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Team Name: The Charge Challenge
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Profile: This is a group for participants of the "Charge Challenge"

Last posted: Sunday, September 23, 2012, 10:37 PM

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I'm male, 42, married with 2 children. I am one of the founders of PEERtrainer.

Married 51 yo mom of two, educator, consultant, volunteer optimizing my health, fitness, and well being.

Japan fanatic who would be very happy to be a fitness fanatic as well! Approaching 40 too fast!

Middle-aged male, married with 2 teenage boys.

I am 53 married mother of two teen boys and work close to full time as a nurse

I am 53, happily married, one 11 yr old son and lots of critters at home, dogs and cats. Tired of feeling fat and unattractive. I am a school counselor and love the outdoors, sports, my home in Vermont.

age 51....own a photography studio....3 children - grown - 2 married - 3 grandchildren - married - have elderly what I do but life is crazy....perfectionist.

I am married with a 4-year old daughter. I struggle with depression and emotional eating. I want to eat healthier and exercise to be the best me I can be, for myself and my family.

52 yr old with 11 & 9 yr old boys struggling to make time to improve my health.

Pilates studio owner, 2 kids age 6 and 8 and husband who travels as often as he can. Singer, actor, entrepreneur. Just turned 48.

Okay, I just spent an hour filling this out! so I will give you the abbreviated version. 56,English teacher, work too much, duh! Like to read, anything, well almost anything. Love art looking at it and doing it. Been teaching for 22 years, hope to retire in 8 more years.

I am married with 2 married children. My daughter has 2 little girls (3 and 1). My son has 2 little boys (2 and 3 months). I want to be the grandma that gets down and dirty with the little ones. So far so good, but I am struggling lately.

I am 49 and have two boys - 11 and 8. I have been married and have lived in RI for almost 15 years. I have been working from home for the past 8 years. I was super active prior to getting married - ran in a couple marathons, dance classes, biking. I even took 25 mile bike rides until I was 7 months pregnant!! After my 2nd little guy came along can't seem to lose more then 5 or ten pounds - and then the dreaded winter comes!!

09/23/2011. I need to end this. This is a fight to live with flavor and vitality.

Mama Jama

I am a 49 year old high school teacher. I have two teenaged daughters - 17 and 19- and my sweetie of 27 years. I live in the countryside and have a lot of interests reading, piano, dancing, hiking, biking, meditating and creative things.

Married with four kids (11, 9.5, 8, and 6), age 46

I am 29, and I just went back to college to finish my studies. Gained 7 lbs in the first semester; it's a terrifying experience. Is this the cost I have to pay for education? I am a big emotional eater and eat to procrastinate. Ready to get serious and loose those pounds.

56 year old female, wife and mother of 2 sons, both now out of high school and living on their own together while continuing their education. Not nearly as much stress as when they were both in high school. Work full time at a desk. Have always been active, even if "just" walking.

Almost 45 year old, married with 3 teens (17 yr DD, 16 yr DS, 12 yr DS). Have been on Atkins with a primal leaning for over a year. Have binging issues big time. I sort of sabbotage my diet every few weeks and get very frustrated. Love to exercise and try to do so at least 5 days a week. Can stay for weeks off "bad" foods but then go and eat 10000 cals without hesitation of all the foods that make me sick.

I'm a 56 y/o high school teacher. Married 30 years. I teach Family and Consumer Sciences (aka home ec), specifically foods and nutrition classes. It's a challenge being around food all day.

I have 7 children, with 4 at home. I teach at Bible Study Fellowship every Monday night. I am married to a 6-ft tall husband who can lose weight by simply thinking about it and who looks tall & slim. I am short & am starting to look fat, so I really want to do this to stay in shape.

Female, 44, married 25+ years, mother of 2 dogs and a cat, business owner

I am 39 and getting married for the first time in Hawaii. Hopefully a baby will follow the marriage.

I’m 48 years old and I have been doing to yo-yo diet routine since I got out of high school sports. I have always been a very picky AND emotional eater with horrible eating habits. I realize that my eating habits are taking a toll on my life and sapping my energy. I would like to prove to myself that I can feel so much better if I change my eating habits. I had Lyme disease a few years ago and I have reoccurring joint pain as a result. I like to exercise and I walk for at least an hour every day but am still obese. I want to stop the gain-lose cycle and find healthy habits that will lead to feeling better and losing weight.

48 yr old single mother of three, full custody 10, 14 & 16. Work full time. Been dieting since I was 12. Heaviest I've been since I was pregnant. Emotional eater and wine lover!!!!!

I am a Mom who has 4 kids ages 19 mos, 3yo, 4yo, and 7 yo. I work full time and my husband is home with our kids. I have a very busy, fun and stressful life working full time with kids.

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