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Profile: Team for members in the greater Boston area.

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30-something female near Boston. Starting January 2008, I will work four days per week in Boston (at a non-profit) and the rest of the days finishing a grad program. (I need to finish it in 2008!) I rely on gym classes (step aerobics and muscle conditioning) to stay motivated to work out regularly. I'm in a wonderful relationship. I married my partner of 4.5 years in May of 2007. We have 3 cats. We tend to go to Indian restaurants often, where I tend to overeat!!

I'm 28, female, working. Fairly active lifestyle, but I love to eat, and I love novel and ethnic foods. Mantra (shamelessly stolen & adapted from WW): nothing tastes as good as thin(ner) feels.

I'm (still) 51, have two lovely teenage daughters, a goldendoodle, an interesting job working from home writing grants for non-profits. Life is good. I need to take care of my health and make that a priority after a year or two of slacking off. I'd be up for some female exercise partners in the area, if anyone is around northern MA or southern NH and would like to walk or perhaps go to a gym.

I just moved here (outside of Boston) and I am looking for some female companions :-) I live with my awesome boyfriend and we have been together for almost 3 years.

I'm a writer, I travel a lot. I have a stepdaughter, a husband and a dog. 51 years old, 125 lbs, want to be 120.

I am 21years old mildly active. I am a female that is ready for a change that will help better my self esteem and get me beach ready!

Working on eating healthy and moving more.

HI, I'm 18 and a lifetime vegitarian (sometimes vegan) from boston, although i'm currently living in california, attending UC Santa Cruz I'm 5'3" and unfourtunately take after my grandma (short and round). I love to dance; all kinds (tap, jazz, ballet, modern, contra, salsa.....) and I refuse to run. I'm a UU and a bit of a hippie =P

i'm a college freshman who defffinitely gained my freshman 15 and then some, even though i really had wanted to LOSE weight this semester. i started off really well, going to the gym a few times a week, but then my workload got heavier and i started making excuses. i also got stressed out, and started overeating like crazy.

24, greater boston area, lost about 30lbs in college which is rapidly creeping back on. Really want to build confidence and get some exercise routines into my week. I love yoga and dance, and do the gym (mostly elliptical) but could use some accountabilty and to try some new things

I am in my mid-twenties and trying to shed some of the weight I have gained at my new job this past year and a little bit more.

Live and work in Cambridge... two teens living with me... do lots of rowing on machine... need to get back on water one of these days... also tennis and biking... perpetual optimist!

Diagnosed with celiac disease about a year ago (no wheat/gluten products) put on some weight while I was healing and need to get back to my 135 - 138 ideal feel good weight

Im 47, currently working as a pediatric nurse, also a teacher and a coach My highest weight was last year in June - 305 Currently 262

Married male, 38, two kids (another on the way). I'm in Sales, the sole financial provider which means long hours. Weekends are the toughest because of the foods/snacks young kids eat. My wife and I are social, so food / alcohol are a big part of recreation.

I am a single professional that commutes from Nashua to Boston 4X/wk. This commute is a definite barrier to weight loss and involving myself in the community. I have 3-4 outfits that fit and many more that will fit when...

I am a 30 year old mother of 3 kids. I am a very athletic person, and enjoy playing and watching sports. My diet downfall is sweets. And everytime I'm doing really good and loose a few pounds, I end up cheating and gain it back.

I am 5'2" and at my heaviest i weighed 160-165lbs. At my "skinniest", i was 115lbs, but that was when i was playing field hockey 2 hours everyday. Right now, I fluctuate between 145-150lbs and I'd like to get down to 130-135lbs now. I am a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian (i think..hahha). Basically, I don't eat poultry, beef or pork. But, I still do eggs, dairy products and seafood. I don't do sweets that often, but I LOVE pasta, breads, french fries and tater tots..etc etc. I LOVE vegetables. AND condiments. Ugh.

I am a 24 year old woman living in the Boston area. I have lost about 20 pounds through Weight Watchers (on and off for about 4 years.) I go to the gym/run 5-6 times per week and have run the Boston Marathon. I have 10 more pounds I would like to lose, but these last few have been tough.

I'm a mother of a 10 year old daughter. My home is the community home to friends, family and pets. I work with youth and families. I love to dance and workout.

I am currently 31 years old, live alone (with a cat) and have struggled with my weight for my entire life. I know how to lose weight (I have done so succesfully twice in the past 6 years) but as soon as I have a major life change (read: boyfriend) I gain it back. Another piece to the puzzle is that I love to run and have had an ongoing battle with my IT band which has helped as an excuse to stop working out altogether. I am starting physical therapy for my knee, and my relationship is a year old and not in the "it's so new I need to be drinking/eating/crazy every night with this guy stage" so I feel this is a good starting point.

I am a 27 year old special education teacher who maintains an active life! I love my friends and family, although much of our together time includes eating. I moved to the Boston area last August from the Connecticut shoreline, and am having a blast meeting new friends and exploring the city!

I'm finally ready to tackle this challenge. I asked myself this weekend "if you spend so much time fretting about your weight, why don't you just DO what you need to do to reach your goal? Time to take REAL action! (And looking forward to help from ya'll!)

I work from home, and I'm a graduate student. I'm also a workaholic. The combination is deadly.

I am 20 years old and a student at the University of Vermont, but my home is still back in MA. I love to be outside and I like to run, but it is hard to find the time to because of my hectic schedule. I eat my emotions and I turn to food when I get stressed or frustrated. I love to laugh and be with friends and family. I love the outdoors and I want to get fit so I can do more activities. I have been a vegetarian for almost 7 years, but clearly not a very healthy one and I am ready for things to change!

27 yr old grad student studying oceanography. I love the beach and want to wear a bikini with pride. I also want to be really health and fit. I want to run a marathon and possibly a full or half ironman. I am going to do my first tri this year thanks to a great friend who has encouraged me to join her.

Im 23 and find it hard to get motivated about exercisiing. I just joined ladys fitness of america to work out at an all girl gym. My eating habits have gotten worse since becoming a live in nanny as i tend to eat chips for dinner instead of actually cooking a meal.

In my early-30's with a great job that keeps me on my toes, figuratively and on my butt, literally. Love cooking, throwing parties, biking through the city, developing my green thumb, reading and writing.

I'm a 43yr old software engineer and my desk is my enemy in this battle... 10 years ago I lost 100lbs in a year and a half. I've since gained some back and am up and down. I have two wonderful young boys and want to be a good role model for them to avoid a sedentary life style.

I've lost almost 30 pounds. ******UPDATE - I've lost almost 40 pounds! 165 to 126. Took almost 3 years. *** Feel free to read my daily notes for tips on using this site, and for other helpful ideas to help you with your weightloss and fitness journey. Let me know your thoughts!

I'm a 21 year old college student in Boston, MA, an econ major and an active Hillary volunteer. I'm hoping to get connected with people and motivate and inspire each other for the long haul!

Software engineer living in Boston. Married for 4 years with no kids (yet). I'm a bit of a foodie an do a lot of cooking.

I'm soon to be 28 and I'm the heaviest I've ever been weighing in at close to 200 lbs. I was always bigger boned, but healthy and pre baby weight was about 150 and maybe someday I'll get back to that. I'm going to take it slow and try and be more active.

I am a 30yr. old female looking for friends that I can work out with. I struggle with my weight and I'm hoping for friends that have the same goal with great motivation.

I just moved to Boston a month ago and I have probably put on a few pounds due to boredom. I walk everywhere; I run six times a week; I just don't know how to eat. I start work in a week so I need to start balancing my life again. I like to have fun, but have yet to meet anyone here in Boston.

I'm 24 and live outside of Boston.

25 F working on a career change. Looking to work in the non-profit sector and head to grad school in the next few years.

I've had several profound life changes in the last year including divorce, relocation and job change. The end result is that have been exercising much less and eating way too much bad-for-me food. I know that exercise and nutrition are key to improving my mood and my outlook, and that I'll feel stronger if I can shed the approximately 20 pounds I've gained, but my willpower is weak. I joined this group in the hope that the support would motivate me to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Age: 41 Height: 5'2" Weight: 127 Goal: 107

I'm a 25 year old athletic vegetarian with a maxed-out busy schedule and lifestyle. I'm prone to bad self esteem about my weight, and I want to be better about making fitness and healthy eating (with reasonably-sized portions) a part of my life.

18; collegebound senior :)

I love music, walking, shopping, reading, attempting crossword puzzles, dancing...

I am a 20 y/o engaged nursing student.

I'm 25 and have lived in the Boston area since 2002. I currently weigh around 130 and I am 5'3". I would prefer to weigh under 110. In 2006 I lost around 35lbs (145ish to 108) and I looked pretty good. I was obsessive about exercising, however, and eating healthy - so much so that it caused a lot of stress and my friends thought I was judging them too. I hate running. I don't mind the elliptical.

Sophmore in college 19 years old

i am 25 year old female with a desire for fitness that I need to make a reality.

25 year old young professional living in Boston, work 9-5 job outside of the city and am always home on weeknights by 6:30PM. I live in Brighton, near the BSC where I am a member.

26 years old, single and recently completed graduate school.

I have been married almost 10 years. I have 2 children. I was working full time up until last year when I was laid off.

I have been up and down in my weight my whole life. I have 3 children and am a stay at home mom. My weight has climbed up to about 190. I am currently following weight watchers online with hopes to reach my goal.

I am 44 years old and have tried everything to loose wight on my own.

I have two children, am a single mom, work full time. I feel like I've run out of energy for myself and for FUN. Food's mostly either a hassle (dinner time) or a source of solace (lunch escapes from work).

Hi! I'm a college student studying to become a high school teacher. I'm in my sophmore year. I wasn't always overweight. In fact, up until I was 15 I used to be thin - a little too thin maybe! Then I stopped playing soccer, started eating more, and well - you get the picture. Now, I'm almost 20 years old and I'm sick of being overweight - I don't like looking at myself sometimes.

Grad student in my twenties lost almost 30 lbs last year but haven't been able to lose for a few months now.

I'm a student at Berklee College of Music and so far have lost 15 pounds since Christmas. Looking for someone to help support me and workout with me! I am a member at Healthworks in Back Bay/Copley. Come try it out with me!

I'm a 28 year old female who's struggled with my weight almost all of my life. Unfortunately, in the past 2 years things have spiraled out of control. I now weigh 200lbs; a weight I swore I'd never let myself reach. Turning 28 hit me very hard. Its made me think about my life and the things that I feel I will never experience becaue of my appearance. What tops my list is the fact that I'm single. I've only had one real boyfriend and that was about 4 years ago. I'm convinced that loosing weight will make me more confident in myself and will help me feel attractive. However since I'm not that way now I get depressed and eat. I also feel that I shouldn't have to loose weight for someone to like me; but thinking that just makes me eat even more. I think about food all the time. As I'm falling asleep I'm deciding what I'll eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day. I'm embarrashed to admit this, but sometimes after eating a large meal, I make myself throw up just to have room to keep eating. :-( I have no control and I'm sick of it. I know what I need to do; the question now is if I'll actually do it.

Hi am 22 and going to school full time. I need to lose weight for the summer. I want to lose 20 pounds I weight 120.

im a 26 year old female looking to get back into shape and lose all the weight that i have gained from being depressed/lonely/ or any other negative feeling that I was feeling that had me baking and cooking more than I should have.. and this is the result.

58 yr old working wife with a grown child

I have had ups and down on the weight loss for quite a long time..I am a nurse in a doctors office. Won the biggest loser contest at our office in 2009 and have put it all back on again..I am married to my wonderful husband and have two children. I have 3 dogs-a german shepherd and 2 great danes and my daughter has her cat. Our household can get very interesting.

I have two young boys that i want to keep healthy for. Im sluggish and slow at my current weight

I love exercise and sports and work out 5 days a week. My problem is overeating. If I could control my eating, I would lose weight. Right now I workout 5-6 days a week but am not losing any weight because I eat so much. I am an emotional eater. I overeat when I am happy, sad, anxious, angry, hurt and bored!

22 years old, student. I have a love for junk food and can't really stick with diets. I have issues finding weightloss/exercise partners who can continue with me for over two weeks and I get discouraged easily when I attempt to lose weight on my own.

I am a 22 year old graduate who has just moved from the UK to Boston. I have always struggled with my weight and I have decided I want to change!!!

I am easy going. I run my own business so I do have time to exercise.

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