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In 2011, after gaining almost 70 pounds through a year of depression, food was my answer to most things. One night in August, my girlfriend (who had started counting calories and working out at the gym like she lived there) told me that my body had become, "unappealing" and that "while she still loved me, I "needed to definitely do something about it." This was the first time my eyes were opened to the cop-out that I had given myself when things got hard. "Feeling sad? Eat something. Feeling like it was a hard week? Food sounds good." Over the past year I stuffed my feelings down with the food I stuffed my face with. At that point I realized, it surely was time for a change. Luckily, I had the most supportive girlfriend, and with her help, and a HUGE amount of self-determination, I found the weight falling off faster than it had for her, without much stress and without any workout routine. After 3 months I had lost around 35 pounds, with no end of weight-loss in sight. Then disaster struck. My girlfriend of 4 years, suddenly broke up with me. I lost the love of my life, along with any and ALL determination to lose weight, I mean, after all, who was I trying to impress now? Then came the past 7 months of my life, the better part of 2012. At first I gained 15-20 pounds, but as I slowly got over her, I stopped my self destruction. Since then, I've been stuck at that weight, hoping for some sort of motivation to begin again. This could be it. Let's find out.

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