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I'm 51 and 5'1" have 3 children, am married. Had an accident 5 yrs ago and put on a lot of weight. Had knee surgery last year and have lost some of it but still have a long way to go! Tried a variety of diets, lose some, gain some. At the moment I've been stuck at this weight for 4 months. Need some encouragement & accountability. Husband & friends all say I'm looking great with the weight I have taken off, but I don't feel that way & with the doctor saying I have 50 pounds extra on me still, I don't want to stop yet!

I am 33 years old, recently married, living in the UK. I love acting, sewing and living in different cultures. I need to lose about 30 pounds, I would like to start running again, but am a bit scared to since I tore the cartilage in my knee last time I trained for a 10km run. I currently do Zumba twice a week and walk a bit but am looking to really increase this.

I love food and I am a chef by trade. I cook all the time, mainly fruit and vegetable drivenI have two kids now and have not been able to shake those last ten pounds. I love to workout so getting to the gym is not a problem. I think I need to work out harder more consistently to get my metabolism revved each day. I am 44 going on 45 and I am nervous about metabolic changes which I know will make it harder to remove these last pounds. I think this program will help.

46 year old trying to get a handle on my health and losing 20 lbs

I'm 62 years old, have 1 son who is a chef (he doesn't cook for me -- I still cook for him) and a boyfriend who likes to eat out a lot. I am looking forward to the cleanse these next two weeks. I like the structure and the discipline involved in the program.

I just turned 50 this year! I have been carrying these extra pounds for about 7 years now....eating has been my comfort! I have to say that this website has helped me see things I have never seen before. I have heard things here that I have never heard before! I signed up to take the point of no return class.....lifechanging!

I am a 51 year old self employed business person. I have a husband who loves to cook and two boys ages 18 and 10.

Don't exercise other than at work

Married mom of 2 boys, ages 10 and 8. Part-time pediatrician.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have been overweight since my teen years. I turned 50 in October and I need to change my lifestyle so I can be healthy.

36 years old female who's crazy about cats.

I am 52, a nursing student and a business owner with a great dane and 2 kitties! I have recently been diagnosed with fatty liver and desperately need to drop weight to improve my heatlh. I have tried absolutely everything out there and have had no success over the long term. I realize a MAJOR overhaul of my lifestyle is in order and boy, am I ready!

54 year old nurse, grown son; exercise regularly but like to go out for happy hours- and eat too much- of the wrong things

47 year old mother of two.

I am a 49 year old mom, married with a 13 year old daughter; looking to regain momentum.

I am 46, soon to be 47 yrs old, was incredibly thin the first half of my life but not necessarily fit and I am looking to finally becoming healthy in 2013!

40 years young, vegetarian, devoted yoga practitioner & teacher.

I am 44, very happily married, good job (but a desk job which is a bummer), no kids, like to exercise and eat well but am not consistent.

I am 36 and married with 3 daughters, 8, 4 and 2. I work part time as a special education teacher.

I'm an artist, working on my own - so have to be completely self motivated - a life long adventure in self discipline which never carried over to my eating habits until I lost weight in 2008. Peertrainer helped me get it off, and I kept it off for two years, then the combination of a death in the family, too much time traveling to exotic places with delicious food, and an injury which precluded any exercise involving my right foot I gradually put on 10 lbs in the last 2 years. I can now do some walking again, and am ready to closely monitor my eating as well again. JANUARY 1, 2008: 154 lbs, waist 31, belly button 34 1/2, hips 40, bust 38 1/2, thigh 23 3/8, calf 13 7/8 ********** SEPTEMBER 22, 2008: Beginning new challenge to lower my fat% and build my muscle %. This will have to be subjective, because I have not figured out a way to measure it, or have it measured. 135 lbs, waist 28 1/2, belly button 31, hips 38, bust 36, thigh 21, calf 13 7/8, bicep 11 1/4, bicep flexed 12.********** Week 4: 131 lbs, waist 26 1/2, belly button 27 1/2, hips 37, bust 34, thigh 20 3/4, calf 13 5/8, bicep 11 1/4, bicep flexed 11 3/4*********** DECEMBER 22, 2008 Week 12: 131.5 lbs,waist 27, belly button 29 1/2, hips 37, bust 35, thigh 20 3/4, calf 13 5/8, bicep 11 1/2, flexed 12 1/2 Interesting to compare to 2 months ago: In spite of not losing any weight, I feel much harder - and I did gain measurable muscle in my biceps. I do feel that my perception of my waist is that it is larger, though a lot more toned. I was doing a lot of ab work for a while: I have heard that building muscle there can make you thicker rather than thinner!********** JANUARY 1, 2009, The 12 Week Challenge, A Repeat: Beginning statistics: 128 lbs, waist 26", belly button 29", hips 37", bust 35", thigh 21", calf 13 5/8", neck 13 1/4 ", biceps 11 1/4, 12 1/4 flexed.********* JULY 2011: weigh and measure tomorrow! Gosh! I forgot that I was actually down to 128! I've gained more than 10 lbs! ********** SEPTEMBER 2012: 144 Ugh! On my way to my 170# high again - time to get a grip. Decided to try the Cleanse, both for weight loss, and to try to figure out what is causing my lower abdominal discomfort. Waist 30, belly button 33.5, hips 39, thigh 22, bust 37, calf 13.5

45 yr old wife mom of12 yr old, and 10 yr old. Frustratedwith myself would like to see more muscle and flateen my stomach and be in control of my food, not let it rule my life.

I'm 49 and my goal is to feel healthy and fit.. I struggle with motivation to exercise. My thyroid fights me contantly so I am trying to figure out the best eating plan that works for my body. I love all vegtables and generally eat healthy. Occasional over do it on chocolate and sweets if within reach. Moderation is not a stregnth. Work in progress...

I am 58, married 27 years to my best friend. I have 2 kids 20 and 24. I have a home-based craft business and love creating. I joined WW in January of 2008, lost 50 lbs in a year and then joined the staff of Weight Watchers where I now work as a receptionist and love every minute of it!

I'm 50 years old, work a full-time job and attend college part time. My weight has been up and down and up again all of my life (currently in the "up" status). This time, I am going to do whatever it takes to lose weight PERMANENTLY! I am an emotional eater and am working on discovering the "why" of that habit. I have also enrolled in the PeerTrainer's emotional eating program for extra support.

I'm a 36 year old mom of one very young boy. I'd also like have another baby but at my current weight I'm too afraid to have one before I get my eating habits under control for life.

Cheryl here. Retired RN who worked with databases mostly...trauma registry software. I have been active all my life, but small changes in lifestyle and health have let my weight creep up. Clothes don't fit, I look frumpy.

I'm a stay-at-home mom of two boys (2 and 4) and an early childhood teacher.

I'm a 35-year-old professional, a foodie and great cook who loves to exercise and is quite fit despite still needing to drop about 20 pounds. I have successfully lost 35 or so pounds on Weight Watchers over the past few years and right now am bouncing between 154 and 160. I want to break through 150 and ultimately get into the low 130s. It would feel like a miracle, but I know I can do it.

I am a committed Christian, 60, retired teacher, mother and wife. Past adventures include rock climbing, speed skating, ice hockey.... Workouts included The Firm, boxing, dancing, rollerblading, and anything that involved the joy of moving.

I'm a single mom to a DD (Age 6) & work a FT desk job. I struggle with the energy to even get the necessities done so healthy food and exercise often get kicked to the side, although I'm very nutrition label conscious, organic- and GMO-aware, etc. I'm 5'2 with a naturally muscular hourglass build so even at my thinnest I never really felt thin enough. Before pregnancy, my weight fluctuated b/w 117 and 135, but usually settled at 125. I've slowly come down from my pregnancy weight of apx. 180 . Pre-cleanse, the lowest I weighed post-pregnancy was 135 (using RX weight loss drugs), which I didn't maintain long. My first PT cleanse in December 2012 got me down to 132.5, which I also didn't maintain long BUT it helped me realize I can get my weight down I just have to be super patient and clean with my diet. I'm an all or nothing type, and am used to being able to not work out for months then resume and quickly be back at my previous level. That approach has only gotten me shin splints and increased my frustration since becoming a mom :-(

56 year old mother of 2 grown sons, professional health care provider. Lost 52 lbs doing PONR and gained back 40....time to get back on the wagon and figure out what happened!!

I'm a wife, mom, nurse, and craft and food lover!

I am 55, have been obese most of my adult life and every time I would shed the weight it would come back and more joined it. When I gave up smoking, I decided food would replace it, That was a lot of years ago.. Now I want to learn a new way of living..

I am 50 years old. I am a critical care nurse. I have 2 children a boy 26 and a girl 24 and 1 grandson who is a year and a half. I have a boyfriend who runs marathons and I just cant get the energy to do that!

I am a Mom of an Energetic almost 4 year old that keeps me very active! My husband and I have been blessed with a beautiful family!

Mom of two. Part-time Aerospace Engineer.

56 year single woman. Work in the mental health field. I need to lose 10 to 15 lbs. I want to tone and firm more than be super skinny.

I am 72 years old. I just went back to work after 7 months of recovering from a pulmonary embolism. I am a public defender, love my job and really hope that eating clean, eating real food, and losing weight will allow me to get off oxygen. A portable oxygen concentrator gives me the ability to do my job. However, it slows me down, is awkward and I feel old with it. I . know, I am old by most people's standards but I didn't feel old before this happened.

52 year old single mother of 2 teenage boys, work full time as a social worker in a SNF.

I'm 22 years old and I have two jobs. I'm pretty busy but I love running, yoga, and hiking. I like to workout, but I have trouble eating right. I crave junk food like ice cream and chips.

68 years old, healthy, active, busy! Carrying about 10 pounds more than I need/like.

I am a 53 year old wife married 32 years, mother, grandmother, Registered Nurse who has been on almost every diet imaginable. I am great at losing weight but even greater at gaining it. I truly have not been successful in losing weight in 7 years. I just have had no motivation. This needs to stop. My knees bother me, my back hurts, and I have this belly I never had before. I need to reclaim my body.

I'm 64, married, and gained about 35lbs over the past 3 years. If I don't do anything right now, I never will. I want to spend the last part of my life healthy and active.

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