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Group Name: Christian 50+ gals
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere! 79424

Goals: Lose 20+ pounds, develop and maintain smart eating habits, learn to deal with issues that sabotage our efforts, and exercise regularly. Final goal: Reach the point of no return, i.e. where practicing these above good habits has become a permanent way of life resulting in permanent weight loss.

Profile: This group is for 50+ Christian women who know what it's like to struggle with the challenges of gaining weight more easily now that we're older. We achieve our goals by keeping each other accountable, i.e. weekly weigh-ins and frequent posts, and praying for each other's success. Serious participants only!

Last posted: Wednesday, October 04, 2017, 8:13 AM

Other Info: Let's encourage each other to reach the point of no return in our weight loss and to lean on the Lord for the strength to persevere.

Members profiles:
I am 53 years old and a mom of three great kids. I met my goal a few years ago when I first joined PT but then gained it all back and then some. I don't like how I feel and want my old clothes back so time to do it!

I turned 50 in August of 2008. I'm 5'3". After losing a friend to breast cancer, I woke up and realized that I needed to take better care of myself. I worked very hard through all of 2009 and lost 25 pounds. I also inspired my husband (married 30 years) and youngest son to join me and they have lost weight and started healthier eating and exercise habits. All 3 of my kids are grown and gone. My oldest is married and had his first child July 2015, another is on the way. I love entertaining and playing card games with friends and family. My favorite season is summer, when I can be outside as much as possible. I like to garden, do pottery, walk, swim, go sight-seeing, travel and try new things.

I am 62 years old, a Christian, married, mother of 6 ages 37 to 22, and grandmother of 16.

I'm 53 and my body is a bit ravaged from injuries, but I still get out. I currently hold the title of "Riverboarding World Champion in Freestyle Surfing" for what it's worth. I want to be thinner to be more attractive and lighter/meaner in sports. Energy is better thanks to my naturopath and the corrected thyroid dosage.

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