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Team Name: The 50-plus Hang Out Place
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Profile: I conceived of this pace where you can sign up, and then stay on peer Trainer bump-free. If you're not active for a while, you don't get dumped from teams, and if then at some point you want to check in again, maybe your old buddies can find you here [more] Have you been in various 50-plus, boomer, whatever teams, and lost track of your PT friends? Life got complicated & you got bumped, but you want to get back? I figured if I started a team for all of us in that situation we could stay here, bump-free, for just as long as we want! So we may be mostly experienced PTers, and this group may be social as well as weight loss, healthy eating, and fitness. We may be "empty nesters" or caring for later kids or newer grand kids. Working or retired (you lucky ones) (Being bumped when traveling is the worst.) So, lets have a community here, sign on, and share this team with your group friends!

Last posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 7:24 PM

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The typical story as many here, 59 years. Recently found a notebook that I had in college (1972) that I used to record what I ate in order to try to lose 10 pounds. Have I honestly been dieting for 40 years? That's ridiculous. Well I didn't diet when I was pregnant, twice-- two girls-- permanent 10 pound gain each time. Like I said, pretty typical.

I hit 50 this year, and now realise how much I have let myself go - I feel fat, unfit and a failure for not taking control of my eating and exercise. I work from home, so I spend most of the day sitting on my (rather large) backside. I do have time to exercise, I just like to convince myself that I don't. And I often find myself sitting at my computer, stuffing food into my mouth without even thinking about it - it wouldn't be so bad if it was fruit and salad, but to be honest it's nearly always junk stuff. So, I need to practice mindful eating - building awareness of every little mouthful I take, and I need to stop making excuses for not exercising.

I live in the mountains of Colorado and am an empty nester which has proven harder than I ever would of imagined. I work on not being lonely and happy, and am looking for the friends here on PT to be part of my journey!

2015 - I am walking away from a job-for-life as a tenured professor at a major university. What a choice and what changes in my life --unfortunately not including any weight loss yet. I feel lighter, figuratively, but am hoping the future will make that literally, too. It is scary to have no job, but am exploring other possibilities, like writing and folk-music. May have to take any job whatsoever to get health insurance!

After an extremely emotionally charged two year period I am a 57 year old with 20 extra pounds that literally will not budge. I have never had a waistline "pudge" before and am NOT A fan!

I am 5'2" and 220 pounds. I am the grandmother of two beautiful girls. I have been retired for four years but keep busy with church activities and singing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

71 years old. Mother of 3, one deceased. 4 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren,. 1 husband ! Active and community minded.

I am 58 years old. I'm married, mother of two, grandmother of two. I spend my days in a prison. ( i work there as a Classifications Specialist).

Living in Melbourne, Australia. I don't have a car, so I walk everywhere or take public transport. I don't eat sugar or wheat for health reasons.

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