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Group Name: 10 pounds down by May 13 (starting 1st of April)
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Location: 00000

Goals: 10 pounds down by May 13 (starting 1st of April)

Profile: 26 weighing in at 136 pounds. 5'4 am a pear shape! My weight is mostly carried around my hips and thighs!! Goal to tone up and take off a few inches of each thigh- gettin ready for spring and shorts!

Last posted: Friday, April 20, 2007, 7:51 AM

Other Info: I just broke off my engagement and fell into a small depression. I have now decided to get my fit life back together. My goal is a size 6 I am an 8 going to a 10 which I really bothered me and have since made up my mind to start making time for working out and burning more calories than I consume. I need MOTIVATION! I m planning on going to Cozumel for spring break and need to look good in a bikini! How would it look if I stayed in jeans the whole time??? huh!

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