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I am Priya, 30 yrs, in Nov. 2009 I blessed with a beautiful daughter and also got the extra weight of 10 kgs. I am not overweight at present, but soon it could be:-( at present my weigth is 139 and I am 5' 3" . I am specifically worried for my lower body.

Research Specialist in the field of Human Growth and Relationships with a keen interest in Domestic Engineering (in some circles this is referred to as a stay-home wife and mom who volunteers most of her time for the betterment of the family). Phenomenal husband and three amazing sons, I'm doing far better than I deserve. However, I am living in someone else's body, and am on a quest to get my own back!

Married, 38 years old mother of 2 girls and one dog

i m a 16 yr old..

I'm 24 years old ever since I had my first child I can't get to my normal weight so I joined here to fins people who have goals on weight loss who could help motivate me.

My name is Jordan and I'm 18 years old attending a local community college for History. I was born in August 4th 1992.

I am 25 and recently married. I work full time at an office job and work part time as a massage therapist. Together we have a dog who I like to take on walks with me.

I"m in my 30's and I have 2 children and a boyfriend who is like my 3rd child, at least that's what his family says

Lost weight about 2 years ago- but it's back. Busy mom and wife working part time.

First day here. I'm 41 and always weighed less than 120 until I got into my thirties. At my heaviest I weighed around 175. In 2008 I got down to 150 and have be able to maintain that without really trying too hard. But, I just can't get below it. I start to work on it and then something happens and I don't follow though... So, now is the time because it has to be. I eliminated all meat except fish from my diet in September and that has been really good for me. I have suffered from digestion problems my entire life and by eliminating meat, I eliminated the problem. I don't really have a goal weight because I don't know if my body can ever get back to where it was before my weight gain. I just want to feel like me again and really haven't for the past 8 or 9 years. It's time for a change!

I am 21 years old. I am 5 ft 10 and have medium bone structure, I weigh A LOT for my age 203, and it is finally getting to me. I want next year, my final year of college to be perfect. My plan is to loose 30 lbs in 4 months. Then continue with exercise, watching what I eat and maintaining 170 or loosing a little more. SO far in a matter of 2 weeks I have lost about 5lbs. I started counting calories about 3 weeks ago.

I am a 19 year old student who could lose a little bit of weight and some great team members to help motivate me! I'm not much for dieting, more of working out and just watching my portion sizes.

a guy in his late 20s

Im an expat living on an island.


I am a new mother, before I got pregnant I was thin... but not healthy. I've always been able to hide my weight gain because of my height (I'm 5'10). I have started so many lifestyle changes, but consistency is where I fall short. I'm ready to do this, for my son. I want him to form healthy eating habits so he won't ever have to struggle with his weight.

Live in the UK, have a couple of dogs I walk a lot, and try to workout about 3/4 times a week

I'm a 30 year old female, who has been trying to lose weight forever but with little motivation and no consistency! I want to be held accountable and hold other's accountable, so we can finally get to goal weight! I want to lose over 80 pounds. Currently at 214. Furthermore...I'm a government/public policy person, but with lots of other interests (reading, film/movies, philosophy). Currently job-seeking in the DC area. I exercise sporadically and only eat healthily from time to time, so I have to implement some major changes. A problem right now is that I've been having some wicked back pains, which have been slowing my exercise down, but I'm resolute on not letting that stop me!!

I am a 6 ft tall, 16 year old female. I hit 250 pounds last week and finally relized that if I don't get my weight under control, I could have some serious health problems. I'm so ready for this! Bring it on (:

I'm a 28 year old mother of 3. I can't believe I have let myself go so much throughout the years. I am now nearing 200 lbs (i'm currently 197) and I have never been so ashamed of myself. I have absolutely no self esteem and I hate to look at myself in the mirror. I want to seriously change myself and fast.

I just turned 16 April 2nd...well yesterday, I weigh 256 pounds and 5'6. I need a change because I don't want to be overweight anymore. I have a lot of moment where I down myself and in the past i've ate to deal with emotions. I have dreams of being an actress and I need to lose the weight I have to.

I'm 21 years old almost 22. I was born in Panama but lived in the US since I was 3 years old. Army brat for some time there moved around a lot and always have been somewhat overweight. When I was about 17 I moved back to Panama and I was weighing about 180 I have been living here since then and working has made me pack on the extra weight without really noticing it. I moved to Kuwait to spend time with my brother and his family for about 6 months last year and that's when the scale was at 210. Now I'm back in panama but no living in the city. I live about 5 hours away, finishing school and doing some work with the kids at school.

I go to the gym very regularly, but I have a crazy weakness for sugar and carbs. When I try to cut out sugar, I find myself feeling really hungry all the time so I overeat and end up putting on weight anyway. It's so frustrating going to the gym frequently and yet feeling like there are no results!

I recently completed my training and coursework for my doctorate in clinical psychology. I am currently finishing up my dissertation and interviewing for postdoc positions. I think this lack of structure (and increased wine intake) lead me to put on 10-12 pounds in the past 3 months. I'm 6 feet tall so it isn't that noticable to others, but my clothing sure notices it and I feel self-conscious at times.

I am a 31 year old SAHM to four kids. I have been overweight since the year I got married, 13 years ago. My weight has fluctuated about 20 lbs over those 13 years and I'm sick of all the ups and downs!

I am a 22 year old woman who is tired of being out of shape. Ever since I have sobered up from the party life i have gained about nearly 90 pounds.

I work full time and have 2 children. Love the outdoors and being Active.

New mom

I'm a 24 yr. old Canadian girl who started at 210lbs and lost 40lbs through a healthy diet (mostly weight watchers) and exercise. I have about 10 pounds left to lose and it's all on my thighs. It's going to be tough but I'm going to try my hardest to shed what my mama gave me.

Just started a new career that I love but requires me to run around for 10-12 hours a day. I'd like to be able to not rely on coffee to get me through the day. I'd like to build my endurance and also my strength. I also just finished a project & would not like to gain weight while waiting for the next project to start.

I've been trying to lose weight since I was 15. It's been yo-yo'ing and roller coaster rides through weightloss since. I wanna do it right this time. I have about 45-55 lbs I want to lose and I think I'm ready to do it. I'm 21 and ready to be fit and healthy for the best summer of my life. I work as a caregiver and do taxes during tax season, so my day is pretty busy. My problem will be finding time to excercise. Here we go!

I am a fatty who loves food... the end. Seriously though, I have always struggled with my weight. I was never the biggest girl in school but i have NEVER even been considered the smallest. I would have always considered myself the social eater and usually wouldnt eat a whole lot when I am by myself, however since starting Birth Control I seem to be hungry ALLL THE TIME. My mom use to actually get worried about me because I wouldnt eat a lot. However some how no matter what I do or what diets I try I seem to always stay within 10lbs of my starting weight. So frustrating!

Nice, quiet,likes to snack,currently had a loss,3yrs lost my son,married

I am 56 on the outside, but on the inside I think I'm still in my 20's. I discover I'm not when I exercise and my balance is off, or that I just don't have the stamina, or that my coordination is wacky. I feel as though I am racing against time. For the last 2 years, up until about 8 months ago, I slipped. I've always slipped before, but could get right back up and pick up where I left off. I didn't do that this time. I decided to have a nutritionist keep a daily tab on me, and a trainer. I think I have the inner strength to stand on my own, but just in case, I am joining you in the hopes that if I slip again, you can pick me up.

I'm 46, happily married for 8+ years, no kids. Work part-time at the gym where I train. I've been focused on health since an illness in 2007 that caused me to lose my job. Over 100 pounds down so far. I can't wait to get to final goal, though I realize the journey never ends.

I'm 56, 5'6" about 140 lbs. I have lost some weight but still need to lose more. I am trying to cook healthier and eat leaner.

I'm a 22 year old college student; I have some big fitness goals. I really just want to be a boss and be able to lift heavy weights, run really far (not necessarily fast) get my swimming endurance way up, and compete in a triathlon by the end of the summer before I come back to school for the fall semester. I LOVE to sing, and I love to dance. I'm actually contemplating getting my certification to instruct Zumba, and get a summer job working in my cousin's studio! It would be awesome to be paid to exercise. I'm 5'4" and roughly 137 lbs. I was at my most comfortable/confident when I weighed 120 +/- a few lbs (when I was swimming and lifting and dancing regularly) So that's my goal!

I am a mom of 2 (9 & 7) and a pastor's wife, ministerial student myself, work full-time and also pursuing my teaching degree...I'm busy.

I am a 54 years old. I am married and work full time. I have a job that requires sitting for 8 hours.

Just looked down at the scale at my mom's a month or more ago, and saw I was 205lbs. That was scary.

I am a 22 year grad student who constantly yo-yo's in my weight, exercise habits, and diet. One week I will be doing so well, and then the following week I will eat everything in sight. School is very stressful, which gives me an excuse not to eat right, exercise, and sleep. Motivation and mood are my biggest killers!

I am 41 and have a lot to lose and have lost the same 58lbs over and over. Somehow mentally I get there and eat. UGH!!

I am 5'3" and 170lbs. I was thin growing up and never watched what I ate, however I was very active. Now as the mother of 2 children with a desk job, I get almost NO exercise in my day to day life.


Married 18 years to a wonderful man. Mother to 2 adult children and 1 teenager. I have struggled the past couple of years with my weight. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years back. I spend a good majority of my day sitting in front of a computer. I am looking to lose a total of 30 pounds. I need to adopt a healthier lifestyle with better food choices.

I am 48 years old and a mother of 3 - 21 yr. old daughter, 19 yr. old son, 15 yr. old son. I have been married to a wonderful, crazy Greek man for 23 years. I lost 100 pounds seven years ago. Since then my life has had some major issues and I've gained half of it back. I really want to get back on track!

Easy going individual who is just tired of being uncomfortable with a bulging tummy!!! Used to be moderately built but seem to be putting on the pounds. Not a fan of being thin/slim (love being a size 10/12) and even though i fit into a size 12 now... I feel slightly uncomfortable in my clothes and reallllllllyyyyyyyy reallllyyyyyyyy hate my tummy. Suddenly grown love handles as well.

I'm just finishing college and am new to running. I took a running class in school and became hooked. I figured this was also a good chance to shed those pounds I gained during long nights and stressful days of studying. I'm running my first half marathon in June and am looking forward to more in the future, and hopefully be able to run a marathon by next summer.

I am a 19 year old student, and have recently moved from home to study at university. I lost 12kg prior to moving away from home but have put on 4kg since going to university. I am tired of having a fluctuating weight and want to find a sustainable diet htat works for me.

I'm 30 and am in school to become an RN. I love to cook and try new recipes, knit, read, garden, and hike.

I'm 36 years old with a 18month lottle girl. I was in great shape before the baby and have strruggled since she is born to get back there. I have read Dr.Ians books and really want to give it a whirl. I am so tired of WW and have not had any recent success with it. Ready for something new.

I'm 21 yrs old and got married 1.5 yrs ago. my husband and are both looking to lose weight, but don't know where to start. I need to lose ate least 100 lbs. Because soon we want to try and start a family. I came to this site because I need to support.

I turned 30 this year, and looking back over the last ten years, I have to say that I have been truly blessed. I enjoy travelling with my husband, watching movies and watching reality TV. I love reading and writing, and I am back in college pursuing a degree in English.

I am a 41 year old married mother of a 10 year old who has been freelance lawyering (research and writing for other lawyers/firms) for five years. I struggle with eating when I am alone and not setting myself up to make the better choice (ie, having the nutritious food more accessible than the non-so-nutritious food).

I'm 26 year old cute&chubby young woman with a metabolic syndrome. I did lose 90 pounds 3 years ago, but i've gained about 40 pounds since then. My biggest problem - cravings!!!

I am 18 years old. I have always been overweight and every day I push my work out to the next day until those days have become 5 years. I am tired of blaming everything that I don't do on my weight and I'm tired of 'hiding'. I want to be happy

Just a girl wanting to get fit for summer.

A 48 year-old who will succeed in shedding 50 lbs this year

I am 23, going to be a mom in September to my first child. I am married to a wonderful man for 2 1/2 years. I live in a small apartment with my husband and pet frog Meeko. I love working out and eating healthy however i struggle with binge eating and excessive caffeine consumption. I enjoy swimming, working out, reading, being with family and friends, painting, and reading blogs.

I'm 29 years old and married. No kids, yet, but we are trying. Most of my extra weight came on very quickly last spring after coming off of a medication (around twenty pounds in six weeks to add to the ten I already needed to lose). My poor diet and exercise choices have made losing impossible. I have finally realized that it doesn't matter how the weight came on, I have to put in the effort to get rid of it.

I am a SAHM of four little people whom I also homeschool.

I'm a 16 year old student. I'm usually very active but recently I've torn my ACL and am not able to do much of any exercising. I've recently earned myself a belly pooch, and love handles to match and will do anything to rid myself of them!

I look forward to getting to know the others in this group and to being a support for each other. I am a Christian woman aged 42 years old and married to a great guy for 18 years. My husband and I work opposite shifts while homeschooling our 6 children ages 2, 5, 7, 11, 15 and 17. I work days as a family and community support worker (similar to a social worker). I enjoy reading, camping and crafts of many kinds.

I'm an aspiring physician (Medical school year 1, almost year 2!) and I love everything anything that deals with science, people, helping others, and of course....perhaps my biggest sin, FOOD!

25, kiwi. Wanting to see the world, dont want to see it fat.

Hello! I'm 17, currently studying and want to lose 35lb minimum in 15 months to be a 'normal weight'. I want to look in the mirror and be happy about my appearance. I think I can do it, but need the support!! :D

Pastor's wife and mother of 3. 2 boys 23 and 19 (both autistic) and 7 year old little girl.

I am 48 year old mother of 1 teen and 1 tween, working full time and trying to find for me. Meditation and yoga have been my salvation. I love hiking with friends and family and reading good novels. Just finished the La Cuna and loved it.

I am 2.5 stone overweight. I was a size 10 but in the last 3 years I have gained more and more weight. I'm very self conscious and sad about how I look. This time I have the motivation and will power to reach my goal!!

I'm 52, single and have two girls, 31 & 16. Both living proof that birth control is not 100% effective - but I love them dearly ;) I have been primaily a single parent/sole provider for a large part of the last 30 years. I am a Trainer and Adjunct Instructor. My weight has been pretty consistent for the last 6 or 7 years - conssitently 20 lbs over what I would like it to be.

Mother of 2 young girls. I work full time in sales and have two sales oriented side jobs as well. Was always on the smaller side but in my thirties my metabolism has slowed down and I am having trouble shedding weight after second baby who is 9 months old. I have trouble resisting binge eating. I realize working out without portion control/cutting calories won't result in the outcome I would like.

38 year old mother of two daughters, Jordan 7 and Halle 4. Already in best shape of my life and want more! :) Want to be the healthiest version of ME that I can be...for me, for my family, for work, etc.

23yr nurse

I am married, no kids yet. Would like to lose a little before getting pregnant and then it's really difficult to get off.

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I just got engaged to the man of my dreams this past St. Patrick's day. We've set our wedding date for Dec. 3rd, 2011. I really want to break out of my cycle of laziness and incorporate serious physical fitness into my everday life, especially since we plan on having children soon after marriage.

I'm 23 years old, fresh out of university, and I want to slim down from 125 lbs to 115lbs (I'm 5'4"). Doesn't sound like much but believe you me, it's those ten pounds that are just killer. So I've run out of excuses for having no time to workout. I just graduated from university and I have all the time in the world to do this....for now. I am determined to make the best of it. I'm not a big girl by any means. In fact, when fully clothed, it'd probably be difficult for you to spot any areas of excess fat. However, I do have my problem areas such as my love handles which seem to never go away and my occasional chubby thighs. The worst thing though is that when I gain even the slightest bit of weight, it goes STRAIGHT to my face so I can't even conceal it haha. One of the things that I take advantage of is knowing that I am capable of losing weight incredibly quick. Fortunately, I don't gain too much weight during my bouts of pigging out; I do get flabby but never too noticeably much. This is exactly the reason why I am struggling to find the motivation I need. I'm not an emotional eater, but more of a "bored" eater so by consuming my time with healthy activities and instilling a healthy attitude and mentality in myself, I know I can achieve my weight loss goals. Yoyo dieting is my forte and I have slimmed down for summertime and special occasions many many times before, but this time, I want to keep the weight off and maintain my figure throughout the year, especially since now I have a gym membership!! I'm so excited to get started!! Let's not mention how many months prior to now did I get my membership....

Almost 40 yr old Wife, mother of 6 (3 biological) kids. 4'11 3/4" 138#s and wishing I could 'blink' my stomach away!!

I'm a teenager who's overall goal is to get a toned body, and to have a healthy lifestyle, and to be happy with my health.

I am 18 years old. I have struggled with my weight for years. i have no self confidence and hope to regain that. I have tried many diets, excercise videos and workout plans. I tend to get bored easy, so i'm hoping that by joining a group I can stay focused on my goal and succeed.

I'm 17 and currently going to both online and regular school. I don't usually fill these things out, but I figure if I'm going to join a team, I might as well go all the way with it. Anyway, I have an aversion to gyms, so I work out in my house. I like to read a lot, I play the viola and the piano, and I read the comics/do the puzzles every day.

Full time student / employed full time. Still find time to party.

I am almost 32 mother of 2 put on a lot of wieght with 2nd chlild lost about 20lbs two years ago but let myself go again ready to enjoy life more in a smaller body

I'm an author, blogger and teacher living in Pittsburgh, Pa. I'm currently writing a book, Awesome Your Life, based on my blog, It's all about using spiritual principles to make life better-- and I'm realizing lately that nourishing myself properly is a spiritual principle!

I like to think I'm motivated to exercise but I'm really not-hence me joining the website! Read some comments and good tips which made me think I would enjoy being a part of the online community! Inspiration and motivation here we come!

I'm 58 years old and weigh today 209. I had pnemonia last month and since then I have gained 7 lbs. I have no energy and I'm having a hard time getting back to the gym.

I used to be very active and naturally thin. Before I went to university I was 126lbs. Now a lot of issues have caused me to put on weight: - stressful times at home (emotional eating) - nothing to do during holidays (boredom eating) - university lifestyle (lots of drinking and partying) - flat mates keep baking lots of cake - don't take as much exercise as I used to

I am 28 years old and have lost 50 pounds over the last year and a half - my crowning achievement was not wearing an ounce of regret on my wedding day. Slowly since getting married the weight has started to creep up - adjusting to married life has given me an excuse to get lazy with my eating choices. I know what to do and have done it - successfully - so I find it frustrating that I'm falling off the wagon when I've worked so hard and come so far. I still workout 6 days a week minimum and work out HARD. I do spinning before work and strength training workouts. I am very interested in PeerTrainer's methods. I acknowledge I need to think differently about food for the long term. Not only to be thin and able to wear anything I please - but also to stave off disease and create a family focused on good choices - and eating and living healthfully.

I'm a 21 year old college student. I have struggled with my weight since I was young, and I'm ready to do something about it for once and for all. I work part time and go to school full time, so it's really hard to stay motivated with such a busy schedule, i just need a little encouragement.

I'm 37, married with 2 children. I've been slowly putting weight on for many years, I lost a lot of weight about 8 years ago on weight watchers but I then had my daughter and I currently weigh 180lbs which is almost as heavy as I was when I was pregnant.

I am 55 female happily married with 3 grown children and 2 still at home aged 12 and 15. I am a CPA and work part time out of my home. I love to cook but overeat most of the time! I also enjoy exercising but have gotten out of a routine due to cold weather . . now a lame excuse!

love to read ,love to talk, take charge kind of person like to see tangible outcomes

Just another dancing gal!

I'm a stay at home mom to 4 children. My husband is in the National Guard, and is gone often. I am a bit burnt out..I've been a mother for over 14 years now, and I'm only 32. I'm tired of being a frumpy, dumpy, fat old mom and nothing more. I need to be ME again!

I'm tired of having no engery. I'm 30lbs over the weight that i want to be. I would like to be between 130 an d 135.

47 yrs Had Gastric ByPass surgery Oct 1 2009 Single with No Kids

I have been through a lot and deserve to be with good people, but I need to love who I am first. I am 36 and I teach. I adore my children and deserve the best life possible.

I am a stay at home mom with 3 children. Two girls (13, 12) and a son (8) I have been married for almost 14 years. I am the PTO secretary for my kids school and am involved in many other things at the school. I also sub for the reading teacher and secretary. Also every morning from 7-8am I take care of all the kids during our free breakfast program.

I'm a 40something female artist who's married to my best friend. And I have struggled with weight for most of my life. I grew up in a very "dieting environmnet"- Mom and Grandma were always on some kind of diet. I remember starting to diet in 5th grade. Exercise was never emphasized and I really hated gym class... I gained the most weight ever after I got married. It was just so fun to eat! Looking back, I probably really despised dieting too, having grown up with it. I started losing weight last year and have lost 51 lbs so far, but would really like to lose at least another 40 so I'm like halfway there. But I've lost my motivation to keep going and I don't really know why, which is how I stumbled onto this site.

I am 34 years old 5'2 and probably around 140 lbs. I feel i am emotional eater.. I want to lose this weight so i can feel good about myself again. My goal is to lose 25 lbs or so. . I thought by joining a group that it might help me. I have never been in a online group before. In the last 2 years i have not been able to get motivated at all . I hope this group can help.

Mid-50s female, married 35 years, 3 kids, 3 grandkids, journalist by profession, stay-at-home-with-book by choice, love to eat, hate to exercise, fat-to-skinny wardrobes in various ages and shapes, ever optimistic

42 professional; I have struggled with binge eating and yo-yo dieting most of my adult life.

I'm a 19 year old student from Belgium, and I want to lose some weight for the summer festivals! I already eat healthy, but I don't exercise very much. right now I'm 5.4 feet and weigh 145.2 lbs, and I want to get back to 119 lbs.

I love to cook and eat, but I want to do it in a healty way.

Too cool to be in a diet support group--but I'll get over that.

Im a 27 year old mother of one daughter who is 2 years old. I have been heavy and thin again ALL MY LIFE. My sizes range from 10 and up. I have lost weight in the past from working out and not eating but have never been able to maintain. This time I need to lose weight by eating healthy and exercising. Part of my problem is self control. I have food issues and I need to get them in check. I don't want this issue passing down to my daughter!

Weigh Fri at WW, eat NS foods. 19.2 lbs lost, starting to waffle. Need more commitment. Diet veteran. Diabetic on lots of insulin - didn't think I could lose wt. Wanna lose more.

I feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on me.. every time I step on the scale I have added another pound. My clothes do not fit. Can't figure this out. Don't think I have changed what I'm doing much other than I rarely exercise. I am 45, 5'7" tall and weigh a 166lbs. My normal weight (one that I settle into, fall back to, and maintained for years after kids) is 153. I felt OK at that weight, but always wanted to go beyond, yet only once did I. My thinking-- If I felt "good" at 153, I'd feel "EXCELLENT" @ 140! I have been married 18. I'm a mother of five (4,7,12,14,16). I love to cook for my family, friends and neighbors. My husband and I have owned our own business for 18 years. I am in the process of starting a business of my own. While still being involved in our company. I'm VERY excited about the new venture , but I do not feel good about they way I look or feel. Things need to change.

I Am Brittany, I need to lose 60 lbs, i am a junior at my local high school.

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A business woman, and wife and mother of 7. Continuing my healthier weight and lifestyle. Have had some success, going for more!!!

38 years old, married, mother of a 2.5 year old girl. Love to cook/bake, hence part of my challenge.

I am Omega Steward and i born in North Carolina but i am full deaf. i am 19 year old now. And i like to hang out with friends out and etc..

I am 23 years old, mother of a beautiful 2 year old girl. I gained almost 80 lbs during my pregnancy and have been trying to lose it all. 2 years later i have 30 lbs to go to be pre pregnancy weight (which was a little too thin) so i am going to settle with 15 more lbs to lose.

I am always on the go! I love being involved in my church and community. I have a wonderful support system of family and friends that are encouraging!

28 year old gal who is sick and tired of yo-yo dieting.

I'm 40 years old. As of this morning, 218lbs. I had lost 45lbs in 2006 through eating sensibly and lots of exercise but slowly, over the next 5 years, put it all back on, especially by losing my committment to exercise. So much of my success that year was because I did it with a friend. I need that accountability or it's easy for me to not work out. Now I'm pre-diabetic, and my left knee aches in a way it never did before, and generally my body feels tight and unhappy. I feel ready to return to working out, I feel like my body is begging me for it, I just know I need baby steps but carefully moving towards full fledged workout marching :) I know if I don't get this weight off now, every little ache and pain I have will only get worse and worse and make it impossible to workout. I also know, I'll be diabetic like everyone else in my family and I don't want that. I'm excited to see how this works!

I'm 29 years old and mother of a 10 month baby. I have the desire of losing weight, but not the motivation. I'm sick and tired of looking the same. I want to stop wearing cover-up clothing. I want to feel rejuvenated. I begin workouts, but don't even last a week committed.

I am 25 years old and need to lose about 100 pounds. I would have to say that books and music are my two passions in life. Audiobooks are even better. =) I have been married for two and a half years and have two sweet little dogs that are my babies. I am trying to find a way to stay motivated in my weight loss. Last year, I lost 30 pounds when I was working with a team for a community weight loss event. But once it was over, it was just too easy to fall back into my old ways and sure enough, I gained the weight right back. I'm hoping that maybe that motivation will be found here!

I am a senior with an MS condition. i have been lucky as things are not progressing i have a husband and two sons. one is a pilot the other is in business. One is married

I live near Oxford in the UK. I have been married for 24 years and have two sons. I work in the education sector. I am sick of losing and gaining the same 50lbs!

I am an 18 year old girl who is extremely active when compared to my peers. I go to the gym for the better part of the week (5 days minimum), but sometimes I feel as though I'm not doing something right. I want to have a leaned body, but I feel I let food control everything! I am not comfortable with my appearance and I felt that joining a site like this might help me to better understand what I am doing to my body.

My name is Tobii. I am 28 years old and currently weigh 19st. (270lbs). I am a mother of 5 and engaged to be married. My goal weight is 10-12st )140-168lbs)

I really enjoy life, but would enjoy it MORE if I could feel the success and energy that comes from eating foods that I love AND that are what my body needs. Baby steps :) Slowly, but surely I'd say I'm on my way, because afterall, there is no failure, only feedback :) The keys to weightloss for me have been planning my meals and sticking to that plan (I am flexible, but in a good way), also a BIG one for me is REWARDS. Gifts is my "love language" and every week I stick to my eating and exercise plan I get to buy the thing I have been wanting. How exciting is that! Another key is the schedule and consistency. Everyday (mostly) I start off with a glass of water, then meditate, exercise and protein. Everyday I write in a journal what I've eaten and what I'm eating tommorow (if you fail to plan, you plan to fail kind of mentality). I write what I'm thankful for everyday also. These kind of things I have been doing for a while and my weight has been down. The reward system I am just starting (along with peer trainer) and I am thinking with high hopes will be a sort of magic bullet to really get my BMI down and steady. Most of all, I am easy and fun with it all, staying downstream :)

I am

30 yr old female just had a baby looking to lose 30-40 lbs. Needs MOTIVATION

I am 19 years old and I have recently lost 55 pounds on my own through diet and exercise. I am now stuck at this mark, and I would like to lose 20 more pounds by the end of summer-I will be going away to school then! I belong to a gym and I am pretty good about going there, and sometimes once I'm there I feel like I HAVE to stay for 3 hours at a time, or I HAVE to burn 1,000 calories, which I know is not smart. I would love to lose 7-10 pounds by May 15, which is my boyfriends 21st Birthday, so I want to look good!

35 years old female, partnered with no (human) kids, work in the medical field. I love knitting, time with my cat and dogs, and getting lost in a good book.

i am a 20 year old college student at the university of texas at dallas. 5'5, 135. i'm really just trying to become a healthier person. more active, and less candy.

I am usualljy a very sad person but i try my best to look pass my stress full teenage life. I enjoy going out and eating ma favourite food such as sweet and sour , fried, jerk, baked chicken along with fried rice. i am 5 feet 6 inhes and weight 143. I like to watching tv shows, moives, playing vedio game. comper games, texting, talking to friends and friend, etc.

I'm 62 years old, have 1 son who is a chef (he doesn't cook for me -- I still cook for him) and a boyfriend who likes to eat out a lot. I am looking forward to the cleanse these next two weeks. I like the structure and the discipline involved in the program.

i'm 16 years old & weigh 148 pounds. i have lost about 8 pounds in the past few weeks, but i'm hoping to lose 23-30 pounds by the beginning of summer. i love music, friends, pretty much your average teenager.

I am a 28 year old mother of 2. I have been overweight most of my life and gained a lot of weight with my first child about 12 years ago. I was never able to get that weight off, then I had another baby almost 3 years ago and that has added another 30 pounds that I have yet to lose. I have signed up for a half marathon in June and my wedding is in January of 2012. I would love for nothing more than to be able to fit into a regular sized dress, not plus size and just be happy with my body and who I am.

I am a 40-something, married, mother of two, professional woman.

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I love meeting new people, Im very easy going. Im a full time student, soon to be graduate, and it is very exciting. I hope to do lots of traveling after graduation, and I want to feel my best! The last 2 years of school have been very demanding altering my lifestyle routine and it is time to get back on track!

I have a fantastic husband and two dogs. I live in an incredibly beautiful area. I am a high school art teacher at a boarding school. I work some long hours each week but love my job.

I'm a food science major at CSU.

I am a 31 woman. I am 6'0 and about 260lb-270lb. I have put most of my weight on in adulthood after stopping sports. I am currently in graduate school and I am struggling to find a balance between school, social life, hobbies, and working out/ healthy eating.

33yrs old Australian, married, Divertional Therapist, no children, happy.

30 years old, mother of one, seperated and single. I gained all my weight during the seperation process, hoping to have it back under control, life under control and focus on my overall health.

Nearing graduation for masters in nursing. Work part-time as in cardiopulmonary services (rehab & tobacco cessation) and also part-time as a photographer

I'm in my 20s and looking to lose around 90lbs...the right way. I'm using WeightWatchers and exercise videos.

35 yrs old. Mother of 1 with 1 on the way. Married. Work 4 days a week.

24 yr old female who grew up not having to worry about weight at all until halfway through college, and suddenly realizing that I have no self-control when it comes to food. I lead a generally healthy lifestyle, but overeat (those "healthy" foods really add up if you don't stick to portion control!). Hoping to just get a little community support to motivate me to watch my eating and lose the bit of weight i've gained so that I can feel like the best version of me!

Love being a SAHM to 2 girls, 5'4'', professional dancer, former personal trainer. Live in Europe. Have a positive outlook but often allow life with kiddos to get in the way of doing the work necessary to get back into my jeans!

I'm Lili starting weight was 136 pounds currently im 123 want to loose another 8 pounds

I'm a university student with a small build. I love sweets, especially ice cream, and other than a 15 minute walk every day I don't exercise at all. I use my lack of time as an excuse for this. I'm not overweight, but I have a flabby stomach which I want to lose.

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I am 42, a nurse with a desk job, a wife, a mother of 2 whose first grand-baby arrives in May 2012 and I binge eat. I started PEER trainer in April, but I fail more than I succeed because I "don't" more than I "do" the right things. My goal, is to run, but I have yet to start running daily. However, I did ride over the summer and take cycle classes now that it is cold.

I am a 34 year old stay at home mom and student.

Im a big diva!!

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About to turn 31, divorced for a year and looking to move to a new city. I have two cats who act like dogs and work for a newspaper.

Well, let's try not to sound too crazy. I am 38, with a 20 year class reunion looming over my head. I was fit and athletic in the past, but a thyroid issue changed that. I hate my job and am hoping one positive change will lead to another.

47 year old mother of wonderful 6 year old boy; I work in a helping profession (I help connect the unemployed to employers who can offer meaningful employment) and volunteer a little, and need to learn how to make my own needs a priority!

I am a 36 year old professional woman who is looking for a program to motivate me to be more health conscious and to exercise regularly.

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I am a 38 year old mom of a three yr old boy. I am also a special education teacher and I do special needs minisrty at my church.

52 yrs old. Love to garden, work at a local garden center. Teach at a preschool for kids with behavior and emotional concerns. Busy single mom with three teen/young adult kids.

im 26, been with my fiance for 3 years, wedding in a year super excited. i work at a desk but dont sit all day run around most of the time. im excited to start my adult life and gain a family

I am 42, i live in the south suburbs of Chicago.

I was always very thin. I was diagnosed with RA last year and have been packing the lbs since then! Help!!! went from 128 to 140 in one year

I am a 20 year old college student, and have always been on the slightly on the bigger side. After high school, I simply stopped being as active, and have managed to gain about 20 lbs in just a few years. I want to roll those back now, and establish good eating and exercising habits now while I am still young, and before I put on any more weight.

Early twenties, university graduate, living abroad, aesthetically engaged, athletically disengaged.

50 yrs old. A nurse . Love reading and my iPad. Have a wonderful husband and 2 dogs. Love OU football. Love to decorate cakes. i have recently discovered drawing with soft pastels. love it!!

I'm 53 just pretty darn good shape but could be better.....always..

I am a 35-year-old mom and teacher. My son is 15. I love the outdoors, dancing, martial arts, and especially fly fishing, hence the name.

I'm a 21 year old college student.

I am 56 years old, a wife, the mother of three great children, and an educator. I enjoy my work and am rediscovering exercising and my hobbies.

20 year old college student

i m an exhibitionist

Im a 21 year old female with no children. I work in the Customer Service field, while earning My Associates Degree of Science. Meanwhile focusing, as well as pursuing a Career in Forensic Science. I've always been heavy set My entire life, but now Im considered morbidly obese. I love Myself dearly, and although confidence is not an issue; I want not only to desperately lose weight but to also maintain a healthier life style.!!

Im currently working on my BA in nursing and i live in San Antonio, TX. I weigh 134 right now which is the lowest i've EVER been but i want to lose more and reach my magic 125 number! Hopefully even 115!

I'm Lexi, I'm 19 and I am studying esthetics and massage at the Aveda Institute. I have been struggling with my weight since adolescence, but I have experienced my most dramatic weight change this past year, going from a size 5/6 to a size 13/14. I have gotten down to an 11/12 so far, but I still have a long ways to go! I am a very healthy eater for the most part, although I do have a problem with processed foods on occasion. I am mainly looking for support, and can't wait to hopefully meet my goal weight and some new people along the way!

I am 40 years old. I am a wife and mom to 2 boys age 10 and 7. I have had many challenges as a mom. My youngest son was diagnosed with Leukemia at 3 years old. He has won his battle after 2 years of chemotherapy. I have, however, lost the battle of the bulge! I am not the person who loses weight during stress.

I am a 41-year-old stay-at-home mom of two boys, ages 2 and 4. I have been happily married for 7 years. I formerly worked in PR for about 10 years. I was always in the "normal" weight category (though trying to lose up to 20 lbs. within that at times) until about age 33, when my weight started to climb. I assume my formerly good metabolism went downhill then, as well as other habits without my even realizing it. Gained about 15 lbs. my first year of marriage, and then really have not lost the baby weight from my two children. All told, I'm far from feeling like myself or like a healthy, energetic individual.

im 22 a student ,, i live with my family,, take care of my 5 brothers and sisters after my mom passed away .. have a busy day usually and eating just getts me through.. most of my weight is in my lower body ,,i hate being over weight im sick of it and i love shopping and seeing cute clothes just makes it haaarder so i want to serously start and i really want some ppl to help me get through and keep me goin..

I am 25 years old in a long term relationship with no children. As everyone knows you gain weight when you get comfortable in a relationship and then add a new desk job and it's bye bye to your fav jeans and little tee's! I have been trying to loose this weight for two years now and I have lost 20 lbs. ( then gained 10 back). I eat healthy foods but really need help in the exercise department.

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