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*Your help needed: "I am a teacher that gives everything and has nothing left for her family when she gets home." 8 Wed. Jun 28, 11:23pm
Why Burst Training Helps With Weight Loss Resistance 1 Sun. Jun 25, 1:58am
from size 35.. to a 12.. follow the rest of my journey to a size 8.. maybe a 6.. time will tell 16 Sun. Jun 25, 1:57am
I'm fighting with my husband a lot and it's bringing me down 2 Sun. Jun 25, 1:56am
Cleanse shakes 3 Sat. Jun 24, 2:27pm
New Group: "Weight Watching Everyday!" 2 Sat. Jun 24, 2:26pm
Negative Pap but 1 Sat. Jun 24, 2:08am
My Mom has the key to our house... 3 Sat. Jun 24, 2:07am
Meal planning - do you? 6 Sat. Jun 24, 2:07am
I'm so embarrassed and I can't figure out how to get over it 3 Sat. Jun 24, 2:05am
Connect locally 0 Sat. Jun 24, 2:05am
Jan 2nd cleanse!! anyone want to form a smaller group? 1 Sat. Jun 24, 2:04am
New Team for Busy Professionals 0 Tue. Jun 20, 1:36pm
New Team for Busy Professionals 0 Tue. Jun 20, 1:36pm
Looking for ADHD Support 0 Tue. Jun 20, 2:45am
Will my boobs decrease when I loose weight if I'm small already? 1 Sun. Jun 18, 12:22pm
What do members trying to focus on eating vegetables eat for BREAKFAST? 11 Sun. Jun 18, 12:22pm
New PEERtrainer Guide To Muscle Building 0 Sun. Jun 18, 12:21pm
depression 2 Sun. Jun 18, 12:20pm
pt tip of the day 3 Sun. Jun 18, 8:40am
Any Active posters out there who want a new group? 3 Sun. Jun 18, 8:39am
Are you jogger trying to get toned and leaner? Join me! 0 Sun. Jun 18, 8:37am
Vegetarian - Cleanse 1 Sun. Jun 18, 8:37am
Kale/Spinach in smoothies 7 Sun. Jun 18, 7:36am
Just had a baby 3 Sun. Jun 18, 7:36am
We are starting 27-Sept 4 Sun. Jun 18, 7:35am
My daughter called a little girl fat the other day 6 Sun. Jun 18, 5:48am
How to search for and locate specific PT members? 2 Fri. Jun 9, 4:43am
Perseverance when you feel you can't be bothered, 7 Fri. Jun 9, 4:40am
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