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51 year old mother of 3 (15 yr, 13 yr, 11 yr), business owner learning to chill out

Married, love to travel, very social, so eating always seems in the forefront of things. Trying to get more exercise in my life.

Hi. I am 45 and fell horribly out of shape when I moved to NYC 18 months ago (tons of stress, horrible diet, no exercise). I did the cleanse last February and had GREAT results, without exercising at all (I am not advocating that approach - it could have been so much better). 4 months ago I finally re-established a solid workout routine and want to cleanse again and get even better results.

A student trying to get best results in a MAJOR exam and healthy weight loss .

im 22 years old, female. Im Armenian. i was born and live in kuwait. im interor design student to graduate very soon. I weigh 322 lbs with a heigh 5'8 foot inch and i want to make a great change with the most natural way of weight losing. and prove to my self and everyone else THAT I CAN and I DESERVE

I work hard and spend a lot of time cleaning. I never have time to cook nor exercise.

55 years wise. Work as family nurse practitioner. Married to my best friend for 36 years with 8 awesome kids (4 original and 4 acquired) and 11 grandkids! Love to read, knit, camp, and travel.

46 yr old mom. I have 2 kids, one grandchild and I work full-time. I don't like to take a lot of time to cook. I exercise 3-4 times a week.

I'm a 52 year old single mother of a 16 year old son. I have a long commute and work full-time so it's tough to fit in the exercise and food prep. I have had chronic pain issues that kept me from exercise but my health is improving and I am trying to increase my exercise.

I am 30 years old and just had my first child. I am a stay at home mom and so excited that I am able to be at home raising my baby girl.

I was very thin all my adult life until i turned 39 and was pregnant for the first time. It was a very exciting time, I had a man who loved me for who I was (and still does) and I was finally going to be a mom. BUT, i gained over 100 pounds and can't seem to get it off no matter what I try.

I am 45 have been overweight most of my life. Always looking for that next new diet plan. Tired of feeling tired, having aching joints and not enjoying how I feel or look.

I am 30 years old, with a job that requires me to be sitting for about 8 hrs every day, in the afternoons i cook dinner for my family and then im off to school, i still manage to find time to work out, i love insanity because i sweat tons and it keeps me from getting bored while working out.

I'm a 50 year young mom and grandma with 5 children and 11 grandchildren. I'm a business owner in the nutritional and energy industry and I help my husband with his business. I'm head over heels in love with the Lord and am changing my physical health so I can pursue some of the goals I have in ministry and missions and be a better steward of the calling I have on my life as a Christian.

I'm 27. Married for almost 8yrs with two boys 3 & 6. Work a full time job like most women now-a-days. Loving life but know it could be better if I lost this weight. Hoping to improve life.

I'm a 55-yr-old woman, very active, but my arthritis has been keeping me from getting the workouts I am accustomed, as well as playing some sports. I could also stand to lose ten pounds. I am eager to see how the cleanse will improve the pain I currently feel!

Busy 19-year-old student with an active social life. I love swimming and walking but I've never been much of a runner or any cardio exercises. I'm willing to try out endurance exercises but I have no idea where to start!

retired, active in community volunteerism. Had weight loss bariatric surgery in 2002. Just celebrated 11 years post-op. Lost 120 poungs have regained about 10-15, depending on the year.

I am 41yrs old, married for 15 years and mother of 3 beautiful girls. I did not have a weight problem growing up, it all hit me when I got sick had to take steroids and it will down hill from there. Not to mention I know I overeat but only when I am alone. I know this is not normal and it has resulted in me being 5'4 @ 283 pounds. I feel terrible and very upset at myself that I have allowed myself to become this way. It is not fair to me or my family. It is time to change!

I am 28 and need to lose weight. I like in Oak Park, IL with my husband. I got a new job (that I love) but have put on 40 pounds in the last 2 years! I want to take it off!

55 year old, married, father of 4.

Ex-high school football player who has had extensive injuries. Currently sit in a cubicle behind a computer and really want to get myself into the best shape of my life.

Hi I am a mom of 3 little kids recently divorced. I work 6 days a week and I work at night. I get very little sleep but I have to do what I have to do to take care of my kids. I have 2 little ones that go to school and one very active 5 year old that doesn't go to school yet. My lowest weight was 232lbs, my highest 301lbs, my current 240lbs. I have tried many weight lose programs everytime I started going in the right direction we got pregnant. Since that isn't a factor anymore I am ready to get this going in the right direction. I love to exercise just haven't had the energy lately to do so.

I'm 22, I'm a senior in college, pursuing a social work degree to work with foster youth and homeless youth. I'm very involved in my church and community. I also just recently got married!! With all this going on right now I don't have a lot of time to exercise and often find myself wanting to make "convenient meals."

I'm 54 years old, recently divorced, two children 26yo and 16yo. I've struggled with my weight all my life. I lost 100 pounds about 10 years ago and perpetually fluctuate 10 pounds, up and down. Currently, I am up 20 and I would like to take it off and stay there for good. I'm hoping to develop more healthy thinking with this program and I'm really hoping to meet like-minded people on this website.

I am emotional eater, always hungry

I'm a 31 yr old female, living in Ottawa ON Canada. I'm 5'7" tall, with a starting weight of 182.2 lbs. I originally started my weight-loss at 208 lbs in May 2012. Within 3 months, I had lost almost 25 lbs following Primal Blueprint principles of eating. Since I lost the weight so quickly, I wanted to let my body get used to this new weight and followed Primal Blueprint, with higher carbs. It's now Feb 2013, and I'm ready to kick it up a notch again.

I'm a 44 year old working mother of 2 young girls. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but have somehow gotten off track in the last few months -- ready to get back in shape :-)!

I am 62 years old. I have worked full time since I graduated from college. I retired a couple of years ago because the stress was too much for me.

I am married and have an 8 year old son. I have a lot of weight to lose and know what to do to achieve that goal, but lack the motivation and determination to see it through. I am very interested to see how this cleanse works out for me.

I am a 28 year old registered nurse. I am happily married and have two dogs that are my world :) As far as my health and fitness I mostly eat healthy, but I do struggle with being tempted by junk food. I do great during the day, but kind of come unglued at night and want to eat everything in site. I did great with working out, but I have kind of gotten off track with it and would like to get back on track.

John Hunter is a Nutrition Specialist and has varied experience in the field of nutrition. He also loves to blog which helps people to plan their nutritional goals and he recommends liquid nutritional supplements as a daily supplementation.

5'4", 64 yr old wife, mother & grandmother 166.5#. i suffer from osteoarthritis, IBS, chronic constipation, gastroporisis, overweight by about 25-30#,high BMI & high cholesterol. i am not very active. would like to feel better, have more energy & lose about 20#. mainly, be healthier!!

I am a journalist, a mother of four and a wife who has recently decided to make my health and fitness needs a daily priority.

I am married to my college sweetheart and have three children ages 9,7, and 5. I work full time as a physician assistant.

I'm a 34 year old mother of two crazy cute boys. I am 5' tall (so, if I swallow air I gain weight). I just completed my first 1/2 marathon in January - but have not been very active since.

Have you ever been sick & tired of being "sick & tired"? That's how I feel. I'm a young 50+ female with 50+ lbs to lose. My weight has not been creeping up--- but rather piling on. My job is stressful and I barely have time for myself. I want to wake up refreshed and energized. I'm looking forward to getting rid of the holds of sugar, coffee, flour, salt & all the other unhealthy, addictive chemicals in our food; waking up in the morning ready to exercise & also, traveling this road with you.

am 16 years old, always had trouble with my weight, heaviest was 12stone 2lb, and lightest 6stone 10lbs, which i loved! and since november i have gained 3 stone and feeling horrible need help :/

All things simple.

I'm 58 and since I was about 13 have felt overweight although looking back of course I was not really overweight. I have had a very pear shaped figure since puberty. However, when I decided to start Peer Trainer it was because I'm tired of always trying to lose weight and never really enjoying life that much because of always knowing I shouldn't eat a certain food or when being "good" obsessing about never being able to have certain foods again. Anyway, I had just come back from a trip to the US and I realized my extra weight now is like the weight limit for a check-in suitcase (50 lbs:)(from the time I came to Italy until now - 32 years). So this prompted me to want to do something long lasting and not some strange diet.

At 14 I reached my heaviest weight of 207 pounds. At 21, i now weigh 128. I try and stay healthy and active as possible, but continue to face hurdles. I have struggled with eating disorders through out my life. Everything from binging, starving then gorging, bulimia via exercise, anorexia, orthorexia, and night eating disorder. Right now I am just ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle, normal eating patters, and rational amounts of exercise. I'm ready to avoid triggers that cause me to eat uncontrollably for just moments of relaxtions, then try and erase it all away with hours of exercise. I most importantly am in the process of trying to be want I wanna be, do what I need to, feel how im meant to feel, and love myself through it all.

I an 47 with a wonderful husband, 3 kids and a little dog. I've gained weight from emotional eating/binging and need to work on this as my health is now being affected and can't fit into my clothes.

I'm 54 and grateful to be in good health. I live in the mountains of Colorado and enjoy an active outdoorsy lifestyle. I work full time, but find time to knit and read.

Single mother. I'm 43. My son left home last year and joined the Marines. I work in IT and attend school to finish my degree in Management Information Systems

I am a 52 year old, retiree. I quit smoking in June 2011 and was exercising all the time, plus have a Personal Trainer. In August, I started having pain - the end result, I had a cervical spine ablation Dec. 23 2011. I have not been able to exercise, ergo, I gained weight. I am really looking forward to this cleanse!!!

Perpetual dieter! Late 40's, married empty nester with 2 kids in college. Work full time, with lots of travel, so I struggle to eat right and exercise enough on the road.

I am a Cosmetologist, have been for 30 plus years. In the past 4 years have had 2 arthroscopic surgery on both knees & one on right shoulder, due to my occupation. I want to get stronger & healthier. I used to excerise a lot , gym, aerobic classes, & walking. Have slowly dwindled to not much,. My next b-day I will be 60, to me that's a turning point to hos I am going to be in the next 20 years of my life.

I am 57 and the mother of three awesome boys (all grown up and living on their own) and soon to be mother-in-law to a wonderful young woman. I am married to my best friend. I work as a kitchen designer at the Home Depot. I love baking, sewing, hiking with friends and hanging out with friends and family.

Happily married father of SIX!!!

I just turned 63. I have always stayed on top of my weight. I have been working out since I was 15. I have know prob with energy...put on these extra pounds and wow...they have not wanted to budge...

I am a 34 year old. I work full-time, go to school full-time, have a husband and a 15 year old daughter. Busy Busy Busy

I'm a Mum of two from Australiah

A life changing experience has taught me the secret to weight loss and how to look at life for what it really is. I know i"m here to share my knowledge with the rest of the world.

I'm a 44 year old science writer. I work mostly from home. I have two children, aged 11 and 2.

I am a 39-year-old (soon to be 40) Mom of 4. I work from home as a medcial transcriptionist and as a result spend many hours sitting each day. I homeschool my kids and spend much of my day teaching them and running them from one activity to another. A few years ago I had a Thyroid Storm and as a result no longer have a functioning thyroid and am on 100% replacement. I enjoy working out but often have difficulty fitting it into my schedule.

50 year old grandmother who can now run and play with her babies. Great times ahead of us!

I am married, 29 years old, and mother of a preschooler. I have been struggling to lose weight since i was in my early twenties and never went about it the healthy way. I would starve myself, workout constantly, then binge, and gain it all back. I still struggle with binge eating from time to time but i am ready to take back control.

I'm a newly graduated nurse midwife, a wife and mother. I have five grand children. I'm a Mormon and love to read and serve others. I'm learning to have a better relationship with myself and to look at this symbolism of my weight.

I am a happily, recent, retired woman excited to be able to do some fun activities now that I have time to focus.

I am a 40 year old woman, with 3 daughters. I have a an amazing man who supports me in whatever I do. I work full time, and find it hard to balance everything.

Hey! I'm Emmy , a 15 year old from California , I am 5'2 and 113 , but I want to be thin.

I am a "give up" repeat offender.

I am retired! Not sure if I'm enjoying all of this down time or not?! LOL I guess I am more scheduled than I thought I was!

I am 30, mom to a beautiful boy.

I'm 15, almost 16, and I really need to find a way to motivate myself into action.

I am a 39 yr old teacher/wife/mother of 2 boys looking to shed 30lbs and feel better physically. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Starting on the right track and then feeling too confident of my accomplishments and then slipping back into old habits. Growing up in the south and loving to bake and cook so that it tastes good is a challenge. I use to be really knowledgeable about nutrition and the how to's. I have felt out of the loop for so long it is overwhelming to even start. To look at me you would never know that I have run 2 Half-Marathons.

I'm 31 years old, and I've struggled with weight all of my life. I lost about 80 lbs a few years ago, but my motivation has dwindled. The weight is creeping back on, and I'm hoping to regain control before this gets any worse. I'm married. No children - yet. I do have a dog and a cat.

My name is Marissa. I live in Texas and I am 30 years old. I am married and have a 2 year old son.

I'm a 46 year old empty nester with a desk job and a husband who travels for his work. I don't have a lot of stress in my life currently and feel like I can spend some time getting my health back in line. I have slightly elevated cholesterol, vitamis B12 and D deficiencies, a Bhudda belly and low energy. I love wine, pizza and chocolate (big surprise!). I've been vegetarian since I was a child...just never liked meat.

I am a 50 year old Wife, Mother, Registered Nurse and Wheaten Terrier lover. I have a fit energetic mentality being hidden somewhere again waiting to be let out. I have the knowledge of how to; but lack the consistency with any weight loss...I have the all or nothing mentality that has gotten me no where. I didn't get the best of my family genes and want to break the cycle.

Ii am a 26 year old wife and mother. I work at home on a computer all day leaving me feeling drained at the end of my day.

Single working mother of 3

I am married (very happily) and have enjoyed my marriage by eating too much!

I am a 28 years old woman living in Paris. I am currently between jobs so for a month or two I will take some time to focus on my personal development and lose weight. I have lost 26 lbs 3 years ago and never put it on back again and I would like to lose another 12.

I'm so Religious

I started college last fall and in the new found freedom of my eating habits managed to gain a freshman 20. I'm five pounds into working this off, but the rest is pretty hard and I need some motivation and encouragement. I'm majoring in biochemistry and minoring in biology and criminology.

I'm a stay at home momma and wife who enjoys cooking, learning DIY stuff on Pinterest and I play the piano and drums.

I'm a 54 year old retired educator, married, mother of three children and grandmother of three. I have TIME to focus on my faith and my fitness~how blessed am I?

I am a single parent of two girls, 10 and 16. I am currently depoloyed and having difficulty losing weight.

Hi, my name is Hannah, I like red wine and long walks on the beach... Hah!

I am a 53 year old wife married 32 years, mother, grandmother, Registered Nurse who has been on almost every diet imaginable. I am great at losing weight but even greater at gaining it. I truly have not been successful in losing weight in 7 years. I just have had no motivation. This needs to stop. My knees bother me, my back hurts, and I have this belly I never had before. I need to reclaim my body.

I'm a 34 year old mom of three young children. I am currently a stay at home mom. I am determined to finally lose all the baby weight from these past 5 years. My kids are ages 5, 3, and 1. Taking care of my family keeps me busy, so it can be difficult some days to find time to exercise, but I've realized recently I need to make time. I'm tired of being overweight; I want to be healthy. My interests are reading articles and books, listening to music, watching movies, and improving my relationship with God.

I am married - love all crafts (quilting, beading,crosstitch)

51 yr old English divorcee. 3 kids and one grandchild. Lost 20lb when 27 yr marriage broke down, everyone said I looked great and I could by all those clothes that I'd never worn before. I felt young and full of life. Sadly those pounds have piled on and no one says I look good any more.

I'm 20 years old from South Africa but currently working in Scandinavia for one or two years. I grew up running and used to be quite good. Giving it up was the worst thing I ever did and now I'm trying to regain my fitness and kick most of my unhealthy habits.

I am a 53 year old Afro Trinidadian living in Richmond, VA. Lost 15 pounds 10 years ago and has slowly put them back on. Need to get back to my weight of 145 for my physical and mental health. Super busy but willing to make time to lose the weight. Need group support. I have a conference on Puerto Rico first week of April and need to be at lest 10 pounds lighter by then. Help!

I am involuntarily retired for reasons I don't care to disclose. 63. Now high blood pressure has come into the picture. It took me 7 tries at BP meds before finding one I could tolerate that didn't make me sick. Before finding it, I had what I believe was a TIA, a transient ischemic attack, a blood clot which didn't stay but caused paralysis of my lower body for 10 or so minutes. It took me about 9 months to start feeling "normal" again. I need to find a way of eating that will allow me to pull off the weight to lower blood pressure. I'm currently 63.

I am 5'5". I currently weigh 184 pounds. i sabotage myself constantly and i dont know why. I love myself immensely. I struggle to make time for exercise because i alway feel i ought to be doing the 'jobs' i have to do around here. I am not a 'fixator' but i have stamina and so I KNOW i will get to my goal of 134 lbs. I figure it will take me nineteen months more or less to achieve this.

I'm 66 years old, 267 lb, with high blood pressure and diabetes (controlled on meds). I have daily arthritis pain in knees, legs, ankles and feet from carrying all this weight. In fact, I had to retire early from a medical transcription career due to arthritis of the tailbone!

I am a 41 year old stay-at-home mother of five daughters, aged 21 months to 20 years, getting a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education/ Special Education online. I have been extremely over-weight since the birth of my first daughter 20 years ago. I am ready to do things differently.

45, single mom

mother, student, foster parent, recently losed my job.

I have been making healthier choices since January 11, 2012, i have already lost 40lbs and dropped 3 sizes but i am not the best when i comes to the fitness and excercising part of weight loss. I am excited to try something new to help keep me on track.

Seriously less-abled due to thoracic back pain which limits everything I do. I lose the ability to carry gallons of milk or move a pot of spaghetti water tithe sink. Walking, sitting, saga ding etc exacerbate chronic mid-back pain. As I get older and thicken through the middle, I realize most of my changes will require diet modifications. However, I LOVE/ CRAVE sweets. Fruit doesn't do it for me.

I am a 38 year old wife and mom of three. I used to do marathons and that kept me in good shape. Life is so busy now I'm lucky to exercise at all! I would like to get back in shape and lose 10 lbs.

I am happily married, have 3 wonderful boys and work full time in our family business.

40 year old married with 3 teens and a 10 month old. Would like to lose the post baby weight.

I am 48 years old, married stay at home mom who recently has been "retired" due to an empty nest. I am fairly healthy in my habits but have struggled with weight most of my adult life (although not in a big way... always trying to get off the 5-8 pounds) I exercise regularly; walking, zumba, elliptical trainer and have finally added in circuit training ( I really enjoy aerobic exercise but the weight lifting... not so much)

I am a 28 yr old mom who has 0 time for anything between family and work. I recently got what I call "fluffy" after the holidays... I need to get this weight off things are fitting extra tight.

I feel that I can control most things in my life except for my weight and what I put into my mouth, which seems so easy to fix. But, for me, it hasn't been easy. I never had a weight issue until my mid to late 30's when I became a high school counselor, sitting behind a desk most of my work days and then going home, eating, watching TV, and going to bed, feeling to tired (physically and emotionally) to do much else. This cycle of self-neglect has continued for about 10 years now and has progressively become worse over the past 5 years. My weight has raised from 170 (which I thought was terrible) to over 230. I cannot even believe this number when I type it. That cannot be me!!!! 230+ pounds!!! It is NOT me. I think that is one of my problems is that I do not believe I actually weigh this much. I still see myself as the weight I was and the person I was, when in reality this is not the person I am presenting to the world physically. I must get in touch with who I really am now (taking a current pic of me and post it here and everywhere in my house to remind me). I am in crisis now! I have recently been placed in blood pressure meds, which I thought was enough to make me turn my life around. This lasted about a week. I am not sure what it is going to take to get me to get up off the couch, stop cramming my mouth with unhealthy food, and get to the gym that I pay for monthly but there go there.

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