 34 1/2, hips 40, bust 38 1/2, thigh 23 3/8, calf 13 7/8 ********** SEPTEMBER 22, 2008: Beginning new challenge to lower my fat% and build my muscle %. This will have to be subjective, because I have not figured out a way to measure it, or have it measured. 135 lbs, waist 28 1/2, belly button 31, hips 38, bust 36, thigh 21, calf 13 7/8, bicep 11 1/4, bicep flexed 12.********** Week 4: 131 lbs, waist 26 1/2, belly button 27 1/2, hips 37, bust 34, thigh 20 3/4, calf 13 5/8, bicep 11 1/4, bicep flexed 11 3/4*********** DECEMBER 22, 2008 Week 12: 131.5 lbs,waist 27, belly button 29 1/2, hips 37, bust 35, thigh 20 3/4, calf 13 5/8, bicep 11 1/2, flexed 12 1/2 Interesting to compare to 2 months ago: In spite of not losing any weight, I feel much harder - and I did gain measurable muscle in my biceps. I do feel that my perception of my waist is that it is larger, though a lot more toned. I was doing a lot of ab work for a while: I have heard that building muscle there can make you thicker rather than thinner!********** JANUARY 1, 2009, The 12 Week Challenge, A Repeat: Beginning statistics: 128 lbs, waist 26", belly button 29", hips 37", bust 35", thigh 21", calf 13 5/8", neck 13 1/4 ", biceps 11 1/4, 12 1/4 flexed.********* JULY 2011: weigh and measure tomorrow! Gosh! I forgot that I was actually down to 128! I've gained more than 10 lbs! ********** SEPTEMBER 2012: 144 Ugh! On my way to my 170# high again - time to get a grip. Decided to try the Cleanse, both for weight loss, and to try to figure out what is causing my lower abdominal discomfort. Waist 30, belly button 33.5, hips 39, thigh 22, bust 37, calf 13.5

42, married, with two kids. This has been a stressful year, and I have put on weight again. PEERTrainer cleanse has worked well for me in the past. I'm looking forward to getting back on track!!

Have been on a weight loss journey my entire life since sick of it.....ready to kick this sucker to the curb.I am 54 years old turning 55 this summer. I am a happy single mom of 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. Loving the last season of my life.....Ready to make it the BEST!!

27 year old full time worker also pursuing Masters degree full time, struggles with diet. I just want to lose those last 15-20 pounds. I have the motivation to work out, however I need to learn healthier diet options.

I am 43 with two children ages 15 and 10 and a husband of 18 years. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. For years, I taught aerobics, mainly as a way to keep my weight down. About two years ago, I stopped teaching because of my kids' schedules and my work schedule. Top that with being over 40 and the weight started creeping up. I still exercise regularly and eat better than average, but it's not enough.

I'm a 35 year old single female living outside Washington, DC. I have over 100 lbs to lose. I've lost and gained numerous times. I tend to sabotage myself. I'm doing a Cleanse this month. I log my food/exercise on MyFitnessPal as 57bananas - feel free to friend me there.

I have a pretty clean diet. Never fried food, never fast food, ever. But I was eating whey (dairy) protein and protein bars until I looked at it one day and it hit me how processed it was. ew.

I'm 22 years old and I have two jobs. I'm pretty busy but I love running, yoga, and hiking. I like to workout, but I have trouble eating right. I crave junk food like ice cream and chips.

Employed professionally full time. Starting a business as a Health Coach. Finishing up Immersion at IIN. Busy Mom of 2 active teenage boys.

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