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Team Name: from school to real world
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Location: 18466

Goals: Goals for this team may include: losing weight gained from having no time to dedicate to fitness, participating in fitness-related hobbies with time previously spent on school work, cooking, etc.

Profile: This team was created for people who are transitioning from a student schedule to a work schedule with extra body baggage and new-found time.

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Other Info: The team member that created this page worked full-time while carrying full-time undergraduate course load, and is finishing up a full-time graduate school regimen with clinical hours, a thesis, studying, etc. Fitness fell by the wayside and I would like to make it a permanent part of my new lifestyle!

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I am 25, 5'9", and am told that I am "big-boned." People tell me I will never be a size 6, or under 165 pounds. I want to prove them wrong! In April of 2011, before earning my Bachelor degree, I weighed in at 196 pounds. Enough was enough! As I finish my graduate studies and find myself with [relatively] more time, I am currently floating in the mid-high 170s with irregular exercise and a [slightly] improved diet. I would like to be in the low 160s. I want to push into the 145 range, but that will take time, consistency, and dedication.

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