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Team Name: Going for broke
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Profile: Just finishing the cleanse and starting a new group with fellow cleansers who are very active on PEERtrainer. We're all here to support each other, so feel free to join if you want that little bit of extra support. We're all really great people who a very willing to share our opinions, goals, and help each other out when there's a problem. We're all about support!

Last posted: Friday, January 11, 2013, 12:28 PM

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I'm 45 and a student. I will be graduating with my Associate's Degree in Psychology in Dec. I will be moving to MN this summer and will my education at the University of Minnesota. I'm getting my Bachelor's in Clinical Social Work, and my Master's in Mental Health Counseling. I am divorced and the mother of 3.

Im a self-employed, married, mother of two active boys. Who up until recently would have described myself as a hardcore gymn enthusiast. A few months ago I felt the urge to stop, put all on hold (or as much as one can) and take stock of my whole life. I made alot of changes. One of the things I realized was that I was no longer working out for the sheer joy of it. I stopped going to the gymn. I decided that I needed to take authentic steps that really represented me and fed my soul and spirit. So after months of much soul searching ( which continues) I decided that I would do activities that I love and it would not be about killin myself on a treadmill. So I have taken up salsa, tennis, and yoga, returned to running and have just returned to the gymn but not with the same verasity I had in the past. Feels different.. we'll see.

31, lawyer, busy work and active social schedule. Fighting those last 5ish pounds and ready to fully get there, be toned and strong and extremely healthy. I live with my fiancee and my dog, and spend a lot of time out and with friends (which can be a downfall). I've been a pescatarian since high school and try to stay gluten free.

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