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Group Name: After Baby
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Location: local, NY 11238

Goals: Shed 20 (or more) post-partum pounds for summer.

Profile: This is for any women looking to lose the post-partum podge. Daily postings work best! I had my daughter almost a year ago and I'm still carrying an extra 25 pounds... I'm terrified of summer (must show flesh!) and sad about all my mothball-accumulating summer clothes sitting in the closet that I can't wear. I can offer lots of chat and encouragement about cardio, calories and crunches (to get the old tummy back again) If you are into fanatical fat chat, and tend to find yourself boring friends and loved ones to death with it (like me), channel it all HERE! We can use it to make progress and shed 25 (or more) pounds for summer. I'm feeling motivated.

Last posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006, 9:13 PM

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