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Profile: This is a team for members trying to lose weight/get healthy using Weight Watchers! Through support and consistant posting we can follow program without the weekly fee!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 2:01 AM

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28 year old recovering academic junkie. I love to read and to bake. uh, exercise? not so much.

I have three kids and have made some bad eating choices I really need help with what to eat, How to grocery shop the correct way when eating healthy ,and how to make eating healthy taste great

I am a 35 year old truck driver who is out on the road all week long. I am a father of three young boys.

23 yrs old
Plush toy artist!

I am 25 years old. I live in MN and I sit at a desk all day. I have always been a little overweight, but for most of my life, I was just on the high side of normal. In high school my weight was fine, but during college and since then it has kept going up. I constantly think about losing weight, but I don't always stick to the plans I create for myself. I have had success in the past with Weight Watchers, so sometimes I will try to follow that on my own to get myself on track. I hate to exercise, and I know I should be doing a lit more of it!

I am a fun loving 31 yr old who has a great hubby of 14yrs and 2 Wonderfull daughters! Alexis 13 and Madison 8. I have a full time Biz with Passion Parties I am I full time Diva and Love it. I love to Dance, and Swim and hang out with my Girlfriends.and Drink wine.

I am 35 years old, married and have 2 teenage sons. I work from home so I thought that it would be so easy to eat right and excercise....Well....not happening! I need some positive tough love motivation!

Married, have 2 children 10 and 4. Work part time. Not alot of time to myself. Want something (diet) to finally work!!

I am 33 yrs old and have struggled with my weight all of my life. I am able to lose a great deal of weight but then I usually gain it all back (same old story). I found the love of my life last October and we discovered we share the love of eating out. However, neither of us wants to go to a restaurant to order salad. Anyway,,, I just need to get back on track.

I'm a 23 year old female who owns a web startup. Thus I spend about 16 hours a day in front of a computer, although I try to jog for a half hour a day. I've always been overweight. I've gotten down to a healthy weight several times by following every diet imaginable and excercizing.

I'm in NorthernVA and work at a job where I sit at my desk all day and rarely get out.

I'm married to Mark and live in Porter, TX. We have 3 children ages 8, 3, and 1. I homeschool Brent, my 8 year old. I'm am working on prioritizing and organizing our lives and this is one facet of that.

I'm a 25 year old grad student. I work right now as an administrative assistant. I am now about 25 pound heavier than I would like to be. I think I gained it all with a combination of getting a desk job and meeting my boyfriend and gaining happy weight. I've never had to watch what I eat, so dieting is really hard for me. I've always been an active person up until now, so exercising is not a problem unless i don't have time.

well i'm 21 from ny. I'm a [lifelong] vegetarian. I have hashimoto's thyroiditis which means my metabolism is super slow. I take synthroid and cytomel for that. I also suffer from depression, adhd and a metabolic disorder that I was born with. Yay. I recently was on the path to anorexia, consuming 900 calories or less a day, and during the last few weeks I've been off of that..but i feel like its important I start that up again, cause I lsot weight while doing that. I went from265-270 to 247 in about a month and a 1/2 or so. I despise transfat and high fructose corn syrup, that is a major reason I lost weight because I just stopped myself from consuming it. But over the past week or so i've been drinking a can or 2 of soda a day, probably cause I can't get my hands on iced tea mix [whcih has sugar, not HFCS], but that stops today. I don't want that crap polluting my body. I feel week and sluggish because of it. and i truly do hate it. I prefered keeping myself pure, and so pure I shall. hopefulyl i haven't hurt myself too much in the last 2 weeks or so.

I am 35, female with 2 kids, work in an office enviroment. Somewhat active lifestyle, but like to eat all the wrong stuff like my ethnic foods. This is my first thing doing Weight Watchers - I totally need help in focusing my energy so i can finally achieve this goal. I have been trying to lose some weight since my first child - she is now 11 years. I have lost some and gained even more...on/off/ononon/off....etc

I just got married and was in the best shape for my wedding. However I slacked and lost my muscle because I don't go to the gym. I just moved and used to have a friend to workout with and to motivate me. I'm hoping that having a group to talk to everyday will give me the motivation to stay on track.

I am a 28 year old Marketing Assistant for an Engineering Firm. I am just finishing up getting my BA in Business Marketing. Last year I was able to loose 15 pounds however due to some stress that I dealed with by eating I have gained that back plus a few. .

Grad student, in early 30's. I loves to exercise, but money is so tight right now, which makes things hard & strsses me out!

I am a 38 year old woman with a wonderful husband and three great kids ages 12, 11, and 6. I am a lunch lady at the elementary school my daughter attends. I have been doing Weight Watchers for a about one year now. I have lost about 50 lbs. I have not been as consist with the program lately and need that little extra push.

I am married with 2 grown children. I have 2 grandchildren. I am a hairdresser, working 3 days a week. I love to work in the yard and spend time with my family.

I am 21 years old, I am an OT major & Alpha Phi and San Jose State U. Going home to Orange County for the summer.

24, female, sedentary office job. I just can't seem to lose that 15-20 that I'm carrying right around the middle!

I'm 31 and single. I manage advertising for a website, have a dog, and am an entertainment news/gossip junkie and love bad TV and movies. I've been trying to diet for months but totally lack the commitment and motivation needed. And it is so much freakin' harder to lose weight now that I'm over 30 than it used to be...*SIGH*

I am 38, single, have no children. I am a full time executive assistant for a construction company.

I've been overweight all my life... I'm an eater. I'm a professional cook as well, which makes it difficult sometimes to watch everything I eat. And where I work, they use gobs and mounds of Butter and Cream and all other forms of Fat. I'm also painfully clumsy and have never been any good at sports. I recently took up yoga, though, which I've been enjoying a lot.

I'm a 26 busy profesional in Boston. Making time for a healthier lifestyle has been tough, but I'm determind to be more fit and live a long healthy life.

38 mom of 2 girls. I joined WW 3 yrs ago and lost 45 lb, it took time. But some how I slipped back to my old habbits and I am having a hard time staying on track.

I am 43 years old soon. I have 3 kids - 16 year old son and 12 year old twin daughters. So I know my skin can stretch! Darnit. I am a single parent. I work hard and look for timesavers. I cook whole foods. I cook from scratch. I am healthy conscious.

I'm 32, and happily married. I've always been overweight, I really want to get control of my health to avoid the health problems that plague my family which are affected by obesity.

I am diabetic, and control my glucose level with diet and metphormin.

I'm a newly engaged 28-year old. I don't really have a busy schedule, just not motivated enough right now to take care of myself.

I am 41. Happily married for 19 years to my very best friend. We have two daughters ages 15 and 10.

I am a SAHM of 6 children. And I feel like I have NO time to do anything with myself. Over the years and babies I have gained alot of extra baggage. My self esteem has gotten so low and I decided that it is time to do something for myself. I have previously lost 18 pounds with Weight Watchers and lost my momentum and gained it ALL back, plus some.

I'm a girl that loves to joke, have fun, and be sarcastic. I love cats, traveling, watching movies, sports, taking walks, the beach, trying out new restaurants, going to Las Vegas, spending time with my boyfriend, hanging out with friends, cooking, baking, sleeping, and more.

Im 41 work nights as a supervisor for Safeway. My husband and I switched roles almost 5 years ago. He would cook wonder meals and I would eat them at 1:30 in the morning not because I was hungry but because he cooked it. I have gained 80 lbs in 5 yrs I have tryed and failed to lose weight until recently. I have found a new way to eat and have lost 8 lbs. Im looking for support and others who understand that its hard to lose when you have little or no time to eat right and exercise.

I'm a stay at home mom with one little guy. He was born April 15th, so I'm having to lose my pre-baby weight and now post-baby weight. I love encouragement and constructive criticism! Anyone who has some to offer, I'm open!

I am 23 and am a professional photographer. I graduated with a degree in professional photography in May of 2007.

When I was in high school I wrestled at 170 lbs and was a life guard every summer at local pools. I was in probably the best shape of my life actually down to 157 lbs at one time during my 1st year of college playing water pollo. Anyway I am currently 280 pounds. I work 12 hours per day and can't motivate myself to hit the gym regularly. I just turned 38 and have aquired a few serious health problems over the past few years due to my obesity. I am 6' tall and I am a die hard NY Jets fan.

I am a sahm of a 22 month old boy and a year old girl. On the weekend nights I work at the hospital here in the Pediatric Cancer unit. I love what I do because the kids are amazing! I need to get this weight off because lately I have had many depression attacks and I need to be my best for my kids and myself.

I am a 28 married woman with a one year old son. I am trying to lose post pregnancy weight and have been struglling to do so for that past 6 months. I originally lost it all and have since gained some back due to eating too much when I was exhausted.

I am a 35 year old single mom of three, work a very full time job in a very high paced corporate enviorment, I love baseball...obviously the white sox (hence the name). I love to bike and walk. I love to swim and miss it so much. It is one thing I long to do again, and will soon. I am a huge music fan (never anywhere without my ipod). I enjoy movies, cooking shows, well tv as a whole.

I have been an avid dieter since the ripe young age of 10. I am currently 23 and still haven't managed to get the weight off. I work in the theatre industry, and started doing administration and directing because I wasn't getting acting parts due to my large stature. I would like to change that.

I am 5 9" tall and weigh around 195. I am a very strong active woman who chases a two year old around all day. I love sports and my husband and my child. I have lots of good friends and family.

I work in an office job. Do a vigarous exercise at least 3 times a week and do not have the best eating habits.

I am 5' 11'' tall and am a 33 year old male. I am married with 1 son and a new baby on the way. I gained weight in the mid 90's and reached a max of 250 lbs in 2002. I dieted and exercised diligently in 2003 and got my weight down to 205. Toward the end of 2003 I creeped back up to 215 lbs. I stopped exercising regularly and was not eating as well. I want to regain my good eating and exercise habits.

Mom who works full time, husband is a couch potatoe, so not much suport there. Just turned 29, and need to look and feel better so I can hope to have another child. I also just started my own business to it's more important then ever to look good!

I'm 30+ and I spend most of my days and nights sitting on my butt. I work from home and tend to not eat all day, which just makes my body store fat. I need to get better at drinking a lot of water and eating regularly. I also need to learn to workout. I hate working out, but its necessary. Finally, my husband and I are wine collectors (over 100 bottles, many of which are aging). It's a significant investment, and joy, for us, and I refuse to cut wine out of my diet.

23 y.o. graduate student in cancer biology. I hit my WW goal last year, but have been having problems maintaining. My weight has crept back up in last couple months and I'm trying to get back on track. I recently ran a 10K and am trying to get back into running regularly.

I am a new mom and I was 30 lbs overweight before I got pregnant, and now I am 40 lbs overweight. I am stuck in an unhealthy pattern. I need to find my motivation.

I will be 42 in July. I am married and have 3 children and 2 step-children. I am beginning my 4th week of weight watchers and so far so good. I lost 4.5lbs the 1st week and 5lbs on week 2 and 3. That's 14.5lbs in 3 weeks. I am so excited at how well this program is working for me. My wife is also on weight watchers and that makes it so much easier for me. We support, encourage, and motivate each other.

I am a 22 year old college student. I have a hard time making time to work out and if i get sick I slack off and can't get back into the groove again. I feel I would do better with a work out partner to keep me motivated.

Male, 42, university reference librarian, became a WW Lifetime Member ten years ago

I am the mother of 2 boys. I try to work-out at the gym 2 to 5 X week. I'm starting to walk 3X week. My older son 4 years old will be going to preschool in a few weeks so mornings will be easier to schedule for workout. I'm hoping we can suport each other in reaching our goals. I too used to be size 6-8 before pregnancy. My goal is to get back to that and be able to wear my prepreg clothes. In addition to the kids, I work part-time from my home office and outside office. I do a lot of writing from my home office. I'm not in Sacramento, I actually live in Rocklin. I have always been moderately active, not an athlete but not a couch potato either.

Im a 35 year old woman in LA, Studio City-- Im a grad student in psychology, and interning as a clinician. Im currently single and have a great dog who is my best buddy. He hikes with me.

I'm a mom of the 10 month old girl. My current weight is 125 lbs. I'm from Austria and I go back to vistit my familiy again in October. Last time they saw me I was only 110 lbs.

33, female, 1 child, married. I am 151 pounds.

I am 35 year old Seattlite. I work as an Executive Assistant but am applying to Law School in the Fall. I want to be in the best shape of my life when I start school. I also want to be in really decent shape for my Sep 30th LSAT.

I'm a mother of two (2.5 yo and 10 mo) and have gone from a size 6 to a size 12... But I'm ready to fight back!

I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I am 46, married to the love of my life, have 2 daughers that have grown up and moved out. I have been doing Weight Watchers since March of 2005 and have lost 28.6 pounds so far.

I am a 28 year old female looking to lose the weight and the bad eating habits!

I am 22 yo student of Engineering University, happily engaged. I am living in Copenhagen (Denmark) till the end of vacation and then coming back to Poland. Becous of stress I gain some kg and I want to lose them before I come back.

Already lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers and have hit a plateau.

I live in Montreal with my boyfriend. I work in schools with children with special needs. I am doing a bachelors degree in education to teach English as a second language.

Hi. My name is Aleta. I am a 44 y/o K9 Officer in Colorado. I have been struggling with excess weight for the past 10 years. In my 20's I was in tremendous shape. In my 30's I began to gain weight. Now I am at my all time high. I need to lose 50 lbs so that I can be a healthier, more physically fit police officer. In my line of work, being physically fit can save your life! Also, I am into cycling (road biking) and I do 1/2 century 50 mile cancer fundraising rides. I would like to do the 100 mile century rides but need to lose weight so I am more physically fit. Let's help each other out!

I am a 37 yr old single mother of a 7 year old son. I work fulltime and sit most of the day behind a desk. I get bored so I tend to eat. I also smokes so this does not help as sometimes I want a cig and put food in my mouth. So, I need to get this weight off.

I am 26 years old and I am a Nanny. I am also in school working on a Business Degree. I have been on Weight Watchers before and lost 20 pounds. I have recently put on about 15 pounds and need to get it off!

I'm 25 years old and have had a weight problem all my life. My Highest was at 200 and my lowest was at 140. I've been gaining slowly and slowly and need a kick in the ass to get back on track.

I am 28, mother of a 2 year old and 4 month old. I just went through a huge move a month ago, and now that we're finally settled I want to focus on getting rid of the baby weight. I need the outside to match the inside.

I am currently weighing in at 218 lbs (Heavy Weight status) and want to get down to a healthier "fighting weight." I am 33 and travel each week for business; so I live in hotels and eat out every night. I am hoping this log and support will help me reach my goal.

I'm 23 and I was never very athletic when I was younger, but I was also never overly heavy. I'd like to be able to fit back into the jeans that I love, and feel comfortable in a bathing suit again. I've gained 40 pounds since 2003, and I'd like to get back down to 145 pounds. Having a desk job with cupcake-sharing co workers doesn't exactly make it easy to stay thin.

I am a 37 yo mom to 3 kiddies...10,7 and 4. I have a wonderful supportive husband and am in general a happy but busy woman. I work part time in the University as an instructor and am busy in the kids school and with some local NPO groups. I love photography, scrapbooking and anything crafty.

50 year old mom of two daughters- 22 year old recent college grad, and 18 year old college freshman. Married 27 years - Had previously joined WW, reached goal and have since gained most of if back. I see my failure as being caused by not going to meetings - no support. My husband joined, reached goal and has since gained it all back and has no interest in losing it again. Very hard to diet when the house is full of goodies! I need daily support/encouragement. My daughter found this website and thought I would give it a try. I feel I have something to offer as well since I did reach goal at one point -

Im almost 28...had a baby almost 2 years ago and need to lose the weight that I gained and then some. Want to be skinny again...and healthy!

I'm starting here at about 291 and am 5'4. I'm a single mom to one.

I am 29 years old. 5'8" tall. I have been married for almost 3 years. I have no children and I have 2 cute little pugs, Milo & Zoe. I work 12 hours a day and travel 1 hour each way to and from work.

I'm 23 yr going to start grad school in this fall. Now i'm 150lbs with 5'3", but i used to be like 130 in last summer. I gain like 12 lbs when i worked for 6 months and i can't get back to that point again since then. Moreover, i'm an asian and always hang out with asians so asian guys always have stereotype about asian girls that should be skinny but it's not i've never been in relationship before!!!! That's why i wanna loose weight maybe everything can be better ... also i sick of my fat around my waise ... it's too enoying!!!!

I will be the big 40 next month. I am a mother of three. I work part-time in a law office. I love to work out. Emotional eating is my big problem.

I am happily married with an 8 year old son. I've been above the healthy weight for my height and body type since my son's birth. I recently decided that it was time to get off my bottom and lose the excess weight. I'm excited and ready to go!!

Just starting peertrainer. I am 47 years old and have 1 teenage son.

Just starting with PEERtrainer! Im 24 years old and im an only child. I love reading, internet, music, watching tv and celebrity gossip. Im very friendly and easy to get along with. Meeting new people is something I enjoy. My best friend is the most important person to me besides my family. I have 2 cats named Skittles and Snickers and 1 dog named Livvie. Ive dealt with my weight for the last 10 years and hope that one of these days, I can be the size that I want!

I am a homeschool mom of 3 kids.

I am a SAHM with two children. My Son is 5 years old and my Daughter is 2 years old. I babysit my Nephew M-F who is 6 years old. I am 32 years old and I have been married for 10 years. I re-joined Weight Watchers in March of last year. I lost 35 pounds following the flex plan program but got sidelined in December. The pounds have been slowly creeping back up. My lowest weight was 205 and my current weight is 221. I am having a hard time getting back on track and I am looking for support from others going through the same thing.

I'm a 30 year old successful civil engineer and single. I love staying busy and spending time w/ friends and family. I went from a chubby teenager to athletic college student and now... well, here I am.

I am 52 years old. I work in the social service field. I love my job, but I realize that I always put myself last. I am trying to make me and my life a priority. When I am taking good care of myself, I will be better equipped to help others.

I am a 29 year old mother of 3 little girls. My husband teaches school and I stay home and raise our little family. My oldest, Baylee is 7, Payge is 4, and Maggy is 1. My days are busy, but can get a little lonely.

Love dining out

I'm 43 and work in public relations for a state university. I bought my first house a couple of years ago and am still working on decorating and landscaping -- probably a never-ending project.

I am a 37-year-old wife and mother of 3. I work fulltime as a RN and am currently going to school for my BSN.

In 1979 I lost 90 lbs. Then I got married, had children, got a divorce and really didnt pay attention to myself. In Feb of 2007 I just decided I couldn't stand being fat anymore. When I stepped on the scale I was shocked-I knew I was heavy, but I was heavier than I had ever been. I needed to lose as many lbs as I weighed at my goal in 1979 (125). I am only 5'2". From February to May I have lost about 30 lbs and am feeling better each day.

I am 42 and married with 2 grown sons. My mother passed away 11/2/07 and my sis was diagnosed w/terminal cancer 7/08. I have gained almost 20 pounds since 9/07. I have struggled with eating issues (binge/emotional eating/boredom) for years. I lost 21 pounds with Weight Watchers and have kept it off but have struggled for the past 3 years to get the reamining 15-20 pounds off. Bad back issues flared up this year also, making exercise difficult at best.

I am from Tx and was in shape through college. I began drinking beer and eating pizza and the weight came on. I have two boys and a loving wife. Monday is my weigh in day- Monday Madness.

I'm a divorced mom of 3 children (2 girls ages 14 & 10, and 1 boy age 9 who are with me full-time & hardly ever see their dad), who works full-time for the phone company. I lost 80+ pounds 2 years ago, was dating a guy (single dad of 1 girl) for 2 1/2 yrs. that I love to pieces, and I'm now broken-hearted as we broke up a month ago. I've gained 30 pounds back from stress, and depression. I'm determined to get back to where I was (which was a good, healthy weight, and felt like a million bucks!).

I am a 40 year old mother of three good looking boys (16, 14, 12). I am a very busy person. You can often find me working at a National know Laboratory, and working out at the gym. I have a small business on my own, as a photographer. I enjoy interior decorating, scrapbooking and other creative activities. Many times I have tried to do the "lose the weight thing" and many times I have failed. I either dont lose and get discouraged, or I lose and become involved in other projects and stop working out because I often find excuses as to why I can't work out. I currently work out now and have been doing it faithfully for 3 months. My encouragement??? My future. To be able to see my grandkids (if I get them) most importantly not to inherit my mothers medical conditions.


I'm 26 yrs.old Stay@Home Mommy!! Jersey born n raised. Relocated to Florida Dec.06 Been Married for 3 1/2 years. I have 2 daughters, D'Yanni 2 and Ava~Lynne 3 months. About myself, hmmm...When pregnant with D'Yanni i develpoed Preeclampsyia causing an uncontrolable weight gain, Resulted in a Preemature birth an about 80lbs. EXTRA baggage...Lost 44lbs. First week, then finally dropped 30. Then i slowly started putting the lbs. back on......May 06" I'm Pregnant putting 26lbs. on throughout the Pregnancy i lost all of it within 2 wks. after Ava's birth. So right now I'm basically stuck @ 200lbs. and wearing a not Happy with myself....I am determined to lose n keep off all the weight this time! I've been down this road once before, I~myself must burn 3500 cal. awk. in order to lose 2-3 lbs. awk....Only downfall i have is the childcare @the gym only watch 6months + .....In a couple of months i'll be able to bring both kids to the GYM..!!!! That's really sucky but as long as i stick with Weight Watchers (the right way 2eat) i should be alright...

38 years old, married, 2 sons, 12 & 13. Work part time.

Retired, grandkids. Went back to work after 6 months part-time. Didn't care for the at home thing all the time. Like working.

I am a 34 year old attorney in San Diego. I have done WW 3 or 4 times in the past with great success only to stop going to meetings and gain it all back. This time, I'm serious!

I am a 27 year old that just finished medical school. My passions are pediatric oncology, international medical work, friends, family and travel. I am very active- yoga, spinning, traithlons, one marathon (never again), skiing, tennis, snow shoeing, surfing (not good at it) . . .basically anything that involves being outside having fun.

I'm a 48 year old woman, happily married, 2 nearly grown kids (20 and 17). I've struggled with my weight my whole adult life.

I am definely an emotional eater, always have been, Nothing can make me smile more than a bag of chips can ...... ha ha

Skye, Student Teacher, Nanny, Writer, 21, 5'7", 165 lbs.

I am a very outgoing person. Been married almost 10years to my wonderful husband, Derrick. 2 wonderful kids, Megan and Jared.

37 year old married mother of two. I have two boys 10 and 6. I enjoy reading and I watch waay too much tv.

I am a self employed attorney. I am in court daily, since I do criminal defense, and I drive a lot - over 40,000 miles a year. My car always seems to be drawn to drive throughs, (and it doesn't help that I never have time to have lunch). Stress seems to be increasing, since I am taking on more and more work, and yet with court delays, I am out of the office from 8:30 a.m. to 5pm, and then work late to catch up. I'm also in the middle of a divorce and I feel the stress of that quite a bit.

I am a 40-year old mother of a 19-year old college student. Happily divorced and single and enjoying my life.

I am 25 yrs old 5'6 and 155lbs I use to weigh 200lbs and lost weight and was weighing about 137 lbs and now I gianed weight. I was a size 18 then down to a size 8 and now to a size 12. I am so unhappy that I gained weight I really want to change this.

I am a pharmacist. I'm about 180 pounds. I would like to lose 40 pounds. I stand about 5'3", so losing weight is a must for my frame. I love to be active, but looking at me, you wouldn't know that.

I am 28 going on 15. I laugh..all the time. I sing when I am stressed and I hate to sweat.

44 Yrs old Mother of 2 Son's and Grandmother of 2 VERY Goodlooking little boys. :)

I'm in a relationship, no kids, I have a great family and feel like I can be in better health.

I'm 29 years old and I am pretty much an active female. I just have a very slow I LOVE to eat. I am married to the love of my life. He and I are happy, and he loves me heavy....but I don't love being heavy.

I am 28 years old. I just got engaged on Valentine's Day. I have a 15 month old son. Ironically, I weigh more now than when I was pregnant. I have the worst sweet tooth in the world and absolutely no willpower. So I need help. Bad!

I lived in the Bay Area (9 years in SF and 2 years in Santa Cruz) for about 11 years and moved to Orange County about 4 years ago. I'm a special education teacher and I'm trying to go back to school for an administration credential. I'm 36 years old and have been teaching for about 8 years.

I am a 54F and I have two grown children. I am retired now and want to use my new free time to lose the 60 pounds I gained from those kids ;) and I want to get fit! =)

I'm a 37 year old working Mom, with little time to workout. I still manage to do it at least 1 hr, 5 days a week. I'm a very short person 5 feet tall and any extra pounds I get show very quickly. All my life have always been thing, but for the past 3 to 4 years it seems like even water makes me gain weight. Need help and support.

I am a 34 year old wife and mother. I have a 8 year old daughter who is my best friend and I can not wait to get home and spend some time with.

I am 36 years old and have 5 children- 17, 12, 11, 4 and 2. I also work full time and am single. I recently ended a 10 year relationship so it has been a tough 4 months for me. I am an emotional and boredom eater.

I am a mother of two and I live north of Dallas. I have been seriously overweight for about ten years now. I am not sure if my current goal is too high but I figure if I can break 200 then that will be a boost that will keep me going. I have not been under 200 in 9 years.

I am a very busy woman who's scheduel is one of my biggest obsticles.

I just turned 46 years old and have been married for 23 years with 2 wonderful kids (15 yr old boy & 19 yr old girl in college). We do lots of boating and I'm in a bathing suit for the majority of the summer, god help me. I want to feel better and not so out of breath. I think if I am able to talk with or chat with people I don't know personally (yet anyways) I will be able to be truthful in how I'm doing on WW. I just want support from a new friend.

I'm 28 years old and a mother of two. I stay at home and run my husbands painting company. I have lost weight before but always gain in back. I have a hard time staying motivated. I never felt very fat physically before, it was always just about how I looked, but recently I've been feeling fat. My back hurts, my feet hurt and I'm tired a lot. I need to get these pounds off so I can feel my age instead of feeling old and tired.

I am a 31 year old mother of three sons, 6 and 16 months (my first child passed away at 5 days old). Been married for 8 years. Work part time at data I sit on my butt all day long. Was always bigger, but gained 60lbs with my first child and never lost it.

I am 27 years old and work in the entertainment industry. I lost 45 lbs on Weight Watchers but it has slowly creep up and I have currently put 10lbs on in the last 2 months. I recently lost both my grandmothers in 2 months and since I had to go home to be with my family who I dont see at all and be in an environment that I have been away from for a very long time I have had no one to help me get through this difficult time in my life except food!

I'm 32 yrs old and have not been able to lose weight after I turned 30 and had a child. I try to walk as much as I can. I take the train to work and I walk from the station to my office everyday. I powerwalk and it takes me 20 minutes (1 1/2 mi. a day)

I'm a stay at home mom with a son and daughter.

25 years old, married to a wonderful, supportive man, own my own business and work from home

After training for the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon, I have fell into a slump. I am on a mission to look awesome by Sept. 29th...High School Reunion. I have 2 and a half months! . I need to get in shape and to really challenge myself. I want to look like I did in high school!

I just graduated from graduate school and will continue teaching next year, so my schedule is still a bit crazy. Ultimately, I want to feel good about my body, so I've decided to actually commit to making a lifestyle change that will make me a healthier person!

I have been FAT and I have been FIT and I like fit better :) When I divorced in the year 2000 I was big but not 199 Lbs, just close to it. I walked out of the courthouse and drove to Gold's Gym I was a woman with a mission! I managed to get so fit that I had muscle definition on my arms and legs, I felt wonderful and felt sexy and healthy. Things happened and I allowed myself to get depressed and therefore no energy to go to the gym, ate and drank more without caring to take responsibility and accountability for what I was doing. I am now back with my full woman power and determination to be the person I am meant to be, FIT AND HEALTHY.

I am a married 29 year old and a mother of two (one is 4 the other is 4 months old). I am also a nursing student with one and a half years left till I graduate. And I can not wait till that day. School makes my life difficult, but it will be worth it.

I am 5'7" and 20 years old. I am a runner but unfortunately was just diagnosed with shin splints after a bone scan which really hurt being able to run off the end of the school year diet during exams and parties and such. Last summer I ran with my neighbor's dog a lot, Gus, he is this huge labradoodle who is so fun and whenever I go visit seems so upset I am not there to run with him because I can't :-( the only way i know to shed weight seriouysly has been running. Last summer I was on steroids for a rash I had from a dru interaction and gained a bunch of weight. By the end of summer I was running 6 miles a day on average and slimmed down to 135 lbs which I felt confident at. I am working full time in an internship so I sit at a desk but I have been excercising in the companies nice gym everymorning at 6 am before work. I am hoping this helps. I have been doing their spinning class which really works me hard, last week one guy had to quit before the end of class. I also have a horse who I love to ride after work and on weekends. I love going upnorth to my cottage and waterskiing and swimming.

My name is Steph and I'm 26. I live in NC and currently am unemployed because of health issues. I have a WONDERFUL DBF of almost 2 years named Russell, whom I adore and love to bits.

I am a 21 year old college student. I enjoy being with friends and family, running, reading, playing with my dogs, and going out.

I am thirty years old with a 3 month old and a 2.5 year old, both boys. We just moved here to McDonough (just outside of Atlanta) about two months ago. After giving birth I have got my weight down to 155 lbs and is stuck. I am a WW lifetimer which I achieved after giving birth to my first son, so here we go again. I am only 5'4" and want to be a cute little mom for my boys!!

36 married with two kids, 7 ad 4. I am ready to get back into shape and healthy. I am a bored and an emotional eater Needless to say, I have ups and downs often.

I'm 33, a stay at home (on the go) mom, I have 2 boys ages 3 1/2 and 1. I have a great tribe of friends who are supportive of my goals.

i am 28 years old and i work as an exec asst. i currently live in northern NJ with the bf unit, but we're in the process of buying a house down in central jersey. no plans on them anytime soon

I am a 36 year-old living and working in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Currently single with no children of my own, but I am very actively involved with my neices (ages 9 and 10). My career (executve in a global company) keeps me busy and requires me to travel quite a bit - which can be a challenge with weight loss. I have been struggling with my weight since I've been 12 or 13 years old. I lost approx. 70 lbs on Weight Watchers a few years ago, but gained it all back (plus quite a few more pounds). I recently re-committed to the Weight Watchers program to finally lose this weight.

I am 38 y/o a single mother to my 17 y/o son. I work full time as a secretary been here for 20 years. I enjoy being with my family, going to the movies, bowling and anything else that's fun.

In the medical field. Happily married. Love animals. Have a wonderful group of friends. Enjoy helping others.

51 Years old, married with one daughter. Long time employee at one company (31 years). I enjoy camping and flying model airplanes.

I am 30years old and work in healthcare. I'm single and live alone. I want to learn how to be happy with myself so I can be happy in a relationship. I've lost 40 pounds in the past two years with just making small changes to diet and exercise. Now it is time to buckle down and make life and attitude changes to be healthy for the rest of my life.

I'm a 35 year-old wife and mother of a 3 1/2 year-old son. I work full-time, and often get stressed. I've been turning to food for emotional support, and I really want to get out of that habit!

I'm an orthodontic assistant.

I'm 54, married with 4 children 28 - 18, 3 girls and a boy. I have dropped 50 lbs since March and am at 185 this week, with-in 6 lbs. of my goal.

I am a SAHM of 4 boys. I enjoy writing, reading and scrapbooking.

I'm a mom of two and a grandmother of one. All girls. I want to keep up with all of them especially the two youngest. Ages 9 & 3.

I'm 53, married, and a double hip replacement almost 2 yrs out. It was a shock of my life. I'm also a cancer survior. Life been not to kind. but NOT any more. I'm ready to tAKE control!!

I am a single mom of four kids ages 10, 9, 6, and 8 months. I do daycare so I am home most of the time and when I get bored I will snack and that is what helped me gain all my weight.

First, I am a wife and mother. I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for 12 years, and have three wonderful children. I am very blessed to have a happy, healthy family!

36 year old mom of two young girls that has successfully lost 132 lbs following Weight Watchers and exercising.

I'm 36 years old woman. I'm a vegetarian. I love my animals. I have MS. I'm in a committed relationship to a wonderful man. I've struggled with my weight all of my life.

I am a 44, married to a wonderful man, have a daughter in her first year of college. I am really motivated to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle!

Brainy 38-yr-old who needs to lose about half my body weight. Long history and habits have been keeping me in a state of on-going resistance, with short-term successes followed 2-3 weeks later by quitting and the start of the next cycle. ~ IMPORTANT IDEAS ~ (1) Allow for the possibility that this program / this time can lead to long-term change (despite past evidence to the contrary) -- aim to start totally fresh, with beginner's mind. (2) We always live up to our expectations, not our desires. (3) Our expectations are based on past results (which are based on past actions). (4) The way to break the cycle of future expectations / beliefs coming from past failures is to take LOTS of SMALL positive actions to bolster up fledgling motivation and self-belief.

I was very fit as a teenager, active and could eat whatever I wanted. After I married and had my first child, I realized I had put on 100lbs! (yeah yuck!) I started dieting right away, but 4 months later I was pregnant again. I managed to keep the gain down to about 30lbs but had put on all that i'd lost. After my daughter was born, i managed to lose most of the weight, and we decided to try once more for a boy. (yay its a boy!) once again i had put on about 60lbs. from then til now. 17 years later. I am 39 and about 210lbs. I am 5'10" so can tell myself ( i carry it well) but i dont! I hate mirrors with a passion. I have tried many things over the years, some with some success, some without. I know I have bad habits that I need to break. ( a bottle of wine when i get home from work, is one of those things). So anyway, i'm here to see what this is about. I also am going to a weight watchers meeting this weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing what that is like.

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