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Team Name: Turbo Jam Team
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Profile: For people doing Turbo Jam!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:37 AM

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I am the assistant Collection Manager for a small company. I just got certified to teach Turbo Kick this past May! I love, love Turbo kick.

I am a 34 year old mother of 4. They are ages 12, 10, 9, and 18months. I am also an RN Supervisor and part time at a Free standing Birthing Center. I am also certified in Reiki. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, walking, swimming, etc. I love to travel as well!

I'm a writer from WAY upstate NY (about 40 minutes from the Canadian border). I'm single, and share a home with my retired folks and an elderly cat affectionately called The Pig. He used to be fat too, but has lost a healthy 15 lbs in the past four years. Besides writing, I enjoy yoga, reading, travel, and online geekery. I'm also a TV junkie, which I hope to change.

I'm 27 years old and a wife and mommy to a 6 year old boy named Gabrael and my daughter Marina is 2 years and 2 months. I am a registered dental assistant. I just recently lost my brother 1 year ago and my mother on 8/17/07. When I lost my brother at first I couldn't eat, now I am finding that eating is very comforting. Right now I am trying to avoid comfort eating and really want to get back into exercising more so to be healthy. I 'll be damned to leave my kids feeling the way I feel without a mother. So I am looking to lose a few and/ or maintain where I'm at. I hope I can find other's out there as well. I have already lost 50 lbs.

Hello! I am a 17 year old from Clovis, CA. I am Senior in High School, and I want to look better and be in shape. I'm 5'6, ans need to lose about 75 pounds to reach my ideal weight of 150. I am here to look for support from people who are or have been on my boat.

Hi there! My name is Jenn and I am 33. I have been married to my husband Matt for almost 13 years, and together for 19. We have 2 daughters, 8 1/2 and almost 5. We own our own business, and I work part time in the children's ministry at our church. I love to volunteer in my girls' classrooms, scrapbook, myspace, and relax. I am not very good at staying the course for very long...thus my current weight! I need someone to "nicely" kick my butt sometimes to get me in gear.

34 Years old, happily married. Run business with husband. Very stressful job dealing with the public

I'm 22 years old and finally serious about reaching my goal weight. I've tried numerous times to lose weight however have been unsuccessful. I'm happy that I am finally becoming successful. I currently work as a Youth Worker and absolutely love the job! However, being more active and physically fit will make it that much better. Hence, my current determination to lose weight.

I am a college student who is ready for change...

Yahoo for 2008! A new year and a NEW ME!

I am an IT person and spend at least 8 hours in front of the Computer sitting!

My name is Elissa. I am 20 years old. I recently moved to the Seattle area from my hometown and have lost my workout buddies. Now I need to stay motivated on my own- well hopefully with the help of fellow peer team members.

I am 23 years old... I love making handmade jewelry. Still discovering who I am and what I want.. as things change I will update. =)

My name is Ashlie. I am 20 years old from the Tri-Cities, WA. I am going to school to become a nurse, and learning that its hard to work out in the process!

I am a 37 year old AA female who's been blessed with an amazing 15 year old daughter. I work for a major telecom company as a project manager and I'm also working on a degree in Computer Security and Forensics. Because of my position, I spend an astronomical amount of time behind a desk but when I'm not behind it, I like to read, go to the movies, play video games, shop (shoes only), travel, work on cars and listen to music.

I am a working mom of two boys, 8 and 3.

I am a Med student. Im studying for my board exam. The Biggest challenge of MY life!

I am 27 years old and have a 4 year old wonderful son!! I just finished school and looking forward to being off for the summer!! I would like to lose my weight by july if is realistic which i think it is!!!

My name is Ali, and I am a 25 year old female, who works with children with disabilities. I try to chase the children around quite a bit, but I do desk work more than I run. Since I graduated college I have gained 60 pounds. I have major depression and the stress of work has caused me to eat not so good. I need someone that will be expecting me to help them so that I want to succeed to help them too.

I'm a 43 year old woman, wife and just started working again mom. I have a total of 5 children- 2 stepsons (28,20), son (10) and twin girls (7). I just started working full-time again after being home with my 3 younger children since they were born. So, I am going through a bit of a transition. My husband and I have been married almost 20 years and he is my best friend. When I am not busy with my kids or working, I enjoy music, movies and dancing.

I'm 17, and reppin' it straight from Canada. I fist pump like it's going out of style and flirt outrageously.

Well I'm 24 yrs old and I'm a very shy person. I work doing data entry I am just very unhappy about my weight and now is the time to make a change. Well this is my first diet and I will be starting on the 6th. Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight.

I am a42 yr old mother of 3, (24,15,12) looking to get back to that look i used to have .been married to my husband for 19.5 years. I am an Educational Assistant in our public school system at a high school gr.9-12. My kids eat more than i do and at the moment i am very frustratesd. I see a naturpathic on a monthly regualr basis.

I am a 23 year old attending the University of New York at Albany. I will be earning my bachelors in Social Work in May of 2011. I already have an associates in Human Services, and utilize that by working in a homeless/youth runaway shelter. I am a full time student, part time intern, and part time worker. I have little time to exercise and find myself spending a lot of money ordering unhealthy food. I have a boyfriend who lives in Denver where he is an aeronautical engineer, and I see him rarely. Because of this I feel like I do not have motivation to look the way I want to because I am "not trying to impress anyone." I recently moved home so my mother is making me tons of unhealthy foods and snacks. They are hard to resist so I eat them. I tell myself it is okay because I don't have much time to make food for myself. I am also an emotional eater. I spend the majority of my time worrying about other people's problems, whether kids in the shelter, or seniors whom I work with at my internship. It is my job to help others, and when it gets hard I tend to take my jobs home with me. My way of dealing with this stress is eating. I know that it will be a hard habit to break, so I am trying to start eating fruits and vegetables when stressed instead of sugar and bread.

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