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Homemaker, wife to a wonderful guy, mother to three awesome kids, love painting, art journaling, sewing. My family loves to mountain bike and my goal is to partake in their fun this summer!!!

Busy mom of two teens and a caregiver for their dad who has Stage IV kidney cancer, metastasized to lungs, liver and lymph nodes. I also have a "disability" which has limited my activities. Now on a better medication and supplement regimen that helps, I am anxious to get into a regular exercise routine for strength and conditioning... Using a modified Atkins program, I am now working towards losing about 30 lbs too.

I have been a Chronic Dieter all my life. I am 68 years old. Now cured but still long to,that few lbs lighter. Written a book Reflections of a Chronic Dieter. Amazon kindle. Now dairy and grain free diet. Paleo Principles. Zoe Harcombe fan.

I am 43 and a stay at home mom to two great boys.

Mama Jama

45 yr old wife mom of12 yr old, and 10 yr old. Frustratedwith myself would like to see more muscle and flateen my stomach and be in control of my food, not let it rule my life.

I am a wife, mother, GRANDMA :) and high school secretary. I am 56 years old. I have had both knees replaced. and have arthritis in my hands, a foot, hips, back, and wrists - exercising is a must - but it hurts.

I sometimes feel a little out-of-touch with by body, and I lack will power. Who'da thought saying "NO" to that cupcake is something that IS POSSIBLE?!

I am 43 years old now.. I have accomplished alot on this journey.. I started out at 415 pounds.. Im still a work in progress but have released almost a whole person. I have more work to do. In 2011 I lost my dad to cancer from smoking and I let my life go. I was also taking care of my disabled mom until last month. I met a man this year.. Bry is so amazing and supportive.. I moved to PA away from my family to be with him. He cares about living a healthy lifestyle and were finishing our journeys together. no more yo yoing. I am finished with that. no more excuses its tie to finish what I started years ago. enough of letting my life go. its time to take it back and thats what I am doing this new year.. alot of changes to come. my life is still unwritten. and im writing it this year!..

"A year from now you'll wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

I'm 28, I'm gluten free and I feel much better for it, unfortunately it doesn't actually help a person lose weight unless you actually cut down grains. I'm ten pounds up from my last log in to peer trainer. I received an email from jackie selling her "magic fridge" on sale and I bought it. I think I can do this! Lately I've been eating out every meal. Literally every meal. I need some support.

33, mama of a 3 and 5 year old! Here's my mantra: I thrive and feel alive at 135! (Goal weight: 135)

43 year old stay at home wife/mom of an 8 year old boy. Every time I think about going back to work, I find it doesn't fit in with all the stuff I have going on...I'm one on those women who always has something going on! I like having quality time with my family at the end of the day and on weekends since I've finished all my "chores" while my guys are at school and work! I lost both of my parents, so I live by the motto that life is too short! That is another reason I want to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting...I want to fight that early grave and stop wasting time feeling bad about my body.

I am a single 42yr old woman... no kids... have a dog and a rabbit... work a lot (architectural designer / municipal building official)... and want to get back into regularly running.

I am 44, wife and mother of 3 boys. I love to exercise but find that I am always making excuses or I am too busy with my other daily activities with my kids and home.

I'm a 50+ woman who has lost 35 lbs and would like to lose 50 more. I tend to get lost in the process and stop making progress. I have 4 grown children and 5 beautiful grandchildren. I am a retired RN and I work on daily basis to control Fibromyalgia symptoms...rather successfully. Have just been diagnosed with hypothyroid and am trying to adjust to taking medication. Need help with accountability as I tend to be very private and that has not worked with any consistency in past.

I'm a single mom to a DD (Age 6) & work a FT desk job. I struggle with the energy to even get the necessities done so healthy food and exercise often get kicked to the side, although I'm very nutrition label conscious, organic- and GMO-aware, etc. I'm 5'2 with a naturally muscular hourglass build so even at my thinnest I never really felt thin enough. Before pregnancy, my weight fluctuated b/w 117 and 135, but usually settled at 125. I've slowly come down from my pregnancy weight of apx. 180 . Pre-cleanse, the lowest I weighed post-pregnancy was 135 (using RX weight loss drugs), which I didn't maintain long. My first PT cleanse in December 2012 got me down to 132.5, which I also didn't maintain long BUT it helped me realize I can get my weight down I just have to be super patient and clean with my diet. I'm an all or nothing type, and am used to being able to not work out for months then resume and quickly be back at my previous level. That approach has only gotten me shin splints and increased my frustration since becoming a mom :-(

I have crossed the 55 mark and since starting menopause I have gained consistently. Every year I lose the same 20 lbs and gain them back and find 5 more. I walk everywhere (nyc) I go to the gym consistently bootcamp 2x+ a week, core classes, yoga, and still the same. Anyway...tired of the same cycle hoping this can really bring on a permanent change.

I'm a 38yr old stay at home mom. I have gone up and down in weight since my last child. 5yrs ago I found out I have hypothyroidism and it is a battle just to maintain. I hate having to watch everything I eat and just back slid 10 months ago from the first significant progress I had been making.

54 years old, married, no kids. Full time sedentary job.

I'm 22 years old and I have two jobs. I'm pretty busy but I love running, yoga, and hiking. I like to workout, but I have trouble eating right. I crave junk food like ice cream and chips.

Age 65 seperated 8 months getting a divorce, love my husband but he is going through change of life. Sad, cry a lot trying to get my self esteem back.

I'm a 27 year old female who lives in Loveland, OH. I currently work in Marketing for a flavor company and have trouble finding balance in my life. I'm working towards it, but stress and boredom/unhappiness seem to be my struggles. I've lost about 25 pounds by eating healthier alternatives, but have phases where I will eat because I'm stressed out or struggling with boredom or unhappiness. Plus I just happen to love food. :) I've also tried the JJ Virgin diet, with success, but have trouble envisioning it as an eating plan for life. My muffin top/belly is my trouble area - I can't remember the last time this was totally flat and I often get discouraged when trying to lose weight here. I love music, reading, movies/TV shows, the outdoors, fitness, animals and anything cute/funny/quirky. I also love video games and comics. I do photography as an art/hobby and love to try new things.

I'm 31 years old- workaholic - mom to 3 Chihuahuas, Patron, Gigi and Kahlua :) - i have 2 speeds: non-stop working/going & almost dead- and I seriously need to learn to balance it all out!

Wife, mother, grandmother, social worker (nearing burnout), photographer, reader, nature lover.

53 years old, part time administrative assistant. Married for 28 years with no children. I'd like to increase my energy so I can work full time and not be too tired to also do fun things with my family and friends! I work at a church owned gym, but am at least 20 lbs. overweight so would love to get out of the overweight BMI category, but I want to do it naturally with Spirit-led gentle changes so I can give the glory to God rather than some extreme diet filled with rules and regulations!

I live in Atlanta, am married (12.5 years), and have 2 daughters, 10 and 7 years old. I am a real estate agent and have been somewhat sedentary. My best weight is probably around 125 lbs, and I am currently weighing 150 lbs, so I would like to lose 25 pounds. Also, my family and I have begun tennis lessons, and I hope to be able to play socially and compete after I get more experience.

I'm married with no kids but I do have two beagles which are what I consider "my boys". My husband of over 25 years is a chef and my best friend. He is as supportive and encouraging as any girl could want. Started the Freshstart Cleanse in August 2012 and continued a tight regimen for 2 years in which I dropped over 80lbs. Over the last 2 years I've slipped back into old habits and have put 60 lbs back on. I don't like it. I need the support of like minded people to help me modify all those bad habits I've begun again. I love the communities here on PEERtrainer. On Monday 04/25/2016 I'm starting the Cleanse protocol again. Long work days make exercise a difficult thing to begin again but I'm starting that process today as soon as I've "declared my intentions". There's nothing like accountability to keep me on track. So here goes... Peertrainer was a life saver for me. I know I can do it again as long as I stay focused and keep my eye on the goal.

I am a 48 year old mother of 6 year old twins. I have been married to a wonderful man for 10 years. I work full time as a software engineer. I have also have an essential oil business. I just want to get healthy so I can keep up with my girls.

I'm a 50 year old engineer with autoimmune thyroid disease. Dear Hubby loves to cook. 30 pounds later, I'm saying no and taking responsibility for my health. Lost half the weight so far!

I am a 52 year old mother of 2 awesome teenage boys. I have a very positive attitude and healthy outlook on life, but am still prone to comfort eating.

44. Married and mother of 11 year old boy. I am 5'3" and 137 pounds.

45 yrs. old.

I'm in my early 50s, married, no kids. I'm lucky enough to have the time to make some positive changes now.

My name is Tracey and I'm 35 with a (almost) 3 year old daughter. I'm married to Brian and work as an architect in Columbus, Ohio. I'm 5'-9" and have always been chubby. I weigh less now than I did in high school. I blew through my goal weight last summer but took lots of liberties over the winter months thinking 'hey this will come off easily in the spring!' and guess what? Not so much.

I am a (successful) actress and on camera personality so having a healthy on camera physique is critical to my making a living. Unfortunately, my struggles with my weight and overall well being are a constant source of anxiety for me. I love the outdoors and working up a good sweat but I have a LOT of obligations and responsibilities so I tend to get over fatigued and stressed - especially in the middle of a program. I have the cutest dog .. I mean it. He is literally the cutest dog there is so I'll probably talk about him a lot. LOL!

Single mom with two teenagers, full-time job, former exerciser but havent done anything in almost 4 years.

I am 44, sit way too much at work. I have lost 24 pounds since August following JJs plan and HCG drops off and on. I have once again hit a plateau, so thought this cleanse could help me move forward.

Mother to special needs 2-yr old son. Musician and graphic designer.

I am 29 years old and love the outdoors. I'm generally fairly active but somewhat inconsistent. I might go a week without much exercise other than walking and an hour or two of alpine skiing a few days a week, to a few days in a row of more of higher intensity activity whether it's skate skiing, alpine ski touring, mountain biking, or road biking. I am highly interested in functional and integrative medicine. Last summer I went back to school full time in order to pursue a career in this field. I am currently wrapping up prerequisite coursework for accelerated programs to earn a second bachelor's degree in nursing. I will start a program this summer or fall. Ultimately my goal is to be a family nurse practitioner in functional/integrative medicine. I am participating in the cleanse in part to have personal experience in making major dietary changes and view it in part as research, though I know I will benefit from it as well.

44 year old father of 3 great kids. Plenty of stress at work.

I am a Social Worker. I want to add so many activities to my life, and I need the stamina to deal with what I have and what I'd like to add. Exercise, eating healthy, and yoga are really the only ways- I've tried everything else :)

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