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Team Name: Empty Nest Runners
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Profile: For those empty nesters who love to run or are beginning to run.

Last posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013, 2:15 PM

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I'm a 47 year old mother of a 21 year old girl with a 25 year old step daughter and a 27 year old step son. I would like to be healthier and decrease my risk for disease. I would like to change my lifestyle and eat healthier. I would like to run a half marathon. I would also like to lose 85 lbs. I have gained and lost and gained and lost weight most of my life. Nine years ago I lost around 70lbs. I was at my lowest weight ever. I weighted 135 and I felt great. I eventually left my husband who was emotional abusive. I also started a new job and slowly the weight crept back on. I had also been exercising and I stopped when I got the new job. I also lost 50 lbs.after remarrying about 3 years ago. I put that weight back on as well plus some. Now my new marriage is going well but I'm ready to get rid of these excess pounds once and for all!! UPDATE: I want to try again to work on this and manufacture some motivation. I have been listening to various things and reading some old material on weight loss to get my motivation. I think sometimes I just get bored and lose faith whenever I don't see the scale move. Then one thing leads to another. I am currently at 210lbs. That means I have 31lbs. to go to goal for this year. Perhaps I can lose 31lbs. in 3 months. I lost the first 32 lbs. at the beginning of this year from January 3 to March 30. Update 1/10/12: Well I'm determined to lose 50 lbs this year!! So far I've lost 44lbs total. My new goal is to lose 16-20 lbs by April 28.

I am now 56 -- and want to be as healthy as I can be. I tend to start and stop but am realizing that time is not on my side and its time to get a handle on my health once and for ALL. I love fitness stuff, but tend to be lazy! Married to my best friend -- have a wonderful son out of college and working in the big world.

I am getting married in May and want to look good in my suit!!!

A single mom who has had her share of obsticles to overcome, but each time I get back up, put my head down, and fight to move forward. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 12 years ago and injured my back in a car accident 6 years ago. I'm like the energizer bunny...I take a lickin' but keep on tickin'. I've lost 36 lbs. over the last 5 years and I KNOW I will reach my goal of -60 more.

I'm 47 yrs old and am happily married with two girls ages 16 and 21. I'm also stepmom to a son who is 32 and a daughter who is 30.

I am a 46 year old single mom to two young men, 18 and 20. They have both left the nest so it is my turn now!

I'm 46 and i have gained about 20 pounds due to the begining of menapause.. Six years ago i weighed 220. My lowest weight was 118 in 2009 with Weight Watchers. I am now at 142. I'm 5'2 so i'd love to be around 126. I love to garden,read,play games and take care of my 14 year of baby chihuahua.

I'm now almost 58 -- I want to get healthier, eat cleaner, need to exercise more and want to check in often with like-minded people who talk about the healthy lifestyle.

Hello, I am 19 and have pretty much just started eating healthy. I am around 130-135 pounds and have started exercising (running 3-4 miles, started with one mile two weeks ago, and going to start weight lifting eventually). When I was younger I would always be eating frozen food. Now I am trying to choose better foods to eat from the market. I am currently living in somewhat of a dorm building and there is a kitchen, but I do not use it. I work 14 hours a day and go to sleep right after so I can wake up at 4 am to exercise. I am working on getting in better shape than I am right now.

Happily married for 34 years, work full time and love my job, kids are launched but no grandkids yet!

All of my life I've never been active or healthy. But I've just recently took interest in a healthy lifestyle and fitness, and now can't imagine my life without it! I'm a soon to be college student hoping to one day become a nutritionist and hope to one day run a full marathon

I've spent the majority of my life strength training and my cardio came second. Now as I get older, for some unknown reason, the running bug has bitten me and I want to focus on becoming a better runner. I ran my first 5k in 2011, tore my medial meniscus and underwent arthroscopic surgery in July'11. I return to running in the spring of 2012 and with the help of PT, good running shoes and education, have been able to run approx 5-6, 5k's and suffered through a few 10k's. I'm only running 11min miles but working on building from there. I'm looking for advise, stories and inspiration from other novice runners. Good Luck

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