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Group Name: the group for people who think they have less willpower than everyone else
Members: 0
Location: anywhere, MA 02468

Goals: Encourage others Remain committed no matter what Recognize that we all have set backs and that we will stay in there even when those things are going on and we are not losing weight (and maybe even gaining)

Profile: For pople who don't tend to do well dieting and have long standing food issues that make this feel extremely hard- yet you really want to stick with this even if you fail again and again. 6 week committment requested -no matter what.

Last posted: Monday, July 16, 2012, 10:05 AM

Other Info: Please join if you will write in your log daily Group comments may be tedious daily, but a weekly or so check in at a minimum so we can see where we all are at- would be a good thing!

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